Mar 31

One Rainy Night

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It was raining hard in Frisco. I needed one more chapter to make my night. Studying up a head for finals was bringing me down. I recognized my plight.

Suddenly in the haze of chemistry came a ring, “jello”…

“Son I sorry to bother you but I need a ride…” It was mom and she sounded like she had been busy making up for time lost. It has been hard on her since dad was gone.

“…Lotta and I drove up to get out and now neither of us can drive…Seems we had a bit much… be a darlin’ and come for us”

“Sure thing mom, let me get dressed and be there shortly:

Slightly after 11 at night, I didn’t mind the break from the studies. Chemistry was going nowhere for me now.

Lotta was mom’s friend and she was trying her best to help mom move on and get over the loss. It seems they were out trying to shag a good time.

Now Lotta, Ms. Love, was a great looker. She could wow them in her time…and the years were good to her. Mom was a fox too in her early days by the pictures I have seen. But now, she was dealing with her loss. This caused her to feel less attractive. She really wasn’t.

I arrive at Tavern on the Green some 20 minute later. They were easy to find. Two attractive ladies bring a lot of attention. Bellying up to the table, they both were tipsy to say the least.

“Sonnnn, can you wait while we weehhhttt til weeh finis’ ataşehir escort bayan this last drink”, mom blurted at me.

“sure I’ll get a coke too.,” I replied.

“Lotti, he’s a good boy and a good find” explained mom as Ms. Love stared at me with a twinkle…”sure izz!”

Soon the glasses were empty and we were ready to go. Mom was not the sturdiest on her feet right now and I helped her out with Lotta on the other side. Lotta gave me the keys to her new Cadillac and said she would bring me back in the morning. Being late, I thought of not driving back till morning anyway.

We help mom into the back seat and she collapsed into the seat. And drove off. Making our way down route 101 south to San Jose mom started fidgeting. “Son I don’t think I can hold it much longer…pull over”. Fearing that mom was going to get sick and in the new car, I felt it would be a good idea. We stopped by the side of the road and there was a stand near by.

“Son help your mom out and over there…I have to pee bad.”

Ms. Love on one side and I on the other helped the lady that bore me over to the side away from the road.

“Son, would you be kind to help me out of my panties…I can’t quit bend right now.” So I lifted her skirt and Lotta began tugging on her panties. Mom leaned back swaying and I got a full look at Lotta. Her face near my mom’s bush escort kadıköy and what a sight! I could feel the swell in my pants and Lotta’s gaze at me, her attention more on my pants then what she was doin’. The panties were just above the knees and the golden flow started. Lotta fell back as the amber liquid hit her silken blouse and big tits. Mom soaked her panties and Lotta’s blouse and finally steady herself.

Now Lotta overcoming the mishap got up and took her blouse off revealing a black laced bra that was bustin’ to hold her D size melons. Her nipples were hard and point out as he wiped the pee off with her blouse. I thought right then and there I too would ooze the white love liquid only I fought to gain control.

Mom step out of the soaked panties and left them there by the side of the building. I let her dress down and help her back to the car. The musk of her pussy was drivin’ me wild as we help her back into the back seat. Now in the light I could see the snatch and the glimmer of wetness and mom sprawled in the back. I swore Lotta brushed that pussy in front of me to hear mom moan ever so slightly.

Ms. Love move to the front with me and took off the wet bra. I thought I would loose it before even starting. She look over at me and notice the bulge was now a mountain waiting to be release. Like a volcano the steam raising and lava building bostancı escort waiting to erupt. Lotta ran her had over my bulge and whispered. “let me release that before he blows.” Her expert hand undid my pant and my cock was standing at full mast. Ms. Love bent down and took the head of my penis in her warm mouth. I felt her tits on my thigh and the smell of pussy made me stain. Soon I exploded into Lotta’s mouth and she struggled to gulp it all down. It seemed like and eternity and my balls were pumping while Lotta massaged them gently. Soon, I was exhausted and Lotta was finishing me off by licking the head and a drop appeared. ‘Ummmhhh that was more then I had in a while….” As she nuzzled next to me. Her massive globes in my ands and nipples so ripe ready for my luvin’. She put my hand on her love nest after she slid her pants down. Her shave pussy was wet with juice, nectar waiting to be savored. I finger her clit as she moaned and my mouth was on her nipple. Ohhhh don’t stopp I’m cummming…and soon she did. Her love jism filled my hand and I kissed her til she too collapsed.

I regained composure and was ready to move on home. Looking in the mirror I saw my mom looking back her mouth open and her breaths deep. It was then I realized she was cumming too with her hand in her pussy. Her mouth came close to my ear from behind the seat…”let go home, I have something I need form you and I need it bad!”

My gaze fell back to Lotta in the front seat. Her left index finger in her mouth just barely and her right finger on her pussy, massaging her clit. A coy smile could be seen…what could these two vixens be up to next…

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