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Subject: Osito de miel Usual disclaimers do apply. Adhere to the rules if they apply to you & what not. I dont condone abuse of any kind. I do have experiences myself & always up to talk to others, as I do know they happen in real life. Open to hearing any kind of fantasies & desires you have. There are many lil actual true life things mixed into this story. Based off a furry mex cub I cared for, along with the fantasies I let grow & go about in my mind. Below are some posts to help you visualize the horny blr/post/172679225468 Ive been jerking to since I was a teen, and I know many of you have to. And still do as I currently am and will for years. So please do your part & donate to . I know you love this site as much as me, so let’s help keep it alive. So, onto stroking fty/donate.html ———————————————————— “Whhhhhhhhhy? Why can’t I stay with tio tito or tio luis or or or..well, tio gabe?” I sat on the couch & pouted as ma got finished packing up. We didn’t have much money, but ma & pa saved up to go on a month long trip. They were going to mexico to show off my new lil brother. It wasn’t fair. My older brother got to go to summer camp. And I got the butt end of the stick!!! I was a big boy, for real!! I just barely turned 8 and I felt growned up!!! I must have had a good sour face working, cuz ma came to where I was. She fixed up my clothes, hair & kissed my forehead. She lovingly looked into my eyes telling me “We’ll be back before you know it. I was going to leave it as a little surprise, but guess who you’re going to stay with”. In my angriest face I could muster, I firmly said “I dont care ma! Humph!” Ma laughed & hugged me. “Its not funny ma!” “Well, guess what? You’re going to stay with your tio carlitos!!” My mood instantly paused. “For real ma?” She laughed & held me affectionately. “Yes, the whole entire time!!! What do you think??” I couldnt be mad anymore. It was my tio carlitos! He was so cool & like a bestest older brother!! I smiled ear to ear and hugged ma. “Can I stay up late with tio?!” She laughed & gave that motherly face. “You better behave and listen to whatever your tio says. Don’t give him any problems too. Understood?” “Yes ma, I’ll behave. I promise!!” I hugged her & gave her a big ole kiss! I was SOOOOOOO excited! I was going to get to eat tons of pizza!!! And watch really cool movies!! And video gamesss!! Ma stood up & ordered “Go get your little bit of clothes left to pack & clean up your room. Your tio will pick you up when we’re ready to leave.” I raced up to my room & spent the evening cleaning up. It wasn’t too bad. I had a large football shaped toy chest to hold most of my junk. Since it was summer vacation, ma FINALLY let me play video games till late in the night. After that, I spent a good time writing in my journal. It was my good friend who listened to me a lot!! I didn’t really have friends like my older brother, but I had my bestest friends in my lil journal & toys. And well, I got my pen & started to write to him.. “Dear Osi, I got the best news today! I was mad im not going to stay with my primos n play like I wanted to. I was mega mad! But ma told me the bestest coolest thing ever!!!! I’m going to stay with tio carlos!! I’m going to get to eat sooo much pizza & watch cool movies. I’m going to miss ma and pa a lot a lot though. I kinda wish I was going to mexico with them…” I paused writing, as pa came peeked into my room & told me “Hijo, ya son las una de la manana. A dormir.” “Okay pa. I just want to finish writing a lil bit.” “Pues apurale!” he said. I was about to write more when I heard the bathroom door slam shut. My heart raced as I realized pa went to use the bathroom. I quickly wrote to my mejor amigo… “Pa went to use the bathroom & it still doesnt have the door knob! I just gotta check & see osi! I know I feel those butterflies…and feels like I shouldn’t. I just have to! Be right back osi…” Quickly & quietly I got off the bed, peeking out my room into the hallway. It was pitch black & seemed to never end. It was empty and clear, yet I felt jittery, as I quietly crept to the bathroom. As I got right by it, I stood still, trying again to see if any one else was awake or around. I was trying to figure out what I can say in case pa opened the door and was coming out. “Hmmmmm, I know! I’ll tell him I had to use the bathroom! Yea, that’ll work!!” I thought to myself happily. I peered out and around again to see if anyone was up as I felt tingly and like I had to pee. I was soooo nervous, it felt like my chest was tight and I couldn’t breath either. My heart beat picked up as I got closer to the hole in the door. Kneeling as softly as my body could muster, I kept telling myself pa probably couldnt see me. As I looked in, I could barely make out pa standing in the bathroom. I saw him reach over & flush the toilet, and realized I missed him by a minute! As I heard the flush, I bolted away as quick as I could!! I closed my door after running into my room, jumping into my bed! Breathing hard, I just had to finish talking to osi… “Oh man, osi!! I was mega scared!! I ALMOST got caught trying to see pa! Well, Im glad I didn’t. I really did think I’d get to finally see pa’s penis. Maybe next time I can. I just keep wondering what his is like. Well, time to sleep osi. I’ll talk to you later..” With that, I curled up in bed and got comfy with my all my colchas wrapped up on me. Soon after, I drifted off to a very good dream. ———————————————————— The day semeed to pass by quick, as ma woke me up for a late breakfast & I pretty much got to be mega lazy like I wanted to be. And best, I got to ride my bike through the forest trail if I felt like it! After sweating myself like crazy, I barely made it home. I was soooo tired!!!! Ma told me to take a good bath before tio came to get me, so I dragged myself up & got my shower started. I just wanted to go to sleep! I was soooooo istanbul travesti tiiiirrreedddd!!! Well, to get out faster, I started up the 5 spot soap’n’rinse like ma taught me!! First was my head, then my armpits, then my weenie-to and then my culito & finally my feet!!! Mmmmm, I do love to tickle my lil dick tip with a soapy finger. It felt soooo goood!! Since I was already soapy, I decided to play with myself just a lil bit. “Hey hijo, get out & dressed, your tio is here!!” ma yelled, as I jumped in the shower a lil bit. She sure had a strong voice!! Disappointed, I rinsed off real quick and got out to dry myself. I could hear ma walk by as she loudly said “Your set of clothes is in the dryer. Go put it on!! Quickly, I wrapped my big towel around myself & got out the hot bathroom. As soon as the door is open, cool air hits me & makes my nipples so hard! I close my eyes for a second, liking how good it feels. Mmmmm, but I have to get my clothes, tio is here!! Holding onto my towel, I make a run for the basement to get my clothes. I can hear them talking in the kitchen as I sneak past, wanting to see if I can surprise tio with a big “Hi”!! It’s so chilly as I walk on the cold steps, & feel goosebumps pop up all all over. As I get to the dryer, I can see ma laid out my new wolverine calzones. Nervously, I look around to see if anyone was near, as I always get dressed in my room. It feels exciting to do something I feel is a lil bad, as ma always says to be a good lil boy! I’m already shaking a bit as I drop my towel & slip on my new calzones. I can feel how warm it is as it heats up my lil chorizo & juevos. I open the dryer & start to shuffle through bit of clothes there. Hmmm, where’s my other sock? “SMACK!!” I yelp and almost jump a mile high, almost hitting my head inside the dryer!! And on top, my culito was on fire!! I hold onto my culito & see who it is, hearing a deep laugh as I realize it’s my tio carlitos!! “That hurt tioooo!!” I whine, as I rub my tender lil butt. He quickly picks me up & plants kisses all over, making me giggle & forget my pain for a second. “I’m sorry mijo. That hurt a lil bit?” he says sarcastically. I can’t help but give another pouty face as he mocks me a bit & says “I’m sorry, no more spanks for the big boy!” I give the best angry face I can, and start to giggle as tio starts to rub & grab my culito!! “Tiiiiooooo, that tickles!!” I laugh, as he’s nibbling my neck & tickling inside my culito!! He quickly sets me down & pats my ass one more time, as he tells me to get dressed & ready to go. I blush as he walks up the stairs but watches me as I get dressed. After making sure there’s no clothes left in the dryer, I run up the steps & into ma, as she scolds me with “It’s about time. Did you say hi to your tio?” I shake my head yes as I run pass her & up the stairs to get my bookbag & osi. After I make sure I have everything I need, I hug osi close to me & head downstairs, as pa is waiting for me. “Ven hijo” he says with his hand stretched out. I grab it as he pulls me in for a lil hug. “Te comportes bien, eh?” he sternly says. I quickly nod my head telling him “I promise pa. I’ll be a good boy.” He walks us out the house & lets me go as he locks the door. I run into ma’s arms one last time, as she kisses me & checks to see if I have everything, including osi. “You gonna miss me a lil bit?” my ma jokes as I giggle and tell her that I will, hugging her one last time. Ma and pa hug tio before getting in the van & pulling away, as we wave them goodbye. Tio carlitos turns to me, and its then I actually notice and get to see him up close fully. I don’t really remember too much from last time I saw tio. But he sure looks like a big furry teddy bear!! He’s so beefy like a bull, and he has a scruffy beard & mustache, which looks a lil funny but remembered it tickled good! He has so strong looking hands and notice tio has hairy legs too. I blush deep red when I realize tio caught me staring at him. “What you lookin at osito?” he says with a warm smile, as I keep shyly lookin away. He kept prodding with “Do I look or smell bad or something?” as he joked around checking himself. “Tiiiooo” I whined out, as he made me blush more. “You look nice tio” I quietly say. He grins & winks at me, telling me “Let’s go get something to eat & go home.” We quickly get into his nice suv, and I strap myself in & hold onto osi real good. The evening seemed to pass by so fast. We got wendy’s & it was so good. Even got me some cookies!! Then, we went to a good park he knows to kick around a soccer ball. Tio was good at it & was teaching me how to do it too. But afer a while, tio got tired & went to lay in the shade of a tree. It was ok though, I got to play with a few other boys that were pretty nice & cool. After I finished playing, I went to where tio was, and noticed he was snoring pretty good. I didn’t want to walk him up loudly, so the best thing I could think of was to sit on tio. I straddle tio’s big plump tummy a lil too hard, but he doesn’t seem to wake up as he keeps snoring. Man, he really can sleep good like pa does. I scoot back a lil so I can pat tio’s tummy to wake him up, but then I feel something hard on my butt. Slowly, I wiggle my butt around trying to figure out what it can be. Without knowing, that did the trick in waking my big bear of a tio up, as he snorts hard & starts to move around, asking “Whaa..whats goin on?” “Nothing tio. I came to wake you up cuz I’m done playing” I say calmly as I pat his tummy a few times. It feels like a big warm drum! He starts to stretch out under me, and as he does, I feel it again. “What could it be?” I think again, as I start to wiggle my butt again, but this time, I hear tio start to moan. “I’m sorry tio, did I hurt you?” I ask as I stop moving. He smiles a bit & grabs my legs, softly telling me “No mijo, it felt good.” “Oh, ok. Well, what felt good tio?” He gives a big grin before he starts to sit up, telling me “Nothing. kadıköy travesti No worries bout it for now.” For a split second, it looks like tio has something pushing out in his shorts! I got a lil excited, thinking “What if that’s tios dick?” I want to keep lookin at that bulge, but get too nervous of being a bad boy & getting caught. As tio starts to gather our things to head home & asking me to help, I notice he gives me lil looks here & there. Meh, it can’t be anything too serious. Well, time seem to fly by so quick, as next thing I know, we’re walking in tio’s really cool apartment!! It smells sooo good, & has a nice carpet like at home! And he has a ps4 with a really big tv!!! I can’t help but run up to it, checking out all his cool games! “Tio, can I play yours games?! Pretty please?! Just for a lil bit!!” I yell out full of excitement. I turn to see tio setting down my bags as he chuckles, responding with “You can play all the games you want after you get certain things done, okay?” I quickly run to tio yelling out “Yaaaaaay!” as I hug hum mega hard! He kisses my head & says I gotta take a bath & eat dinner first before anything, so all good. I quickly run to take a look at his games again before I run to grab my clothes from my bag. As I get my sleeping clothes, tio comes out the bathroom, telling me “Shower’s ready for you.” I thank tio as I go into his bathroom, and right before I close the door, he tells me “I have some sandwiches ready to eat after your shower.” I quickly shout out “Thanks tiiiooo!” as I start to take off my clothes. As I look around, I notice that tio’s bathroom looks kinda plain but nice. I don’t know why, but I peer inside his trash can, and “gasp” as I notice some kind of rubber laying on top of some toilet paper. I get a lil nervous as I step closer & lean over a bit to get a better look. It looks like theres something in it as it lays there. Looks like there’s some bubbles in there, and I really want to pick it up, but decide to get into the shower in case tio gets suspicious. Before tio catches me, I slip into the shower, enjoying the water warming me. I start to get excited in what I was going to do, so I decide to do the five spot rinse again. But well, this time, I didn’t really get to wash off the soap. When I washed my lil chorizo, I couldn’t help but get stiff as I remembered that hard bump in tio’s shorts. My tummy tingled as I reach down & start to tickle my lil skin, rubbing & lightly pulling on the tip. Oh man, it feels sooo good. I try holding my whimper as it starts to feel really really good, and make my legs shaky. I close my eyes for a second, and can remember the way tio tickled my butt, & I can’t help but let out a lil moan. “Knock Knock Knock Knock!” Holy moly, that scared me a lot! “You okay in there mijo?” I hear tio ask as my heart beats fast and hard. “Yea, I’m ok.” I weakly reply. “Ok, I’m coming in, I gotta pee” he lets me know before I heard the door open. He must have left the door open, as I can feel some cool air in the shower. Then, my tummy tingles a lil bit more as I see tio’s shadow, and hear him open up the toilet. Out the corner of my eye, I notice some movement on the wall. My eyes widen as I “gasp”, as I almost fully see his reflection off the tiles. It’s so hard to breath as excitement builds in me, my hands covering & holding my lil chorizo. It hurts so good as I lean so softly forward. Chills run through me as I can hear tio start to pee really hard as I try to be brave & lean forward to see more. I feel a lil dizzy as I see tio’s bushy hairs appear, and the more I go, the more appears. As I’m about to see tio’s chorizo, he stops peeing & shakes it a few times. He puts his dick away much to my disappoint, but it feels like I can breath again. Tio doesn’t say anything as he walks out the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I’m too giddy to keep tickling my weenie-to, so I rinse off as best as I can & quickly get out of the shower. After drying myself and getting dressed, I walk to the lil kitchen area to see tio on his laptop. “I’m done tio” I calmly say as he looks up, and gives me a warm smile. “Go sit on the couch, we’re going to watch a good movie right now.” I run & cuddle into the left corner of the couch real good as tio flicks off all the lights. He hands me my sandwiches, chips & drink as he sets up “Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them”. I eagerly gobble up the delicious food tio made for me, as he lays back on the other side of the couch. Its a nice feeling as his socked feet brush up & rest against me, as I can feel the heat from them. I softly scoot in a bit as tio lifts his feet, placing them in my lap as the movie plays. At first, I didn’t realize it, but I was playing with tio’s leg hairs. The felt so nice, and wish I could do this again with pa, as I’ve only done it once. He mostly does it with ma too. I get distracted as I can feel his feet move a lil bit as i play with his socked toes. Its kinda funny, as it smells, but not really bad. I notice it smells manly like pa’s, but also smells a bit cheesy and like that bleach stuff ma uses to clean white clothes. Somehow, I really like how manly & roug his feet feel like, and I get a lil nervous, as my chorizito starts to get hard. With his big manly feet in my lap, I try to figure out how to hide my lil boner, but then, feel a lil shock as I feel his heel move over my lil tip. I do everything I can to not breath in hard, as it feels soooo good as tio keeps pressing his heels into me softly each time. I grab onto tio’s left foot as he brushes it into my tummy, and almost bend over in excitement. I can’t help but breath hard as tio carlos sits up & says “Ima take a good shower, you want to keep watching the movie?” Softly I respond, “Yea tio carlos, I’ll watch a lil bit more.” I’m too nervous to look at him as he gets up & walks past me, tossing me the control. My tummy trembles as I see his bulge again for a split second in the dim room. I turn bakırköy travesti to look at him as the bathroom light hits me for a second before he closes the door. I curl back into the corner of my seat as I hold my tummy some. Oh man, I’m so excited & more..kinda wish I could hug ma. It’d help me calm down a bit. After a few minutes, I realize I have to pee. But I can’t..tio’s in there!! Or well, maybe I can. I start to get excited again, as I think bout doing what tio did earlier. But what if he figures it out?? I came each pulse of my heart through my entire body as I try to figure out what to do. Maybe tio won’t notice at all, I’ll just pee & take a peak if I can. Ever so slowly, I get up & stand there for a few seconds. Softly & so quietly, I creep to the bathroom door as I put my hands together & keep them close to my tummy. I can barely breath as I hear the fan running in there. And as I reach the door, I jump just a lil bit as I hear the shower turn on. Tio carlos hasn’t even taken a shower yet!! My throat tightens up as I try to find courage to knock on the door as he did, feeling dizzy at doing such a brave thing. In finally taking a breath, I realized something. I can see light coming from the bottom left side of the bathroom door! My hands get clammy as my mind races, wondering If I would be able to see something. Sweat builds on my forehead as I decide to take a lil peak or not. My knees already felt like they would buckle from the excitement! Finding the energy in me, I hold my breath as my arms & legs hurt a bit from being so tense, as I start to get on my hands & knees. I can hear & feel my heartbeat so much as I get closer to the crack & can hear a lil bit of movement in the bathroom. My eyes strain to peek inside as I get leveled with it, but all I can see is yellow light. I moved around a lil bit to see what would appear, and for a split second, I was able to see inside! My neck hurts from straining so much, so I decide to lay down to see if I could get a better view. Forcing myself to breath, my throat hurts some, yet my body starts to relax as I completely lay down next to the door on my back. Quickly, I turn my head left, and almost gasp so loud!! I can see inside, and best of all, my tio carlitos!! It really feels like I have to pee now, as I can see tio’s big hairy manly legs, and him sitting on the toilet. My hands get so wet, my tummy trembles in excitement, and air seems to not stay in my lungs as I absorb everthing. My hands take turns holding my lil chorizo and juevos, as it hurts from being so excited, yet I tickle & play with it too!! And my heart beats faster as I realize I can see tio’s arm & hand moving up & down really quick!! I tickle my foreskin more & more as I notice tio staring straight ahead, and his hand keeps going faster & faster! All of a sudden, tio carlitos makes these funny faces as he leans forward. His legs spread as his hands slower down some, like he’s aiming into the toilet. My hands stop as tickling my weenie-to as I notice tio flick his hand in the toilet & then lick it clean. I get nervous thinking tio carlos might come out the bathroom as he stands up, but he doesn’t. A split second later, I moan as I see tio’s big hairy chest for a second, then his big strong butt as he walks into the shower! My lil chorizo pulses as he stands in the shower, and he doesn’t close the curtains!! I moan & whimper watching him just wet himself, then feel a knot in my tummy as I see his big hairy manly dick!!! The tingles in my lil chorizo and juevos gets too much, as I can’t take my eyes off his manly dick. The head is a darker red, the rest is darker colored, his balls look plump & full, and best of all, he has soooo much pelitos above it!! I can’t stop tickling myself, as my legs close on my hands and I start to shake on the floor. Over & over & over, wave of goooood tingles go through me. Im breathing so hard as I can’t take my eyes off tio. He continues to just wet & rub himself lightly, as I notice how thick & delicious his mushroom head looks. How round & big his balls are. Mmmmm, his furry tummy & thighs too. Barely I’ve calmed down from the strong tingles I felt, as my hands have a mind of their own & start to rub & tickle all over again. I can feel the rush growing so quick as I keep looking at tio carlito’s hairy hard dick bob up & down, noticing the lil up curve it has. I groan & moan as more waves rush through me, holding my breath so I don’t make more noises. I just keep watching tio in awe as he seems to finish up his shower, stepping out & taking time to dry himself good. Drained yet nervous now, I get up as quietly as I can, running into the bed & under the covers. OH SHIT!! The movie, I forgot about it!! But it’s too late, as tio carlos opens the bathroom door and steps out, peeking to the livingroom. He then looks into my bedroom and sees me in bed, asking “You tired mijo?” I softly say “Yea tio. I didn’t know how to turn off the tv. But I gotta pee now.” He says ok & tells me to hurry pee as he goes to turn off the movie. I noticed tio only has some shorts on as he walks past the door. Quickly I go into the bathroom, and after closing the door, I can feel the heat from the shower & see the floors a bit wet. I get too excited when I realize I’m in front of the toilet, right where tio had been!! I calm down a bit, even though I wanna look around the toilet and shower, as I’m bout to pee myself. After I’m done, I make my way back to the bedroom. Thank goodness tio has a night light, as it’s pretty dark in his apartment, darker then at home!! Even though I’m a lil nervous, I climb into the bed as tio holds the colcha open. Its a really big comfy bed too!! After a few seconds, I look over & see tio’s knocked out, as he’s snoring like a bear too!! I didn’t want to wake him up, so I scoot closer quietly and snuggle into his warm side. To my surprise, tio seems to wake up for a moment as his arm goes under me & pulls me in. Mmmmm, I can smell “him” as my face rests in his strong chest. He quickly starts to snore again as I drift off too sleep. And I can’t help thinking, this is going to be a really, really fun time with tio! I sure do miss ma & pa, but it’s ok, I have my big bear of a tio here!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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