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OUR 1ST DATEI arrived in town a day early, having finished delivering my load. I went and rented a motel room for the night, preparations to be made I thoughtwith a sly wistful smile.I had bought a bottle of wine and eight dozen roses. Taking one red rose out from the rest, I placed it on the table in the suite. Then I tore the petals gently off the remaining roses and s**ttered them from the door to the table; another trail to the other room where a hot tub awaited. I then made another trail to the bed where I s**ttered the remaining petals. I next arranged candles throughout the two rooms and around the hot tub.I then went to her house, knowing she wasn’t due home from work yet, and taped an envelope to her door. Inside was a key and a small note to let her know I was early and giving directions to the room.When she arrived and opened the door, she saw the lights low, heard soft music in the other room; a glass of wine on the table awaited her with a note saying drink me and enjoy. Taking the glass she followed the rose petals through the door to find me sitting in the hot tub having a glass myself. I raised it in a silent toast to her beauty. She smiled and began to slowly undress, the candle light bringing out her smooth soft skin, and then climbed in with me and settled down in the water in front of me. I placed my glass on the edge of the tub and sat up behind her. I began to softly massage her neck, back, and shoulders to help her relax after what I knew to be a rough day at work. She sighed as I massaged her shoulders, slipping my hands down slowly in front of her to cup her breasts. I softly squeezed them, and then lightly pinched her nipples which were growing hard under my hands.Taking her glass, I helped her rise up and step out of the hot tub. Leading her to the bed room I laid her down on her stomach. I began to massage her feet and legs, slowly working my way up her body, then across her chest and to her shoulders; hands moving all over to make her relax. I then rolled her over on her back and massaged the front of her legs, chest and shoulders rubbing lotion on her as I did.Then with anadolu yakası escort a mischievous look, I took an ice cube from the bucket next to the bed where the wine was being chilled. I lightly began to run it in the cleft between her breasts, kissing the nipples as I passed it over them and down her tummy. The ice quickly melted as her body temperature rose in response to her arousal.I went to her feet, began kissing her ankles softly, working my way slowly up the inner part of her leg; as I came to her knee, I kissed the underside of it and saw her give a slight jump. I continued up, kissing every little place on her thigh, from the outer to the inner; hearing her breath come faster as I came closer to her sweet swollen outer lips. A light kiss there, flicking my tongue across her clit as I did, and I moved back to her other leg and began all over again. I started at her ankle and slowly climbed up past her calf, to her knee and up the inner thigh, leaving soft kisses everywhere as I went.Again I reached her sweet mound, this time as I kissed it, she grabbed my head and pushed me to it, whimpering wordlessly. I knew what she wanted and decided to ease her just a little more. I opened her outer lips with my fingers, slightly exposing her clit. Using my thumb and forefinger, I moved the sheath down, exposing her clit in its entirety.Softly I blew on it and then as I smelled the muskiness of her arousal I knew it was time.Licking all around the clit and flicking it with my tongue I heard her gasp and moan. I sucked it into my mouth, feeling it grow harder as she became more aroused. The juices were fairly flowing out of her after about15 minutes of this.I gently bit down on her clit and rubbed my teeth across it. As she squirmed, I eased a finger slowly into her, keeping my tongue in constant movement on her clit, stimulatingit in an effort to make her cum. Soon my work was rewarded; as she came I felt it flow down from inside her, coating my tongue and sliding down my throat. I didn’t want to appear, greedy so I raised myself from the nesting ataşehir escort place I so loved to be in, the comfort of between her thighs, and with a mouthful of her cum I kissed her deeply, sharing her sweet nectar with her. Then I started kissing her; down her neck to the hollow point at the base of her throat, moving down her chest to her breasts. I first sucked one nipple as I rubbed the other with my hand. Softly nibbling her nipple, I felt it harden as she reached down between us, grasping at my hard cock. She was trying to pull me up, so I rolled off of her and she moved like a hungry panther. Taking my hard, throbbing cock in her mouth, she began to tease me unmercifully; flicking her tongue across it as I had doneto her clit, the sides of her mouth puffed in and out as she sucked my cock.I felt it was all I could do to keep from cumming right there on the spot; but wanting to make this night last forever; I held fast and regained control over myself. Realizing what I had done, she gave me a challenging look. She slithered up my body and grabbed my cock again, lowering her wet, warm, pussy down on it until just the head entered her. She held herself there, me aching to fully enter her; and with a smile she looked in my eyes and began to squeeze my cock head with her pussy muscles. Every nerve in my body screamed with pleasure as she continued to do this. Then with out warning, she slammed herself down, impaling herself on my shaft. Now it was my turn to give the challenge. I lifted her up and guided her back down. She began to rock her hips forward and back as she rode me up and down. I felt her body begin to tremble as she began to cum again.I could feel her juices running down across my thighs and in between my buttocks.After she came I turned her over, lay her on her back and opening her legs, lifted them over my shoulders. I drove my cock into her, sinking it to the base, my balls slapping her ass as we began to fuck as though our lives would be over that night. Without shame or any inhibitions we pumped; her hips lifting to slam into mine as I drove ümraniye escort my cock into her. She cried out and again I felt her body quiver as waves of orgasms shook her.I pulled out of her and seeing my cock coated in her own cum, she quickly scrambled up and took it in her mouth. She began to lick me, cleaning her juices from my hard cock. I laid back and let her have her fun. Then she raised her body up mine, her breasts dragging up my chest, her nipples hard and teasing. I could feel them pushing against me as her body slid along mine. She gave me a kiss and the sweet taste of her cum was in her mouth. I licked greedily at it while kissing her, savoring the taste of our passion. She thenturned her back to me, and on all fours she lowered her head and chest to the bed, her pussy open and inviting. I got up behind her, rubbing the head of my cock in her heat and wet. It was now so sensitive that I could hardly stand not to be in her.As I pushed into her pussy, she began bucking her hips against me, driving me deeper than I had been all night. We continued to fuck in this fashion till again she came, her juices making a sucking sound as I plowed my cock into her. Her screams excited me, bringing me close, so close, to my own orgasm. I felt the familiar tightening in my balls and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. She seemed to sense this and stopped.She leaned forward so my cock came out of her; and then reaching back, she made my dreams come true. She guided the head of my cock to her puckered rectum and pushed back against me until it entered her.She stopped to get accustomed to the feeling of me in her. When she nodded, I started slowly moving my cock in and out, going a little deeper with each movement. Soonshe was bucking back against me as she had done when I was in her pussy. As we moved together, I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer and stream after stream of my cum erupted in her ass. I almost screamed as I came, but I bit it back even though a loud moan that I couldn’t hold back did escape my lips.After we showered, we settled down into a fresh tub of hot water. I turned the jets on and poured us both a fresh glass of wine. She looked at me and asked if I had enjoyed her turning my surprise around on me. A dream I have always had I told her. She looked at me as if she already knew this and said, “Your dreams are fulfilled…for now,” with a smile that I knew meant there was more to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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