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Authors Note: This is a completely true story based on events that happened while I sat here writing. Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is much appreciated!


I’ve been a writer on Literotica for a while now and am listed as one of their Volunteer Editors. A couple weeks ago I got an email from a man named Steve about my stories and asking if I would mind editing some of his work before he submitted it to the site. He was a fellow Canadian and seemed like a very nice guy so how could I possible turn him down?

We began emailing on a regular basis and getting to know each other. Of course things got into sexual preferences and experiences and so on, but nothing more than that since he’s married (to a wonderful woman named Kelly) and I’m engaged (to an amazing man named Travis).

Anyhow, last night I got an email from Steve saying he’d gotten off on one of my stories, that he would happily share the details with me if I wanted but if I didn’t want to let him know. I wrote him back saying I considered cyber sex cheating and I wouldn’t want to cheat on Travis and wouldn’t want to cause an issue between him and Kelly…that was the last email I sent off before going to bed last night.

I have the day off today and so I slept in. I woke up around 10 and laid in bed for a while feeling somewhat horney…most likely due to a sexy dream that faded from my mind as I awoke.

Eventually I decided not to get myself off because I had hoped to finish as lesbian story I’d been working on for a while and got up to check my email.

There was the expected emails from friends and family and one highly unexpected email from Steve…

“I wanted to let you know that I read ‘A Slave to the Habit’ just now, and oh my god, I loved it! The thought of illegal bahis being tied in a chair and watching you finger your pussy, then your ass, has gotten me hot beyond description. The story is in the first person, so I’m assuming it’s you. You should see me right now, leaning back in my chair, jeans undone, hard, throbbing cock in my hand, slowly stroking. Caressing my balls with the tips of my fingers as I slowly tease my aching cock, my eyes closed, so clearly envisioning the sight of your wet, pouting pussy lips, glistening wet as you tease and finger them right in front of me. I have to admit that part of my excitement right now is telling you about it, telling you how turned on your story has made me.

Kelly and I promised each other we would play tonight so I’m forcing myself not to cum, but it’s not easy. The part of the story where she (you?) comes over to him and slides his cock into her ass…god, Mariya, it makes me want to wrap my hand around this hard cock and pump it hard and fast. And I love, as I think I mentioned to you earlier, I love dirty talk. It’s one of my biggest fetishes, if that’s what you want to call it. So the thought of this woman riding this man’s cock, pushing him deep into her asshole while saying “Fuck my tight little ass” makes me absolutely wild with desire.

I haven’t been able to stop caressing my cock since I read it, and I really have to go downstairs and find Kelly before I just give in and cum. It’s so tempting to just let go. I’m so close that my cock is throbbing, my balls are tight and swollen, the tip of my cock is wet and slick with precum. But I’m going to stop. I’m going to stop until my erection fades, and then I’m going to take Kelly by the hand, lead her to our bed, undress her, and plunge into her soft, wet heat. Thank you, Mariya, for such a great story.”

Now illegal bahis siteleri what is an already horney red-blooded woman to do!? Well this horney red-blooded woman decided to go offline, have breakfast, watch a movie and make a grilled Cheese sandwich for her man to have when he came home for lunch.

I sat and watched TV with him while he ate and told me about his morning, and once he’d left for work I came back online. I replied to other emails and then I was down to Steve’s email. Even though I’d had hopes of finishing my lesbian story I decided to grab my lovely purple friend (my 7 inches long and 1 inch in diameter vibrating dildo) and some lube and sit down and see what happened…

So here I sit…in my thin light aqua pajama pants and matching tank top reading Steve’s email over and over again…

Now I’m left with only one hand to type as I turn on my vibrator and begin rubbing my pussy lips with it through my pants as I read…

I can’t take it anymore…I’ve taken off my pants and am now sitting on top of them in the chair with my left leg hung over the arm and my other leg planted to the ground…caressing my pussy lips with the vibrator as I read…

My breath quickens as I begin to let out low moans and bite my lower lip between my teeth as my eyes flutter with desire. My body is aching for more than just the vibrations on my pussy lips and occasionally gracing my clit. I turn the vibe off and put a few drops of lube onto the tip of my lovely purple cock before I slide the head of the cock against my clit and then down to my aching cunt. I move the vibe back up to my clit and turn it on low and moan out “oh ya!” as my body begins to quiver with the sensations racing through my clit.

I’ve got the lubed up vibe on my clit and it feels incredible! So good…so fucking canlı bahis siteleri good!!! I’m getting close! I’m gunna’ CUM!!!

NO! I force myself to pull the vibe from my clit seconds before I cum…even though I chose to do it I let a low whimper as I turn the vibe off…reading Steve’s email…how hot her gets from the anal sex scene makes me want it…want to feel something up my tight ass…I run into the bedroom and grab the long tube Travis and I use to get me ready for anal sex…it’s about 7 inches long but only a little over a centimeter in diameter…the perfect size for my tight little ass.

Oh God!!! It’s in my ass now! I put some lube on it and slowly slid it inside my tight ass…I’m sitting on the chair again…sitting so it won’t slip out when I need it inside me the most…I’m reaching for the vibrator…mmmmmmmm….it’s on my clit again….driving me wild!!! I love the vibrations on my clit with the tube in my ass…mmmmmm oh ya….oh…oh ya…ya…my clit and ass feel so good!!! But my poor pussy feels empty…

I pull the vibe from my clit and put a few more drops of lube on it before I slowly push it inside my aching pussy….oh! So tight! My ass and my pussy feel so full! So good! So tight!

I’m turning the vibe on now…..OH! YES! mmmmmm….excuse me….I need my other hand to play with my clit while I get off…

God that was incredible! I was reading Steve’s email and finally closed my eyes and let my imagination take over…in my mind I was fucking Travis…me on top riding him with Steve behind us both fucking my ass…I had two hard, intense orgasms before my clit got too sensitive and I had to stop…I hope the tenant downstairs isn’t home or else he’ll think we just had a kinky threesome up here! I was calling out both names screaming “fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass Steve! Oh Yes! Fuck me Travis! Oh yes!” over and over again as I came…

Aaaahhhh…I love this dreamy state after an orgasm…it’s like my body is made of liquid and nerve endings…I think I’m going to go have a nice hot shower while I come down from this incredible experience…

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