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One night stand with Leila Part 2

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One night stand with Leila Part 2I could see why the Carousel, in the lobby of the Hotel Monteleon, was her favorite bar as it was Hemmingway’s. The seats around the bar were themed after carousel a****ls and they rotated around the bar. I truly believe this enhanced the alcoholic effect of the libations by some small degree. After two or three twists around the bar and an equal amount of tequila pineapples for my new favorite human her grey eyes were wet and sparkling and I’d learned all her deepest secrets or favorite lies, take your pick. Suddenly, she leaned back with a surprised look and nearly fell off her stool. Instinctively I grabbed her by the arm and shoulder and she thanked me profusely then took my left hand and held it.“Thank you, you’re a lifesaver for sure. Better hold on to me so I don’t fall again,” she said and gently put my hand on her thigh, just under her dress. It was soft and hot as only a young girl’s can be. “Why don’t we get out of here and go for a walk,” I asked.“But I haven’t finished my drink yet,” she said innocently then tilted the half full glass until it was upended and swallowed the whole thing, “OK that’s better. Let’s rock!” Redheads. I swear.We stowed my bike in my courtyard and Leila grabbed my collar and pulled me in for a hard, deep kiss. She smelled like soap and tequila but tasted like the pineapple. The kiss lasted ten seconds or an eternity, our tongues learning each other’s geometry. I held her waist gently with one hand and the back of her head, buried deep in her curls, with the other. She slowly pressed her crotch into my growing own. And when I moved my one hand down to her butt she pushed me away and slapped my face, sending my glasses into the tree, laughing at it before retrieving them and putting them back on my eyes. Redheads. God damnit. “You said we were going for a walk!” She chastised me and scowled. “So let’s walk! Motate, girl, let’s do it.”And out into the night we went, talking about everything and nothing, listening to the jazz piping from random shops and homes, learning the way each other walked and stealing touches and kisses along the way until she told me it was late, and we should get a nightcap. Fine by me, I said, Where? And we headed back the way we came, toward my motorcycle. Back in the courtyard she went right for the stairs, “Which one is yours,” She asked, meaning the doors to the apartments lining the interior overlooking the courtyard. Finally. Oh yes. I indicated my room and she asked if she could see inside. Naturally!My apartment wasn’t all that much to look at but location is everything. A balcony overlooking Royal Street, a kitchen, a biggish bedroom with a nice soft mattress and a living room opening to the courtyard. “Nice,” she said, and went to the fridge, taking out the vodka I had chilling in it and two glasses from atop it, “You want one?” Right at home. Alright. “Sure thing,” I replied, “But do please take off those cute shoes. I keep a tidy home.”“And why should I?” She tossed back, pouring her drink.“Well, for one, I don’t need French Quarter dirt güvenilir bahis in my room and for two I give the best foot massage in this whole apartment.” The unspoken reason being that getting a girl’s shoes off is the very best start to getting her panties off. Comfort and relaxation. And off came the shoes, “Very well,” she said, “But don’t think this means I’m spending the night.”“And who invited you? What kind of guy do you think I am!” I shot back, taking the proferred tumbler of Vodka and sipping it. Hers was already a quarter gone. I would have said she had a wooden leg if I hadn’t gotten tactile proof otherwise earlier. She made a show of walking away toward the balcony doors, stretching languidly, her beautiful huge full tits visible even from behind. I leaned against the bedroom door jamb and watched, satisfied, as she continued to drink, and looked out over the street from inside the apartment. Her ass was so round and tight and firm… I was having fantasies already. Jesus let me lift that dress over her head and kiss every inch of that milky skin and make her legs shake and pussy grip my cock uncontrollably. Let her sit in my lap facing me and hug me to her, press those jugs against me and show me how she moans. “This is the most beautiful view of the quarter, you know that?” She asked.“From here, I have got to agree,” I replied. She turned around slowly. Only facing me sideways, then walked towards me just as slowly, watching my eyes, and told me it was late and she was drunk and, “If it’s not too much of an imposition I’d really appreciate it if I could sleep here, tonight.” Redheads. Hell yes.“Oh no, that’s no trouble at all.” And I took her hand and helped her to the bed. I think my eyes were on her tits the entire time. She laid down, her hair entirely covering my pillow, and closed her eyes before covering herself with my blanket. I went to shower and came back and found her smiling, eyes still closed, making sweet little noises. Was she masturbating? Oh god let her be masturbating! But I just put on my sleeping pants and got under the covers with her, respectfully not touching her. Her hand went to my chest and she snuggled in close, her hot breath on my neck. I think I must have been smiling like the cheshire cat. I brushed her hair with my hand and gingerly traced my fingertips up the back of her thigh, under her dress, and finally getting a handful of her barely a handful ass. By god it was as firm as it looked. She was kissing my neck so softly she could have been a kitten. She couldn’t really be asleep, but she did a great impression. I kissed her cheek, guided her in for a mouth kiss and she went for it then pushed me away and turned over, pressing her ass into my crotch. I was hard as a rock and there’s no doubt she felt it. If I could see her face I’d have seen a wicked grin I’d come to know quite well in the following months. She was a tease, and a damn good one.I lifted her skirt slowly and she wiggled away, then back. OK – tactic number 2. I kissed the back of her neck, making her breathe heavily and purr türkçe bahis and coo and decided, by god, it’s time to get a handful of those beautiful tits. I could have gotten five handfuls and had enough left over to bury my face in. I cupped her breasts, over her dress, in my hands and she pulled them off and sat up and looked at me aghast. “No.” she said, firmly. Fuck. God damnit. OK. It’s like that. I controlled myself, slowed my breathing and turned onto my back. And there she was, laying on me, nipping my ear with her teeth and running her fingernails over my stomach. I turned to meet her and kissed her mouth and licked her neck and started to get her dress off and she pushed me away and said, “Enough. I said you’re not getting any.”It was probably the vodka but I grabbed her, hard, in my arms and pulled her roughly against me and held her ass and slid my fingers up against her pussy. She exhaled, hard, closed her eyes and enjoyed it for one second then pushed me with all her weight and straddled me, grinding her pussy into my erection and holding my throat with both her hands, and said, “NO. I said ‘no’, understand?” And let go my throat with one hand and slapped my face. I growled. I looked away. I said I understood, sorry, let’s just go to sleep. I was wrong. She said, that’s better, and slid her crotch up and down mine two times before falling off me and laying back down. It was wet where she had straddled me. The view of her atop me was one of paradise. Naturally, I couldn’t sleep.She pretended to, but not for long. After a view minutes she turned over and kissed my cheek, “You look so sad,” she said. “But not as sad as your half hard cock…” and reached into my pants and gripped it hard, rubbing the tip with her thumb and smiling. That was definitely it – I pulled my pants off like a paratrooper pulling a ripcord and watched eagerly as she lay down on her back, hands over her head, smiling hugely with her eyes closed. She lifted her hips as I pulled her dress up and over her giving me a view of her flat tummy tensed and a great expanse of ivory skin interrupted only by struck-match-red cunt hair. Yes. Oh god yes. But it wasn’t until her tits came into view that I knew I’d struck gold. There had been no push up bra. No embellishment of any kind. She had honest to god huge natural breasts still firm and perky with youth and as soft and swaying as a porn stars. I didn’t see them for long, as it was about a millisecond before my face was buried between them and my hands in them and my cock was seeking out her pussy like a starved a****l. She knew what she was doing, teasing, and it worked: I was a****listic.With most women, girls especially, initial penetration can be a little difficult before their muscles relent an they relax and let you in. Not with Leila. I felt the heat, the slight pressure, then her hips lift and I was in to the hilt, our sexes pressed together so hard we might as well have been one person. Her pussy throbbed rhythmically around me as my cock flexed and she whimpered. It’s nice having a big cock, and she was güvenilir bahis siteleri – despite being so incredibly slick – just a little tight. Bliss. Her head pushed back and her back arched making her mountainous tits rise and quiver I had to remind myself I wasn’t dreaming. I kept my one hand gripping one perfect breast and sat up, lifting her ass with my other hand and thrusting deep, hard, but slow. Making her whimper and moan with each push until she was shaking her head, reaching for my waist, making her tits press together between her arms and telling me faster, harder. But no. Oh no, she wasn’t the only one who could tease.I shut her mouth with my thumb, which she sucked, looking me in the eyes. I pushed deep inside her, pressing myself against her cervix and flexing, making her whine, then pushed harder until she shook. She tried to catch her breath, then pushed me back off her. I let her. She turned over onto all fours and looked over her shoulder, tossing her hair. OK. I couldn’t resist. Ramming speed!I grabbed her by the hips and pounded her doggy style. This is what she wanted, hard and fast and brutal. That’s what all the teasing was for. My god she was hot and wet she pressed back against me as best she could. She was so tight I felt like I had to cum but she was squeezing it in. As I was fucking her those glorious tits were dragging back and forth against the sheets and I never wanted to be a bedsheet so much in my life. I took one hand and slapped her tight ass, hard, before sliding my thumb up her asshole and tickling her clit with the middle finger of my other hand and that set her off into a screaming orgasm, trembling and shaking and crying and collapsing on the bed with me following to stay inside her.“No… no more. No more.” She was holding her hands back, not having the energy to push me off of her. I slowly kept on, “No. no no no.” She crawled forward and I let her go, looking at my glistening cock as she panted, perfuming my pillow with her sweat and breath. Again, she held up one finger, indicating I should wait, opening her eyes and smiling at me, satisfied. I stroked myself, waiting, and she said, “No,” breathlessly, “Mine.” And it was. She shakily and dizzily sat up and pushed me onto my back, gripped my dick with both hands and smiled that beatific smile at me. “Can I suck it, Daddy?” she asked, oh so innocently, “Please?” I nodded, my hand on her face, encouraging her. Her pale skin had flushed nearly as red as her hair and she lowered her mouth to envelop my cock. I held her gorgeous tits with both my hands. She licked around the head and then took the whole thing in like it was nothing, wrapping her lips around the base and pumping slowly, making a tornado of her tongue. Incredible. She didn’t break rhythm until I came, and then just sank her head down all the way until I was finished. She kept me in her mouth, brushed her hair away from her eyes, looked up at me and winked – then slurped me out of her mouth with an audible pop.She crawled on top of me and nuzzled my ear and neck again and that’s how we woke up – giant pillowy breasts smothering me. I came out of dreamland with the perfect hangover cure. Having momentarily forgotten how lucky I’d gotten the previous night, my first word was, “Boobies!” and hers were of course, laughter.

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