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Office Feet

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Adriana Chechik

Shelley Mayer was a young 28 year old office manager from Van Nuys who grew up in a semi poor family. So, she knew the value of a good job and the almighty dollar. She was constantly reminded it seems how men were supposedly superior and that women were the inferior aspect of the species. She however did not subscribe to this theory whatsoever. She had made her way up the tiny corporate ladder as best she could. She sat in her high back leather black chair and mused to herself at how far she had come while gazing out the window of her 43rd floor office.

A sudden knock on the door jarred her from her train of thought. She instructed whomever had knocked to enter. Another office worker, James Vandermiles had come sauntering into her office. She listened to him drone on about a meeting she was due to attend that afternoon, but found her mind wandering off. Her size 8 red leather pump on one foot hanging semi seductively off her foot as he spoke. James touched her on her arm and she was brought back to her insipid reality. She noticed James taking note of her heels as she slid her foot back into its proper place. Shelley agreed to attend the meeting if required but she wasn’t happy about it.

James stood there for a second too long it seemed to her before exiting her office. She sat back in her chair pondering if James indeed had a foot fetish. A new toy for her to play with she thought as smiled to herself feeling rather pleased at the moment. A foot worship slave but to what extent she wondered. She hypothesized she would soon enough find esat escort out his limits or rather the ones she allowed him to have.

As the time for the meeting had come and gone, Shelley found herself back in her office semi exhausted. This was one meeting she was sure she could have safely missed and not gotten in any trouble for. Once again a knock came upon her door and the person instantly entered instead of waiting for a response. A little rude she thought to herself. James was getting a little too accustomed to entering her office at his own discretion. Before he could utter one syllable, Shelley asked him if he had a foot fetish.

His face got bright red in an unusually quick fashion. He tried to deny it but his face was his tell. Shelley laughed rather loud and reassured it was ok. She went on to discuss how men were the ones who should be at women’s feet and not the other way around. Women deserved better than men and should be put in positions of power over men. James seemed to just stare out the window as she went on and on about women’s rights and all.

After a few moments she began to dangle her shoe again on the end of her foot. James immediately took notice. Shelley teased him with dangling of her heels and taking her feet out of her heels. Rubbing her feet together in her thigh highs right before his bulging eyes. She looked down and low and behold he had an erection just dying to escape his pants, straining almost excessively at his zipper that barely seemed to contain the contents.

Shelley laughed etimesgut escort and sat back in her chair, propping her feet up against his stomach. Shelley got up and walked over and locked her office door. James just stood by and helplessly watched as she walked back to her chair and sat down.

Slowly she rolled down one and then the other of her thigh highs tucking them both neatly in her top drawer of her desk after slowly slipping them off her feet. Crossing her legs and dangling one foot, she pointed towards the floor and James instinctively dropped to the floor at her feet. Shelley thought this was going to be great fun. She smiled at James and placed one foot squarely on his face as he sat there. He inhaled her heavenly scent. It was a mix of slightly sweat and leather. It was intense bliss for him. He never in his wildest dreams thought he would be doing this, and at work no less. Oh how he longed for a life of nothing but worshipping feet.

Shelley allowed him to remove the foot from his face and gently kiss it all over. She then presented her other foot for sweet kisses. Slowly James took over and began licking and sucking each toe on each foot. He could feel his appendage straining furiously against its fabric confines again. He had to concentrate and ignore that part of him. He wanted to make the most of this as he was sure it would be a one time deal. As he licked and sucked her toes he kept repeating to himself, “I will not cum, I will not cum.” But at this point he would almost suffer the embarrassment etlik escort just for the relief it would bring. Catch 22 eh?

Finally after a few moments, James stopped his attention to the feet. He looked up at Shelley and with a sincere look as he could muster he asked if he could visit the restroom.

Shelley laughed as she knew pretty much why he needed to go and it had nothing to do with his back teeth floating down a river nearby. She looked at him again and pointed him to her executive private restroom complete with shower. She instructed him to leave the door open if he went. He jumped up like a cat on a hot tin roof and darted in there with the swiftness of a bat on fire.

Shelley could hear his little eminations as he struggled for relief. With a wicked grin on her face Shelley slowly crept into the bathroom and sat on the side of the bathtub. James recoiled with embarrassment and tried to hide his “situation.” Shelley dangled one of her feet and encouraged the boy to keep going. As funny as it was , she was being greatly entertained.

James tried to keep going as he kept looking over at her feet. He closed his eyes and imagined a scene he had used numerous times to orgasm in the past. Within a few minutes the sounds were hilarious and poor James was left breathless embarrassed and red faced. Shelley got up and sat back down in her chair thoroughly amused at his former display.

After cleaning up James sheepishly went back into Shelley’s office area and asked if there was anything further. Sitting there with bare feet she giggled and dismissed him. She would walk around the rest of the day in her office sans shoes and relive her little escapade over and over as she tried to finish her workload. Sometimes dominant ladies need an escape and it seemed James was going to be hers.

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