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Olsodin & Rosalinde – Part 1

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Alaina Dawson

Olsodin & Rosalinde – Part 1It is late. 3 a.m in fact. Olsodin looks around from the stool he is sat upon, next to the counter. Wayfarer’s Rest is still pretty lively for the hour, but nothing compaired to how it would been just five hours prior. The barkeep, as usually, sneaked away from his duties long ago. Behind him, across the room, Olso can see a troll woman and a tauren man holding their eyes locked into one-another, both shining, by love. He grows a small smile, and let his gaze go towards the tables. There he sees all kinds of people siting, from all kind of races of the Horde. A few sober, and alot of them not. Their laughs, yells, and talking bouncing between the inn’s walls, making it sound like the bazaar during busy days. He shakes his head, still holding the smile stuck on his face, as he faces the counter once more. He looks down at himself, at his usual short-sleeved shirt with open collar, his blue jeans, and his brown shoes. He sighs and wonders, do people think he is dressed funny? He sighs heavier, knowing it is for his blue eyes. Ebon Knights are not hard to spot for this reason, or any Death Knight really. He grabs his bottle of Pinot Noir, and drinks up the last of the content. He can hear giggles, whispers, and even low moans from the escorts and their clients from upstairs. He pounders for a moment if he should go up and pay for a few of them to join him in his room for a couple of hours, but just slaps himself. ‘Bad Olsodin’ he thinks to himself. He gets up, and walks towards the door which lets him out to the Bazaar. As he passes through the door, serval people was outside, many of them looking to see what causes the noise of the door. As they see his eyes, most quickly looked away, but some kept looking at him. Horrified eyes, curious eyes, even hateful ones. He gave none of them more than a few moments notice, before he continues down the steps, and walking away.He slowly strools around, looking up at the clear sky, wondering what his friends are doing, as he suddenly hears a scream out of nowhere. He looks around, trying to locate where it came from, as opens and pulls out his blade from its metal Scabbard. It is not as strong nor heavy like the ones he use on the battlefield, but it seemed more polite than coming into town with a big hammer in hand. He followed the scream, having to run into a backalley. As he run into it, he finds nothing than a dead end. He hears the scream one more time, this time from above, and he looks up. As he does, he sees a black figure, holding two daggers in its hands, falling towards him. He quickly jumps aside, the daggers smashing into the ground. He turns to the landing spot, holding his blade ready, feeling the runes and the runic power ready for use, as the figure gets up. In the weak light from a lightpost, he sees the figures true form; a redhaired woman of his own race, clad in black leather, hugging her figure. His eyes narrows as he looks at her. “You are silly to challenge an Ebon Knight, girl. You are lucky, I will just beat you up abit, before giving you to the guards!” The woman looks at him, smirking as she gets up and takes on a stance. “Do count me as a weakling because of my gender, fiend! I…” The woman doesn’t even get to finish her answer, before her stomage roars, and she seems to look abit uncertain. Olsodin raises an eyebrow as he looks at her. The bursa escort woman gets into a stance like a lynx, before pouncing towards him, her daggers held as ready to stab right into him as soon within reach. Quickly, Olsodin responce by throwing a uppercut as soon her head is in reach, enough force to make the woman make a back somersault, before landing hard on her back. He quickly gets ready for a comeback, but to his suprice, she just lay where she landed, her daggers landing far away. He slowly walks towards the woman, ready if she is trying to fool her. Her eyes are closed. He uses his runic power to make chains of ice from thin air, before binding it around her. As he lifts her to get the chains under her, he is amazed by how light she is. He looks at her face once more, as he finishes the binding. From up close, she is a cute woman, with a small nose, plump lips, and no make-up at all. Only thing wrong with her face is her cheeks, which shows her undernourishment, which does explain the short fight. He looks at the woman with pity, before thinking. If he hands her to the guards, she will never be able to get a normal life. But if she leaves her, she might jsut continue, until she dies of starvation. He mumbles for quite some time, before he sees the answer; his brother’s guild! He looks through his pouches, then pulls out a table with arcane runes. He holds it in his left hand, as he grabs onto the chains around the woman with his right one. Olsodin lets runic powers from within tease the tablet, as its runes starts glowing. A portal opens infront of him, and with steady steps, he walks through it.An horrific dream plays up for Rosalinde. It starts with a terrible roar from bellow, and ends with an evil creature with blue, glowing eyes punching her, and everything turning black. Then, she opens her eyes. She looks right up into the ceiling, all she can see is light from a fire dancing over it, and the sounds of wood catching fire, and burning ablaze. She feels with her hands, finding herself under a blanket, and laying on a soft madress. She relucantly lifts her head from the pillow under her head, sitting up in the bed, letting her blanket slide down her. With tired eyes, she looks around. Next to the bed is a chair, in it is her leather gear, clean and folded nicely. Except that, the room only seems to have another chair and a table agaisnt another wall, and the fireplace. It takes her a few minutes before she looks at her leather gear once more, then down at herself. As she looks down, she is greeted by her bare breasts, both in the size of slightly overgrown g****s. She feels her cheeks get red, as she pulls up the blanket. Who undressed her? And where is she? With the blanket held like a bathtowel after a hot bath, she carefully get off the bed, finding it hard to keep balance on her legs. She takes a few moments, before she walks around. As her eyes getting more sued to the light, she sees two doors. But for some reason, the room got no windows. She goes to the closest door, which seems locked. She tries tugging in the handle a few tries to make sure, before giving up, walking to the other. This one opens up directly, and shows a bathroom. A shower on one side, and toilet and sink on the other.She sighs, and closes the door, and goes back to the first. She knocks on it. “Hello? Who is out there?!” Her questions bursa escort bayan isn’t answered, as she continue for serval minutes, before she starts mumbling nasty words. Maybe no one opened the door because she talks in Thalassian. She takes a seat infront of the fireplace, looking into the flames while she wraps the blanket harder around her.After feels like forever, she hears a male’s voice, saying a word in her native tongue. She flies up, dropping the blanket, and quickly pulls it up, wr****g it around her. She looks towards the door, as she hears yet another voice, and gets confused as it doesn’t come from there. She looks to where it came from, a corner of the room. She walks towards the sound, and sees a crack. She keeps hearing weak noises, and looks through the crack with one eye, closing the other, her face inches from it. On the other side does she sees three fellow blood elves, one man and two women, around the same age as herself. She is about to try yell to them, when her eyes widden. They are nude, the women sitting next to the man on the bed, which is placed on the wall across the one with the crack. The man looks fairly old, his face faintly wrinkled, with silvergrey hair. But time have been nicer to his body, which is still as well trained as any soldier of the Quel’Thalas army. The women on his sides looking quiet different from one another, if not counting their faces. Both kissing the male, one his lips, the other one his neck. The one kissing his neck having brown, long hair, with red lips. Her front looked smooth, with abit of curving, but far from enough to be counted as fat. Her breasts bigger than Rosalinde’s own, but also hangs abit, in differenct to Rosalinde’s. She switches focus to the other woman, and gasps as she sees her blue eyes; a death knight. The death knight having black hair, which looked fairly worn out. Her lips blue, unlike the brunette, but another thing did strike her; the death knight was ripped. Her arms, legs and stomage showing of her muscles, which seemed just as bi as the male’s. They all three hade the same pinkinsh skin as many blood elves tend to have. The women starts moving the hands of their utter arms over the man’s front, as he in turn took hold of their breasts on the same side, squishing them in his grip. The brunette gives a slow moan, and moves her hand further down, as the death knight just sighs into the man’s lips, and moves her hand in a circle over his chest. Rosalinde moves her gaze slightly down, the way the brunette’s hand is going, and sees the man’s sex, standing ready. Her jaw drops abit as she looks at the hard cock. It is about as big as the ones she herself came upon in the past, in more ways than one, but it seemed to have more of a texture than those she have laid eyes upon before. Without giving it a thought, she reaches one of her own hands to her front rubbing her sex through the blanket, as the other arm rests against the wall, to help her hold the balance. She looks at the cock, which seems to look at her with its “eye”, taunting her. The brunette reaches for the man’s cock, and wraps her small hand around the head and pulls her hand down, as the little foreskin around it comes with her hand, exposing his glans completly. The brunette moves her hand slowly up and down, working her male lover, her thin fingers making the cock look even bigger. escort bursa Rosalinde suddenly gives a small gasp, as she feels something wet agaisnt her skin. She looks down at herself, and blushes when she sees wet marks on the blanket. She is already this aroused. Then again, last time she had gotten some was serval days ago, maybe even weeks. She shakes her head, then looks through the crack once more. The man is now laying on the bed, the brunette siting on the bed and leaning over his face and moans, obviously getting her right tit sucked, and the death knight standing on all four, sucking the man’s cock with closed eyes. Rosalinde gives up on the blanket and let it fall down to the floor, revealing her swollen, wet vagina. She slams two fingers into it, moaning lowly as she moves the fingers inside her, and starts teasing her erected clit with her thumb. The death knight suddenly lifts her head, a glistening trail of precum and saliva can be seen between her still parted lips and his glans, until she licks her lips, then lifts her chin and swallows. She then says something, too low for Rosalinde to hear over her own moans, which slowly grows louder. The brunette looks at the death knight and nods, before getting up, turns around, then gets back onto the bed, this time standing on her knees, her sex above the man’s face. The death knight herself crawls over man, stops as she is above the man’s ready member, and gets onto her knees, jsut like the brunette. The women look at eachother and nods, before placing their hands onto the mattress and bends their legs more, sinking down onto the male. They both gives a moan as they are as they wished, the brunette on the face, and the death knight around the cock, both starting moving their hips. Rosalinde can see how the man’s hips thrusts up against the death knight, and can only imagine that he eats the brunette’s pussy. She pushes in a third finger into her wet nether and fingers herself faster and harder, as she moves her other arm down the wall, leaning with the elbow against the wall, as she grabs her breast on the opposite side with the hand of that arm, groping it roughly. The women on the other side of the wall suddenly leans so their faces are closer to eachother, and have a small kiss, before breaking it and smiling sweetly, and right after gives a loud moan, as they and the man under them goes on harder. The women buckles into the man, as they wraps their arms around eachother, being in as tight of a hug their position allows them. Rosalinde goes faster herself, wishing she was one of the women. Heck, rather have the man all for herself! The female duo’s moans grows higher and higher, as holds the heads laying on the other’s shoulder. Their hips goes wild for serval minutes, and then stops, as brunette seems to scream out a name, and the death knight just moans higher than ever. As in sync, they give a pleased sighs, before stepping off the male. Right after, they lean to his now semi-hard cock, taking turns licking it. Rosalinde goes crazy with herself, eyeing the cock as she feels her juices runing down her legs. She gives out a sharp moan, then hears a cough. Both her eyes gets wide open, as the rest of her freezes, the room on the other side of the crack getting unfocused. She slowly turns towards the door, and sees yet another blood elf man, this one with long, brown hair, lightblue shirt, and blue jeans, and brown shoes. And the eyes. Those blue eyes, looking at her, one of the eyebrows raised. She gives a gasp as she remember; It is the same man she tried to cut down in the alley!//To be continued…

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