Mar 31

On The Beach Ch. 02

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Big Balls

Mom and I never spoke about that day on the beach, the day we entertained the peepers in the sand dunes to a sex show. Back home, we somehow saw out the end of that summer and managed to keep a reasonably sane level of communications, but it was always there in the back of our minds. I did try to make it happen occasionally at home, “accidently” walking out the shower naked, make slightly suggestive jokes, getting a bit close when nobody else was home, but the response was always zero.

Eventually I gave it all up and got on with my life, which meant college, a girlfriend and having a good time at Christmas.

The winter came and went, as did the spring and then the summer came in with a really hot spell of weather in June and through to July. The traditional family summer Sunday to the beach started again, only this year my brother, his friends and my sister considered themselves too old for such family gatherings and did their own thing — whatever that was!

At 19, were still at college, but me and my girlfriend Catherine, after many messy fumblings in bus shelters and woodsheds, finally managed some good sex. She was a complete amateur and my experience was still rather limited, but home alone one evening I felt like I was in heaven. She had a light skirt and top on and I was quickly into the top. Then a very pretty lacy bra was quickly removed and she had the smoothest whitest tits you could imagine and the hardest, pinkest nipples that drove me crazy. Soon my hand was up inside her skirt, she didn’t stop me, and then I was inside the leg of her panties and finally I could slide my fingers into those wet lips. After that the panties were off and I managed to get my hard cock in there and probably came far too soon, but what the hell, I loved it!

So, it was a Sunday morning, the weather was great and Dad announced we were going to the beach. We got the car loaded and the four of us, Mom, Dad, Catherine and me, joined the traffic and headed out.

We arrived and parked in our usual favourite spot, on the flat part of the beach just in front on the sand dunes. The dunes looked as they usually do on a hot hazy day, rather imposing and a bit sinister. Further back in the dunes were the secluded paths and the long grass where it all happened last year and the memories came flooding back. Pictures of me and Mom having sex and putting on a show for the voyeurs who stalk those secluded parts.

Anyway, we found a comfortable place just into the dunes and spread out our blankets and unloaded the food and drink and sports gear.

Catherine immediately stripped of to a very small bikini, black with edges of purple. Wow, she looked hot!

“Peter, I am going to do some serious sunbathing,” she said, “My sun-tan needs a good top up.”

Mom said, “That’s a great idea — think I’ll do the same.”

I stripped down to my shorts, lay on the blanket, picked up my book and pretended I was reading rather than checking out Catherine’s luscious body.

Mom was a year older now at 41 but her body was still fantastic, round in the right places ankara escort and I could still picture her milk white tits, big brown nipples and a plump firm round arse. When she stripped to her brief shorts and halter top I thought I would choke!

I went back to checking out Catherine, she was stretched out and such was her great body condition that the bikini bottom stretched across her lower stomach and I could just see inside it to her pubic her. I decided to concentrate on this rather than get caught staring at Mom. I was so intent on staring at her crotch that I didn’t notice Catherine had caught me staring and when I looked at her face, she gay me a wry grin and a wink.

Dad did his usual and announced he was going off for a swim so we knew it would be a few hours before he returned.

Then Mom really shocked me. “Peter, lets go for a walk in the dunes,” she said, “It’s such a great day for walking.” Then she just looked at me.

Surely not I thought, she must remember what happened last time!

“We can’t leave Catherine on her own,” I said, “Then she should come with us,” said Mum, “She will enjoy it.”

That’s it then, I thought, Mom obviously only intended a walk — but then Mom gave me a strange look which really threw me again.

“I would love to come,” said Catherine, jumping up and wrapping a small towel round her waist.

So we set off, Mom leading, then Catherine with me following in the rear, getting a fantastic view of 2 shapely bums swaying as they walked. With the hot sun, the silence in the dunes and thoughts of last year, I was just hoping something would happen.

Sure enough, as we went further into the secluded grassy areas I saw a guy keeping pace with us just beyond the dunes to our right. Mom had spotted him too.

“See that guy,” she said to Catherine, “he’s a peeper.” She sounded almost proud of her knowledge.

“What do you mean – peeper?” said Catherine.

“He is following us hoping he can catch us having sex,” said Mom.

Catherine almost fell over. “You can’t be serious,” she said.

“Yep,” said Mom, looking at me, “We found that out last year — didn’t we Peter?”

Catherine looked totally confused now, but chose to stay quiet and we kept walking. Then the same again, a second guy was pacing us to our left.

This time I spoke, “Look there’s another one over on the left; he’s not even trying too hard to remain out of sight.”

We arrived at a small clearing, overlooked by dunes and long grass and totally secluded.

“Let’s stop here for a rest,” said Mom.

We lay our towels out and sat down on them. Catherine still looked confused and worried.

“Will you two please explain to me what on earth is going on here?” she said.

“Easy,” Mom said, “These peepers will be hiding in the grass with a great view of us, hoping to see some sex.”

“Then why are we sitting here,” shouted Catherine, “lets get the hell out of here!”

“Catherine,” Mom said, “Don’t you feel a bit excited knowing there are strange guys admiring your body right escort ankara now?”

Catherine looked thoughtful, ” Well I guess a bit, as long as there is no danger of them coming over here,” she said.

“Catherine” Mom said, “Why don’t you give them a bit of a show, slip of your top and sunbathe”.

“Well OK but no more than that,” said Catherine. She slipped of her top lay back and her glorious tits stood up firm on her chest, I could see her nipples hardening.

“Peter,” Mom spoke to me this time, “Why don’t you rub some sun-cream on Catherine’s breasts to stop them burning?”

I didn’t need asking twice, I picked up the bottle of sun-cream, put a large blob in my hands, leant over and massaged the cream into Catherine’s beautiful tits.

Mom stripped of her own top and lay back on her towel, I was almost trembling with excitement and anticipation of what could possibly be coming. Then a real shock!

“Catherine, why don’t you rub some sun-cream on my breasts, I am worried about getting burnt and I can’t really ask Peter can I?” said Mom.

By now, Catherine was in a state of obvious arousal but tried to appear calm. She took the sun-cream, massaged some into the palms of her hands, then leant across and started to massage the cream into Moms tits. Mom closed her eyes and started to moan gently.

Catherine was also getting quite carried away and when Mom undid the zipper on her own shorts, it didn’t take long before Catherine was letting her hands wander lower and lowers until they disappeared inside Mom’s shorts and I could make out the shape of her fingers moving in and out of Mom’s pussy.

I suddenly remembered the peepers!

I looked around and there were now 4 of them and they had positioned themselves as close as possible whilst still partly hidden by the grass. I swear 2 of them had binoculars and all of them seemed to have a rhythmic movement up and down like they were slowly shagging the sand.

By now Mom was way gone and she said to me, “Peter, get behind Catherine and take off her bikini bottoms!”

In a flash — I was over there and peeling them of and she stood up for me to completely remove them.

“Peter, I want to see you fucking her while she fingers me,” and with that she pulled Catherine’s head down to her tits and she started sucking on Mom’s nipples like crazy.

My cock was so hard it hurt and the feeling of pushing it into Catherine’s warm wet cunt while she was bent over Mom was ecstasy. I reached around, gripped her tits and started humping like a mad dog. I couldn’t help it. I removed one hand from Catherine’s tit and placed it on Mom’s and started squeezing and pinching her glorious nipple. Catherine stopped dead and looked around at me in shock, I just carried on and she picked up the motion again and then she carried on even harder.

Mom pushed Catherine’s head down between her thighs, not that it needed much pushing, Catherine’s tongue was quickly buried inside Moms soaking pussy and she was lapping her like crazy. Mom was really taking the lead and she turned Catherine ankara escort bayan around into a sixty-nine so she could stick her own tongue up Catherine’s pussy. She paused and asked, “have you two done it anally before?”

“No!” we both gasped together.

“Then now’s the time to try it!”

“Give her anus a good licking, stick you tongue inside and get it nice and wet” she said.

I did just that and Catherine was groaning in delight.

“Now wet your cock and ease it in gently” said Mom

I eased it in gently then I knew what heaven was like!

We continued with that arrangement for a while, Mom on the towel Catherine on top of her, each lapping each other pussies and me shagging Catherine’s anus. All three of us were groaning and oblivious of the peepers. They were now out in the open; two of them were masturbating each others cocks and the other two fingering each others arseholes. They were moaning as loud as we were.

Mom called a halt while gasping for breath.

“I want some of what you are giving Catherine,” she said.

Catherine by now was so far gone she made no objection, climbed off Mom and lay back on the other towel.

Mom lay on her back, legs wide apart and said, “Come on son, do it to me now.”

I lay on top of her, first kissing her deeply, then massaging her tits with both hands and finally slipping my cock into her wet pussy. We both thrust against each other moaning and groaning.

“Now!” said Mom, lifting her own legs and holding them behind the knees and fully exposing her anus.

“Now — put it in my arse,” she shouted.

I glanced over towards Catherine and couldn’t believe my eyes!

Two of the peepers had her on the towel; she lay on top of one with his cock deep inside her pussy. The other one was on top with his cock right up her arse. She looked totally lost in her own world, groaning loudly as they both thrust in and out of her two holes. The other two peepers were kneeling next to them in the sand pulling on their cocks like there was no tomorrow.

I had to force my attention back to me and Mom. She was still lying on her back holding her legs high with her hands behind her knees.

“Come on,” she shouted “do it now!”

I wiped my cock up and down her wet slit till it was good and greasy then eased it slowly into my Mom’s pink anus.

“Oh my gosh!” she screamed “push it in further!”

I pushed as far as I could and then moved it back and forth inside her tight passage. I moved back and forth pushing as far as I could go.

All this continued for some minutes, me heaving in and out of Moms arse, Catherine getting shagged in both holes, the two guys wanking. It built up and built up until I had to come in my Moms tight arse, incredibly the others seemed to come around the same time.

I guess everyone sort of collapsed in a heap and lay there trying to recover. Mom and I lay back on the towels in a sort of semi sleep. I was aroused by Catherine, who was now dressed, I looked up and Mom was dressed too. There was no sign of the four guys.

Without speaking we gathered up our things and walked back in the direction of our car. Once again I was left wondering if this would be the last time and we would never speak of it again as happened previously — but who knows?

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