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Oh what a night – 1

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Oh what a night – 1I was expecting Michael to fly down here and help me finish packing and getting ready for my big move. My birthday is Sunday and he was supposed to fly in Saturday afternoon. Ron is a member in Xhamster that I have been with before and him and Michael get along well and talk from time to time. Ron asked Michael if he could take me out for my birthday and maybe come home with me afterwards. They both asked if I was okay with this and knowing how Ron is in bed, I said I was all for it! I told Ron it would have to be the Friday before and the plan was all set. I could not reach Michael at home, but I called his cell phone and we talked about Ron coming back home with me after we had dinner. Michael told me I should have fun and enjoy my birthday weekend. So I spent the next couple of hours getting ready and Ron was going to pick me up so we didn’t need both cars. Ron picked me up and we went to dinner and had a great time.After dinner, we sat and talked for a few minutes and the waitress brought me a slice of cake with a candle and a bottle of my favorite wine. We drank a glass of wine and Ron put a candle on the slice of cake and lit it and told me to make a wish. I snickered and quietly said to him that I wish I had a big cock fucking me before the night was over and I blew the candle out. He smiled and whispered that I was the birthday girl and he will have to make sure I get my wish. He was just sipping his wine, but kept refilling my glass. He said it was because he was driving and I joked that he was just trying to get me drunk so he could have his way with me. He laughed and asked me if it was working. I told him it was and told him it was already going to happen anyway. Ron just smiled. And then we left and headed to my house.Ron has a nice car and always keeps it covered and as we pulled in the driveway, I was going to enter the code and open the garage door so he could put his car inside. He was quick to tell me it was alright and he wanted to leave it out tonight. We started to go inside and the lights were off in the living room. I knew I left a light on. Then, just as I turned the lights on, Michael and three guys jumped up and yelled “Surprise!” I almost peed my pants! They really scared me. I ran over and hugged Michael and kissed him and then I backed up and asked where he was when I called him earlier. Ron said that he was sitting on his couch. He flew in early and spent the day at Rons and had already planned this with everyone when he was here before. marsbahis güvenilirmi Michael had his rental car in the garage and this is why Ron was quick to stop me because I would have seen it and knew something was up.I looked around the room and seen guys I knew when Michael was still married to Kelly and I have had sex with them before. There was Norris, a cute black guy that Kelly knew and she had set me up with Michael so she could have him. Jason, a guy that lived down the street and used to spend the night with Kelly while I was with Michael and Marcus, a guy that Kelly used to work with and, Paul, a guy that Kelly and I met at the beach years ago and became friend with. Although, neither of us have ever had sex with Paul. I have only been with Jason one time and Norris a few times. Norris has the biggest cock I have ever seen on any guy too! I knew right away what was on everybodys mind and knew what Michael was wanting to happen tonight. All of the guys walked up to me and gave me a hug. I started to laugh and said “I take it you guys are my birthday presents?” Michael smiled at me and said “Happy Birthday gorgeous!” Then he walked over to me and took my hand and we went into the kitchen. He asked if I was okay with this and if I wasn’t, everyone knew ahead of time, that something could happen, or it might not. The only one that knew for sure he was getting any tonight was Ron. I looked around the corner into the living room at all of the guys and told Michael that I wouldn’t mind it. We walked back in the living room and Michael gave everyone a smile and a small nod letting them know I was up for it tonight. Michael told me he has something for me and said he bought me something. He walked over to the closet and pulled out a clothes hanger and gave it to me. I asked him what it was and he said it was my new birthday suit. All of us started laughing and I laughed too and asked if that was the only color they had. Norris spoke up and said I should go try it on and show everyone how well it fits. I told everyone I would be back and went upstairs. I took the clothes hanger with me. I didn’t have time to prepare myself for this, but started thinking that tonight will be fun.I took off all my clothes and from my bedroom, I yelled down “It’s a little small!” I took a couple of deep breaths and thought to myself “Here I go!” and started walking slowly down the stairs with nothing on. All of the guys were pouring glasses of wine and as I got to the bottom of marsbahis yeni giriş the stairs, Jason handed me a glass. I was the only one with no clothes on and all of the guys were focused on me. And I admit, I really loved every second of it. We sat down and I sat next to Michael. I could see that Paul was staring and trying to look between my legs and I parted my legs slightly so he could get a better look at my cunt. I overheard Paul whisper to Jason that he likes my bare cunt. Jason smiled and told him I have always stayed up on my waxing. I looked at Paul and said “I can hear you.” His face turned red and I said “It’s okay. I would have been upset if you didn’t notice.” I could see that Paul was getting a bulge in his pants and knew his cock was getting hard.He was cute too and was the one guy I have never had sex with and I couldn’t wait to see what it would be like to fuck him. I finally told everyone that I didn’t like being the only one naked and told them to get undressed. All of the guys got out of their clothes and just as I remembered, Norris had his tree trunk of a cock standing at attention. Jason was hard and has these huge balls and just looking at them, I knew they had to be so full. Ron was growing and his balls hung down, but I love feeling them tighten up just before he cums. Paul was not as big as everyone else, but his balls were so tight against his cock and I knew that they were building up to explode when the time was here. I looked at Michael and his cock was twitching in the air. I could tell it was turning him on knowing I was going to be fucking all of these guys tonight. I asked Michael where I should get started and he told me, this was my night and I could start anywhere I wanted and with whoever I wanted.I emptied my wine glass and sat it down and told everyone, I wanted to see just how much cum I could swallow, and before I could finish, Norris said “Oh man! I want to fuck you so bad!” I said “Let me finish. After I get to swallow all of you, I want to see just how full all of you can make my stomach. From, there, we will just play it by ear and keep going.” I pointed to Paul and said “And you are first buddy!” I was holding Michaels hand and let it go and got up and walked over to where Paul was sitting and knelt on the floor between his legs. I took his cock in my hands and started rubbing him to make sure he was good and hard for me. I leaned in and took the head of his cock in my mouth and looked up at him to see the look on marsbahis giriş his face. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back with a huge smile on his face. I took his cock in deeper and started sucking on him as I was taking him farther and farther into my mouth. He didn’t wasn’t too far down my throat, but I had him all. I started sucking as I was giving him head and I would hear him groan and when he would do that, I would slam my mouth all the way down onto his cock.It was only about five minutes and I heard Paul say that he was about to get off. He started to reach for his cock and I think he wanted to pull it out and shoot his cum on my face. I don’t think so! I pushed his hand away and held my mouth all the way down on his cock and I started making gargling sounds. I do this to Michael and the vibration it makes on his cock, makes him explode every time. I heard Paul yell “Shit! Awww fuck!” And I felt the first blast hit my throat. Damn, his cum was very thick and hot. It felt like I was swallowing warmed up yogurt it was so thick. I would pull back about an inch and take a breath and take his cock all the way down. He pumped a lot of cum into my throat too. I never asked, but I think Paul has not cum in a very long time and I was getting it all. I continued sucking his cock until he went limp in my mouth and I finally pulled back and gave the tip of his cock a kiss and sat on the floor. I asked Paul if he enjoyed it and he smiled while nodding his head yes and said “Oh hell yes!” Jason had filled my wine glass and handed it to me. I took a few sips and looked at Michael and without Paul seeing me, I puffed my cheeks up to let Michael know he really let loose in my mouth. He smiled at me and winked.I looked at Jason and he had a big smile on his face and I told him he was next. Ron spoke up and said he wanted to fuck me while I was giving Jason head. I said “Can’t wait, can you?” He said he has been thinking about this night for awhile and wanted to fuck me so bad. I looked at Michael and he said “It’s your night. Whatever you want.” I told Ron to go upstairs and grab all of the pillows off my bed and bring them down. When he did, I piled them up on the coffee table and pulled it away from the couch and laid on my back sideways so my head was hanging off of one side and my ass was barely on the other side. The pillows raised me up enough so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for anyone and I was in the perfect position to take Jason down my throat with ease and Ron could have a perfect aim for my cunt. Norris spoke up and said “I should be under you and I could fuck your ass too!” I looked down at his cock and then at his face and said “That would rip my ass apart! We will have to see about that later!” I looked at Jason and Ron and said “Well? Are you ready?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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