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Office party invite

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Office party inviteThe party season had started and of cause the office parties will be going with plenty of shagging, drunken people and some very happy people I would like to give you a story that I would love to come true.As I sat at home after a long day at work I sorted through my mail, I noticed a envolope from the company I worked for as a line supervisor for a electonic company. I opened my letter to see, it was the office party invite, it was in the usual style dinner jacket,black tie and posh hotel in the centre of the city,free drink,food and entertainment. The day arrived and we all assembeled at the factory to get the bus, this is the only time everyone was the same. We left for the short journey that took about 30 mins.We booked in and went to our rooms, I got sorted and went down for a drink, I met up with the PR to my manager her name was helen a 20yr old with looks that would make a man horny just by looking, she had knocked back a few and was a bit teary eyed. As we spoke she told me her boyfriend fethiye escort had accused her of cheating at this office party before it started.We had a few drinks and I escorted her back to her room said my goodbyes and went to mine, a few minuets after it was helen asking to come to her room. I said I would be along soon and rushed around got to her door feeling nervious, I knocked on the door and Helen asked me in. I asked what she wanted she appoligised for telling me her problems I told her it wasnt a problem and sat on her bed whilst she got sorted.I noticed her sexy body I had to tell her how sexy she was, I did this and she stopped in her tracks,turned and said well your gorgous as well, she walked towards me and kissed me softly. We fell on the bed my hands feeling her horny body, I felt her hand grab my hard cock as she whispered she wanted a good fucking, I pulled her panties off and slid my cock into her.We fucked for ages making her cum many tomes before I cum all over her tits. We had our do and escort fethiye ended up on the same table and arranged to sleep in her room that night. The night carried on and Jenny my manager was pissed I followed her out to get some fresh air, we chatted she was thanking me for my help but didnt know how to thank me, I said well a blowjob would do the trick,she agreed to my shock.As we found a quiet corner and she got on her knees and unzipped my trousers to pull out my thick hard cock, she sucked it all down her throat as I shot my load in her mouth, I pulled her up and undone her top to reveal a huge pair of tits and no bra, I sucked her big black nipples likea hungry baby she cum again and again as I also finger fucked her pussy. We rejoined the party and carried on this was the paty of the centery 2 women, in one night.As the night finished I hooked up with Helen and went back to her room, we got in ad started to kiss I removed her gown kissing as I revealed bare flesh, she stood in a black thong stockings fethiye escort bayan and suspenders and a ittle bra. My cock went to red alert as I feasted my eyes on her, she slowly removed her thong to reveal a freshly shaved pussy she smelt unreal so hot and sexy.She bent over and said well it’s all yours I was stareing at her ass hole and a perfect shaped pusy lips slightly open and shinning with her jucies, I confessed I did not have protection she sai she didnt care as she was as horny as hell and had, already had 2 cocks at the party but wanted a thick cock to stretch her pussy. I nudged my cock into her slit as she moaned saying push it all in she was now inpailed on what could only be discribed and the cock from hell.As I rammed my cock in and out she screamed before cumming as I shot my load, my cock slipped out of her tight pussy she knelt down and sucked it dry as I slumped on the bed. I took the rest of her clothes off, her body was that of a goddess we had sex all night her sucking my cock until I cum in her mouth, my fingering her pussy until she squirted, we sayed the following day and had her again and again until we was totaly drainned. We went home together and she stayed a extra few nights, her pussy was pounded to hell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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