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Subject: Opi Comes Out (Gay/Incest, oral, anal, b/MMMbm) Incest, oral, anal, b/MMMbm Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It a contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boy and adult males… If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2018 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. Opi comes Out By Wolf I was only eleven when my grandfather took me shopping for clothes in the town’s local haberdashery. That morning I had gotten dressed and chose to go commando and had forgotten about it when grandpa offered to take me shopping for a couple of new blue jeans. I selected a couple of pairs of jeans and when we went to the changing room Grampa stood outside while I went through the curtain to try them on. I had to remove my snickers to take off my old jeans before trying on the new jeans. The first ones I tried on were very stiff and I struggle to pull them up and fought with the metal buttons. The buttonholes were a little too tight for me to fasten, so I asked Gramps to give me a hand. When Gramps entered the boot, he surveyed, and sat on the wooden bench and pulled me between his legs. I bent over to pull the jeans back up without thinking about it. My bare butt was preictally in his face. As I stood up and pulled the pants up, he reached around me to help me button the pants. It was a struggle and while doing so his fingers brushed against my dick. It responded instantly by getting a three-inch boner. as stiff as a board. Gramps abandoned the buttons and took hold of my dick with two fingers and his thumb and started masturbating me. I was too young to cum but I produced a couple of drops of pre-cum. Gramps wiped the tip of my dick with his fingertip and licked the finger. We changed my pants and I put my comfortable blue jeans back on. While Gramps gathered up the new blue jeans while I put my snickers back on. Gramps paid for the pants and drove me home. We didn’t discuss what had taken place. The following Sunday Grandmother went to church as usual. She not only attended church services, but she also stayed for choir practice and had tea with her friends. As a result, she would be gone for at least four hours. Grandpa had a woodworking bench in the garage where he spent a lot of time making useful things. I followed Gramps into the garage and helped him set up his dovetail machine to make a bookcase. Grandpa asked, “Did you enjoy me playing with your dick the other day?” “Yes” “Do you play with your dick and have you ever played with a friend’s dick?” “I play with it almost every day and my best friend Jack taught me how to jack-off.” Grampa asked, “Do you want to do that again with me?” “Okay” Gramps unfastened my jeans and pulled them down. I was commando again. He picked me up and sat my bare butt on top of the workbench, and spread my legs. He leaned over and took my penis into his mouth and started sucking on it. It didn’t take long before I experience a dry orgasm in his mouth. When Gramps straightened izmit escort bayan up, he pulled down his own pants along with his boxer shorts. He sat down on his stool and pulled me off the bench. I stood there admiring my grandfather’s cock. He was a slender old man and I didn’t expect to see a cock like his. His cock was about six inches long and I had never seen a cock like his before. It had skin covering the head. When I asked, “Why is the head of your dick covered with skin.” “Back in my time boys in my neighborhood, they didn’t circumcise boys. ” He pulled the shin back to expose the knob that looked a lot like mine. His was shiny and wet. His cock had been resting on his balls, but it started coming to an erection. I saw that his balls looked like two big marbles in a large soft sack. I was fascinated with his hairy crotch too. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled my head down to his cock. I took hold of his cock and started jerking him off as I had done with my friend. Before I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth as he had done to me. The only difference was that when Grandpa came, he squirted cum in my mouth. I spit it into my hand thinking that it was pee until I saw white stuff. Grandpa explained what the stuff was and assured me that it was good for me. He told me that I would like the taste. We eventually got dressed and continued working on the bookcase. From then on when Grandma went to church Grandpa and I would go to the garage and get undressed and masturbate each other and suck each other’s cocks. I never forgot to swallow his cum. In less than a year both of us were excited when I came in his mouth. Grandpa was finding ways for us to be alone a lot, so we sucked each other off. I was at least fourteen when Grampa asked me if I would like to find out what it was like to fuck a man. I was excited about the prospect and told him I wanted to find out what it was like. He made plans for us to go hiking in the mountains for a week. We packed up our backpacks and drove the old truck to the trailhead. We slung our packs on our backs and headed off up the trail. It was a steep climb on the first day. We were sweating a lot, but the air was desiccated and the sweat dried quickly. We took a trail that was less used and it led to a small pond that received a lot of sunlight. We set up camp alongside the pond. There was a constant stiff breeze, so there were no flying insects to put up with. We shed our clothes and went swimming. When we emerged from the pond, we let the sun dry us off. We prepared dinner on our backpack stoves and cleaned up after we finished eating. It was late and grew dark quickly. When we entered our tent, we smelled just how strong our body odor was. We eventually got used to the smell. Grampa took a tube of some sort of lubricant from his pack and greased up my cock for me. Then he reached behind his ass and stuck a couple of fingers up his asshole. He lay on his back on top of his sleeping bag and rolled up and clung to the backs of his thighs. I looked at his hairy brown asshole by the dim light of the back-packing lantern hanging from the center of the tent. I knelt between his legs and approached him on izmit sınırsız escort my knees. Grandpa rested his heels on my shoulders, as I aimed my own cock, which was as big as his by that time, at his asshole. I was a little surprised that it went in easier than I would have expected. I started fucking him and very quickly was sweating. Sweat was dripping from my face onto his chest and face. It was all very exciting. I was breathing hard until I felt my cock explode my load of cum into his ass was thrilling beyond belief. When I pulled out of his ass, Grandpa stuffed a rag up his ass to keep from leaking cum onto his sleeping bag. Then he made room for me to take is place on his bag. Now it was my turn to lay on my back and expose my asshole t him. Grandpa greased up his cock and used two fingers up my asshole to grease it up. Then he took hold of my ankles and rested my feet on his chest. He cautioned me to relax and push as he entered me. When the head of his cock penetrated my asshole, it felt like a hot poker was being shoved up my ass. It was all I could do to keep from crying out. I whimpered until he got it all in my ass. At least when he pulled back it felt like I was shitting a big turd but it hurt when he thrust in. I grunt with every thrust. When he came in my ass it felt strange having his body pressed against me. He left his cock in me until it went limp and slipped out of my ass. We lay there breathing hard until he announced, “I need to go pee!” I followed him out of the tent and we walked to the location we had designed as the latrine. Grandpa squatted and started pissing a stream in front of him. He also started shitting. To clean-out-the cum as well. I stood there next to him and pissed while standing next to him. I realized his cum was dripping down the insides of my thighs. I walked to the pond and walked into the water up to my knees and squatted and washed my legs and ass. By the end of the week I was able to take his cock up my ass without lubricant. We fucked each other the morning we hiked out, and I was able to walk without looking like I had a pole up my ass. Anal sex was added to our activities from then on. I became very interested in sex. There was a seedy bookstore in town. Being underage I was nervous about entering the adult section of the store. I expected to be ejected at any moment. The store clerk was aware that I was underage and in the adult section. He was about forty-years-old and had a weeks’ worth of a beard, and his T-shirt reeked of his body odor. I looked at all of the glossy covers of the books and magazines until I found the gay section. I was too shy to look at the men around me, as I picked up a magazine and flipped through the pictures of men sucking cocks and getting fucked in the ass. I got a boner that was tenting my jeans. I eventually picked up a paperback book with a title about a boy being trained as a sex slave. I took it to the counter and paid the clerk for it. He simply smiled at me as he gave me change and put the book in a paper bag. My heart was pounding as I walked down the street. I felt someone approaching me from behind. When he drew up alongside me, he asked, “Hi, my name is Chuck kocaeli escort bayan and I saw you in the store.” I thought I was in trouble. Don’t worry, I like that kind of reading material too. I even have a collection of videos at home.” “What kind of videos do you have?” “I have videos of boys having sex with each other and men too. Would you like to see them?” For the first time I actually looked at the man. He looked about fifty and had graying hair. He had a mustache and goatee. It was too dark to see what color his eyes were. He was wearing nice clothes and smelled of a sweet cologne. On an impulse I accepted his offer, He took my arm and said that the car was in the back of the store. We rounded the building and he directed me to a new Mini Cooper. When we were on the road, he placed his hand on the crotch of my pants and gave my boner a gentle squeeze. He took me to an apartment on top of a hill. He led me to a two-story apartment duplex. He offered me a drink and gave me a can of soda as he led me upstairs. The room had a commanding view of the valley below. The Town lights sparkled. He went to his TV and put a DVD in the machine. He joined me on the couch and used the remote to activate the machine. He told me that the father of these two boys videoed the story. The TV screen went from assure-blue to a boy that ten was playing in the back yard of a nice residence. He was pushing around toy trucks in a le of dirt. Then an older boy about fourteen came into view. He took the younger boy by the hand and led him into the house. Where the older boy undressed the younger boy. Then he removed his own clothes. The younger boy knelt before the older one and took hold of the cock and jerked him off before taking the cock into his mouth. While I was watching the video, the man was opening my pants. As soon as he had y cock out, he bent over and started ducking my cock. While he was sucking, he struggled to pull my pants and underwire down. When they were below my knees, he stuck his hand between my warm thighs and played with my balls a little. Then he stuck a finger up my asshole. It didn’t take long before I squirted cum in his mouth. I was watching the video intently. The boys were naked by then, and the bigger boy was fucking the younger boy. When the adult came into the picture e was naked and was holding a big cock. Chuck said, “That is their father.” The man played with both of their cocks, before he fucked, the older boy and finger fucked the younger one at the same time. Chuck draped me across a thick glass-topped coffee table in front of the couch and he fucked my ass. He was thrilled that I was able to take his cock without complaining. He asked me who had broken me in, and I told him but my grandfather. He sat there hacking off while I told him the whole story. He took off his clothes and I fucked him. We take bout it and he offered to introduce me to the family in the video. We eventually had to get dressed before he drove me home. True to his word he did pick me up after school and took me to a very expensive home where I recognized the man and boys. We had something to eat before the two men set up the recording cameras. I was excited about getting to suck off a boy too young to cum and rim his sweet ass with my tongue and finger. That was the beginning of my career as a gay porn star. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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