Mar 31

One Thing Leads to Another

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This is a sequel to “Pussy Eating Lessons from Sis.” Although it is not necessary to read “Lessons” (this story can be viewed as stand-alone), you may wish to read it anyway for the sake of familiarizing yourself with the characters. Enjoy.

My mind was as blank as the digital paper before me. My fingers hovered over the keyboard, but I just couldn’t think of a thing to write. Was it because I had just come off a rush of creative genius where I had written ten stories back-to-back? That was quite a bit within the confines of four weeks. “Maybe I’m just burned out,” I told myself.

“You?” I turned to see my sister Alyssa enter the room. “I’ve never known you to be burned out, especially when it comes to writing for that porn site you always go to.”

“It’s not all porn,” I told her.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Erotic Literature,” she said with a laugh as she sat in my lap. She kissed me long and lovingly. “Seriously, Greg. What’s the problem?”

“I really do think I’m just burned out,” I told her. “Nothing comes to mind anymore. I’ve written every kind of story there is to write.”

“So, write one about me,” she suggested.

“I already did.”

“Really? Cool. Can I see it?”

“Sure,” I told her. I balanced her as I went to my Literotica home page, then to Works, then to Pussy Eating Lessons from Sis.

“Aw, lookie there,” she said with a smile. “Mind if I read it?”

“You lived it,” I told her.

“Even still, I want to see how you represented me.”

“Sure. Fine.”

“Pull your pants down,” she said to me. “I’m going to ride your cock while I read.” I dropped trow and sat back in my chair. She was not wearing panties under her skirt. That much was evident when she first sat in my lap. She fitted her pussy around my cock and took it inside her. I moaned softly as did she. “You named me Alyssa?”

“Yes. Don’t want someone figuring this out, do you?”

She smiled, then continued reading as she ever-so-slowly moved up and down on my cock. Once finished, she turned and kissed me. “That was beautiful, Greg.” Without another word, she began to really make love to me. It was a bit harder, a bit faster, but beautiful just the same.

We were approaching the six-month mark of when we first began this, when she first trained me how to eat pussy and molded me into the perfect lover; her perfect lover. She told me then that we could continue to see each other once a week, but soon our libidos demanded more, and the more we gave in to our incestuous desires, the more our feelings grew for one another. As a result, she ended up breaking things off with her boyfriend Jack while I broke things off with my girlfriend, Cindy-Lou. Alyssa was the only woman I desired anymore, and I was the only man who could satisfy her as deeply as she needed. We loved each other. We were in love with each other, and that wasn’t going to change.

She was still riding me. My mouth moved from hers to her sweet nipples and back again as her pussy worked to devour my cock. “I’m close,” I told her.

“Me, too,” she said, then we both stifled great moans of ecstasy as we came at the same time. We had taught ourselves to do that. It was a most intimate thing we shared. As we held one another, she said, “Maybe I can inspire you to write something else.”

“Like what?”

“How about us getting caught?” she asked. “Isn’t it just so damned exciting knowing that any second someone could walk up on us? Doesn’t that turn you on?”

You turn me on,” I told her.

“Give me a few days” she requested. “I’ll see what I can come up with.”

A couple of days later I was right back at my computer staring at the screen, thinking to myself, Incest, or non-incest? Gay? Straight? Trans? MILFs? GILFs? I really had no idea. Alyssa popped her head in my room, said, “Wait,” then disappeared downstairs. A few minutes later she was back in my room. “Mom’s busy with laundry,” she said as she stripped down naked, then lay upon my bed. “Come over here and eat my pussy,” she said to me. Her legs were wide apart. She was freshly shaved except for her landing strip. She pulled her clitoral hood back so I could see just how erect her clit was.

My eyes were closed as my mind went on a journey through the cosmos. That is how I always viewed going down on her. It was such a fantastic thing to experience. I slowly ran my tongue around her clit in a clockwise fashion. Three minutes in and her breathing began to become labored. She was softly moaning as I continued to service her. She finally held my head in place as she screamed, “Oh, Yes, Greg. Eat that pussy good,” and then she rewarded me with a mouthful of her warm, sweet, sticky juices. I took my time lapping them up. She never tired of me doing so.

I removed my shorts and lay back. Alyssa crawled between my legs and took my balls into her mouth. My scrotum was already tight, so her tongue felt extra ataşehir escort bayan nice as she bathed it with her saliva. She kissed her way up my cock, then took the head in her mouth. She was exceptionally aggressive. I knew she wanted my semen. I concentrated on giving her all she could stand. Five minutes in and I moaned into my pillow as I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth. She swallowed every bit of it, giving a satisfied, “Ahhhh,” when she was done.

Alyssa hopped up and grabbed her clothes and dressed while I did the same. “So,” I said as I pulled my shorts on. “Any ideas for me yet?”

“I was thinking of a guy and his granny” Alyssa said. “He sees her naked one day and decides he wants to fuck her so he makes these outrageous bets with her, like if she wins then he’ll kiss her ass, or he’ll suck her toes for thirty minutes, and then he’ll give her a full body massage, and then on the last one he says, ‘Name it,’ and when she wins she tells him he has to go down on her. Something like that?”

“Hmmmm,” I said as I took this in. “It sounds pretty good. I think I could work with that.”

“You can thank me tonight when the folks go to sleep,” she said with a smile and a wink. For the record, I did. About three months into our relationship, Alyssa announced that she had been stretching her anal tissue and she was ready for anal sex. This had opened a whole new dynamic to our relationship, one we both happily accepted. This is what I gave her on this night after Mom and Dad went to sleep.

I ate her ass for the better part of thirty minutes before lubing my cock with her cum, then I eased myself into her. It was ecstasy, pure and simple, and I was so worked up that I gave her a double feature, spending all of about forty-five minutes in her ass, which she didn’t mind at all. Afterwards, I ate her pussy good for her until she had one final orgasm, then we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. She posed the question of someone walking in on us, and while I was not a staunch supporter of that scenario, she and I did very little in way of ensuring it never happened. It hadn’t, though. In fact, even after six months our parents still didn’t suspect a thing.

The following day I was writing the story and it was coming along just fine. As big a block as I had mere days ago, I was now typing at the speed of light as I fleshed out my sister’s suggestion. I was really hammering the keys hard when I heard, “Greeeeeg?” I turned to see Alyssa enter my room. She lifted her skirt to show she had on no underwear, then lay on my bed and opened her legs to me. “Just five minutes, Greg. Please? I just need to have an orgasm right now.”

I laughed as I slid from my chair and onto the floor. “Like you even have to ask.” I crawled to her and began eating her sweet, soft pussy. I heard a creak. Mom was coming up the stairs.

I attempted to pull back, but Alyssa held my head firmly in place as she whispered, “I’m almost there.” No more creaks, but Mom’s footsteps could be heard. I panicked, but Alyssa continued to hold me. “Just a little bit longer,” she whispered, I savaged her clit with my tongue. She locked her ankles around my neck and began to thrust just as Mom’s footsteps got fainter. She was no doubt heading to her room.

A few moment’s silence, then Mom shouted, “Alyssa?”

“I-I’m cumming!!” Alyssa shouted out her reply. She ground my face into her pussy as she spasmed, allowed me about fifteen seconds of licking her sweet insides, then she was trotting down the hall. “Yes, Ma’am.”

I washed up, popped a couple of Tic-Tacs in my mouth, then settled in at the computer once again. You know, just in case Mom should pop in afterwards? Didn’t want her smelling our sex. I got a couple of paragraphs in when Mom knocked and entered. “Greg, your father and I need to have a word with you and your sister when he gets home from work.”

There was no lilt in her voice with which to foretell good news. Then again, there was no hint that we were in trouble, either. Even still, my immediate thought was that she knew about Alyssa and me, which prompted me to ask, “About what?”

“When your father gets home,” she reiterated, then left.

Alyssa entered my room about fifteen seconds later, once Mom had returned downstairs. My chair was still facing my open door. “Any idea what that’s about?”

“I don’t know,” she answered. “Guess we’ll just have to wait.”

“Do you think she knows?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Alyssa answered.

“That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? To get caught?”

Alyssa said nothing. She stood there for all of fifteen seconds, then she returned to her room.

Mom timed her activities to where she had returned to her room for a shower about fifteen minutes before Dad got home. After a hello to me and Alyssa, he entered the bedroom as well and closed the door. Alyssa came to my room and sat on my bed. She was wearing shorts and a Hello Kitty T-shirt. I guess the escort kadıköy thought of actually being found out was not as exciting as she had originally imagined. We sat there, me in my computer chair and she on my bed, until Mom and Dad entered just long enough to say, “Come on, you two. Let’s go downstairs.”

Mom was dressed in a black evening gown and Dad was freshly shaved and wearing one of his better suits. Their intermingling colognes complemented the other. We were led to the living room. Mom and Dad took the love seat while Alyssa and I took separate ends of the sofa. They both looked at us curiously, then at each other. “Are you sure?” Dad asked Mom.

“It needs to be addressed,” Mom responded. “If not now, then when?”

Dad eyed us again, then said, “You two are adults now. We have coddled you in the past simply because you are our children, but you are our adult children, which means that your mother and I must extend to you more trust and respect. There are two things we are going to tell you this evening, and it is with the hope that you have the maturity about yourselves to fully understand and accept what we have to say that we do so.”

“Oh, God!” Alyssa broke in. “You’re getting a divorce.”

“Alyssa … No,” Mom said. “I love your father very much. We’re not getting a divorce.”

“Is one of you dying?” I quickly asked.

Dad laughed. “No, son. Your mother and I are both healthy and strong and in love with each other even more today than we were when we first met.”

“Well, if you’re not divorcing and you’re not dying then I can accept anything else you have to say,” Alyssa told them.

“Let’s hope so,” Dad said, then he took a deep breath, then he said, “Your mother and I have agreed to an open relationship.”

“What?” Alyssa and I asked in unison.

“I thought you said you loved him,” Alyssa said to Mom.

“She does, and I love her,” Dad replied. “It’s just … Okay, here’s the deal: After Greg turned one, your mother and I began swinging. Sometimes we would swap partners, and sometimes we would have threesomes. Regardless, it provided a spark that our relationship needed. For over eighteen years we have been happy with this lifestyle, but lately we both have been wanting something else, something more intimate. We discussed it, and this is the road it has led us down. It’s not about love or lust, kids, but more about just sharing ourselves with other like-minded people.”

“We want you to know this because there may be times when one of us doesn’t come home of a night,” Mom added. “Now when we call to inform you of this, you’ll know why.”

Alyssa and I both just stared. I finally asked, “What’s the second thing?”

Mom and Dad smiled simultaneously. Mom answered with, “I don’t know if this will be harder or easier to accept, but it’s all part of the same deal. You know, us and our sexuality? Anyway … Your father and I are both … bi-sexual.”

I stood and hugged Mom, then Dad. “If this is what you need in your lives right now, far be it for me to say you are wrong. So long as you guys are happy, I’m happy.”

“Me, too,” Alyssa said as she emulated my actions. “We love you, Mom and Dad, and just like you want only happiness for Greg and me, we want that for you.”

“Thank you,” Mom said. “Thank you for not judging us.”

“This is a show of great maturity on your parts,” Dad added. “Oh, and even though we are not ashamed of the decisions we have made, best to not talk about them with your friends. I mean, some things are best kept in the family.”

Alyssa and I looked at one another, nodded, then said, “Right.”

“Do you have any questions?” Mom asked. We didn’t. “Good. Tonight is date night. Your father is taking me to Ignacio’s for dinner then to see Gilbert Gottfried at the Palladium.”

“You just might get lucky with a line-up like that, Dad,” I said jokingly.

“Oh, he will,” Mom assured me. “Oh, and there’s leftover lasagna in the fridge for you two.”

“I think I’ll have a couple of pizzas delivered,” I said.

“Okay. We should be home around midnight,” Dad told us.

“Bye,” Alyssa and I said as they made to leave.

Once we heard the car pull out of the driveway, Alyssa tore her clothes from her and said, “Fuck me, Greg. Right here on the sofa.”

I rent my clothes from myself and without a word drove my cock into Alyssa’s pussy. I’m glad she was as worked up as she was as I was able to just slide in without hurting her. I went deep, though, bouncing off her cervix. She gasped and commanded me to keep on, to keep fucking her hard and deep. I obliged her as I entered her over and over again. The nerve in her top lip began to twitch, then her face contorted, giving her the appearance of an ogre, then she dug her nails into my forearms as she let loose a wild wail of orgasmic delight. Her hips were thrusting upwards to ensure her pussy claimed every inch of my cock. I gave one final push, hitting her cervix bostancı escort again, then unloaded as I gave a great bear-like growl. Completely spent, I fell upon her heaving chest.

I looked up to see her smiling sweetly at me. “What was that all about?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Why don’t you order those pizzas? I’m going to get a shower.”

I ordered them, grabbed a quick shower myself, and was back downstairs a good minute before they arrived. “Oh, they’re here,” Alyssa said as she walked into the living room. She was wearing a white thong and nothing more.

“Kitchen, or in front of the TV?” I asked.

“How about your room?” she countered.

“Grab us a couple of sodas and I’ll meet you up there,” I said. Wanting to be in my room was the promise of more sex, and there was no way in hell I was going to turn that down.

She joined me about a minute later with four cans of ginger ale on ice. She opened the first box and said, “Ooooh, pepperoni and bacon.” She then opened the second and said, “Ham, pineapple, and banana peppers.” She picked up one of those and bit into it. “Oh, this is good.”

I looked at her. Her hair was still wet, and it was hanging loosely on her face. I moved it back, then said, “God, I love you.”

“I love you too, Greg. I really do.” She made to take another bite of the pizza, but stopped and lowered it as she said, “Where do you see this going with us? I’m not talking about today and tomorrow, but the future, ten-twenty years from now. What do you want us to become?”

This was the first time she had initiated a conversation that did not center around sex, but the relationship itself. I really didn’t have to think this one through, though, as I had already done so a thousand times before. “If I could marry you, I would,” I told her, “but we both know that will never happen. Then again, it’s just a ceremony, Alyssa. I want to put a ring on your finger to let you know just how much you mean to me, and we don’t need a justice of the peace to have our own, private ceremony. After that? I want you to be the mother of my children, a boy and a girl.”

“That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, Greg.” She leaned in and kissed me. It lasted for the better part of a minute.

As we separated, I said, “Of course, we need to start thinking of life outside of this house. I mean, we’re pretty much living on borrowed time insofar as keeping our relationship from Mom and Dad is concerned.”

“I think they might already know, or at least suspect something,” Alyssa said.

“How so?”

“Think back to what Dad said earlier, the specific words he chose when speaking with us. First, he said he and Mom were, ‘wanting something else, something more intimate,’ which I took as an allusion to maybe you and I wanting a more intimate relationship with each other, then he said, ‘some things are best kept in the family.’ I’m just saying, Greg …”

“I think you’re a bit paranoid,” I told her. “They were obviously speaking of themselves. This does pretty much leave us with just one direction to continue our relationship, though.”

“We have to tell them,” Alyssa said.

“We have to tell them,” I agreed. As I placed the pizza boxes on the floor, I said, “The only question now is when.”

Alyssa took two big gulps of her soda, burped loudly, then placed it on the nightstand. “I guess tomorrow is as good a time as any,” she said as she pulled me close. “You okay with that?”

“Yeah,” I said as I nodded.

“What would you like tonight?”

“How about a nice, long edging in a sixty-nine?” I responded.

“Mmmmm. Sounds delicious,” she said as she removed her panties. Mine clothes were off well before hers, and I was already on my back, patiently awaiting her to assume the position. We spent the better part of thirty minutes in that position, she licking and kissing every inch of my cock while I licked and lightly sucked every inch of her pussy. As I said earlier, we had learned to cum together simultaneously, so when she announced her oncoming orgasm I shifted my mindset from holding back to exploding, and that is just what we did. We finished dinner, talked some more, and then she climbed atop me and gently rode me for all of forty minutes before I came again for the final time tonight. A little more talk, then she was off to her room while I placed the remainder of the pizza in the fridge.

Mom and Dad walked in as I was finishing up. It was weird. Even as she and Dad made their way to the staircase, Mom kept looking back at me, and not necessarily my face. I swear she was looking between my legs.

The following morning, after the folks had gone to work, I knocked on Alyssa’s door and entered when she told me to do so. “What’s up?” she asked with a smile.

“It might be my imagination, but something weird happened last night,” I said to her as I sat on the corner of her bed.

“What?” she asked as she sat up a little straighter.

“I was awake when Mom and Dad got home. Mom kept looking at me, and I swear she was checking me out.”

I had expected Alyssa to laugh absurdly or ask if it was a dream. Instead, she asked, “Have you ever thought of her? You know, in that way?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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