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Subject: Nudi-Day Hello Nifty Readers over the age of consent! Good-bye to everyone else!! This story is a fantasy, based on reality. Alex is real, and is a close friend. Some of the story is true. The nudi-day is fantasy based on many discussions Alex and I had over the years. Please consider donating to Nifty — it is a great gathering place for creative producers and readers. I am a slow writer and editor, and emails help encourage ail Stacy Nudi-Day I’d like to tell a story about me and a friend that I’ve known for a long time. Alex and I first met through his brother Eric, who went to school with me. We also chummed around a bit in some out-of-school activities. I always thought Eric was gay – he was very feminine in his mannerisms and speech. Being deeply in the closet myself, it was always fun hanging out with Eric, and a bit of a turn-on, but we never moved beyond a bit of mild flirting and innuendo. Eric’s life didn’t really go very well, and it ended far too young. But that’s another story, for another day. I had seen Alex around occasionally as a young teen, often with Eric and his parents. Eric and I went to the same university, and when we were in junior year, Alex enrolled too. He and Eric lived together in the same apartment with another roommate. Late that September, we decided that we were going to go home for the weekend. I had a car, and drove home quite often. On a warm and sunny Friday afternoon I arrived at their apartment. Eric came out and we talked for a bit while waiting for his brother. When Alex emerged at last, I know my eyes bulged. It had probably been two years or more since I’d seen him, and he had certainly grown up a lot. He was wearing worn cut-off jeans and a t-shirt, running shoes with no socks. His legs bristled with short curly brown hairs, and a few stray ones peeked over the top of the neck of his shirt. He was wearing sunglasses that hid his eyes, and I wished I had been too, because I was desperate to stare at his crotch, which was filled out nicely in his shorts. He wasn’t tall, only about 5′-6″, but he was fit and well-proportioned, all slim hips, flat belly, and muscular calves. He was a vision of 18-year-old hotness, and I so wanted him to sit in the passenger seat! But rules are rules, and the “kid” got the back seat. The 2-hour drive was uneventful, except that he kept lifting his shirt to fan himself, due to the lack of AC in my old car, and every time he did it, I was watching in the rearview mirror, looking at the fuzzy treasure trail going into his waistband. By the time I dropped them off at their house, his hair was mussed sexily from the wind blowing in the windows and his armpits were soaked through. When I got out and went around to the trunk to help them with their duffle bags, Alex was reaching through his shorts and pulling his underwear away from his nuts, in that universal way that guys do. I reached down and tugged at mine too, just to let him know that I was watching. He smirked a bit, but the sunglasses were still on, so I couldn’t get a read on his expression. We started to become a bit friendly after that. I would call over for Eric (usually when I knew he wouldn’t be around), and Alex and I would chat. We had several more trips home through the year, but I never really had the chance to flirt with him because Eric or someone else was always with us. There was one trip in the spring when he got to ride shotgun with a couple of girls in the back. He had taken off his jacket for the trip, and I got a good look at his erection as it grew and shrank during the drive. The bumpy sections of road were a God-send! He knew I was watching, and he would casually tug at his crotch to make himself more comfortable, never trying to hide what he was doing. The high back of the bench seat meant he was hidden from the girls. Through the summer break, I didn’t see him at all — I think he worked somewhere out of town that year. When school started again after Labor Day, he was still sharing a place with Eric, different apartment this time. Through the fall, we resumed our friendship, hesitant at first, but then more consistent. I would actually make a point of calling to speak just to Alex, instead of covering by asking about his brother. Then at Christmas, Eric dropped out, and Alex was left scrambling for a roommate. He ended up getting a room with a girl from a town near home, and they seemed pretty compatible. She was a sweetheart, and would end up falling for Eric, but again, a story for another day. That was a more interesting term, after Christmas. During one of my calls with Alex, I mentioned that I had gone to an adult bookstore downtown and bought some skin magazines. I’d been doing this all through university, but this was the first time I had told anyone. Alex wanted to know which ones, and were they any good, and so on. He kept asking me to describe the photoshoots; I think he wanted to hear me use all the nasty words required. Then one night on the phone I mentioned that I had a Penthouse magazine, and was telling him about the Forum section. He demanded that I read him one of the letters. So, while I lay on the carpet of my apartment, hard as a rock in my underwear, I read him a story about some guy with a 9-inch penis who was having trouble fitting it into his girlfriend’s ass. (Porn hasn’t changed all that much in 30 years, has it?) After I finished the story, I asked him what he thought of it, and the first thing he said was “Do you think 9 inches is even a real thing?” I thought for a second. “Well, just going by my own, I guess I’d have to say yes.” “Frig off!” he yelled through the phone. “You are NOT 9 inches long!” “How would you know?” I yelled back. “I would’ve seen the bulge in your pants!” he countered. “I don’t have an erection constantly, you know.” “Yes, but if it’s 9 inches hard, it’s got to be pretty big soft, and it would show.” I was having a hard time not laughing all through this, because I definitely was not that long, but he didn’t need to know it. “Well, I guess I’m a grow-er, not a show-er” I said to him, using a description that I had only recently discovered in another issue of Penthouse. But he was still skeptical. “I guess next time we’re next to each other at the urinals, we’ll have to compare…if you’re brave enough!” I teased him. “Anytime buddy, anytime” he accepted the challenge. “We could do it right now” I said, “If we had a video camera. I bet you’re totally hard after me reading you that story.” “I bet you are too,” he replied, admitting it without having to admit it. “I might be a little hard,” I said, and then held the phone down by my belly as I snapped my boner up against my belly a few times. “Was that your dick??” he squealed. “Yep,” I said, “Slapping around, all wet and juicy! All 9 inches of it.” There was no point turning back now! We continued having our flirting session for another 10 minutes or so, and I read him another letter from Forum. As we talked, I could tell he was getting pretty worked up, his answers were getting briefer and briefer. And I was getting pretty close too, but I felt a little too uncomfortable to actually orgasm while on the phone with him. “I know you gotta go soon or else you’re going to explode.” I said to him. “Better go and take care of it.” “As if you’re not gonna do the same thing.” He shot back. “I’ll never tell — see ya!” and I hung up. I just rolled over on the carpet and blasted one out, the first shot hit my bare shoulder. I stayed hard and started reading the magazines again and within 15 minutes I shot another load. The phone started ringing while I was still twitching from this second round. I let it ring a few times while I calmed down and caught my breath, and then I answered it. “You finished?” It was Alex. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Alex.” I replied, trying to keep my voice steady while I struggled to get my breathing back to normal. “Yeah, right. You blew one. “How do you know it was only one?” I quipped. “Jesus Christ man! We just hung up like 15 minutes ago! You’re a sex maniac.” “I didn’t admit to anything, I was just challenging your guesswork is all.” “Any-hoo, just want to tell you I’m coming over to get that handout from Physics that you promised me. So put some pants on or underwear at least before you answer the door good-bye.” All that last part was said in one long sentence. After he had hung up, I went to the bathroom and used the hand towel to wipe up the cum that was getting all runny and cold, and threw on some pants and a shirt. No underwear. I normally didn’t go commando, only on occasions when I wanted to feel sexy, but I guess I was still horny, even after going 2 rounds. My dick was still swollen from my long session on the phone and my hard-pounding second round, and it wasn’t going to go down to normal size anytime soon. It looked pretty good lying down one leg of my chinos, almost as big as my erection, but softer. A few minutes later Alex was at the door of my apartment. He was wearing sweatpants but had on a long jacket so I couldn’t see his package at all. He gave me a pretty thorough look though, and sniffed the air with a smirk on his face. I was starting to stiffen again. After I gave him the Physics handout, he started reading it a bit, and sort-of absent-mindedly unzipped his coat. It was pretty easy to tell he didn’t have underwear on — his dick was tenting his pants pretty good. A few minutes later he headed to the door. On his way out he turned back and looking at my bulge he said “Didn’t you finish your…?” and made the universal jerk-off gesture. Flushing, I said “None of your goddamned business! Did you??” He smirked and said “No, not yet. I’m teasing myself,” and he looked down at the tent in his pants. Then he grinned at me and said “By the way, there’s no way that’s 9 inches!” And then he slammed the door. I was pretty turned on and ended up jerking off again about an hour later. He called me that night and told me he’d finally taken care of “business”, as he called it. “It was wicked,” he said. “Shot over my head. I may not be the longest guy in town, but I can shoot as far as anyone.” I kept pretending that I wasn’t interested and telling him to stop with the details, but I think he knew I wanted to hear every last thing. I’m amazed we didn’t get together that year. We talked to each other nearly every day, and every couple of weeks or so, when he was alone, I would read him stories from Forum, and we would have what amounted to phone sex. I was really enjoying the flirting, but we were both not ready to openly admit desire for another guy, so I guess this was the safest behavior we could achieve – sexual tension with a veneer of straight banter. One night after we’d read a story about a nudist guy and girl, I asked him if he would ever go to a nudist camp. He surprised me by saying straight up that he would, but not one that was full of old saggy men and women. “If it was all people under 50 and nobody was too much of a pervert, I would do it. I would probably be a little shy around women and girls, but if it was just guys, I would feel fine.” I quickly processed all of that in my mind, wondering what he was trying to tell me. “Would you rather it was all strangers, or would you be comfortable with friends?” He hesitated for a minute. “It would be more anonymous with strangers, but it wouldn’t bother me if there were people there that I knew. It would depend, I guess. Like, I’d be fine if you were there, but I wouldn’t go naked with Trevor around.” Trevor was one of his brother’s former roommates who was a complete idiot, always putting people down. “So, you wouldn’t mind showing off your little wiener next to my 9-incher?” I teased. “Ha!” he snorted. “I don’t think there would be a problem. Assuming you weren’t too chickenshit!” Now it was my turn to hesitate. “I’ve been naked in lots of locker rooms, and I’ve been fine. I’ve sunbathed in the nude before.” This was news to him. “Where did you do that?” he asked. “At home, I parked my dad’s truck in the field and lay down in the box. Nobody could see me at all.” “Well, that’s not quite the same, is it? Hiding it is different from flaunting it on a beach where everyone that walks by can see it. It’s like not wearing any underwear — it feels cool and a bit risky, but unless someone looks really close, it’s your secret alone.” He had a point. “I would still do it. But I think I would prefer if there was someone with me that I knew to share the embarrassment with. ” “Would you do it with me?” he asked. “Oh yeah,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind you. I think it would be a laugh with you.” “Well let’s do it then!” This wasn’t really very scary for me. It was early March and neither of us could afford a spring break trip. “No problem. First nude beach we come to, I’m in!” But he was way ahead of me in this game. “No, we don’t need to do a nude beach. Let’s just make our own nudist camp.” Uh oh. “What do you mean?” My penis, which had been staying pretty stiff all through this conversation while we talked about hypothetical sunny beaches, started retreating into its cave now that the ground was shifting under me. “Let’s do a naked day at your place. Saturday, I’ll come over early, you can crank the heat up, and we’ll stay naked for 24 hours. Just do normal stuff, except nude.” I love that word: Nude. It sounds soooo sexy. This was interesting. I had been wanting to see Alex naked for 2 years almost, and he clearly wasn’t shying away from hanging around my naked dick. But I felt very much like the dog who’d finally caught the school bus. “Who else would know? What if someone comes by? What if someone sees us?” All good questions to ask from the back of the closet. His answer was clarity itself. “You worry too much. It will do you good to live a little and experience something uncomfortable for a day. You’re the most uptight person I know.” “You’re going to sleep here too?” I asked, hoping / hating for the right answer. “Yep.” Yep. Oh boy. Saturday morning I was up way too early. Alex was supposed to arrive at 11. I cranked the heat; it was snowing a bit and was going to snow most of the weekend off and on. I was going to shower, but Alex had told me not to, that we would start the experiment off by showering and then staying nude after that. He showed up promptly at 11, and made a point of showing me everything he had brought: a toothbrush in his hand and a hair brush in his pocket. I asked him about clean underwear and he said he would go commando on the way home. He was prepared. Alex said he wanted to shower, so in he went. I waited nervously in the living room and soon enough I heard the water shut off. After a few more minutes he called out to me. “Are you there?” I walked over to the door. “Yeah.” “Are you naked?” “No!” “Well I am, and I’m coming out, so you better strip right now.” I’m amazingly obedient when someone gives me orders. “Alright, I’m ready.” I said softly through the door, and he opened it with a rush. We both laughed at the initial shock of two naked young men standing facing each other in a bathroom doorway. We were both feeling the embarrassment and our dicks were hiding. We were not dissimilar — I was taller and more muscular, he was hairier. We were both circumcised, and neither of us had low-hanging balls, at least not at that moment. He looked at me and spoke, the first thing either of had said: “Your ruler is broken.” He brushed past me to the living room, said he’d wait for me to get showered and that he’d make coffee, and left me a little embarrassed, but grinning at his wit. While I showered, I did my best to puff up my flaccid little pecker to try to show him that I was closer to 9 inches than 9 centimeters! When I came out of the bathroom, he was watching television, but he shut it off when I came out. I sat down at the other end of the sofa while he got up and got our coffee. He sat down facing me, bringing both feet up. His dick and balls were trapped below his thighs and I got a good view. With great effort, I didn’t cover up, and I brought one leg up and tucked it under me, so that I was pretty much on display too. “Let’s get the embarrassment out of the way right now,” he said. “Let’s both take a good look and check each other out.” And then he just started stroking himself and massaging his balls, turning his dick this way and that, pulling the skin up until it almost covered his glans, then hauling it back tight. I took my cue from him, and mirrored most of what he was doing. He was obviously longer than I was when he was flaccid, and I was envious of him for that. When I mentioned it, he asked how long I was when I was hard. “Seven inches,” I said, really being a little proud. He told me he was about 6, but he felt that he was pretty skinny for that length. It was weird knowing I was longer than him when hard, but much shorter when soft. He had a lot of hair on his balls, and I asked him if he had ever shaved. “No, but I have thought about it. Have you?” I had, several times, but I was currently in a hairy period. I told him I liked how it felt to have a bald sack, and to clean the shaft down to the base. I had never shaved all of my pubic hair, preferring to trim it. Then he asked me if I was happy with my dick. I told him I was, but I was always disappointed with how small it got when I was cold or in a public situation. “When I’m in the showers or the locker room, I really have to work at it to keep it halfway normal-sized.” He clearly didn’t have that problem, gaziantep escort but he said he could relate. “But,” he said, “You obviously get comfortable pretty quickly.” My dick by now was stretching out, and was flopping around about 4″. After that, it was easier to get comfortable. The place was warm and we were relaxed. We watched TV, and then we studied. We both went to the kitchen and made something to eat for a late lunch, and a couple of times we bumped butts. After the second time, I turned around to move out of his way and apologize, but instead I ended up slapping my penis on his hip. I sputtered and stammered my apologies, but Alex just laughed it off and said he’d been hit by things a lot bigger than that and didn’t fall down! After we ate, we were both a bit tired, so we just sat and watched TV again. He sat in an old armchair I owned, with one leg draped over the side and his goodies on full display. I laid out on the sofa, also showing everything off. When the show we were watching ended, he got up and stretched and I noticed he might be extending a little bit. “Enjoy that show or just getting horny?” I asked, nodding towards his crotch. “Oh, Just a healthy boy. You can relate I’m sure.” It was starting to get dark outside by now, and I suggested it was time to have a beer. He agreed and we cracked a couple open. After we had finished about half of the beer, he asked “Any interest in looking at those skin books, now that we have no secrets? I know we’ll end up getting hard, so if you’re uncomfortable, don’t be shy, and just say so.” I’d been thinking about how I might handle this since the first time we discussed this naked day. I wasn’t shy, but no way was I going to admit to him that I would enjoy being naked with him and looking at his erection. And maybe more. “I’m ok with it, as long as you are,” I said. “I’m getting over my shyness, and another beer will eliminate it completely!” I went to my dresser drawer and brought out my latest stash. I unfolded the sofa bed, and we climbed up next to each other, lying on our stomachs, with only the reading lamp by the bed for light. We picked one and started flipping through it. There were some great sets showing couples, one of which had a young-looking guy and an older woman. Alex mentioned that the guy had an average dick, and I said yeah, and that he had really hairy pits for a young blond guy. Neither of us said anything about the woman. A few pages later there was one picture of a very hung guy poised to penetrate a beautiful dark-haired girl who looked about our age. Alex looked at the picture and said “Now he’s got 9 inches. And I wouldn’t want to have it.” Admittedly, the guy’s penis looked like it had been pumped relentlessly, veiny and almost scarred. Next up was a brilliant set, on a beach, with a very sexy young guy in a speedo and a tanned blonde girl. They were both sexy, but the guy was spectacular. When he removed his speedo and showed his uncut flaccid penis, I just about squirted. It was very uncommon to see an uncut guy in skin mags at that time. “He’s uncircumcised,” I said to Alex. “Yeah,” he replied, “It makes it look a lot bigger when he’s soft. Look at the bulge in his Speedo” “Have you ever seen an uncut guy in real-life?” I asked him. “Yeah, one of Eric’s friends is adopted and he was in an orphanage when he was born, so he didn’t get circumcised.” “How do you know all that?” I asked, curious that a friend of his older brother’s would share that information with Alex. “One time a few years back, he was staying over on the weekend and they were tenting outside. I begged Eric to let me stay out too for one night, and before we went to sleep, we all went out of the tent to pee. We had to go behind this old fence so mom and dad couldn’t see us from the house, and we all ended up next to each other. He wasn’t shy and so Eric and I just pulled ours out too. He wasn’t very big, and he didn’t pull the skin back. He sprayed everywhere and we made fun of him. Then he showed us what his looked like and explained why he was different.” “In the morning he showed us his boner, and the skin was all pulled back. He was a real geeky guy and they moved right after that.” We went back to the book again, and a few photos after, the girl had him engulfed in her pretty little mouth and he had grown to a long, relatively thin erection, that pointed slightly downward, something else I hadn’t seen before. “His dick curves the opposite to mine,” I said. Alex said that his curved up too, and he pointed out how slick and wet the head looked on the guy in the magazine. There was no doubt that we were both hard by now – we were both fidgeting on the bed and I could feel some wetness where I was leaking. When we came to the Forum section, Alex said “How about you read them?” Then he turned on his back. I couldn’t see anything without turning, and it was pretty dim in the room. I started reading the letters, just the way I did over the phone. After the second one Alex said, “Okay, time for a break or I’m going to have to take care of business.” I turned slightly and looked down. He saw me looking and pitched his hips up a bit, pushing his erection into the air. “Fair’s fair. Your turn.” He said, pushing me on the shoulder. So I rolled over and my dick stuck out proudly. I grabbed the base and pulled the skin tight, making it as big as possible, and we both lay there looking. We had been truthful, I was about an inch longer, and quite a bit thicker. But his was awesome just the same. His balls were very relaxed now as he casually stroked his penis. The head glistened with moisture. “You seem to get pretty wet,” I said to him. He grinned and said “You should see your blanket. There’s a very big wet spot under me!” “You’re sleeping on that side tonight then!” I told him. And I stroked away and my dick tingled again as I realized I just assumed that we were going to sleep together on the sofa bed. “So what do we do about these things right now?” he asked, slapping his dick up and down. “Would it be too weird if we jerked off? Seems stupid to go into the bathroom one at a time to do it, when we’ve seen everything anyway.” “We’re spending the whole day naked together, I don’t think it could get any weirder. And besides, why would we tell anyone? This whole weekend is a secret as far as I’m concerned, so we can do whatever we want.” I looked over at him as I said this, hoping he was catching my whole meaning. We agreed we would look at another magazine, so we rolled over and started going through the next one. We started pumping into the bed as we lost our inhibitions, and Alex started moaning a little, and we were both breathing deeply. “Are you getting close?” I asked him. “Few more minutes,” he said. “You?” “Ready anytime.” I admitted. He rolled onto his back and said “Go for it, I want to see how much you shoot compared to me.” I rolled over too, only I rolled in the opposite direction, and it took me very close to his body. So close that my left arm was tight up against his right arm, which he was using to masturbate. My fingers were grazing his hip, as I beat my penis with my right hand. He was really moving around and pumping his feet as he edged toward cumming. Suddenly he ran his foot along my calf, scuffing up my leg hair, and creating a lot of friction. And that was it. I’m not a strong shooter, but that was one of my best. The first couple of splats landed near my left shoulder and the next one went more left and hit Alex’s arm. I shot a couple of more times, but nothing very far, although I made quite a mess. Before I was finished spasming, Alex was blasting straight up in the air. His first spurt looked like it went a foot up before coming back onto his fuzzy belly, and the next several blasted out in rapid succession, much more quickly than mine do. And all of a sudden I felt more wetness on my side, and I realized a couple of his shots had drifted over onto me. I reached over to catch it as it started to run off my side. Alex saw that and said “Shit, sorry about that. I forgot to aim.” He reached over and scooped up some that I couldn’t see, bringing it up on his fingers and dropping it on my nipple, giggling, and wiped his fingers on my thigh, laughing again. “It’s okay,” I said, “Nothing I haven’t covered myself with before. At least it’s still warm. I hate it when it gets cold.” He looked over at my shot, up and down my chest and shoulder. “About the same amount?” “Yeah, but I think I got it farther than you. A lot farther than I usually shoot.” I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself off, flushing the tissue down the toilet. Then I grabbed a bunch and went back to the bed and held it out to Alex. He just lay there with his hands behind his head. “Some of it’s yours,” he said, smirking. “Shouldn’t you clean it up?” I just threw the tissue at him. He just shrugged and went to work mopping himself up. It took a bit, and the toilet paper was getting very soggy. I said I would go get more, but Alex said he would go to the bathroom and get it. “Besides, I always have to pee after I cum anyway.” “Really? Me too, and I always thought I was weird.” “Come on then,” he said. “No point in starting to get shy now.” We went into the bathroom and he finished drying himself. Then he just pivoted toward the toilet bowl and aimed, so I did the same. He started immediately, with a strong, straight stream, making very loud splashes as it hit the water in the toilet. I took much longer — jerking off while lying next to another guy is one thing, but pissing next to him is much harder. Cumming is all about tensing muscles. Pissing is all about relaxing them. But eventually, just as he was slowing down, I got started. I gradually worked up to a decent stream, and finished with a couple of satisfying spurts that generated big splashes, and made my glans bulge. Alex stayed right next to me until I was finished, then we headed back into the bed. We both took some more toilet paper and dried the combination of piss and semen off our slits. “So, what did you think of that?” Alex asked, as we were lying again on the bed. It was fully dark now, and the little bedside lamp made it cozy. “First time for everything,” I said, as I grinned at him. “You’ve never jerked off with anyone?” “Well, I have jerked off in the presence of another guy, but he didn’t know I was doing it.” I went on to explain how a few times I’d been out in the woods with friends on motor bikes and we stopped to take a leak. Which usually at that age meant a long session of playing with yourself and showing off. On a couple of occasions, I had gotten so caught up in the jerking that I went over the edge and I had to turn my back and shoot cum onto the ground, before finally pissing. Maybe that’s why I always feel like I have to piss after I cum. Every time it happened, I worried that the person I was with could hear the splats of my cum hitting the leaves, but nobody ever said anything. “Have you done it before?” I asked. “A few times, with a cousin,” he said. “Sooooo…..?” I wanted details! “The first time was when we were out canoeing, and we slowed down so I could piss over the side. It’s not that easy in a canoe! So, he was in the back and I was kneeling and facing the side, but not so much that we’d tip over. It was kind of embarrassing, because I had to piss far enough to reach over the side. When I pulled my trunks down, he started to whistle, and kind of joking around about how I was getting a boner, which I wasn’t. “Anyway, I started peeing and shooting it up in the air as far as I could, and he kept talking the whole time. It was embarrassing, but at least it made noise so I didn’t get all shy. “Finally I was done and I sat down facing the back. He just looked at me, and then dropped his shorts and his dick was half hard. I started saying some of the same things he had been saying, and he just started jerking his dick, and finally started peeing, but he was almost hard. “He didn’t even put it away when he was finished, just sat back down. He asked if I jerked off a lot. He said he needed to do it or he wouldn’t be able to kneel and paddle. So, we rowed over to the shore and grounded the canoe, and he asked if I was going to do it too. By then I was hard, so I just dropped my trunks and we did it. We both shot over the side of the canoe into the river. That was cool.” “How old were you guys?” I asked. “I was 15 and he was 14. He was way hornier than me. Big dick too. He was bigger than me back then even. He couldn’t keep it in his pants. He was always showing it off, or rubbing it, or scratching his balls. He pisses more than any guy I’ve ever met and I think it’s just because he likes hauling it out to show off. And he likes looking at other dicks too. I think he might be gay.” He glanced over at me, gauging my reaction. I just shrugged. “Did you guys ever do it again? Or more?” He just kind of shrugged a bit, and because I wanted to hear more about his experiences with other guys, I tried to make him more comfortable. “Remember: this whole day is wiped from our memories when it’s over!” “Yeah, we’ve touched each other. Jerked each other off even.” “Wow. What was that like? Does it feel weird?” “It actually feels really good, especially if you take your time. And use some lube or something.” He was fully hard again, and I said “Looks like the memory is pretty hot.” He only grinned but didn’t say anything. Very softly I asked “Did you guys do anything else?” “Yeah. Are you sure you want to know?” He asked. I pointed to my erection. “Does it seem like I don’t?” “One time when I slept over at his house, he came sneaking into my bedroom after I was asleep. He had a skin magazine he said he wanted to show me. We started reading it and he was feeling my dick, getting me all hard and dripping, and when we came to a guy getting a blowjob, he said `Do you ever wonder how it feels to get your dick sucked?’ “Of course I said yes, I’d never had a blowjob before. He said he trusted me, and then he started sucking it. He was very slow and wet, and after a few minutes he came up and said it wasn’t bad at all. I took the hint and tried it on him, and in 10 minutes we were cumming all over the place. The next summer, we did it again, he even swallowed a couple of times.” When he saw my eyes go wide, he added “That makes a blowjob a thousand times better, it feels incredible. I thought I was going to die.” “Did you ever swallow for him?” I was so hard now I couldn’t believe I had just orgasmed. He nodded his head, but didn’t say anything. Then he looked over at me, staring into my eyes. I was so excited and so scared. I had just jerked off with a guy for the first time, and it was the most I’d ever done with anyone. Now, Alex was telling me he’d done all these things with his cousin, who was probably gay, and did that make Alex gay too? And what did it make me now that I was laying naked in bed with him, both of us with erections. I did the best thing I could possibly have done. I said only one word. “Cool.” He gave me a big smile, relived, I know, that I didn’t judge him. And of course I was in no way going to judge him, because I would have done exactly as he did, given the chance, and because I was dying to have his lips around my dick too! “How big was his dick?” I asked him, as we both watched me stroke. “Smaller than you,” he said. “Skinnier for sure.” He was looking very closely at my penis then, and was slowly stroking his own. His head was wet with precum, and it was getting on his shaft too. I was all ready to reach out to make the first move, when the phone rang and scared the shit out of both of us. It was a pal of mine wondering if I was going to the campus social club that night. I told him no, and he then went on and on for about 15 minutes about nothing. Finally, we hung up. While I was on the phone, Alex had gotten up and went to the bathroom, and when he came out, we were both mostly flaccid again. And hungry. The one thing that trumps even sex for young men. We debated about ordering pizza, but Alex wouldn’t be flexible at all on the nudism part, insisting I had to go to the door naked, and there was absolutely no way that I was ready for that. So we settled on frozen lasagna and frozen garlic toast, and frozen cookies. I opened some beer and we settled in for a routine college evening, in a non-routine state of dress. As we were eating supper, we started talking about nudism again, and I asked Alex how many guys he’d seen totally naked in his life. Turns out, it was quite a few. His brother of course, and his cousin, and one of his other roommates. But also some guys on his high school swim team, a couple of friends who he used to skinny-dip with when they were in their mid-teens, and a few middle-aged guys at the university pool. He seemed to remember a lot of details about the situations, and when I asked him which one of them had the biggest cock, he didn’t have to think about it at all. “It was this guy named Robbie on the swim team. Everyone made fun of him. It was really long and floppy. But the funny thing was, when he put on his speedo, it seemed to slip under his balls, and he had a normal bulge, but as soon as he took his suit off, it just seemed to expand. That thing was like a snake. And he had really blond hair, so you could hardly see his pubes. We all used to think he shaved them, and maybe he did.” Then it was my turn to tell him about how many naked guys I’d seen. There weren’t that many at suriyeli escort that time. I had no brothers, and hadn’t been on any sports teams at school. A few guys in the locker room in high school, but some of them had been too young to even have much hair. I had showered once with a guy after gym, but other than that, this was my first real naked exposure. I’d seen lots of dicks, pissed lots with friends and seen theirs and stuff, but not much total nudity. Alex asked me about the biggest dick I’d ever seen, and I really didn’t have to think either. “My friend Tom in high school had a huge dick, but all I’ve ever seen is his bulge through his pants. But everyone knew he was hung like a horse.” When Alex said that didn’t count, then I told him it had to be my friend Steve who used to hang out in the woods with us and we’d try to find strange places to piss. He always loved the game, and always was the first to whip it out. I think he was probably just longer than normal when flaccid, because he never seemed to have a big boner bulge.” Alex seemed puzzled, “What do you mean by strange places to pee?” “You know, like peeing on anthills, off cliffs, from trees, stuff like that. Steve did it one time from the back of a dirt bike while I was driving! He got himself wet though.” Alex was laughing, “Sounds like you guys did some strange stuff.” Then he said “How does my dick compare, in the size department?” “One thing’s for sure, you’re bigger than me when you’re soft. I shrink up like a prune.” Which was totally true, and a big source of embarrassment for me. I was pretty happy with my 7 inches but whenever I was in a stressful situation, like a public shower or a urinal, I was the size of a 5-year-old. “Steve’s is longer than yours when it’s soft, and way longer than mine, but maybe not much bigger than you when he’s hard. I mean, I am longer than you when we’re hard, but 6 inches is more than average you know. Besides, you have a good-looking dick. I mean, no warts or anything!” I was sort of stammering by that point. It’s hard to sound straight while you’re complimenting another guy on his penis. “Now, I’ve got to pee out some of this beer,” I said, anxious to get away before I embarrassed myself further. “Me too” Alex said, and followed me into the bathroom. So much for forgetting about his penis for a while. We stood side-by-side over the toilet, and he started first again, of course. Eventually I was able to get going, and going, and going. Once more, Alex just stood where he was until I had finished, sort of massaging his dick and shaking it off. I flushed and we washed our hands, also both at the same time. “What now?” I asked as we headed down the hallway to the living room. “How about more beer?” he asked, so I went and got two more bottles, handing him one and asking “Want to watch a movie on TV?” He was good with that and so we spent some time flipping through the channels looking for something interesting. We found an Arnold movie that wasn’t too far along, so we settled in. The folding bed was facing the television, so we were sitting up against the back, legs stretched out in front of us. I grabbed a blanket and we covered our legs, only up to our balls. The movie was alright, and when I brought back two more beer, I set the fresh one right on top of Alex’s dick, making him jump and when he spread his legs, I jammed the cold bottle right down next to his nuts. This caused a bit of a fuss and some name-calling, but eventually a truce was reached, after I let him hold his bottle against my nuts too. It was erotic as he removed the bottle, took it to his mouth, wrapped his lips around the top, and sucked out some beer. He watched me the whole time and then licked his lips. I think he was a bit drunker than I was. This was confirmed a few minutes later. I had been making a big deal of how cold my nuts were, rubbing them and whining. Alex said “For frig sake, do you want me to warm them up for you?” “What did you have in mind?” I said, waggling my eyebrows. “Nothing like that” he said. Then he rotated and brought his feet up over to my side so that his calves were covering my crotch. “There, now shut the frig up and watch the movie.” He wasn’t doing much to warm up my balls, but the rest of me was getting hot! Every time he swiveled to pick up his beer, he shifted a bit, and his hairy legs rubbed against my dick. And as I puffed up, the rubbing got worse, and within minutes I was almost fully hard, try as I might to prevent it. Then he parted his legs a bit and my cock sprung up between them, and he sandwiched it. “Gotcha!” he said without even looking at me. “Why are you torturing me?” I cried playfully. As I said this, I took my beer bottle (now much warmer) and gently tapped his dick, which was also reaching full erect state. “Because you’re fun to torture. Besides, there’s nobody else here, and how many times in our lives are we going to have a chance like this where we are forced to be naked and have no worries?” I guess he had a point. We watched the movie until it ended, maybe another 15 minutes. He kept me hard the whole time, brushing his two legs against my third leg. I turned the volume down and asked him if he was ready to pull out the skin books again. “Soon. Right now, I have to pee again; Know of any strange places?” he said, and giggled like a naughty schoolboy. “Not in my apartment, no. And how are you going to pee with that thing?” I nodded toward his throbbing hard-on. “How about out the window onto the snow?”, he asked and made as if to get up. “No way!” I said, and grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Your pecker is so short that you’d dribble all over the floor!” That earned me a punch in the shoulder and a mock kick on my pecker. “Fine,” he said as he got up, “I’ll just go pee all over your toilet.” I got up too, and followed him to the bathroom. But when we got there, I walked over to the tub and turned on the water and flipped up the toggle to start the shower, aiming it against the side wall. Then I just held my dick and started pissing against the back wall, into the stream of water. It was very much like those big waterfall urinals some fancy bars have. Alex didn’t need any more encouragement, and as soon as he figured out what I was going to do, he was hip to hip with me, squirting away. Usually when I piss my hard-on goes down, but I had never pissed with a mostly drunk naked guy leaning right up against me, and I think if anything I got harder. As we squeezed down and fired the last few spurts into the shower, Alex said “You told me you didn’t have any strange places to pee in your apartment. This was a good idea!” I looked down at our cocks — we both were trailing strings of precum. I took some toilet paper, offered some to Alex, and then wiped mine clean. “Don’t want pecker tracks all over my apartment, you know.” “Like there’s none here already! You probably have more dried cum on your carpet than a Texas whorehouse.” I just smirked and told him I had no idea what he meant. I splashed water around the shower some more to make sure it was clean, then we took another beer and sat on the floor by the window. It was snowing. We could see some of the partiers coming home. One guy stopped not too far away and unzipped his pants and started pissing on a fire hydrant. I kid you not. He was too far away for us to see much except for the huge stream of urine coming out of him. Alex said that was a sign that he had a really short penis. But he had no scientific basis to back that up. After the beer was gone we decided to dig out the magazines. We had lost our erections while sitting on the floor and watching out the window, but mine came back pretty quick when we lay down on the bed and started looking at pictures. Alex had slid right over next to me so that our hips and shoulders were touching. We whispered back and forth when we saw something we liked or found funny. We seemed to only comment on the guys, either their dicks, their body hair, (no models shaved back then, too gay don’t you know), or their looks, and we usually made fun of the girls, although there were a few young, shaved pussies that I could imagine sinking my dick into. Gradually we both started grinding our dicks into the bed, causing our hips and butts to rub together as we increased the motion and got more excited. Then Alex reached over my shoulder to adjust the lamp, lifting his hips up as he did, and bringing his very wet penis dragging across my butt and hip. I didn’t say anything as he settled back, closer now than ever. After a minute I rolled over toward him, deliberately slapping his hip with my dickhead and smearing some precum on him. I wasn’t slobbering nearly as much as him though. “I have to stop for a bit or I’m gonna finish,” I said, and I continued to roll until I was on my back, penis proudly eyeing the ceiling. He leaned into me, taking a long look at my cock. “You’re really swollen.” And I was, my head was very dark purple. “Well, this has been a pretty sexual day, can you blame me? This is the first time I’ve ever paraded around naked for a whole day, hard for most of it. Talking about sex stuff most of the time. It’s a wonder I haven’t cum 10 times.” If I was complaining I wasn’t very convincing because halfway through my tirade I had started masturbating myself again! “You love it,” Alex teased me. “You look like you’re ready to cum. Are you?” Softly I said “I’m close. You should move in case I aim wrong.” I had hit my forehead once before. “Nah, I’m good here, you didn’t shoot that far this afternoon,” and he leaned even closer, with his head now laying on my shoulder, jerking his dick steadily. As he got closer, he began rubbing his head into me, and soon he had his tongue close to my nipple. This was so far beyond my comprehension; I was in overload. And then I was over the top of the mountain, flying downhill. “Cumming!” I whispered, right into his ear. He had his eyes on my dick, but didn’t stopping stroking himself. My first splat came out above my belly button, and was watery. The second shot, though, was massive and thick and went right onto my face and down into his ear. The next couple hit my chest right in front of his face , and then I slowed down. I quivered with relief, my dick aching as the blood flowed out. I had just cum in front of a friend, and shot all over me AND him. This was an incredible day. But that wasn’t the hottest part. As soon as Alex saw that I was finished shooting, he took the hand he was using to stroke with and reached up and scooped my cum from my chest and then went back to stroking again, using MY CUM as lube. He was firing in no time. I’ve never ever seen a shot as great as his was that time. It went all the way over me, cleared the bed completely, and landed on a stack of records sitting on the floor. The Miami Vice soundtrack jacket was stained forever. The rest of his shots were more routine, except they all landed on my legs. I was impressed by the heat. Maybe that’s why we say something sexy is “hot”. I started laughing as I caught my breath. “Holy fuck, did you see that cumshot??” I asked him. He told me he actually had his eyes closed when he started shooting because it felt so intense, so I had to show him where it landed. He told me it was by a mile the farthest he’d ever been able to cum. “I guess you were right,” he said, “This whole day has been pretty intense.” He gave me a funny look, and while I had a pretty good idea what he was thinking, I was too shy to say anything in reply. There was too much cum for toilet paper so I got us a towel. I wiped his ear first, then my legs and chest, and finally cleaned off Crockett and Tubbs. They didn’t look happy, but then their scowl was their stock in trade. I climbed into bed and Alex put out the light and climbed in too. “What did you think of that?” he asked me, talking mostly into his pillow. “It felt very, very good. I’m really glad you cornered me into this nudist day. It’s a sense of freedom I have never felt before.” It’s good that I was drunk, otherwise my brain would have been too full of questions to sleep. ———– It was daylight when I woke, still snowy. I was facing Alex, and he was looking at me. I was uncovered, and he was too. We had left the heat on pretty high and it was warm. His hand was on the bed underneath my penis, and he was flicking my dick gently with one finger. I was very hard. I just raised my eyebrows at him, in silent question. “I have to pee and I want you to come with me, so I just started tapping the closest part of you. I didn’t know you’d get hard. But it was pretty cool watching you go from a little puny thing to that just from me poking at it.” “You’re kind of a prick, you know.” I grumbled. “I’m a big prick and you’ve got a big prick. We’re even! Let’s pee.” I noticed from the clock that it was almost noon. We started the shower again and pissed for about half an hour. I wasn’t shy at all this time, starting before Alex even got going. We crossed streams and had a contest to see who could reach highest up the wall. This time he took some toilet paper and surprised me by using it to dry my glans for me. He didn’t touch me, just dabbed with the paper. Very gently. I made coffee while he laid in bed, flipping through one of the skin magazines and rebuilding his erection. So, what’s the plan for the rest of our nudi-day?” I asked, as I handed him his cup. We had about 4 more hours to go, even though Alex complained that we had slept too late and should extend it. “Well, after you cook us something to eat, how about you give me a massage, sort of to thank me for making you more comfortable with your body?” He was grinning, but my dick twitched at the thought of him “forcing” me to rub his body all over, especially since we were both going to be naked. “I’ve never given a massage before. Or gotten one either.” Alex, of course, had an answer for every concern. “No problem, I’ll give you one first, and show you how it’s done. Then you can do me!” He’d been leading me ever since he arrived yesterday, so I obediently followed again! He went to shower, and I cooked food, breakfast food even though we were well into the afternoon. After we ate, I showered, and while I was in the bathroom, he laid out a bunch of pillows. He poked his head through the shower curtain (why bother closing the door when you’re naked all the time anyway?) and asked me if I had any candles. I had a few emergency candles that I had brought from home after we had a power outage in the fall, so he found them and put 4 of them around the room and lit them. Then he was back again asking for baby oil. I blushed at that, but told him where it was. In the drawer with the skin books. When I came out of the bathroom, he had everything nicely set up and he was kneeling next to a clean sheet that was covering the pillows. Even though it wasn’t dark, it was still snowing and cloudy, so the candles gave a little glow to the room. He tapped the sheet and said “Get your ass down here.” I started to lie on my back, but he told me to flip over. When I did, I noticed that he had arranged the pillows so that there was a gap for my penis to fit into so it wasn’t getting crushed. He started at my legs, and it was the most amazing experience I had ever felt. It was even better than our masturbation sessions the day before. This was tingles and sensuousness over my whole entire body. He didn’t shy away from my ass or from shoving his fingers down until he touched my balls. He brought his fingers around the outside of my hips and reached underneath to the top of my pubic region — he never touched my dick but the feeling was so erotic. Of course, I was hard almost at his first touch, and by the time he had finished my back and shoulders and asked me to roll over, I was drooling like mad. “Helloooo big boy!” he said, as my erection waved in the air. Then he started on my arms, working his way to my fingertips, and all the while my dick throbbed. After that he dripped oil on my nipples and stomach, and started very lightly rubbing circles. I had never touched my nipples sexually, and I was shocked at the connection between them and my cock. And then he started working down. He only grazed my pubic area, massaging slightly just at the edges of where I had hair, before continuing past. He let his fingers touch my balls slightly as he rubbed the oil down between my legs. He added more oil in a stream to my right leg and began massaging the meaty area on my thigh, and all the way down to my instep, finally oiling my toes and giving me a fantastic feeling as he spent about 5 minutes on my foot. Then he did the other leg with the same thoroughness. When he had finished my whole body, he came back up so that he was sitting near my groin. He looked closely at my erection and said “You’re dripping a little there, buddy. Did you enjoy that?” The obvious fact of my hard-on made lying impossible. “Yeah, it felt really good. Thank you. I had no clue that touching all those spots on my body could feel so good. Sorry about the boner.” He just kept looking at it. “If you hadn’t gotten hard, I would’ve felt that I didn’t do a very good job.” I got up from the pillows and he laid down. I noticed he was already pretty chubbed, but didn’t say anything. It looked like giving a massage was pretty enjoyable too. I followed his pattern as best I could. It was pretty erotic and my dick didn’t soften very much as I worked my fingers into his flesh. I decided rus escort to make up in daring what I lacked in technique, so I allowed my fingers to go deeper toward his little pucker, and made obvious brushes across his balls and moved his feet apart to give me better access. Then I straddled him and reached up to give his shoulders a soft and slow rubdown. When I did this, I made sure to lay my penis into the cleft of his butt, and moved it subtly as I massaged him. We were both slick from the oil and this made the movement even more erotic. When I moved down to his lower back, my penis ended up momentarily laying right on top of the back side of his scrotum. I finally climbed off him, and he rolled over, a long thread of pre-cum hanging onto his dick, which fell onto his skin. I reached toward him with my hand and smoothed it into his skin. His dick was really dripping, and I mentioned again to him about how wet he got. Then I started at his neck, rubbing the oil in. He had a hairy chest, but it wasn’t so long or so dark as to be noticeable at first. But up close and with the oil, it stood out, making an exotic look. For the first time in my life I tweaked another person’s nipples. He squirmed and made funny noises as I did, and reached involuntarily to his dick. “You’re making an actual puddle down there,” I told him. “Do you just want me to rub it in?” “No, I’ll get it.” He replied. Then he lifted his head so he could see what he was doing, took his right hand and scooped the puddle up. Then he brought it to his lips, puckered them, and sucked it all in. I looked at him stunned, and he stared right back at me, daring me to say something. Finally I just said “What’s it taste like?” He reached down again, this time to his piss slit, and squeezed more pre-cum out onto his pinkie finger. A huge glob rolled out. He moved it toward me, and I guess I had no choice but to suck it off. I thought the taste was fine, smooth and slippery and a bit salty, and I rubbed my lips with my fingers. He looked over at my cock, which was still purple and swollen. “What does yours taste like?” “I haven’t a clue.” I said. “Let’s find out.” He suddenly reached for me, and for the first time ever, someone else grabbed my penis, and he stroked the length of it, bringing a glob of liquid to the head. If I was horny at this point, there wasn’t a word to describe my state the next moment. Alex turned his head further and brought his lips right close to my dick, and used a finger to transfer the drop the last millimeter to his lips, and then sucked it noisily into his mouth. He was very careful not to make direct contact. But I was so certain that was what he was going to do, I was ready for it. I could feel his warm breath on my penis as he savored the flavor of my juice. “Mmm. Pretty good. Stronger than mine, saltier. Slippery.” He had licked his lips a few times, and they were clean. “Want to taste it?” I didn’t know what to say, but I was in such an aroused state, I would probably have agreed to anything. So I just nodded. He reached down again, and easily captured another big drop of precum from my penis. He brought it up to my mouth and when I opened, he put his whole finger in and wiped the drop onto my tongue. He left his finger in there, and I just automatically started sucking on it, while we looked each other in the eyes. Finally, he pulled his finger out with a quiet pop and went back down again and brought up another drop, and this time he smeared it all over my lips, then went down and got even more and smeared it all over his lips. If that wasn’t enough, he then repeated the process with his own juices, smearing them over our lips, mixing his and mine. He had his eyes closed now, as he enjoyed the tastes. “Fuck me, that might be gay, but I think it’s pretty erotic. We should do this every weekend.” I still couldn’t speak. I think I had just given him a blow job. I may not have had his dick in my mouth, but there was no doubt in my mind that I had had intimate contact with his penis. I flopped down on the carpet, he was still lying on the pillows. He gently reached over and grasped my dick. Quickly, I reached down and removed his hand. “Don’t!”, I hissed. “I’ll cum.” “Wow”, he said with a big smile, “I guess you liked your first massage!” I pulled a pillow out from under him and put it under my head. I needed to close my eyes and process at least some of this. He pulled a blanket off the bed and covered us, and with the candles still giving a glow, we both dozed for a while. I woke when Alex got up and went to the kitchen and started making coffee. He came back and got under the blanket again. He was soft now, but the hairs on his legs around his dick were all matted with precum. “You snore.” He said flatly. “Yeah, I know. It’s because sometimes I start breathing through my mouth when I sleep on my back.” “I tried shoving my cock in your mouth to get you to start breathing through your nose, but it was too big.” “What??? You did not!” I had automatically started wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. He smiled a little at my panic. “Just kidding. Thought about it though. Would you be mad if I had? We’ve done a lot of crazy things this weekend.” “I would be mad.” He looked a little unsure of himself, so I needed to explain. “I’m not scared, and I don’t think it’s gross. Or gay. Well, probably gay. Guys expect girls to do it, so we can’t call it gross. But I think taking advantage of someone sleeping would be creepy.” As I was speaking, the phone rang. I wasn’t going to answer it, wondering where this talk would lead us, but it kept on ringing, so eventually I thumped over to pick it up. It was Eric, Alex’s brother. He just wanted to catch up, but he did say that he had been trying to reach Alex, and did I know where he was. I said I didn’t know, and we went on chatting for about 20 minutes. Once Alex figured out who was calling, I guess he assumed the mood was broken. He got up off the floor, folded the bed back into a sofa, and he was sitting down when I finally got rid of Eric. He was watching me with a strange look. He continued our conversation as if the phone had never rung. “So, if I asked when you were awake, what would the answer be?” This was getting serious now. And I was getting scared. I liked Alex a whole lot, and I trusted him even more, but my panic responses were starting to go off. I pulled him up off the sofa and we went back over and laid on the floor, and I brought the blanket up over us. I turned toward him, resting my head on my hand. “What would you ask me?” “I guess I would ask if you’d let me put my dick in your mouth.” Oh, Oh, Oh. My greatest desire and biggest fear, all in one short sentence. I reached out slowly and touched his chest, softly rubbing the hairs around his nipples. “Mmm, how about first…?” I pulled back the covers and looked down at my penis, soft, but very puffy from the constant erections of the past 20 hours. He smiled, a real, happy smile. Not just happy-horny, but happy-content. I wasn’t ready for the warmth, and I got hard so fast it made my head spin. I felt like I was ready to cum even before I was fully hard. I pushed him off after a few seconds, and held his head away. He shifted his body so that he was straddling my knees, and forced his way onto me again. This angle was even worse, because he could swallow more of me, and I struggled with control. My hips bucked involuntarily. I pushed him off again, more reluctantly this time. As he lifted up, he looked up at me, and in one smooth motion he slipped up and kissed me, his lips soaking wet from the blow job, his tongue forcing its way between my lips. I had never been kissed that way before, no girl I had ever met could possibly know how to do that! And in that first instant I remember wondering how a kiss could feel almost as good as a blow job. And then I had an amazing reaction as I remembered that the mouth I was now kissing had just been wrapped around my cock, the tongue had been licking my penis, the throat had been swallowing my precum – and I dove into the kiss, wanting to suck him right inside me. In the greatest moment of freedom in my life up to that day, I threw my arms around him and kissed him back with all my might. I drove my tongue into his mouth and felt him suck it in, drawing it in, the root straining at the suction. And then he was gone and that incredible suction was now back again on my penis, but this time he was much gentler as he let his saliva wet me thoroughly, and licked me like an ice cream cone, tickling my testicles and fondling them, as the spit dripped its way down. Then his hand was below my balls, and he was grabbing at the root of my dick, trying to wrap his hand around that part of my cock that was so deep inside my body. He released my root and his fingers went even lower and tickled at the hairs around my butt hole, the oil from the massage and the saliva releasing feelings in me that I had never explored, even in my most lustful moments. Too quickly I felt the feeling rise in my groin, and I had to push him off again. And again, he came up and licked my lips and kissed me. I leaned my head back and sighed, from all the way down in my soul. My balls were busting, and my dick felt like it was a foot long and as hard as steel. I knew I couldn’t let him go down there again, because I would lose control. So I grabbed him around the back, and rolled us over, so that I was on top of him. “It’s now or never,” I said to him. I dragged my nose down through his chest fluff and pubic hair, and over his erection. My nose got covered with precum as I passed the tip of his dick, which I wiped off by nuzzling his testicles while I jerked him off gently with both hands. Then the time came. I brought up my head and opened wide. I covered my teeth as well as I could and slowly engulfed his penis. When I got as deep as I could go, I closed my lips and sucked my way back to the head. After that, it was surprisingly easy. At first I worried about the saliva building up in my mouth, but then I remembered how wet he had made me, and I relaxed and let it drip out, and grabbed the base of his slippery dick with one hand and stroked it as my head moved up and down on the top of his shaft. My mouth got sore pretty quickly, and I lifted my head to get a break. Now it was my turn to be the one who kissed first, so I rose up and initiated a kiss with a guy for the very first time. As we kissed this time, we were grinding our crotches together, our dicks side by side and smearing precum and saliva all over. The grinding and kissing were getting me pretty close, so I backed off, making Alex groan. I knew I would have to take a break soon or else it would be all over. But before that breather, there was something I had to try, and I brought my mouth over Alex’s dick again. I opened as wide as I could and went down until I started to gag. But instead of pulling back, I fought the urge, and started making swallowing movements with my throat, and pushing. And boom! All of a sudden my nose was in his pubic hair and he was moaning and squirming like hell. I kept doing this, and made the rough surface of my tongue lick the underside of his penis between swallows. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, stop, stop, stop!!!” On the last word, he slipped his hips back and pushed my head away. He lay back very still and his whole body was rigid as he waited for the wave to pass. Slowly he relaxed, his dick beating visibly with his heart. “Holy fucking Jesus Christ almighty God. How did you do that? That was crazy!” I grinned at him and then moved down and laid beside him. “Dunno. Just something I’d read about and wanted to see if I could actually do it. It’s easier than I thought it would be, but I bet my throat will be sore tomorrow.” “No shit — you had me all the way down your throat! What if I had shot while you had it in there? It would’ve shot right into your stomach!” I shrugged and he kissed me again, gentler, and longer. The look of passion on his face made me feel pretty good. It was a powerful feeling knowing I could trigger such pleasure in another person. As we lay on our backs, we were both dripping precum. Our dicks were very red and the heads were very purple. My dick felt itchy, and demanded I jerk it, which I started to do. When Alex saw me, he started too. “What are we going to do next?” he asked. “What would you like to do?” I asked him. He got up and straddled me. He lowered himself, positioning his balls on my balls. “Would you be upset if I shot my load on you?” he asked shyly, not looking at me, but looking straight down at out 4 testicles, snuggling together. “Well, you already got a bunch on me this morning, so since that didn’t seem to burn too badly, I guess a little more won’t hurt.” As I finished speaking, I flexed my dick as much as a I could so that it bounced off his. He was stroking even before I gave him permission, and started breathing in shallow gasps. “Some of this might end up on your face, are you going to be mad?” “No, I’ll live. But I might make you lick it off.” “Deal.” And in less than 30 seconds he was off, bouncing up and down on his knees. The first shot hit between my nipples, but when he shot his second salvo, he was up on his knees and his aim was perfect. It hit my nose and mouth hard, and made me flinch. I had my mouth open and tasted my first sperm. Not like precum at all, thicker, salty, and warm. Only a nano-second from the source. Alex had a third good shot that landed on my chest and then he was just dribbling, but his convulsions continued, and he kept bucking for several more seconds. He was still jerking like mad, and I thought his dick would be raw from all the rubbing. Finally, he relaxed his legs and settled back down, which brought his taint right down on my erection. I grabbed him around the waist and started grinding into him, and he returned the movement with passion. As distracted as he was, he kept the bargain and he bent down and gave my lips and nose a big lick, and then kissed me deeply with lots of tongue, swirling his juices around and transferring them back and forth between us. While we were still kissing, I rolled us over and told him I wanted to do the same thing. He didn’t say anything, just opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Then he reached down with his cum-covered hand and took hold of my dick, and he started jerking me. The slickness of his hand and the sexiness of what he was doing brought me quickly to the edge, and I lasted no time at all before I was shooting. My shots weren’t as powerful as his, but I managed to get one on his chin, and the rest on his neck and chest. I was leaning over him, my weight on my arms, head down, as I tried not to collapse while I caught my breath. I lowered my head and, using my tongue, I dragged my first shot up from his chin into his open mouth, and we kissed again, slipping and sliding and moaning. Of all of the things we had done in the past 24 hours, this seemed to be the first time that we got a little shy afterwards. We went separately to the bathroom to clean up, and when I came out, Alex was dressing. “Heading home?” I asked him. I was sad to see him go, but also, I needed some alone-time to process everything. “Yeah.” He said simply. “Time to go.” As he stood at the door to put on his boots, I told him that the nudi-day had been a good idea, and that I was glad we’d done it. “Not too freaked out?” he asked. I looked at him for a bit before saying anything. I knew that there was no way I was ready to come out as gay, and I thought that he was going to be disappointed in me for shrugging the whole episode off as straight friends acting horny. “I’m not freaked out at all. You could never do that to me. I have more secrets with you than anyone else in the world. That wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t trust you completely. So no, I’m not freaked out. “Call me later.” I almost kissed him before he opened the door, but I awkwardly hesitated just a split-second. He turned around, and the moment slipped away. ————————— Alex didn’t call me that night. In fact, it was a few days before we talked again. My mind was in a turmoil, rushing from everything we had done that weekend, to the rushing approach of final exams, summer jobs, moving, and on and on. We talked a few evenings on the phone, but no Forum letters, and Alex seemed a little distant. We stayed good friends, but without the intimacy we had shared before the nudi-day. That carried through the next few years, until about 4 years after I graduated. Alex never came out as gay, but the friends he had and some of the things he was doing made it no secret. After graduation, he stayed in the city where we went to school, and had some good jobs. He had no long-term relationships, but I knew he had lots of flings. I moved away, started a career, bought a house and got engaged. We talked still on the phone, but hadn’t seen each other in nearly 3 years, when one week I had the opportunity to go to a conference back in the city where Alex still lived. We arranged to meet, I spent a couple of nights at his house, we argued about a lot of things. We slept together. It took Alex about 15 years to accept the decisions I made in my life. It’s not ideal, and I’ve made a lot of sacrifices, and have probably hurt a lot of people, including, I think, Alex. Alex has a long-time partner, whom I’ve met a couple of times briefly. We both keep some parts of our lives isolated from the rest. My wife knows Alex is gay, and has never discussed that part of his life with me. He remains the friend that I have the deepest bond with, and we’ve had a lot of fun times together over the years; we’ve gone to a real nude beach together – It wasn’t nearly as sexy as my apartment that snowy March day.

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