Mar 31

Operation Happy Dad Pt. 07

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I would like to Thank Todger 65 for editing this story for you to enjoy.

An Amazing thing that I am dealing with these days is the amount of beautiful smart incredibly sexy women I have around me. I’ve gotten to choose women of incredible beauty and brains to do my bidding for my dad. I don’t want to say it’s been easy, but it really has been, every woman has fallen for my dad’s big cock, and are head over heels in love. I wasn’t sure what my original plan was supposed to be, all I knew is that I wanted to make my dad happy, and prove that his big cock would not go to waste sitting in his pants soft all the time.

I started to formulate a plan to get the girls familiar with each other. I had all of them go to Priya for full laser treatments. Priya had no idea they were connected to me and all of them knew not to talk to anyone about me or Dad in any way shape or form.

I got them going to the gym and their training supervised by Lisa. They were all to go on a very aggressive program that stressed toning, aerobics and yoga. They were all fairly slim and beautiful to begin with, so all they had to work on was endurance and stretching.

Dad asked if I could get a massage table at Lisa’s Gym for Kathy to do her massage therapy work from. Lisa agreed to rent a space big enough for her needs for $500 a month. Kathy then asked Dad to incorporate her Company for her and teach her how to Market and run a business. She insisted Dad and I be partners in her new Business. Dad made her a deal she gets paid $300 dollars a day regardless if she has any customers or not, Guaranteeing her $1500 a week. After that the next income paid the rent and the few expenses that there will be each month. Finally the partners and Kathy would split the rest 33.3% each Partner.

Kathy was stunned at dads offer. She told dad and I she was hoping to start at $200 a day and only if she had customers. Dad Laughed and said “Don’t worry Kathy you will make more from your profit than you will from you labor, You just let me do the Marketing and Business plan up for you and you will do just fine!”

The Humble Beauty.

Massage Therapy.

Dad thought of the name because of how humble Kathy is when it comes to her beautiful looks and humble disposition. All the guys in the gym were fighting for appointments. Dad set the Hourly rate at $150 and Kathy said she could do 6 massages maximum in a day. Dad then informed her that if she can do 6 a day then we will book 12 appointments. Kathy stared at dad in disbelief and all dad did was smile.

“I’ll explain how you can do 12 a day!” Dad said to both Kathy and I as we looked at him to explain this miracle. “We do 2 appointments at a time starting at 8 am. We hire a nice girl for $15 per hour who can help you out a bit as you need it. Both Clients come in at the same time into their own private room.”

“We have four 15 minute units of time for each Client”

8 A.M.

Client A, Hot stone treatment and wrap started by Helper.

Client B, Deep tissue massage on sore areas by Kathy.

8:15 A.M.

Client A, Deep tissue massage on sore areas by Kathy.

Client B, Hot stone treatment and wrap started by Helper.

8:30 A.M.

Client A, Electra pulse therapy ( leads set by Kathy) run by helper.

Client B, Head and foot Massage or specific areas by Kathy.

8:45 A.M.

Client A, Head and foot Massage or specific areas by Kathy.

Client B, Electra pulse therapy ( leads set by Kathy) run by helper.

9 A.M done.

15 minutes to collect money, Clean room, Go pee.

9:15 A.M. to 10:15

new clients.

10:30 A.M. to 11:30

new clients.

Lunch 1 hour.

12:30 P.M. to 1:30

new clients.

1:45 P.M. to 2:45

new clients.

3:00 P.M. to 4:00

new clients.

8 hour day 4 – 15 minute breaks and 1 hour lunch.

Perfect day is:

12 clients = $1800 without Tips.

Expenses $450 Kathy and helper not including tips.

$750 Profit, = $250 each partner

Kathy $250 +$300 =$550

Steve $250

Danni $250

Kathy and I stood there dumbfounded at what dad proposed, Kathy could make $600 a day with tips, that’s like $150,000 a year with 2 weeks holidays. With tears in her eyes Kathy hugged dad, turned to me and smiled a crooked devious little smile. Kathy dropped to her knees and undid dads belt fishing out his cock from his pants. She went after it like a dog on a bone and dad responded pretty well for not having had a shot. Kathy made dad come in about 3 minutes flat sucking all his come into her mouth. She was having trouble smiling as she walked towards me with a mouth full of come. I knew exactly what her plan was, the skanky little bitch. Kathy couldn’t help grinning too much and some come ran out of the side of her mouth just as she kissed me, dumping some of dads come into my mouth for me to enjoy with her.

I made all the girls go to Dr Baxter for a complete physical and made sure all of them knew never to speak about me or dad to anyone ever, ever, ever.

I just wanted them all to be familiar with each other. I made sure they escort ataşehir did not go to the gym at the same time as dad so there wouldn’t be any hanky panky that was not on their day.

It was the Dr that figured it out what I was doing with 3 new smoking hot patients. When she was asking Questions about them being sexually active and about birth control, she noticed all 3 of them had a large Vaginal opening. You would have to have a very active sex life with a well endowed man, in order for your pussy to be that big, as none of them ever had children. It was odd that the Doctor could get her whole hand in all 3 of their pussies.

A few Questions about the size of their partners penis confirmed her thoughts. She said they were lucky girls and they all blushed. She asked each of them If they were lucky enough to find their true love, all 3 girls said yes but all had an excuse as along the lines of, ‘it’s complicated’.

I received a text on my phone, ‘Danni can you come to my office for a physical and I need to talk to you,’ signed Kelly. I wonder what she wants to talk to me about I thought. I called her office and they set up an appointment for 5 p.m. today her last appointment of the day. Upon arriving the receptionist took me into the waiting room and informed the doctor that she would lock up on the way out.

Dr. Baxter came out and gave me a big hug and asked me into her office. Now I’m not quite sure why but I thought my life was going to change in the next few minutes. “Okay Danni strip down and jump up into the saddle”

I laughed and said “Is that what you call your OB-GYN chair Doc.”

“Yes that’s what I call my chair” Kelly said. As the doctor check me out for lumps and bumps she left my vagina to last. She put two fingers in me and then three and then four, and then tucked her thumb in. I was very stretched, but I could accommodate her whole hand inside my pussy . The doctor put all four fingers on my G spot and rubbed my clit with her other hand. All I could do is lie back and enjoy the trip. I have never been fised before and the Doc was an expert. She would punch piston her arm into me 5 or 6 times. then hit my G spot 2 or 3 times rolling her knuckles over them before arm fucking me again. She bent her wrist up so I could see her arm entering my stomach area and creating lumps in my tummy, holy fuck I lost it, I shot liquid around the room like a Garden hose. Doc slowed down on my Clit and arm thrusts but just enough to stop me convulsing. It was like my orgasm lasted 2 minutes until she finally stopped and smiled at me. I got out of the saddle and cleaned up a bit and decided to talk to Kelly a bit, maybe ease some tension between us.

“You are way too good at that, for it to be your first time with your hand in a woman’s Vagina Doc!” I said as I caught my breath.

“Yes, you’re correct, That’s not my first girlie rodeo Danni!” I had a roommate in College that made my first 4 years incredible. There was another in my Pre Med years that was great as well!”

“Are you gay Doc I spat out with utter surprise?”

“Oh heavens no Danni, I just helped the girls relax, have fun and they helped me. College for me was all about finding my groove and I didn’t really care if it was male or female partners that helped me do it. Don’t get me wrong Danni I was not sleeping around much, but a few of my partners I had for years!”

“I knew it Doc That’s why you’re so good at making me come, you have had lots of practice with women. So what’s your favorite team to play for, are you a pitcher or a catcher, do you like your Lawn mowed. or your fields planted, are you a bean flicker or…”

“OK Danni I get it, I understand, you are happy that I am a switch hitter, and if it’s any of your business, I like the coed teams, that’s why I never really found a guy to settle down with because I would be giving up half my sexuality. Now you know, are you happy, are you going to ruin my life and my fucking practice with your blackmail and videos?” Kelly said in a condescending voice.

I was standing in front of the Doctor, stark naked. I was feeling like the villain in an old western movie that deserves to be shot like a dog in the street. Say something my Brain screamed to my mouth.

“Hell no Doc! Christ, I think I love ya, you and I are magic together, no one makes me feel like you do. ‘Woman that is’, Dads in a different League with his cock and all. I will give you the tape and the cell phone video, I promise never to threaten you again, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done it in the first place!” I reached out my arms and Doc flew into them hugging me so tight I had trouble breathing.

She was crying, I was crying, after a few minutes we calmed down and she whispered really carefully and clearly in my ear. “You’re going to be a big sister!!!”

“AHHHHHH!!!” I screamed and hugged her so tight she couldn’t breathe. We looked into each other’s eyes and screamed again Laughing and Crying. OH my god it was amazing. Kelly was almost twice my age, yet she was my lover, my friend and now my stepmom, not to mention my Doctor, Fuck am I ever screwed up I thought to myself. It was kadıköy escort bayan funny to be standing there stark naked hugging the woman carrying your baby brother knowing that 5 minutes ago she had her arm up your vagina giving you pleasure that defies description.

“Danni why don’t you get cleaned up and maybe we should go out for dinner and have a talk?”

At dinner Dr. Baxter started to tell the story of the three new patients all incredibly beautiful young women all with the same issue of overly large vagina openings. Totally in love with their older partner and they all said its complicated when they were asked about their long term goals.

I smiled as she told the story and I said, “You know what doc, you’re pretty smart!”

I decided to come clean and tell her the whole story right from the start until today. I told her about Priya and why Dad isn’t Hairy anymore. I told her about Lisa and how dad is in such fantastic shape now, because of her. I told her about Kathy and how I roped her in do helping dad as well. I told her how I manipulated each girl into having sex with dad without dad knowing it. I tried to play down what dad knew so Doctor Baxter wouldn’t be mad at him, she would only be mad at me.

When I described dads encounters in detail, like Kathy’s first amazing time, Priya’s 5 hour romp, how she wore the skin off his penis and slept with it buried inside of her for hours. Doc was enthralled at all of it, when I explained about Lisa and what happened to her with dad, Doc was tearing up, the look on her face was very anxious. “What wrong Doc this is supposed to be a happy occasion?” I blurted out looking for the answer to her sudden mood change.

“They all love him, they all adore him, I do to, but I, I, I, am goinggg to Haveeee Hisss BabYYYYY,” the Doc said as she was starting to Bawl at our table. Women and men stared at us from all over the restaurant, 2 beautiful women bawling in each other’s arms.

It felt refreshing to get it all off my chest, how I had blackmailed each girl into helping out Daddy. I told Doc of the power I felt at first when I started but I also told her as I got to know each girl and how wonderful they all are, how badly I felt for doing it to them. The only good thing in all of this is they all seem to have fallen head over heels in love with Dad.

I explained to Doc how I told them all the girls it would only be for 6 months and they would be free of any obligation or blackmail from me. Dr. Baxter said “Wow Danny that’s quite the story, I’m not sure if you are a sweet 6 foot tall super model with Psychotic tendencies or a towering Polynesian Goddess of fire that controls all around her with an Iron fist. You are many Things Danni but none of them boring. You’re right about a few other things too Danni, I love your father and I’m going to have his baby!”

“I don’t know if you know this Kelly, but I gave you the most time with Dad because I saw a real connection that you two had right from your first meeting!”

“Yes Danni I noticed the other girls only get one night a week and one Tuesday morning!”

We had a lovely dinner and right at the end I said “You can have Monday and Tuesday as well, but Dad has to make his Tuesday morning workout still. If you can find something to do for a few hours on Wednesday night for Kathy’s physio appointment and Priya’s Thursday night’s meeting you can be with Dad most of the time! But Friday is always my time with Dad until 2 pm Saturday No exceptions.”

There were tears in Kelly’s eyes as she said “Do you know how Fucked up this whole thing is Danni. I am falling in love with a wonderful man who is giving me the baby that I have dreamed about my whole life. I would love to have a life that lets me explore both sides of my sexuality, a man that doesn’t get jealous of me having sex with other woman and to be blessed to raise a family together Me, Him and maybe even a Lady friend or 2. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to work but I will take what you will give me. I can find something to do for a few hours Tuesday morning and Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I will not interfere with your Friday nights and Saturday mornings and I will not ask questions about what happens during that time!”

“Kelly you are a wonderful lady, smart, kind, caring, considerate and so beautiful as well. I knew that you would be a great match for my dad, thank you for loving him as much as I do, in my own way I have fallen in love with you as well. Now about the times you need to disappear, I have told you I play with the girls before I let them have Dad so If you want you can play with them and me at the same time. Maybe you can teach them how to eat pussy, they all need the practice!” Before she could answer I got up took her hand, pulling her to her feet.

“Why don’t we go home and surprise dad with the news and we could even reward him with a threesome tonight if you will accept me into your and dad’s bed?” Danni said cautiously as they walked to the car.

Kelly leaned on the wall outside the restaurant, looked at Danni and thought she better state her peace. “Danni never in my life could have imagined escort bostancı where I am in my love life right now. I am pregnant with my lovers child, while his 18 year old child blackmails me to make love to him once or twice a week, That same Girl has now offered to share her dad with me in a 3 some tonight while at the same time saying I can now have most of Steve’s time for Myself. She has also offered me all of my feminine fantasies of making out with the most beautiful woman with her before I send them out to fuck my Lover and Baby Daddy. What a fucked up world I have gotten myself into Danni, I love it, it’s like my dream life!”

Danni jumped at Kelly’s mouth with her own and made out right there outside the restaurant. When she caught her breath and her chest stopped heaving Danni said, “Let’s go talk to dad and then we can show him what 2 woman that love him more than anything else on the planet can do to him in the bedroom!”

Kelly grabbed Danni’s Hand and they walked to the car with tears streaming down their faces as they laughed at how happy they both were.

“Kelly I thought you were a little conservative sexually when I first met you, but when I saw you and Dad practically rape each other in your exam room I was impressed I really was. When I went down on you for the first time you enjoyed it so much until you saw that it was me and not Dad. The first time you went down on me it was the best I’ve ever had I think maybe I was in love then!”

“Now Danni don’t go throwing the L word out there so casually” Kelly stated as matter of fact.

“I’m not, I’m not, I’m just telling you how I feel about you Kelly.”

Dad was waiting for us when we walked through the door. He smiled when he saw Kelly and me together and said, “I don’t understand, it’s Friday.”

“Don’t you worry about that tonight Dad; you just sit back and enjoy yourself.” Kelly started kissing his right side and I started kissing his left when all three of our mouths met in the center, we all kissed together I felt dad smile the middle of our kiss, I knew he was a happy man. We took off his shirt I started kissing his chest and Kelly started taking off his pants. As soon as Kelly had his pants and underwear off, I grabbed dad’s ass and nibbled on his nipple. Kelly went straight for his cock sucking it as deep into her mouth as she could.

Kelly is a damn good cocksucker because dad came up without a shot. But we both knew he was never going to come this way, so I went loaded up a needle. I squeezed in beside Kelly put the needle in dad’s penis and pushed the plunger down knowing that this was going to be a fantastic evening. Dad was hard as a rock within 5 minutes and I asked Kelly, “Your choice, cock or mouth?” Kelly said, “Penis please!” I laughed and straddle dad’s face facing Kelly.

I loved the look on Kelly’s face as she lowered herself down onto dad’s penis. It looked like she was stretching her neck during a yoga exercise, she was so concentrated on how much she was being stretched that she didn’t even notice me slip my hand down under and start rubbing her clit. Her eyes opened up and she looked at me with a pleading face.

“Not yet Danni please, not yet, it’s too much!” I laughed and took my hand away and immediately brought it up to her breasts to pinch both her nipples. Her eyes opened again pleading with me not to over sensitize her. I love this part being able to do what I want, when I want to; having somebody beg me to do what they want. Kelly finally got all the way onto dad’s cock, she paused at the bottom for a few seconds, when she started bouncing. I thought okay she’s fair game now. I massaged both of her breasts and tweaked both of her nipples, I went down and rubbed her clit for a few seconds, sending her head back to squint in pleasure at the ceiling.

I was so concentrated on making Kelly feel good, I didn’t really realize how good dad was making me feel. I started to flick my pussy across his tongue and decided that I would come at the same time as Kelly, so I had to time it just right. Kelly was really bouncing now she was going all the way from the top to the bottom leaning forward to do the little twerking motion with her hips. I was actually in her way for her to do it properly, so I leaned back a bit and her head fell towards my stomach. Kelly banged her pussy on dad’s hard cock for about another minute and then shot straight up and let that cock get buried deep inside of her. I leaned back up grabbed her vagina with my right hand found her clit and started strumming as fast as I could. I pinched her nipple with my other hand and lean forward and sucked part of her neck into my mouth, well that was all it took.

She exploded like a water balloon squirting every way her body twisted. Kelly is so fucking amazing that I almost forgot that my goal was to come at the same time. Kelly’s orgasm was so long that I had mine right in the middle of hers and I still ended before her. Kelly sat on her ass with her knees bent and started to bend her back down to rest on Dad’s legs. I wondered how far she could bend dad’s cock backwards before he said something about it. As Kelly laid down, I could see dad’s cock making a lump in her stomach three or four inches above her pubic bone. This isn’t one of those things that you see every day, a lump coming out from a woman’s stomach that you know is the head of a very very long cock; it was a beautiful sight.

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