Mar 31

Open Family

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I was a frustrated teen, no doubt about it.

My Dad was one of those who didn’t want to talk about sex. I never got “that talk” when all my buddies were discussing it. The few dates I had in High School did not bring about any discussion. I think Dad did not ask any questions because he didn’t want me to ask any questions.

So what I learned about “that stuff” came the way it comes to so many teens these days, by the internet. I quickly became a connoisseur of dirty sites. Of course this is not very good sex education and I suppose I had a lot of strange ideas about what to do with girls. Fortunately I had very little chance to put them into effect as I was paralyzed even talking to one in person.

That was the situation I was in when, shortly after my eighteenth birthday, Dad dropped the bombshell.

“You know, son,” he said, with great seriousness, “before your mother passed, she made me promise her that I would devote my life to raising you. I have not done any dating or had any relationship since then, in honor of her.”

I waited for what was coming. I had a sinking feeling I knew.

“But now,” he went on, “you are officially grown up. And I am a man, with a man’s needs for love. I have to tell you that there is a woman in my life now.”

That sinking feeling was growing.

“In fact, I have proposed to her. We are going to be married tomorrow.”

That was Dad. Never put things off. I felt slightly sick.

“Uh … uh … uh …” was all I could manage.

“She will move in here right after the wedding.”

I was about to throw up.

“Her two daughters will be moving in too.”

That was it. I headed for the bathroom and expressed my feelings to the porcelain bowl.

How could Dad do this to me? What was I supposed to do with THREE females moving into our house? I was petrified. My mind was spinning.

Amazingly, among the sick feelings and the feelings of loss and the feelings of confusion, I found another idea niggling around the corners of my brain. With three females running around the house, surely there would be moments when one of them would forget herself and appear in a sheer nightgown, or even better in her underwear. Might one of them even step out of the shower without closing the bathroom door?

I wondered what kind of a pervert I was to let those thoughts come in at this horrible moment in my life. But there they were. Of course I had never seen a naked girl except on the small flat screen of my computer. Now among my fear and confusion, those images were floating across my mind again and again. What was I going to do?

In bed that night, of course those images led me to masturbate. I lay on my face in bed, my cock pressed into the mattress, and rubbed it back and forth as imaginary stepmothers and stepsisters showed their naked bodies to me in various ways. The more they displayed the more I rubbed, until I erupted mightily all over my sheets. I rolled away from the wet spot, and finally managed to get to sleep.

Next day Dad informed me that I was expected to go to the courthouse with him while the Judge married them.

I stammered, “Will the daughters be there too?”

“Of course,” Dad said. “They will be her attendants, just like you will be my best man. The older one is 19 and the other is 17, and they are looking forward to the wedding, I can tell you. They said they are looking forward to meeting you, too.”

My eyes glazed over and I started sweating. “They know about me?” I asked.

“Yes, they do. They are both beautiful girls, just like their mother. I know you will enjoy having them as stepsisters,” Dad replied.

After that conversation, everything went hazy until I found myself in my only suit, following Dad into the courthouse. Frantically I looked around, trying to find my soon-to-be step family. My eye lit on three women sitting on a bench. Surely, I thought, those can’t be them. All three of them were gorgeous!

The older woman was dark haired and beautiful. Her body was in fabulous shape and she was wearing a tight lavender dress that clung to it. I realized she was holding a white bouquet and my suspicions were confirmed! This magnificent woman was going to be my stepmother! I swallowed hard.

Then I took in the two girls sitting with her. One was dark, like her mother, of medium height and built like a … well, you know. She had on a little white dress which clung to her wonderful big boobs and showed a lot of shapely legs. I felt my dick twitching just looking at her. “Oh, no,” I thought, “don’t let me get a hard on here.”

My eyes shifted to her sister. She was lighter of skin and hair, a strawberry blonde. Thinner than either of the others, she was dressed in a silky dress which reached down below her knees, but did nothing to hide her figure. It was lower cut than the others, revealing a little luscious cleavage. My cock promptly sprang to full attention. I bent forward a little, hoping it was not obvious under my suit coat.

The older lady got up and hugged Dad tight. Then he turned to me and introduced them. escort ataşehir “Jeremy, meet my bride to be, Connie.” Connie put out her arms and grabbed me and gave me a big hug too. I felt her breasts pushing into my chest and made sure that she did not get close to my crotch, because my cock was throbbing.

Connie motioned to the two girls. “Jeremy, these will be your new stepsisters. This is Elaine, and this is Terry.” Elaine was the older one, the brunette. I remembered she was 19. Little Terry was the one who was 17.

Both of them grabbed me and hugged me tight too. I was completely embarrassed and had no idea what to do. I just sort of flapped my hands at my side hopelessly. I knew I was making a fool out of myself.

“Welcome, new brother,” Terry said. As she did so, she blew gently in my ear. I almost fell on the floor.

“We are glad you are joining our family,” breathed Elaine throatily. I felt her chest wiggle, rubbing her tits against my chest. I was too excited to decide whether that was intentional or not. I went back into my dazed state.

We went into the courtroom. Dad and Connie walked in front and then the two girls. I trailed behind, not able to comprehend anything except the three female butts twitching in front of me. Some words were mumbled, Dad kissed Connie, the girls hugged me again and we were out in the parking lot.

I still could not believe that these three gorgeous females were coming to live in our house. The thought of seeing them day after day, even if they weren’t skimpily dressed or naked, flew in front of my eyes again and again.

We headed for our cars. As Dad unlocked our doors, Elaine said, “Come on, Terry, let’s ride home with our new bro.” She grabbed me by the arm and pushed me in the back seat, and then slid in beside me, her thigh touching mine. Terry giggled, and went around to the other side door and slid in on that side, just as close as Elaine was.

Wedged between these two beauties, smelling their perfume and feeling their legs against mine, I could not believe my luck. Then I felt Elaine’s hand rest on my thigh, as she said, “I know we are going to have great times together.” I was totally confused and did not know what to read into that remark.

I stumbled up the steps to our house still in a daze. Slowly, things sorted themselves out as the women brought their suitcases, boxes and bags in and Dad and I carried them to the proper rooms. Of course, Connie shared the large master bedroom with Dad. On the other side of the hall, there were three rooms in a row. I used the one nearest the living room, and the two others ran back down the hall to the second bath. Elaine took the middle one, next to mine, and Terry was in the smallest room at the end of the hall.

As Dad and I still carried stuff in, the girls were unpacking. Every time I carried a box into their room, it seemed they had a filmy nightgown to fold, or bras to put in the drawer, or some other intimate female clothing to flash in front of me.

As I carried another box into Elaine’s room, she turned to me, holding a long lacy black nightgown in front of her. “Mom got new nightgowns for her honeymoon,” she giggled, “so Terry and I did too. How do you like this one?’

I know I turned beet red. I could only stammer something, and then I turned and fled down the hall. Elaine’s soft laughter followed me.

Somehow I made it through the day without my frequent hardons being too obvious, I guess. When I finally got to bed, after watching female boobs and asses wiggling around our house all day, of course I rolled over on my stomach and masturbated again. This time it was not imaginary stepmothers and stepsisters that filled my fantasies but the real live ones that I knew were only a few feet away. When I came, which did not take long, it was stronger and longer than any I had ever had. Exhausted physically and mentally I did not take long to get to sleep.

It was inevitable that I woke next day with a huge morning woody, and had to jerk off again to get rid of it. Checking my pajamas to be sure nothing showed, I headed for the bathroom for my regular piss. I was brought up short by seeing the door closed. Just as I got close to it, it opened, and to my amazement Elaine emerged wearing that lacy black nightgown. Her lovely boobs showed faintly through the thin fabric and her nipples were clearly outlined beneath it.

I gasped and did not know what to do. Elaine, however, thought nothing of it and merrily said, “Good morning, new brother!” Before I had any idea of how to reply she disappeared into her room.

Here the females had not been in our house 24 hours and already my fantasies were coming true. My head was spinning.

Somehow I got dressed and to the breakfast table. Dad was finishing his eggs and bacon, and soon left for the office. I was not sure how to conduct myself alone with the women. I was relieved when Connie announced that they were going shopping and would probably be gone until after lunch. Soon they were out the door and I was alone.

This was my chance. As I fantasized kadıköy escort bayan about having stepsisters a plan had been born. I had a tiny spy webcam lying in a drawer in my room, left from some abortive plans I had tried regarding the girls’ gym. Now I got it out, and quickly found a good spot in Elaine’s room to hide it. A quick trial showed that it easily broadcast through the wall to my computer. I realized that just looking at the clear picture of my stepsister’s empty bed had me hard again, and I had to stop work and repeat jerking off before I could finish calibrating the camera.

That night at dinner, Connie announced that the day after tomorrow was Terry’s 18th birthday. That was a surprise to me, but I quickly said, “Congratulations, new sister!” Terry smiled at that.

Then Elaine said, “Birthdays are always special in our family, but the eighteenth is really special.” She giggled that little giggle she had.

I looked at Terry and saw that she was actually blushing. I thought that was cute. Then she said, “And I am so glad that Jeremy will be there. It will make it so much better.”

Connie added, “Yes, we have plans for you at the party, Jeremy.”

I grinned at that. I was not quite sure what they had planned but was happy to be included in it. I could not give much thought to the future, though, because my mind was really on that little camera and my hopes for seeing something tonight.

I was literally shaking with anticipation all through dinner. I could hardly wait for the family to decide it was bedtime. Dad and Connie went off to their room. I was pretty sure I knew what they would be soon up to, and that thought alone was making my cock twitch. But as Elaine and Terry disappeared into Elaine’s room, chattering like girls do, my anticipation hardened me quickly and I hurried into my own room and turned on the camera.

I really don’t know exactly what I expected to see that first night. I was a little disappointed that both girls were fully clothed and sitting on the bed talking. I wondered if they were talking about me? The thought turned me on even more.

Elaine had her legs up on the bed, slightly spread so that I could see her white panties under her miniskirt. Terry’s legs were crossed, so a lot of leg showed but try as I did, I couldn’t get a glimpse of her crotch. Neither girl showed any signs of undressing, but knowing that I was watching them while they were unsuspecting was exciting.

Keeping my eyes on the screen every second, I quickly undressed. My cock was standing straight up and I grabbed it, but exercised willpower to keep from stroking it yet. I hoped better things were going to happen.

Soon Terry leaned over to Elaine and gave her a big kiss. It looked more than sisterly to me, but I really was not experienced enough to know. Then to my disappointment Terry skipped out of the room, leaving Elaine sitting on the bed.

Elaine reached to the end table for a hairbrush. As she did her legs parted even more and the camera was so clear that I could see the outline of her pussy under the white panties. I couldn’t resist anymore and began stroking my cock as I looked at her, brushing her hair. It was incredibly sexy.

I had high hopes now, and they were soon fulfilled. She put the hairbrush down and stood up. To my great excitement, she slowly pulled her knit top over her head, showing me a black bra underneath it. I was stroking my cock faster now. I realized I needed to pace myself in the hope she would keep undressing.

I had aimed the camera perfectly. She was standing just in front of her dresser and I had a frontal view as well as a reflection in the mirror. Now she unzipped her skirt, and let it drop to the floor. As she bent over to pick it up I had a great view of her cleavage. My excitement was almost uncontrollable knowing she was only in the room next door.

Now she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. My greatest fantasies were on the verge of total fulfillment. I clenched my cock, willing myself to hold on until I saw everything.

Then it happened. Even through my closed door, out in the hall I could hear a gentle tap on her door. Her head turned and the door began to open. I held my breath, hoping it was her sister returning, preferably in a cute little nightie.

The door swung open. I gaped in astonishment. It was Dad standing there!

I expected Elaine to shriek and slam the door shut. Instead, she smiled and held out her hand to Dad. He came into the room and took her in his arms. She made no protest, but melted into his arms and pressed her body against him.

This incredible scene was barely registering on my brain for what it was. That my Dad was hugging my nearly naked new stepsister was too much to absorb. Yet my cock was responding and I felt my urges growing as I watched.

As Dad held her, his hands reached for the clasp of her bra. It came open and he dropped it to the floor. I realized that her naked boobs were pressing into his chest. Even as I thought that this should not be happening, I wanted so much for escort bostancı her to turn so I could see those boobs. I clenched my cock tight as I watched.

They were kissing deeply and I could see her hips press into his crotch. Now he moved away slightly and my wish to see her boobs was granted. Large, round, beautiful, with hard nipples standing up, they were things of my dreams. As Dad’s lips touched them I stroked my cock harder and harder. Only with an effort did I stop myself from coming right there. I knew I had to wait to see the rest of this.

Dad sucked hard at her tits, and his hands were pulling down her panties at the same time. I held my breath as her pussy emerged into my view. Dad’s fingers were probing it, and my hand was stroking my cock in time. Elaine’s head rolled back and her eyes closed. It was hotter than anything I had ever seen on the internet. I stroked my cock hard.

Now my Dad pushed my stepsister down on the bed. He spread her legs and went to work on her pussy with his tongue. Her pussy mound was shaved as smooth as could be, and the wet pink lips of her pussy were engorged. She writhed on the bed and I thought she was moaning. I cursed myself for buying that cheap spy cam with no sound. As Dad wiggled his tongue and stroked her clit, I pulled harder and harder on my stiff rod. I was getting close to coming right on the computer monitor.

I was deeply amazed at seeing Dad and Elaine going at it. I did not know whether to be shocked, annoyed or disgusted. What I did feel was immense excitement. My cock was about to explode.

“Enjoying yourself?” said a voice behind me. I dropped my cock and whirled around, unbelieving. I had been so preoccupied that I had not heard my bedroom door quietly opened. To my utter shock, Connie was standing there looking at me. Actually, she was looking pointedly at my throbbing dick. I cringed in embarrassment and tried to cover it up.

She laughed gently. “Don’t worry, I think it looks very nice. And to see you have arranged to watch your father and my daughter is amusing. They have been doing it at my house these last few months, and they are very sensual to watch. I know.”

My mind was trying to grasp all of this. The only thing I really knew was that Connie was wearing a white baby doll nightgown that barely covered her boobs, and almost transparent white panties under it. Even while I was dying of embarrassment I had my eyes fixed on her pussy. Clearly she understood that.

“The camera is fine, but wouldn’t you rather see it with your own eyes?” At that she slid the nightgown over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her large white breasts were right in front of me, the nipples obviously hardened. She moved toward me, and took my hands to put on her tits. She moved my hand around a bit, and I got the idea and took over. She moaned slightly as I massaged her nipples.

My instincts, and what I had gleaned from the internet, took over and I was moving quickly. My other hand went down inside her panties to her trimmed pubic hair and then on to her slit, and I began to rub it. Her hips wiggled a bit, but then she pulled away slightly.

“Don’t be in a hurry,” she whispered. “You were watching the show next door. Let’s watch together.” She pulled me down to sit on the bed, and adjusted the computer so we both had a good view of the action. Her hand took my cock, but just held it lightly without rubbing.

That was exciting enough. She pulled my hand to her crotch and wiggled her pussy onto one of my fingers, and again just sat still. Her eyes were on the screen in front of us.

“You know, Jeremy, since that rotten bastard their father left us, the girls and I have been on our own in every way. That includes sexually. We have a very open relationship. We tell each other everything, and we don’t mind each other watching. Since she was 18 Elaine has experimented a lot and I have been right along with her, including with your father.”

On the screen, Dad had Elaine’s legs spread and was enthusiastically eating her pussy. She was clearly enjoying it as her hips twitched to meet his lips. Connie pointed and said, “They really enjoy each other. Sometimes I get in to make a threesome, but tonight I have other ideas.” She gave my cock a little shake which sent a tremor through my body.

“It is great having a young man in the family, too,” she said. “We are very excited. Part of our agreement is that the girls stay virgins until they are 18. Terry has her birthday in two days, and you are part of our plans for the party!’

My head was full of fuzz and fireworks. I was totally stupefied at this situation. Dad had been so repressed about sex that I could not imagine him getting into this family action. But there he was on the webcam, now vigorously pumping his cock in Elaine’s pussy.

Connie stirred, her pussy clamping my finger and her hand starting to stroke my cock. “Now it is our turn, Jeremy. Welcome to the open family.” She dropped to her knees and began to suck me. I could not believe the feeling, it was so much better than jerking off. Soon I raised her head off my dick, though, because I did not want to come too soon. I pulled her up and began playing with her boobs as I had seen Dad play with Elaine’s. She moved forward to straddle me as I sat on the bed, and her wet pussy began rubbing against my cock.

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