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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 6…..

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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 6…..Dallas stood watching as two black porn stars fucked me on the couch in the hotel room suite. There were at least 20 other porn industry executives standing in the room watching our action as they enjoyed their drinks and hors d’oeuvres. The day at the expo had been uneventful and I had spent most of my time taking photos, signing autographs and collecting business cards. I didn’t get to talk with Neil, although we did say hi to one another. We were currently attending a late night party and one of the many porn directors had drunkenly told Dallas that he’d like to see me in action with a couple of his new stars. We had seen quite a few live sex shows and lots of action going on at a couple of the earlier parties, that we had attended, and now it seemed that I was part of that action. Dallas didn’t want to say no to the director and the director had more than made me aware of his interest in wanting me to be in one of his films. My dress was hiked up as I sat on one of the actor’s big black cocks and my breasts were hanging out of the top of my dress, bouncing freely, as I sucked the long, hard rod of the other actor. This was a very quickly arranged sexual union and it didn’t include any foreplay as we got straight down to business. The actors moved me from one position to another as they fucked me in front of all of the party goers. We didn’t stay in one position too long as the director quietly gave his men directions on what to do next.Many of the people in the room circulated by the betsobet yeni giriş couch to watch and a few even reached over to touch me, or leaned in to get a close up as I was being fill by the two men’s huge black cocks. There wasn’t a position that we didn’t do as the time seemed to flash by. My mouth, my ass and my pussy were each filled at some point during the 20 minute exhibition. An impromptu DP was a crowd pleaser as I sat facing one of the actors on his lap and the other slid into me from behind. Taking both of their giant cocks at once was a challenge as they stretched my already wide cunt and asshole even wider. The director even stood up on the couch and placed his cock in my mouth as his stars fucked me. It seemed to have been an invitation to a few others, since two or three other male attendees felt the need to feed me their hard cocks too, as my asshole and pussy were pounded. The finale included a dual facial and the crowd clapped as the two black, male studs covered my face, hair and filled my mouth with their sticky cum. At that point I was done for the evening. There was no cleaning up after my hair was matted with cum. I wiped up the mess as best I could in the restroom, but I had to have Dallas take me back to my hotel. It was already 4 am anyway and it had been a long two days of work. Dallas came to my room and actually joined me in the shower, as I let the hot water beat down on me. He lathered and washed me and it felt good to be pampered. Afterwards, I dried off and he joined betsobet güvenilirmi me in my bed. Dallas fucked me pretty good that morning and he left early to make sure that he could pack up his expo booth and drive back to LA. My work at the expo was done now and in two days I was going to be the center of attention at a bachelor party. I slept until nearly 3 pm, after Dallas had left, and was awoken by a knock on my door. It was Neil and he wanted to spend the day together before he left the next morning. I quickly showered and then we walked the strip and had an early dinner. I knew he was flying out early, so we returned to my room where he fed me his sexy hard cock. My lips wrapped around his stiff shaft and my mouth lingered for quite a while on his beautiful tool, before Neil returned the favor and licked and sucked on my swollen clit and labia. Had Neil known how many cocks and cum shots I had taken that weekend, he may have balked at dining on my wet pussy, as it laid spread before him. I moaned in pleasure while he meticulously took his time to let his tongue bring me to multiple orgasms. Neil spread my legs and sunk his cock deep into my soaked cunt, after I came for the third time, and he nearly pushed me to the edge of another quick orgasm as his rigid pole stroked my hole. His long, smooth cock pumped me for much of the evening as we fucked the night away. The skill from his gay porn experience allowed him to maintain his erection for long periods of time, whether he was in my betsobet giriş mouth, my pussy or my ass. He skillfully plumbed the depths of my often used openings, making me feel like it was the first time. Each time he filled me with his warm seed I shivered in ecstasy at the feeling. All of the men who had filled me with their gallons of cum over the last few months had done so while fucking me, but this felt more like the term “making love”. Twice he came in me that night and we both fell asleep after the second time. The next morning we showered together and I sucked his cock and then let him pump me and fill me from behind once again. His body was so hot and his touch brought me to climax each time he stuck his cock in me. I would miss Neil, but we would get together again in the future during my short foray into the porn film industry. I spent the next 2 days just relaxing. I needed the rest and my body needed to recuperate from the week and a half of sexual debauchery that I had put myself through. Many of my regular days and nights back home were spent with individual clients and not often groups or multiple partners and I would usually take some time off and set my schedule accordingly. Since I had been in Vegas, everything was moving quickly and many of my sexual encounters were spur of the moment requests that I felt obligated to provide, since that is what I was hired to do. When I was stripping full time, I would maybe have sex once or twice a night and give a few blow jobs, but rarely would I get fucked as much as I did during my time here, in Sin City. From the description of my most recent client, his bachelor party for his best friend was going to be off the hook, so I thought that my body had better be prepared. Being on a Thursday night didn’t stop it from being wild when you are in Vegas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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