Mar 31

Old Guy Tickled

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19-year-old Chelsea and her friends Gwen and Patricia, who were both twenty were home for the summer from college. They were staying at Chelsea’s place for an unplanned sleepover. Chelsea, a brunette with small breasts and a thin build convinced Gwen a redhead with big breasts but a little heavy and Patricia a blonde who had an average body, but was the most attractive of all three to tickle her Dad’s feet. Before her two friends had come over, Chelsea and her father had been watching TV when all of a sudden he had grabbed her feet, ripped off her slippers and tickled the hell out of her. He had held her feet down in his lap and she could feel his cock getting hard. He let her go, but only after he had made her beg. Now it was payback time.

The trio crept into her parent’s room and had to be very quiet so as not to wake her mom up. Her father had worn socks to bed and the girls took them off. The girls tickled his feet but it didn’t seem to have much effect. So, they moved the bedspread off and revealed his legs and thighs. Gwen lifted the bedspread and said while giggling, “Chelsea, your dad’s wearing briefs and they’re pretty tight.”

Patricia and Chelsea each had a peek. Soon they just threw the cover off of him completely.

Now they were tickling his legs, thighs and upper body.

Jim, Chelsea’s dad, woke up and started laughing.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a whisper, glancing at his sleeping wife.

“Paying you back for tickling me earlier,” Chelsea said, digging into his armpits.

Jim couldn’t hold back and laughed really loudly, which caused the girls to laugh, while they tickled his thighs, ribs, and armpits. None of the girls was wearing a bra and Jim could see their breasts swaying under their thin tops.

“Stop it!” Jim said trying to sound angry. “I don’t like it.”

“Are you sure about that?” Gwen asked, pointing to his cock sticking above his briefs.

“Does, Daddy like being tickled by his daughter?” Chelsea asked while all three girls tickled his cock and balls through his briefs.

“What the hell is going on?” Sarah, Chelsea’s mom asked, taking in the sight.

“Well, uh…” Jim stammered.

“You shut up. Chelsea?”

“Dad tickled me earlier and I’m just paying him back. And since Gwen and Patricia were here I’d thought we could all tickle him.”

“Jim, is this true? Did you tickle Chelsea earlier?”

“Well yes but…” Jim said lamely.

“Look Mom he’s hard too,” Chelsea said pulling down Jim’s underwear, revealing a big hard cock.

“So you get turned on having your daughter tickle you?” Sarah asked.

“No,” Jim denied.

“Bullshit. You got hard when you tickled my feet earlier,” Chelsea said.

“You pervert!” Sarah said stroking her husband’s cock.

“Wow I knew girls shaved down there, but I didn’t know guys did too,” Gwen said, inspecting Jim’s cock and balls.

“That’s ankara escort because I shaved it all off. Pretty cool huh?” Sarah asked.

“Well, we know his thighs are ticklish. How about his balls?” Patricia asked, then she and Gwen each started tickling Jim’s balls. Jim burst into laughter answering the question.

“How about your cock, Daddy? Is your cock ticklish too?” Chelsea asked running her nails up and down Jim’s cock. She wasn’t sure if it was ticklish or not, but it sure got harder. Sarah left the room and came back with an electric toothbrush. She made everyone stop tickling Jim and then she applied the toothbrush to different areas of his body. Chelsea then ran and got two more toothbrushes.

“I’ll buy another one tomorrow,” she replied when her mother looked at her.

“Yes, your father will buy us new toothbrushes. These will be used just for tickling from now on.”

Before Jim knew it, he had three electric toothbrushes on his balls and cock. Along with tickling, the vibrating was turning him on. Precum was starting to leak out of his cock.

Sarah got undressed and said to Jim, “You’re going to lick my pussy until I have an orgasm, while our daughter and her friends take turns sucking your cock and tickling you.”

At some point, the three girls had gotten undressed too. They tickled Jim with anything they could find. Toothbrushes, feathers, makeup brushes, their tongues, and fingernails. They also sucked his cock and balls. Then Sarah pulled Jim’s legs up and instructed the girls to tickle his butt and asshole. That turned out to be the most ticklish spot of all. Jim bucked and thrashed all around.

Patricia and Gwen started licking Jim’s balls down to his asshole, while Chelsea stroked his cock and Sarah rode his face. Sarah came first but was quickly followed by Jim shooting a huge load of cum onto his stomach and chest. The three girls licked the cum off of Jim’s body, while Sarah sucked his cock clean. Then Jim was made to give the three girls an oral orgasm, starting with his daughter, Chelsea. Jim licked Chelsea’s pussy while playing with her small tits and pinching her nipples. It didn’t take long for her to reach an orgasm. Jim sucked on Gwen’s big breasts before letting her sit on his face. He quickly brought her and Patricia to orgasm. Jim’s cock was hard again because he was still being tickled and played with by the others while eating one girl out.

“Chelsea, you and your friends tickle your father while I fuck him,” Sarah said in a business-like tone. Chelsea and her friends did this until Chelsea decided to slip a finger in both of her parent’s assholes while her friends tickled her dad’s balls. Soon her parents had a huge climax together.

When Sarah climbed off Jim’s cock, she was immediately pushed down by her daughter who proceeded to lick Jim’s cum from her pussy, while her friends took turns licking and sucking Jim’s cock. escort ankara

Everyone was tired after that and the three girls went to bed and Sarah and Jim went back to sleep.

The next day Jim woke up and took a shower. Then headed downstairs for some breakfast. Sarah was there waiting. She had cooked breakfast and had eggs, toast and coffee ready for him. After he ate, Jim went and played some golf. He was tempted to tell his buddy’s what happened the night before but because his daughter and her friends were involved he didn’t say anything, even though they were all of legal age. Besides, one of the men he was playing with was Gwen’s father. Somehow Jim doubted he’d like it. He left the game early when he pulled his shoulder muscle on a swing.

Jim heard loud laughter when he opened the door. His wife was there with two of her friends. She was also laying down on a massage table blindfolded while her two friends were rubbing her feet. Oh, and she was naked.

“Um, what the hell is going on?” Jim asked.

“Oh, Jim. You remember Sally and Sandra right?”

“Yeah,” Jim said slowly. “But what’s going on? Why are you blindfolded?”

“Oh, it’s the latest thing in the massage world,” Sally said. “By blocking out all light you just totally relax and get more out of the massage.”

“I know it sounds crazy, but it works,” Sandra said.

“Well, I could sure use one about now. I pulled something playing golf today. I’ll have to try to make an appointment today or tomorrow,” Jim said.

“Nonsense. Just lay down here,” Sarah said getting up from the table.

“Uh, I don’t know,” Jim said.

“Oh quit being a baby. Take off your shirt and lay down on the table,” His wife scolded.

“His pants, shoes, and socks should come off too. The oil can stain clothes,” Sally said.

“That’s okay, I’ll just…” Jim started, but before he knew it Sally was pulling off his shirt, while Sandra and his wife were taking his pants, shoes, and socks off.

Reluctantly, Jim climbed facedown on the table.

“Don’t forget the blindfold,” Sandra said, placing it over Jim’s eyes.

Soon Jim felt the soothing hands of three women massaging the aches and pains out of his body.

Jim woke with a start once more to the sensation of being tickled. When he tried to get up, he realized he was tied down.

“Hey, untie me!” Jim shouted.

“But I thought you liked being tickled,” his wife said in his ear. The other two women laughed and continued tickling his butt. That’s when he noticed he was naked too.

“Am I naked?” Jim asked.

“As the day you were born,” Sandra said, smacking his ass.

“Yeah, we heard about your little tickling session yesterday,” Sally said smacking his ass again.

“According to Sarah you got very turned on while our daughters tickled you,” Sandra said.

“So what do we think girls?” Sarah said.

“He ankara escort bayan deserves a spanking for being a pervert,” Sally said.

“Agree,” the other two said. Soon Jim was being lightly spanked by his wife and her friends.

“Oh my God, your husband’s cock is getting hard,” Sally said looking under the table where Jim’s cock fell through an opening in the table.

“Gee, your husband gets turned on by some weird shit,” Sandra said scratching her nails on Jim’s red ass.

“If you think spanking his ass turns him on, try tickling it,” Sarah said. Soon all three women were tickling Jim’s asshole and butt cheeks. Jim bounced and jumped and laughed.

“We’re going to take turns sucking your cock now,” Sarah told Jim. But you won’t know who it is because of the blindfold. Pretty exciting huh?”

Jim was in heaven. While one person sucking and licked his cock, the other two licked and sucked his balls. No matter how much he begged they wouldn’t let him cum. Then something changed. Jim felt a tongue on his cock one on his balls and one in his asshole. In no time he shot off into the mouth that was sucking his cock. Then everything was quiet except for what sounded like kissing.

“My friends agree you taste good,” his wife whispered in his ear.

Jim was carefully untied and turned over. More tickling followed. Jim was rock hard soon after.

Someone climbed on Jim’s face and someone on his cock. Suddenly, the blindfold was ripped off. “I’ll let you watch my friends fucking you. You have to give both of them an orgasm by your mouth and your cock, but you’re not allowed to have one.”

“Lick my asshole,” Sally said, putting her butt in Jim’s face. “After all I licked yours.”

Jim licked her asshole. She must have liked it because she was soon moaning.

Then she turned around and he licked her pussy and sucked on her clit until she came. Sandra soon followed. Then they switched. Sally was clean-shaven, but Sandra had a triangle of pubic hair that tickled Jim’s nose while he ate her out. Sandra was also bigger than Sally with bigger breasts with brown nipples and areolas.

Sarah was busy tickling Jim’s balls and ass while her friends got off on him. Soon both women had an orgasm. Sandra clamped her head around Jim’s face while she screamed in orgasm, and Sally’s pussy felt like a vice when she came.

“Now it’s my turn,” Sarah said. “Feel free to cum in me all you want,” she added, sliding her pussy over Jim’s wet, stiff cock. Jim sucked and flicked his tongue on the other women’s breasts and nipples while his wife rode his cock. Then Sally made Jim eat her pussy again. She leaned forward and said, “Oh you’re wife’s licking my asshole just like I licked yours.” That was all it took. Jim started shooting off, Sarah clamped down and had her own orgasm, squeezing Jim’s cock. When they were almost done, Sally had her orgasm. They rested for a few minutes.

The women went back to tickling Jim when the door opened and Chelsea, Gwen, and Patricia came in. They immediately rushed in when they saw Jim tied to the table to join the tickle fest.

“No!” Jim shouted to no avail.

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