Mar 31

One Good Turn…

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Joey’s first experience with incest came one night when he had to half carry his older sister up to her room when she arrived home from her date drunk.

Lisa was 3 years his senior but she was a petite girl, weighing only about 100 pounds. He had no trouble lifting her in his arms and carrying her upstairs. She threw her arms around his neck as he climbed the stairs and hugged him tight, mumbling something he couldn’t quite make out. It didn’t help that her small, soft bosom pressed against him. Her perfume was spicy and he felt his breath come faster. Much faster than the minor exertion of carrying her upstairs could account for. He felt wet lips nibbling at his neck.

Joey was 18 at the time and his sister had just turned 21. She’d gone out with girlfriends to celebrate.

As he lay her down gently on her bed Lisa again squeezed his neck tightly with her arms and he lost balance and fell over her on the bed, laying half on her. She didn’t seem inclined to let him loose and he had to pry her arms from around his neck before he could sit back up. Staring down at her he slowly tried to get his breath back.

Lisa lay slumbering, mouth hanging open, snoring softly. Her full lips glistened wetly and a little spittle dribbled from the corner of her mouth. It looked to him from his frequent pornographic viewings like cum. It was one of his favorite scenes in porno films when the guy blew his load in the girl’s mouth and some of it dribbled out. Joey felt a rush of sexual lust. He’d always found his older sister tremendously sexy. Her face, while not exceptionally beautiful was pleasant with regular, clean features and very warm hazel eyes. Her dark brown hair was cut short and was poker-straight. She could be, and frequently was, mistaken for his “younger” sister.

Though her face looked preadolescent her body was sheer fantasy. Joey knew because his favorite hobby, till she’d moved into the college dorm last year, had been peeking on her at every chance. He’d watched her dress and undress hundreds of times. The bathroom door had a loose fit and there was a quarter inch gap between the door sill and the edge of the door. Though the shower door was frosted glass he could still make out her form quite well and when she finished her shower he delighted in watching her dry herself. He’d even seen her masturbate in bed more than once! He’d carefully drilled a hole from the closet in his bedroom into the facing wall in hers.

His own masturbations were intense. The women that sucked his cock all had Lisa’s mouth and eyes and the ones he fucked had her body.

Lisa had worn a light blue silk blouse and a short skirt that night and Joey stood back up beside her bed as she stirred and began to mumble again. She slowly sat up, eyes barely open and bleary, and began to take her clothes off, seemingly unaware of him standing and watching her. Her blouse unbuttoned quickly and fell off her shoulders, exposing the lacy bra that cradled her small but lusciously perfect breasts. They weren’t all that large at 32B but on her petite frame they looked much bigger. Joey’s cock grew taut in his shorts and he unconsciously dug at it to straighten it as it swelled. Standing unsteadily, Lisa unzipped ataşehir escort her skirt and it slid down her thighs with a soft whisper. She wore only a silky pair of panties that matched her bra. She collapsed back onto the bed on her back again and again seemed to fall into a drunken slumber.

Joey could barely breath. His hands shook as he carefully reached for the fastener that held her bra together. It was between her soft breasts and they brushed the back of his hands warmly as he fumbled with the clasp. It came loose and the cups almost sprang away as the tension released and Joey was treated to his first really close-up view of them.

Bending over he let his lips touch one dark nipple, then open to suck gently. His heart almost stopped when Lisa moaned and her hands rose to grasp his head. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she pressed his mouth tighter to her, mashing his face into her softness. Joey felt his cock throb, fully erect now in his shorts. Her body scent filled his head and he shivered with delight at the feel of her soft flesh pressed to his face.

Her hands weren’t tight and they readily let him rise from her breast. Her lips formed a sensual pout and she murmured softly in her drunken sleep. Joey stood up again and almost panted as lust bubbled in his blood. Lisa snored softly, mouth partly open. He jerked his shorts down and his six inch cock sprang up, hard and pulsing. The spongy, purple head glistened with the dribble of pre-cum as desire churned in his heavy balls.

He couldn’t tear his gaze away from her soft mouth, lips parted and wet. His heart pounded loudly in his ears as he pressed up to the edge of the bed and leaned over. Carefully he grasped her head and tilted it to the side facing him. His manhood approached her full lips. A heavy drop of pre-cum dripped off him and splashed on her upper lip; the translucent fluid ran down into her mouth. Lisa sighed softly and her tongue licked out to run over her full lips. He took a deep breath and pressed the drooling tapered head to them. Lisa again stirred and Joey almost cried aloud as her lips fastened on him and sucked. The whole head slipped into her warm mouth!

His dream fantasy had suddenly come true!

The sensation was incredible and Joey could feel the rush of a mounting climax almost immediately. His balls grew tight, rising in preparation. He gazed down with passion at Lisa’s mouth with its soft, full lips squeezing around his cock. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and he felt her tongue swirl around the sensitive, spongy glans; that took him over the edge. Thick, hot cum gushed up the shaft and flooded his sister’s mouth!

Lisa gurgled and he could hear her gulp noisily, swallowing his seed as fast as his balls pumped it out. Lust roared in his body so intensely he didn’t care if she woke up now. All that mattered was the explosion of pleasure that gripped his groin and wrung his balls of their load of gooey lust. His trembling body almost fell forward and he quickly braced his stiff arms to catch himself. As his body leaned farther over the bed half of his cock sank into his sister’s mouth. She suddenly gagged noisily and he quickly pulled back but left the head in her kadıköy escort mouth.

As his climax died Joey slowly became aware of what he was doing again and his heart skipped a beat as he glanced down again at his sister. She continued sucking gently on the head of his softened cock, eyes still shut. Had she really slept through that! Was fellatio just a fantasy for her or had she sucked cock before. She certainly had done an expert job of it!

Of course she hadn’t had to do much of anything, really. Just seeing her lips wrapped around his cock had been enough. Still, it begged the question – was his big sister a virgin? He had never heard her mention any guy’s name. As far as Joey knew she didn’t date other than the nights she went out with girlfriends to drink like tonight.

A shiver raced through him as the thought that his sister might be a lesbian flashed through his mind. She only went out with girlfriends, never on a date with a guy.

A dribble of semen ran from the corner of her mouth and her lips glistened whitely but she had apparently swallowed most of his cum! He pulled back and watched his cock slip out of her mouth. A thick string of cum stretched back to his glans from her slack lips for a second, then broke and splattered wetly on the pillow. Joey sat down on the edge of the bed with a sigh as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes stroked the plump bulge hidden beneath the silky material of his sister’s panties and he felt a renewed lust grow. Dare he even try? Ok, somehow she’d slept through a blow-job but could he actually fuck her!

Dare he! What if she was really a virgin?

Rising from beside her Joey quickly crossed to the bathroom and grabbed a jar of vaseline. He greased his cock carefully and it rapidly grew fully erect again as he contemplated what he was about to do. He could feel the nervous tension in his body; his legs seemed to wobble a little. Quickly he returned to his sister’s bedroom.

Lisa still lay on her back, seemingly in a drunken stupor. Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, Joey stood at the foot of the bed and bent over. His fingers gently hooked the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down over her wide hips. Lisa didn’t stir and he pulled them down her legs and all the way off over her feet. He gazed at a pussy, close-up, for the first time and his heart pounded. It struck him then how young his sister looked. Her petite size and nearly hairless crotch made him feel for a moment as if he were contemplating sex with his baby sister, Amy. His glistening cock bounced as throbs of desire pulsed through it. The tip dripped and a stream of pre-cum ran down the underside. The shaft shined with a thin layer of vaseline.

Joey’s hands gently grasped Lisa’s ankles and he carefully spread her legs. He crawled onto the bed, kneeling between them. His hands touched her soft thighs and stroked. Lisa stirred again and her legs spread further and one hand rose to her mouth. She sucked on a finger.

Joey stretched out over her, bracing his body with his forearms and knees. He looked down between them and saw his hard cock poised between her legs and he reached down, guiding himself. The first touch of her plump, bostancı escort hot flesh made him bite his lip. Lisa didn’t stir. He pressed harder and felt wet heat engulf the sensitive head of his manhood as it snuggled between her lust-swollen labia, the tip beginning to stretch the openning to her vagina. With a soft moan of passion his whole body settled on top of his naked sister. His hard, greased cock easily sank deep into her moist heat. A virgin himself, Joey had no experience to draw on but the ease with which he penetrated his sister’s pussy convinced him she wasn’t a virgin. It eased the anxiety in his mind and he relaxed and let the sensations flood his body.

It was like sinking into hot fudge. Lisa groaned softly and her arms rose to Joey’s neck again and hugged him. Her hips moved beneath him and he almost whimpered as the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt exploded inside him. Again he climaxed wildly inside his drunk, sleeping sister, gushing gobs of thick, hot semen deep into her womb. His hips spasmed, fucking in short, quick thrusts as his incestuous lust sprayed wildly from him. Again he lost track of what he was doing and didn’t care if he woke her. He lay fully on her soft body, panting as aftershocks rippled through him. This felt INCREDIBLE!

Lisa’s arms no longer hugged him and he suddenly recalled where he was. He pushed himself up and looked at his sister beneath him. Lisa still seemed to be in a drunken slumber, face turned to the side, mouth open and softly snoring but her face was flushed. He bent down and planted an open mouth kiss on her, letting his tongue enter her mouth. A small shock of recognition shot through him as he recognized his own taste on her lips. Lisa murmured and stirred beneath him; she kissed him back and sighed softly.

“Jimmy.” She mumbled against his mouth.

Joey felt a shiver race up his back. Was Jimmy a boyfriend? A lover? Lisa’s vagina suddenly rippled around him and Joey gasped, almost exploding in a second climax just from the feel of her vaginal muscles. He was still hard! And still horny!

He watched his sister’s face as he continued to fuck her. His hips rose and fell gently, he forced himself to go slow. The tight, hot grip of her pussy made him whimper with pleasure. He wanted to just ram into her and cum again but he controlled himself!

He fucked her slowly and watched her face. She stirred and her arms again rose to hug him. Joey felt her fingernails dig into his back. He caught his breath as her legs spread wider and rose to lock around his hips. His cock sank deeper and he felt her pussy clutch at him, strong muscles squeezing around the very root of his cock.

“Fuck me, Jimmy.” she whispered.

It was said so softly Joey barely heard it but he saw the smile on her lips. He couldn’t hold back and for the third time he exploded in a powerful orgasm. His cock flooded her womb with a second thick load of hot lust. Again he collapsed on top of her, body shuddering as his balls heaved. He felt his manhood wither quickly now and slip from his sister’s warm body. He sighed in regret, he never wanted to stop.

He pushed himself up off her and managed to stumble to his room. Collapsing on his bed he fell asleep.

He awoke some hours later with a warm mouth around his cock! It rose off him.

“One good turn deserves another, Little Brother.”

His sister, showing no sign of inebriation, knelt between his legs, smiling brightly!

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