Oca 06

On Reflection

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She had my attention from the moment I walked into the room. Her pale face dominated by wide, dark eyes; tumbled blonde hair muted by the shadows yet still glowing with its own light. She appeared mysterious and strange. I walked toward her as she moved toward me until face to face we stood watching each other.

On her face was a curious blend of emotions: stifled anticipation and excitement overshadowed by hints of melancholy. Her smile was hesitant, almost shy, but flirting around the corners of her mouth was a sensual heat impossible to deny.

She sat on the bed behind her curling long legs into a crossed position. Then she raised one hand, running it through her hair to where it fell about white shoulders causing the tips to brush softly against the tops of her breasts. I watched entranced as the hand returned to slide lovingly along the line of her jaw, down the length of her throat, caressing down and across a fragile collarbone. Her other hand followed suit, then ventured lower.

Two breasts there were before me, neither large nor small, but somehow perfectly suited to the body beneath them. Her nipples were a pallid rose but swelling and darkening as rising passion had its effect. Her slim fingers glided over tender globes from the top, palms sliding slowly, covering her nipples from my view for a second, then they reappeared as she cradled each breast in her hands. It seemed as though she was offering them to be kissed.

Her hands continued their studied exploration of her body moving effortlessly over smooth skin. She ran her fingertips along the line of her torso accentuating its slenderness. They brushed around her hips from the pit of her belly sweeping back to the upper curve of her buttocks. Her chest thrust out illegal bahis impudently in front while her hands carried on their work behind her back.

Both of us were breathing faster now, shallow gasps for precious oxygen, seeking to prolong the moment. Her face had almost lost its element of doubt; fire burned within those eyes. She challenged me with a glance to go on watching.

She ran her hands the full length of those long, slim legs; closer and closer to her parted thighs. For an instant she stroked soft curls, shielding the heart of her from my sight. Teasing, tormenting me, she glided once again toward her ankles ending furled over so that I could see the graceful line of her spine.

Uncurling with supple grace, her naked breasts once again soothed my eyes. Her nipples, dark rose now, stood hard out from her body begging for a tongue to caress them. For a while she assuaged that need with her own fingers, twisting her nipples gently first one way then the other. Finding no lasting satisfaction, only a heightening of lust, her hands moved once again to her mound and all the while her eyes held mine.

I could not maintain eye contact; needing to see long fingers move through soft hair, parting it to reveal pinkly naked lips glistening with her own secretions. Her pussy held my gaze as if magnetized; I could feel the heat of it throbbing to the beat of my own heart. Her fingers worked softly around the edges causing the lips to part and close rhythmically giving tantalizing glimpses of the softer flesh within. On her face her mouth mimicked that action, pointed tongue flicking out to moisten their warmth.

A quiver ran helplessly across my body when she finally parted her pussy lips to show her engorged clit slick with illegal bahis siteleri juices. Still she did not touch it, just held her lips apart letting the air caress her as it may. I heard a low moan as finally she reached the tip of one finger and rested it gently at the root of her clit, massaging in slow erotic circles. Then she slid that finger over and down into the waiting tunnel plunging it in and out mimicking the act of love. Soon another finger joined the first then a third sliding back and forth inside her.

Her eyes were hooded with sensual bliss, they widened as an idea occurred to her. Swapping one hand for the other she brought the first slick digits up to her mouth, running her own honey across her lips before licking the remainder clean away. Her cheeks were flushed; hair more dishevelled than ever. I could scarcely breathe for the sensations coursing through my body. Her hand returned to between her thighs, legs slipping off the bed to allow them greater access. I watched aching with need as she rubbed, stroked and probed her way toward ecstasy.

At last it seemed as though she must come there right before me, eyes blazing with lust into mine. But no; all shyness and hesitancy was gone from her face, instead a wanton glance wickedly informed me more was yet to come. For a moment she left my view then back she came holding an almost empty wine bottle. Lifting the bottle to her mouth she swallowed the remains allowing a thin stream to escape the corner of her lips and trickle down her throat to her chest.

Setting the bottle aside for an instant she chased the blood red drops of wine with hand and tongue until finally she held her own nipples in her mouth tenderly one after the other. Satisfied no wine remained canlı bahis siteleri on her body, she picked up the bottle once more letting her tongue work around the neck inside and out. As she had done with her fingers at first she used the bottle to gently caress her jaw and throat, moving it softly across her collarbone.

She teased her hard nipples with the cold glass up against them, then took the bottle still lower. I whimpered as she slid the first inch of the bottleneck into her wet vulva, rolling the bottle between her hands for friction. Then deeper in it slid until she had reached the shoulders of the bottle and beyond. Holding the glass tightly with one hand, the other began to tease her clit, causing her throat to work convulsively. She moved the bottle around inside her, pulling out slowly every now and again, only to plunge it deep back in.

Both our bodies shuddered with pleasure now; two chests heaving in the effort to gain breath, slick traces of sweat beginning to gleam on naked flesh. I couldn’t stand much more, the compulsion for release held me tightly in its grip; aching, throbbing, almost screaming for satisfaction. I heard soft gasps and moans issued deep from her throat, her eyes no more than blazing slits of lust.

Then the coup de foudre; her face set in concentration, nothing in the world more important to her than her own body, she slid the bottle from the pulsating tunnel of her pussy and gently inserted it in her anus, fingers moving frantically over her clitoris. At last I could take no more. Falling back masturbating furiously to the sounds of her cries I came, feeling the wet squirt of juices hit my thigh, trickling lasciviously down, soaking the material beneath me.

Satiated, glowing, I raised myself onto one elbow to gaze once more on that flushed face before me. Slowly I leaned forwards to her soft, tempting mouth. My searching lips reaching for hers met the hard, cold glass of the mirror. We shared one last smile and I left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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