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Nylon Group Fun

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Nylon Group FunI never thought it was possible and it’s taken years of searching and a lot of patience but I’m now a part of a nylon fetish group. There’s six of us in the group in total, four guys and two ladies and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know the others over the past two months.I was first told about this group by an old friend, actually an old girlfriend, Sally, well she was more of a friend with benefits, I knew from back when I used to frequent the rock clubs in Glasgow. We always had a good relationship back then and we often ran in the same circles. Sally knew about my nylon kink and she would almost always indulge me. Truth is, I was madly in love with Sally, but it was never going to be, she was too much of a free spirit and not one for settling down or having just one guy in her life. Sadly, though, as is almost always the case when you’re young and in your early twenties, our circles widened and increased and we lost touch.By chance I was at a rock gig in a small, well known venue in Glasgow a few months ago. I went to the gig on my own as very few people I know like the same kind of music as I do, it’s kinda sad I know, but I don’t mind and have been to loads of gigs on my own. I was standing at the back, close to the bar, sinking a beer when I noticed my old friend Sally. She was with a guy and so I didn’t let on that I’d seen her at first. As always Sally looked fantastic, she hadn’t changed a bit or changed her style in any way. A rock chick to the end, staying true to the scene. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and the perfect opportunity came when the guy she was with went off to the toilet. I wandered over to the bar and then tried to look surprised as I approached and said hello. It took her a second to recognise me, she was surprised that I’d cut all my hair off and then followed a warm embrace. It felt like we last seen each other only yesterday. She introduced me to her Fiance, Malc, and I have to say I was rather envious of this guy for a minute, but he turned out tio be a realy nice guy and we got on very well. We got on so well that we spent most of the gig in the bar area just talking about the bands we like and out interests, though, there was one interest we hadn’t go around to talking about just yet.I was a bit taken aback when Sally asked if I would like to go back to their flat for a drink after the gig. At their insistance and after much chat I agreed, I didn’t want to impose on them, or feel out of place in their actual home, but it was nice to see Sally after all that time and Malc was a cool guy so I went back to their place. The hours went by back at Sally and Malc’s place, we talked at length all night, Sally even talked about the old days and about the fun we used to have together. I did get the impression that Malc had heard about all this a thousand times before but as I said he’s a rather cool character and seemed interested to hear it all again. The time flew by and I called it a day in the wee small hours. Sally called me a taxi but before I left she asked me if I’d like to meet up for a drink the following weekend. I gave her my number and asked her to call me with a time and place. Sally had promised that she would call me through the week and she did. We arranged to meet up in a bar we both used to frequent back in the day.I was expecting to see Sally come through the door with Malc in tow, but she was alone. I thought nothing of it, to me Sally’s still the same person she always was, independant and still very much a free spirit. She wore the obligatory long black leather coat, short black dress, shiny black tights and chunky knee high boots. She smiled istanbul escort knowingly when she noticed me eyeing her from top to toe, in fact just about every guy in the place was eyeing her. Thankfully it was early in the evening and we were able to find a seat. She told me that Malc would be joining us later and we settled down to a few beers. The chat between us centred around the old days and it was nice to relive and recall the fun we had, not just sexually, but the crazy shit we used to get upto back then, practical jokes, d**gs we took, people we used to know. Things hadn’t changed much in Sally’s life, she was still the same and still did all the same things, just with different people. I did notice the sad look that came over her face when I told her about my life since those days. I’m single, live alone, have a shit job, don’t get out as much as I used to and I hate to admit it, but I just settled for the cards that life had dealt me. I gave up on all my dreams and desires. I’m a budding artist, love to draw and paint but I never had the nerve to take it further. I did plan on going to art school, but the years went by, I’d fallen in to a trap, a dead end job, bills to pay, life to live and I needed the money. So, in the end I just kinda gave up on the dream. As I talked about my art, Sally recalled the time I did a pencil sketch of her in my bedroom in my parents house. I pretended not to remember, but I remembered it like it was yesterday, she was semi nude, lay on my bed in just her panties. I was elated when she told me she still had the A4 size drawing in a box of keepsakes at her flat. The dream of being an artist is over, I know that and have known it for some time, but my desires have always been and always will be very much alive. My kinky side has only ever been revealed to a few people in life, Sally being one of them, and more recently my best mate’s girlfriend who has been indulging me but she’s not quite ready or open minded enough to really accept the full extent of my love for all things nylon.After a few more drinks, Sally was in the mood, she suggested a couple of whiskey chasers to go with our beers and she went off to the toilet. When she came back I noticed the the little remnants of white powder around her left nostril. I pointed it out to her and she discreetly cleaned it away with her thumb before sinking her whiskey. She then went on to talk about the old days again and recalled the more kinky times we had together. I could probably recall every single second of the deeper play times we had together, like the first time we got fully encased me in sheer black nylon in her bedroom, or like the very first time she allowed me dominate her. Even though Sally’s a veryhead strong person, she has a deep submissive side and often had me play her dom. There were a few times when she switched and she dominated me. I was up for anything back then and open to all kinds of play, as long as it involved nylon I was happy. There were a few first’s with Sally, like my very group sex session and my one and only bisexual experince. I couldn’t help but fall in love with her, she is, to me anyway, the perfect woman. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy when I thought of her and Malc, but that feeling would soon subside when she went on to tell me about the group she and Malc were part of. At first I though she meant that she and Malc were in a music group or something like that. But then she went on to tell me that it was a fetish group, not just any kind of group, a nylon fetsih group. She told me all about how avcılar escort Malc and his friend that started it some years back. In the beginning it was just two guys and one woman. Malc then met Sally and after some time she brought another guy along to join in on the fun. For the last two years it had just been the five of them, but now, and with Malc’s blessing, Sally was offering me to join this group. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was so turned on and fucking horny that I thought I might pass out. I was more than eager to join in with this group, but it was only when Malc came along that I was provided with the full and correct information about their group.Full nylon encasmement is the order of the day, head to toe, nothing heavier than 60 denier, the preference being the sheerest of nylon. The sessions consist of looking, touching, and that means that the guys touch each other as well as touching the ladies. We have to get in and out of our nylon in the same room. Full sex is not on the cards, though, it can and has happened it rarely ever does. The sessions only happen once, sometimes, twice a month in the winter time. It all seemed fair to me and I looked forwards to meeting the others involved.It was a couple of weeks away, but I was thrilled by my first invite to Sally and Malc’s place for my first session and to meet the others. I ordered some tights and stockings online, sheer as instructed, a few different colours, but I would pick sheer, barely black 15 denier on the night to encase myself in. I put my wears in a plastic bag and took a taxi over to the west end. The nerves were getting the better of me and add odds with the excitement. At one point I was going to ask the driver to turn around and just take me home, but I fought the clash and before I knew it I was stood at the front door of Sally and Malc’s building. They buzzed me in and I slowly made my way up the stairs and stopped outside their door. I knocked and the first thing that struck me was the smell of skunk in the air. They’d been smoking the green already and I was starting to feel at ease as I stepped over the threshold. I don’t know what I was expecting when Sally opened the door. I had visions of her in full encasement, but she was wearing her usual clothes as was Malc when he came to greet me in the hallway. They took me into the kitchen where I was introduced to a guy named Tony and a very small and very curvy woman named Fiona. They were both very nice and chatty from the off and I was feeling more positive about the whole situation. A little later the other guy, Donny, turned up and he too seemed like a stand up guy, very talkative and relaxed.We gathered in the livingroom, had a relaxing smoke and a few beers. The atmosphere was cool and relaxed, though, there was no talk about why we were there. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and it was all I could think about. Some doubt and fear crept back in and I couldn’t help but wonder when and how the action gets stared. Who says the fun begins and when? The nerves returned and I was feeling out of place a little. Most of the conversation going on between them was about work, everyday life, some stuff I knew nothing about and just general shit. I was starting to feel left out of the loop. But then Malc turned things around when announced that he’d like to get things moving along and got up from the couch. My heart was racing at full tilt when the others rose out of their seats. I was a bit apprehensive, but I too followed suit and got up on my feet, I didn’t know what to do or where to go, but then everyone else just started şirinevler escort to get undressed, so I just did the same and followed what the crowd were doing. I didn’t look at anyone else and none of them seemed to be paying attention to me, but naturally, once we were all naked of course, the others looked at the new guy. I did feel a little proud when Fiona made a comment about the thickness of my cock and said that she realy liked the look of it. Fiona then asked out if she could be ”Bare Hands” for the session and malc said that she could. I didn’t ask what that phrase meant and said nothing. It was rather strange, the quiet in the room as everyone went about getting themselves into their choice of nylon. I proceeded to take my new tights out of the bag and unboxed them. The silence was soon filled with the sound of rolling nylon, that whispering and snapping sound it makes as it clings to the body. I had to ask if there was scissors available as I had to cut the crotch out of my upper hose to fit them over my head. Fiona who was stood in just sheer tan tights and a tan stocking over her head said she’d get them for me. I couldn’t help but watch Fiona as she walked across the room, her large pendulous tits hanging down below the waistband of her hose. She looked rather hot, though, she was the only one not fully encased. Being ”Bare Hands” now made sense. Fiona did the deed of cutting my crotch patch out and then helped me out getting the hose over my head without ripping them. I must admit I was getting hard as she pulled the tights down my back and fixed the waistband so that it matched up with the lower half. As I pulled my stocking over my head I realized that I was the only one encased in sheer black. Everyone else was in sheer nude, or sheer tan. Fiona took a step back and then without any warning stepped closer to me and started to stroke my pulsing cock and balls through the nylon, her bare hands softly stroking my shaft, then came another set of hands from behind me and then another pair of hands also joined in. It was Tony and Malc that were touching me, I in turn began to touch them back. Being the new guy brought a lot of attention. I soon found myself in the centre of the cowd, hands sliding over, and at times, gripping my cock and ball sack. It was a wonderful start to the session. The whisper and sc**** of the nylon as we allowed our hands to roam freely over each other. I found myself alone with Fiona a little while later, we were dry riding in the nylon, my hard cock pressing against her nylon covered cunt as we kissed through our stocking clad mouths. We were then joined by Tony and he climbed on my back and began to press his cock against my arse pushing me harder agaist Fiona. There was soon a tangle of bodies on the floor, our hands groping and feeling, our bodies slipping and sliding against each other. I felt like I was in a dream state for a while, my slightly obscured vision, my covered body enjoying the attention. It was amazing that we could have this much fun without actually having full sex, though, I have to admit that I was glad of the blow job that Fiona gave me later that night in the kitchen. I needed the release and she swallowed my spunk down like a woman possessed as I came hard. The whole night was an eye opener and I’m proud to be a part of this group. Ive opnly been to three group sessions so far, but I’ve had a threesome with Sally and Malc and even allowed Malc to suck my cock and lick my balls when Fucking Fiona. The bisexual side is limited to Malc sucking my cock and I don’t mind him touching me but I’ve laid down the law that I won’t fuck him, or have him fuck me, I may delve a little deeper with that in time, I’m comfortable with the whole set up so far and feel settled in a situation for the first time in a long time. It’s been nice to become part of this and I feel very privileged. The next meeting is in a couple of weeks and I have bought a load of new tights and stockings for it. I can’t wait.

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