Ara 20

Once More, Really Hard

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Angela stood off to the side leaning against the wall looking incredibly bored by her own standards she couldn’t imagine what everyone else at this party thought if she thought she looked this bored. She was wondering how she could make her escape when she saw him walk into the room. Like the fucking poster child for the Carly Simon song “You’re So Vain”. Damn him. Why did he have to show up here tonight? He didn’t even like the bitch they were here to honor tonight. She was only here because her girlfriends had dragged her to this stupid party, “free booze” had been their refrain and, well she really didn’t want to spend another Friday night in the bar.

Now came the fun part trying to be invisible, which shouldn’t have been that hard except, oh fuck he was heading straight for her. She tried to merge with the tacky floral wallpaper, but apparently that wasn’t working for her because he stopped right in front of her.

“Hello Ange? How are you doing this evening?” he asked.

She thought to herself I’d be a whole fucking lot better if you weren’t here, but she didn’t say it out loud instead she said “I’m fine Ted how are you?” I’m wishing you would get struck down by twelve bolts of lightning right now that’s all.

He laughed, “I somehow don’t think you’re sincere in wanting to talk to me.”

She smiled sweetly at him “Whatever gave you that idea you vain, self serving man whore.” She fumed as she stomped away from him only to be stopped when he grabbed her arm.

“Do you really want to do this here?” he asked from between clenched teeth “because damn it I told you that never happened and that she made it up but you just couldn’t fucking believe me.”

“You’re right,” she told him with acid in her voice “I don’t want to do it at all. I’m leaving now. You can do me a favor and never speak to me again.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck what was wrong with her? She swore that it would not degrade into this. She was better than this. So what if she found his very redheaded, very slutty secretary’s underpants in his couch, because they had to be hers because God knows you could see them when she bent over at the office. She had to stop this because this was not helping her in the revenge fuck arena if she was this bitter. She got in her car and sat there trying not to cry, damn him.

Ted stared down into his drink, even more morose than when he got to the party. Patty had called him and told him Angela would be here tonight and that she was pretty sure she was miserable without him. Of course she’d also told him that if he was really was a lying, cheating, son of a bitch she’d cut his balls off for hurting her best friend. That was enough to make any man want to tell the truth.

Angela had never believed anadolu yakası escort him. She’d always sworn that a pair of panties in his office couch was gospel. Never mind the fact that he’d fired Ginger the next day for pulling that shit. Fuck it he couldn’t do this anymore, he was pretty damn sure she was going home and he was sick of it. Sick of not having her, not being able to come home and fuck her anymore, and it wasn’t just that she turned on his mind too. The idea of someone else having her made him want to slam his fist into the wall. He couldn’t live like this; he was going to turn into a fucking lunatic at this rate. Someone tried to stop him on his way out, but he just brushed her off and went to find his car. He was ending this one-way or the other tonight.

Angela was curled up on her couch in her robe and slippers bawling her eyes out…again. God she needed help or Valium…that might work. But she’d always hated pills they made her feel worse in the morning than the temporary fix they gave her. She was just starting to fade into blissful tear induced oblivion when someone started beating on her door. If I ignore them they’ll go away she thought. Not that she wanted to see anyone period she was sure she looked like shit now, she hadn’t even bothered to take off her makeup. This was wonderful they wouldn’t go away. She got up and looked through the peephole onto her doorstep and “What the fuck?” she said aloud. What was Ted doing here?

“I know you’re in there Angie. Open the damn door so I can talk to you. Please.” Ted said from the other side of the door.

She opened the door slowly. “It was the please that got the door open, but I’m not letting you in the house.” She told him with her arms crossed tightly over her chest. She wouldn’t look him in the eye, God because then he’d know she’d been crying…over him. Was there no justice in the world? And just when she wasn’t paying attention he kissed her and she really couldn’t think anymore. He didn’t taste like the liar she accused him of being. He tasted wonderful and his tongue was doing all sorts of nice things to her mouth, especially once she opened it and his tongue slipped in to meet hers. Fuck, no, no, no, lying, cheating son of a bitch and she pushed him away fuming and defiant beneath the haze of pure lust.

“Why the fuck did you do that? She demanded

“Because, I still fucking want you.” He shouted, “I didn’t fuck my secretary no matter what you may think or believe. I wouldn’t have done that to you. I’m not that man damn it and why do you insist on believing the fucking worst about me all the damn time?”

“You gave me no fucking reason to believe you.” She screamed at him ataşehir escort “You didn’t deny it and you acted like I was crazy” Fuck she couldn’t believe this and sick part was she was still hot for him. “Oh to hell with it.” She said and jumped on him and knocked him back against the door. She attacked his mouth and wrapped her legs around his waist grinding herself against him. Her hands were in his hair and his were on her ass holding her right there against him. She moaned loudly as he gained his balance and turned them around so she was pressed against the wall.

Holy shit Ted thought, what just happened here? One minute they were yelling at each other and the next she was jumping on him like he was the last boat off the island. He was so going with this and he grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. He reached between them and untied the belt of her robe so it fell open and oh my GOD she was completely naked under there. Hot flesh met his hands and someone made a noise and he had no idea which of them it was. He cupped her breasts since her legs were wrapped around his waist, and ran his thumbs over her nipples. She arched into his hands and slid his mouth over her neck running his tongue all over her body. She tugged at his shirt trying to pull it out of his pants.

“Off.” She moaned as she worked at undoing his tie and pulled at the buttons on his shirt. Somehow they got it off. He had to slow her down or this would be all there was and he knew it.

“Unwrap your legs,” he whispered in her ear.

“What are you going to do?” she asked

“Take you.” He told her as her legs slid out from around him and she pressed up against him all the way down to the floor. And then he proceeded to do just that. He took her mouth and slid his tongue inside while one of his hands slid between her legs where he stroked her clit. She was wet and slick against his hand and she was moving in a rhythm with his hand. He was pretty certain it wouldn’t take much to make her come. He moved his hand back up her thigh and she whimpered.

“Touch me… please. Oh God I want you inside me so bad Ted. Now.”

“Not yet Angie.” He told her.

“Make me come now.” She told him “It doesn’t have to be with your cock, but give me one and I’ll definitely repay you.”

“My way.” He said, “You’ve called the shots all along. I’m in charge this time.”

She looked at him stunned and her eyes were slightly glazed and took advantage of that and dropped to his knees in front of her he looked up at her and picked one leg up and draped it over his shoulder. He turned his head and ran his tongue up her thigh until he found her hot pussy with his mouth. He slid his tongue over her clit and licked. ümraniye escort He could hear her moaning and her hands were in his hair and he began to suck. She was panting now, her moans harsh and getting louder. And then stopped and moved to the inside of her other thigh.

“You better have a fucking good reason for doing that.” She told him.

He kissed his way up her belly and stopped to look up at her. “My way.” He said and continued his journey. He released her leg and finally pushed the robe off her shoulders. He was standing now and she took complete advantage of the situation and grabbed for his belt, unbuckling it and releasing his pants to drop so his cock sprang free.

“Who agreed this got to be all your way?” she asked him as she fell to her knees before him.

“I guess you didn’t agree.” He said as his eyes almost rolled back in his head when she took his cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him and licked the head. Jesus, he thought I might not be able to stay standing. And then she reached and cupped his balls in her hand as she worked him.

She had Ted’s cock in her mouth and oh God it felt good. He was in her mouth right now but she really wanted him inside her. She continued to suck and his hands were in her long blonde hair at first she thought urging her forward, but then she realized he was trying to pull her back.

“I want to come inside you too.” He told her “Five minutes ago actually.”

She laughed and stood up licking her way up his body as she went. He freed himself from his pants and picked her up and pinned her to the wall driving his cock deep inside her. She moaned and her head fell back against the wall. He used the opportunity to suck on her neck as he drove harder and harder.

“Oh yeah, fuck me faster Ted…now.” And she could feel him pumping inside her; she was sliding up and down his cock. She was getting tighter and tighter and she arched her back came in a hot blinding rush. All she heard through the white noise in her head was the sound of him shouting her name and then she went limp against him. She thought he very well might be swaying as his head was resting against the wall.

Her head was resting on his shoulder and she could still feel him inside her. “Don’t you fucking drop me on this floor.” She muttered in his ear.

He chucked. “Aren’t you the bossy one when we just screwed each other’s brains out?”

“I’m always bossy, that’s why you like me. And maybe you weren’t fucking your secretary.”

“What?” he asked her in quite the disbelieving tone.

“I’m thinking you seem like you’ve gone without for an awful long time and if you really had been banging her for the last six months you wouldn’t have been able to pull that off quite so well.”

He looked her in the eye. “What the fuck? That’s all it took? I guess I have my work cut out for me then.” He said as he slid out of her and threw her over his shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing?” she laughed

“Proving myself.” He laughed as he hauled her up the stairs to her bedroom.

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