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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 71 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the owner. ———————————————————————- `Lieutenant, please let me introduce Forts, the only person I will be sitting with under the Apple tree; sorry’ `No room for a little one to join you? Carstairs pipped up `They have got us already’ Brandt laughed and stood to attention `Well maybe another time Mademoiselle’ He took Davys hand and kissed it as we both laughed. I whispered in Davy’s ear `Do you want him to come back with us? He shook his head `No, I want tonight with just you’ ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 71 Forts continues the story The trip to Fort George seemed so long ago now, the journey home had been a lot more sedate, mainly because we all had sore heads. I wasn’t feeling that good after last night’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations either. I was laying, feet up on the couch snuggled up to Athol, it wasn’t often that I got him to myself, he sat with his arm around me as we both stared into the log fire; I took a sip of my drink, Dad gave me a squeeze. `It’s nice just to have some time just the two of us, we never seem to have much time for just us anymore’ I looked up into his eyes and smiled. `Dad’ `Yes’ `I was just sitting here thinking, about everything you have done for me, I can never thank you enough’ He gave me another squeeze and kissed my head, but I had more to say. `I am sorry, I know I have disappointed you a few times, I hope you can forgive me’ `Hey, what’s brought this on? `Well, it is the start of the New Year and I really want to make you proud of me’ `Forts, I am prouder of you, than you can ever imagine, both you and Davy too, you chose well there’ I squeezed his arm `I know, Davy’s giving Nikita his nightly English lesson, that Russian English dictionary you got him, is really helping apparently’ Dad laughed `I hoped it would, but remember his face when he thought that was all he was getting, I thought Archie was going to wet himself’ We both laughed, remembering back to Christmas Eve. That day had been another long one, with lots to be done, mostly the setting out of the Great Hall with tables for the Christmas dinner and a stage area, for what Dad had called the “Performance”. Mr Duncan and Landers had worked their socks off in the kitchen again. The Castles farms supplying all the food; Turkey again this year, still a rare thing to be eaten in Britain, but as we had a small breeding flock, they suited our needs very well. Of course, we had no army soldiers to help out this year or provide the entertainment unfortunately either. Dad, had decided that before we all ate, we would have a bit of a show and singing; Mr Davis had been practicing his heart out, Carstairs at his side; by the time he had finished practicing; I like many, were convinced he didn’t need the music; he had learnt all the tunes by heart. And what about the sisters Grimm, I hear you ask? Yes Davy, Carstairs and Nikita, were going to be doing their awful; no that’s cruel, let me say unusual, impressions of the Andrews Sisters again, this time keeping their clothes on and wearing rather nice Dark Green skirts and white blouses, all made by Mr Duncan’s sister. I had caught the last dress rehearsal, arriving as they launched into, `Were gonna Hang out the washing on the Siegfried line’, complete with washboards and actions; finishing with Davy singing a rather sultry, `Kiss me good night Sergeant Major’, to Nikita; …all I said was `He is a bit small for a Sergeant Major, have you got a box for him to stand on for that kiss?’ I don’t know quite how it happened; but I ended up dressed as the Sergeant Major, the good bit being I got to snog Davy as the lights dimmed, bringing the show to a close; well as Dad said, at least you weren’t doing the Can Can again. Dad, also wanted to say a big thank you and have a presentation to all the Prefects who would be leaving the school and heading back to London; each Prefect was going to be allowed to keep their fly Plaid broaches; All beautifully handmade pieces, from a jeweller in Inverurie. Additionally, Athol had all their school certificates beautifully printed for them and finally a small book of photographs of Castle Fraser. It was going to be strange saying goodbye to Rory Dickens and the rest of them. I suppose Dicken’s was the closest to me. He had been the first guy I had roomed with when we first arrived, it was him, who Davy had caught me showing off my ability to cum to, in the original shower block; now if that hadn’t happened, would Davy and I have gotten together? Who knows? ** Forts continues the story You are all probably wondering how Davy and I were getting along with Nikita now we had returned to the Castle. The boy was as Archie, quoting, what the Prime Minister Winston Churchill had said, about Russia itself, “A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key”. I remembered asking Archie what that meant, and him sagely saying “a difficult puzzle to solve”, with Nikita, at first, I thought that the key appeared to be Davy, later I wasn’t so sure. Nikita was always by his side, Davy was, I think learning as much Russian, as Nikita was English. But something was just not right; don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think he was a spy or anything as dramatic as that. But was he really fifteen? I have to confess to doubting that; he was so small and underdeveloped; if you know what I mean, he was no bigger in the trouser department than some of our eight-year olds. Dad and Archie attributed that to a hard peasant life and a poor diet; whatever age he was, the kid wouldn’t sleep alone. The first evening at the Castle, Davy and I had agreed he could sleep in a small bed in our room, as he seemed so lost when Davy left him. Having got him all tucked in he had howled like a puppy on its first night in a strange home; until desperate for sleep, I had allowed him to get into our bed. He had attached himself to the front of me like a baby monkey, his little face and blue eyes buried in my chest hair, thank God Davy was so understanding. In the early hours of that first night, I had woken, ankara escort a bizarre dream; I thought Davy was playing with me, I felt close to cumming. My nipple was throbbing, my cock matching it twitch for twitch. I felt down, it was Nikita’s mouth that was firmly locked onto my nipple, his lips teasing and pulling on it, while his little fingers worked on the other one. His legs were apart, somehow, I was on my back and he was sitting astride me. I went to move him, his little fingers dug into my chest hair and he whimpered, shaking his head; Christ, what if Davy woke up, how would I explain this. There was nothing else to be done, I reached over to give him a gentle shake. `Davy, Davy are you awake’ A little finger when to my lips and Nikita gave a shake of his head; I looked at him, no I couldn’t let this happen. I tried a bit louder; just as a little hand dropped and tightly gripped round my shaft; Ouch, that caused me to jump and let out a little yelp; Christ his hands were strong. `DAVY, you really need to wake up’ I heard a grumble from Davy; Nikita was now wanking my shaft hard, rubbing his fingers in the precum my cock was freely giving up, which he then greedily licked off himself. `DAVY, FOR CHRIST SAKE WAKE UP’ Davy sat bolt upright, peering at me in the gloom. `What is it? Is that Nikita on your chest? I snapped at him, `No shit, nothing gets past you does it Sherlock, who else would it be? Davy help me’ With me yelping again as Nikita tightened his grip on my chest hairs, Davy sat up and reached for the bedside lamp; it flicked on illuminating the whole scene. Nikita was naked on my chest, Davy leaned in towards him. `Are you okay Niki? `What are you asking him that for? I snapped back Nikita; I don’t know, sensing Davy’s caring voice, who knows? Spun round with an unnatural speed, and took my hard wet bellend into his mouth, wrapping his little hands one above the other on my shaft. Davy Laughed, yes laughed. Then looked at me all serious. `Well, it looks like he has been playing with you for a while, look at your red nipples and all that precum’ `Davy, I just woke up like this honest, I didn’t touch him’ Davy’s cross face fell away, he couldn’t keep it up. `He does seem very attached to you, well your cock, ever since you did the Can Can the other night at Fort George. Davy’s face was trying to be all serious as he put on his best Russian accent, struggling through his laughter he repeated what Niki had said, “You Have Big Cock” Davy belly laughed, I gestured towards Nikita; mouthing “help me”, Nikita was still working my cock head with his tongue; he was hitting all the right spots, I had to stifle a groan. Both of us watched as if in a trance, as Nikita, dropped his mouth to my shaft just below the bellend; he locked his lips on to it, and I felt him sucking. `Ouch, he bit me’ I tried again to get him off of me, but he just dug his little fingers into me. I looked at Davy putting on my best “puppy eyes” `Davy, help me, please’ More laughter. Davy hauled himself up on is elbows and as he went to get hold of Niki, Niki let go of my cock with is hands, but moved his mouth firmly over my bellend again, tightening his lips under the ridge, he slid his bum down till it was right in front of my face, and then again clasped one handful of my pubes, and the other of Chest hair and began pulling. Davy tried to ease him off me, but Nikita wasn’t letting go `Careful Davy, it’s really sore, he is pulling on the hairs’ Davy couldn’t stop chuckling `You should see his eyes Forts; he means business. Wow, he has given you a love bite on your shaft too, that’s gonna smart’ `Davy this is not funny, get him off me’ Davy put his face directly in front of Nikita’s and began to speak to him; Niki wasn’t paying much attention it seemed, he wiggled his body pushing his arse back further into my face, I couldn’t help but breathe in the aroma coming from him; my tongue flicked out and licked his skin; Christ what was I doing, Nikita felt it though and stretched back even further, giving his beautiful peachy arse cheeks a little wiggle, luckily, Davy hadn’t seen me. I couldn’t stop myself breathing in his smell, even easing my nose closer, so it just touched the cleft of his buttocks; I had another little lick. Davy, gave up trying to speak to him and sat up again; and started trying to wrestle him free, with me yelping, it dawned on him we were getting nowhere. Davy sat back, killing himself laughing, every time he managed to get one hand released from its handful of my pubes and went to release the other one. Nikita would take another handful, with the freed hand. All this time, his little tongue was working my cock, I could feel myself throbbing in response, releasing more and more precum to it; I had now had a couple of licks of him too. `Fuck Davy, we are going to have to try something else, this is getting too painful’ `Well, he doesn’t seem to want to give up, perhaps you could just let him play tonight and I can try and speak to him tomorrow’ `Isn’t that just giving in to bad behaviourrrrr’ I winced and my voice rose as Davy tried to remove his little fingers from another handful of hair. `Well, it’s up to you Forts? `Okay leave him this time, but you have to speak to him tomorrow, or get him a muzzle’ I watched Davy, get back down next to Niki’s head, he took hold of my shaft, Niki, tried to pull it away from him; god was that a growl? `Be careful Davy, he has my cock head in his mouth’ I couldn’t see what Davy was doing easily so I laid back, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of soap and young butt. It appeared Davy convinced him to share, Davy’s big tongue licking at my balls, and sucking each into his mouth. Nikita, seemed to relax, his body no longer as hard as steel, he wiggled his bum back further; I couldn’t stop myself; I placed my hands on his buttocks and eased them apart; his small acorn sized nuts, unmoving, held in their tight sac, close to his body, his small uncut dick barely hanging past them, I examined him intently, not a hair to be seen. I eased my tongue under his ball sac and licked them, then gently sucked them both and his small cock into my mouth; again tasting, soap, maybe some piss, and that boy taste, he stretched his legs wider, as my tongue now given the green light, explored more. I tried to copy what Davy was doing to my nuts, but these were so small and delicate I was frightened I might hurt them. I let them fall from my mouth and pushed the tip of my tongue into the crease of his bum, fresh soap and there it was again; something I distantly remembered from when Davy and I had first started, a pre puberty smell and taste of boy. As his little flickering tongue went into over drive, backwards and forwards on the ridge of my cockhead, then up the bowstring escort ankara to my cock lips, even I could feel the precum trickling out of me, he lapped it up with his velvet tongue, each touch a wondrous jolt of pleasure, I sensed Davy moving closer too, his bigger rougher tongue so different from the kittens. I eased my hips upwards: Nikita, now knew he had won the battle and he was enjoying taking the spoils. My cockhead was throbbing, the skin glistening and taut, each lick of his tongue a feathers touch, my cock trying to rise to stay in touch with his mouth as he moved. I had laid back and was staring at the ceiling, enjoying the sensations washing over me. `Davy, you may as well turn off the light’ Christ, how bad am I, I knew my face would be giving away; I was in heaven. With the room now dark again, the tingling from my cock, had me at bursting point. Nikita, sat up and pushed his bum back on to my face. One of his little hands reached back and pulled one of his cheeks wider open: my tongue went for it. Licking again from his small ball sac, slowly and deliberately across his hole, I spat on his pucker and pushed my tongue into the centre of it, it easily breached the minimal resistance his sphincter offered and slipped inside, into his velvet lined arse; the story of him being used by sailors must be true. I eased in a finger alongside my tongue, working them both, eliciting little groans from him. I hadn’t felt Davy, for a few moments; shit, I peered round, he was sat watching Nikita feasting on my cock, slowly wanking his own. `You okay? This was your idea’ He nodded, `I think he is going to want to be fucked too’ Davy whispered to me; boy did I hope so. Davy lent into Nikita again. `Do you want Forts to fuck you? Well, there was a word he understood, Nikita scooted off my chest and lay on his back, between Davy and me, as I got up on to my knees, my cockhead swaying a pendulum of precum, Nikita, took hold of his knees and pulled them back practically to his ears; he held them there tightly. His legs wide apart his hole facing upwards, glistening where I had been licking it; my cock throbbed and bobbed. His little face and eyes watching me intently. Davy spoke, but I didn’t hear what he had said. `Sorry? `I said he looks like he is ready for it’ I didn’t answer, just shuffled closer, Niki’s hole at the perfect height for my cock, I grabbed my shaft and smeared it on his twitching pucker, I could feel my shaft, throbbing forcing more precum from my cock lips, I watched it drip from my bellend; falling dead centre, absorbed by his hole, I glanced at Davy as I lined myself up; he nodded. Consumed with an animal lust, I pushed forward and down, gasping as his hole swallowed my big bellend, with practically no sign of discomfort. His little face facing me, his eyes tightly closed, I pushed myself home, smothering his, small cock and balls in my pubes and hair. I eased back and then plunged forward again; his little eyes flashed open, he reached for my arms and put my hands on his thighs; now I was holding his legs back. His mouth opened and he reached up for my neck with his hands, I leant forward, feeling his fingers interlocking behind me. With amazing strength; or was it a lack of resistance from me, he pulled me down to him, my tongue, filled his little mouth, I was consumed, the animal in me had taken over my brain, I began to power fuck him, pulling all the way out, before hammering it back home. The moans and groans coming from both of us, interspersed with the heavy slap of my balls against his little upturned butt. A hand touched my shoulder, I glared up, straight into Davy’s face. `Hey, gently Tiger, you don’t want to hurt him’ Shit, Davy was right, what had come over me, I sat up, my cock still buried inside Niki, he lay looking up at me; disappointed I had stopped snogging and power fucking him. I looked at Davy `Christ what came over me? I eased out of Nikita, he tried to hold on to me, but firmly I said `No’ And held up my finger, he understood that; why hadn’t I tried that earlier? I looked at Davy and then at Niki. `Davy, get on your back’ Davy nodded and assumed the position, with Niki watching, I moved between Davy’s legs; where I was supposed to always be. Davy moaned as I pushed my well lubed shaft into him, gently, I slid deep into him, Niki sitting crossed legged, watching us. I slowly made love to Davy our tongues duelling it out, the excitement rising in my balls, I felt them tighten to my shaft, before I blew, my load deep inside my boyfriend. After we had both cum, Niki, crawled over and snuggled up to us both, Davy looked at me smiling. `Is that Niki purring? `Well, it’s not me’. I told him as I kissed him goodnight. ** Davy picks up the story Forts was standing bare chested in his jodhpurs, busy polishing his riding boots as I entered the room, he turned to the door, and broke into a broad smile. `Hey your back’ He came over and gave me a big kiss; his riding boot sticking out from his arm and a cloth in the other. I couldn’t resist running my fingers through his chest hair and giving his nipple a tweak. He looked behind me. `Careful it’s still a bit tender, speaking of that, where’s our Russian friend? I ignored him and gave him another kiss `Don’t you go starting anything, you’re not prepared to finish now’ He gave a dirty chuckle; he was trying desperately to keep the boot away from me. `Oh, watch out I don’t want to get polish on you’ He moved back to the window and resumed adding polish in little circles. `So, where is our Russian friend? Did you manage to speak to him about last night? `I tried too, I am not sure he always fully understands, I need an English to Russian dictionary, I think, but then again, it probably won’t have most of the words I want in it’ Forts laughed and putting on his Russian accent again he said `Yes, you no touch my boyfriend’s Big cock’ I nodded, laughing, but I needed to speak to him about something else. `Forts, you know we mentioned me going back to London to see Mum and Dad and Andrew, do you think Athol will be okay with that? `Yeah, I am sure he will be, well actually I have mentioned it to him already, saying we both wanted to go? I had been kind of dreading this moment, from what Forts had been saying I knew he wanted to go too. `Forts, do you mind if I go on my own? I am worried enough about going, and I am sure Dad would blow his top, if he even suspected we were as he would call us “Nancy Boys” Forts looked a bit hurt `Well, I am not frightened of your Dad’ `I know, but you know what I mean, I haven’t seen them in over a year’ Forts was definitely a bit put out, he started to brush the polish off his riding boot, with renewed vigour. I got off the bed and crossed over to him, wrapping my ankara escort bayan arms round him. `I won’t be gone long, just a couple of days’ He carried on brushing his boot and then started to speak, but stopped, `Yes but…’ He shook his head and pulled away, `Forts, please’ He went over to his chest of draws; I followed him, he opened the bottom draw and pulled out a little parcel, all wrapped up, he turned and handed it to me. `You can give him this, from his Uncle Forts’ Forts turned and walked back to the window and began brushing his boots even harder. I knew this was all going wrong, I stood looking at the parcel, it had a little gift label on it “To Andrew, all my love Uncle Forts” `Forts, please try to understand’ `Davy, it doesn’t matter, just take the label off and say it’s from you’ `Forts, come on, this isn’t fair, not everyone is as understanding as Athol and Archie, my Dad would freak out, take me away from here, stop me ever seeing you again’ `He could try’ Forts spat back; I sat on the bed, hating the silence, watching Forts, banging his feet into his riding boots. `Are you going riding, now? `It would be a bit strange, if I wasn’t, dressed like this wouldn’t it?’ I jumped up `Hang on I will come too’ `Actually Davy, if you don’t mind, I think I would rather go just myself’ I sat back down, as he pulled on his jacket and picked up his knew riding crop, with its silver monogramed handle. He headed for the door, I called out `I know Andrew will love his present from you, thank you’ `The door closed on the word `Yeah’ I wanted to go after him, but I know Forts too well now, he just needs some time to himself and he will be fine again. I picked up the parcel; he hadn’t even said what it was, I felt retched. I decided to head down to see Athol. `Hi, Davy come in’ ** Forts continues the story On Christmas Eve evening, once everything was ready for the big day, Dad had invited me and Davy, to a quite evening in the staff room, after a few drinks and a lovely buffet meal, we had exchanged presents; all wrapped in hand coloured paper. Dad, announced that the youngest went first, which meant Davy, he handed him a rather large rectangular parcel, I watched Davy’s eyes as he opened it, it appeared to be an old and musty looking book, Dad, looked expectantly at him, I could tell from Archie’s face he knew what was coming, he was grinning. `Well Davy? I thought it would be really useful’ Davy, looked somewhat bemused, I could see he was forcing himself to look pleased, he read the gothic script on the front. `An English to Russian dictionary, oh, …thank you Mr MacDonald’ `Well, I thought it might be useful, with Nikita? `Yes, I am sure it will be’ Davy placed the old dictionary down, beside him; Archie couldn’t contain himself anymore and burst out laughing, Dad then lost it too. `Davy, sorry that was mean, here is your present from Archie and me, I really hope it’s okay’ Davy, unwrapped the small parcel and then opened the red leather box, his face dropped as he stared at the glistening watch. `I hope it’s okay? Davy just sat shaking his head, then the tears came, he showed me the watch, it was a surprise to me too a beautiful Gold Rolex, the reverse had been engraved with Christmas 1940, all our love then a cypher of intertwined Capital `A’s; to disguise the givers identity. Davy crossed to first Athol and then archie giving them both great big hugs. `Thank you both so much, it is the best present I have ever received’ Dad spoke again `Oh, and there’s this from a couple of reprobates you know too’ He handed Davy another large rectangular parcel Davy removed the paper; revealing a frame holding four photographs; Davy audibly sobbed, it was from Gethin and Callum, a picture of Davy in a Spitfire, Callum and Gethin in full uniform, Castle Fraser with a spitfire flying past it and Davy and Gethin in the Spitfire trainer, taken as they flew past. Davy hugged the picture Athol was having a job holding it together now too as he pulled out a folded piece of paper from his sporran, he opened it; a telegram from Gethin, wishing Davy a very Merry Christmas and hoping to see him soon. Davy sat, tears streaming down his face. `I don’t know why I am crying; I am so happy, this is silly’ Archie, handed him a hankie. I stood up and went under the tree, I glanced back at Davy `Oh, no, my present is not here’ Davy looked straight at me and whispered. `I only want you anyway and you’re here’ `No here it is, only joking’ I handed the little package to Davy, `Forts, you shouldn’t have, you know I can’t afford to get you anything nice’ `Hey, you don’t know what it is yet, go on open it’ Davy unwrapped the paper and opened the black velvet box `I thought it might come in useful in your last year as head boy’ Davy took the Mont blanc fountain pen from the box; he didn’t say anything just got up and hugged me. `Thank you darling, thank you’ Archie stood up and clapped his hands, `Now, well part of your present Forts from Dad and me’ The door opened and Gary came in carrying a brand-new Black leather saddle and Bridle, the leather gleamed in the lights of the staff room, embossed on the saddle flap and inlaid in silver was another monogram of a `D’ an `M’. Athol stood up, pointing to the monogram it’s for Drageon McDonald, we hope it’s okay. I was speechless, stroking and smelling the leather, my fingers tracing the silver letters. I hugged Dad and then Archie. `Hey that’s not everything, have a look out the window’ I looked at them both and then Gary. `Go on, the rest of your present is outside’ Davy came with me to the window, illuminated and standing just outside on the forecourt, was Brookmeyer, holding Pegasus: as if knowing we were watching him, Pegasus reared up and pawed the air with his hooves. It was then I lost it, turning, Athol and Archie were right behind me, I hugged them both, tears streaming down my cheeks. Dad put his arm round me. `He is all yours, you are responsible for looking after him now’ `I can’t thank you all enough’ Now you’re all wondering what Davy got me, well that’s our secret. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest

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