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Our first ass licking.

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Our first ass licking.We met online using a dating app on our phones. She said in her profile that she had a disability. That meant to me: I am missing a foot. Or it meant:I’m on Welfare. Her cute little face did not lead me to believe that she was that kind of girl, so when we got to chatting I went for it. I asked Laura out for coffee. I never brought up her disability and neither did she. I thought it would add tension or make it awkward so I just left it alone.I waited in the coffee shop while she was running about half an hour late. I heard her come in through the door. She was in an electrically powered wheelchair. She had a bouncy personality, a cute face and was about a third the size of an average woman. He legs and rib cage were stunted by a disease that was very uncommon. Her breasts were perky, though, and she was a blast to talk to. Her warm brown skin drove me up a few walls. That day she wore a paper thin white button up that was a little too tight. The spaces between the buttons crept open a few times, show that she had nothing on underneath it. As we talked, we inched closer and closer. Her hand found her way to my knee and mine was tucked away between her thighs, my pinkie finger teasing her closer and closer. I could feel her warmth on my hand.It was obvious that she had not experienced this kind of attention canlı bahis before. Laura constantly called herself a ‘good girl’. What she really meant was that, at twenty six years old, she was a virgin. This was either due to her condition not allowing sex or not being normal enough for many men to think about having fun with her. We carried on with a few more dates like that. One, a concert. Another, a dinner. Every time we spent more and more time in her car with her little warm crotch grinding into mine. Towards the end of our little car phase I would simply pick her up since she only weighed 100lbs at most. My favorite memory of the time we had in the car was at the concert. Laura asked me to meet her there about an hour early so we could fool around in the parking lot. In the middle of the lot, she hopped out of her seat and sat on me. I wore sweats just for the occasion, and she wore one of the thin, too tight button ups I liked. She reached down and pulled the seat lever and we both went back. People got into cars and out of them all around us as the first show ended. We were partially hidden under the windows, which didn’t seem to matter because she ground herself into me until it hurt. She opened her shirt. “Suck on them.”.I would play with her breasts in my mouth for a while, biting and flicking the nipples with bahis siteleri my tongue, trying to fit as much into my mouth as I could and teething it as I pulled away. She liked that most, though she said she liked it when I made my cock pulse while she was sitting on it the most.After the concert we went to her house. I rubbed her little pussy through her jean shorts until she came. She rubbed my hardon through my sweats until I was ready to force my way on her, but I enjoyed the tension. “Will you jerk me?” I said.“Go pick out some lotion.”She had a collection of scented lotions by her bed. The coconut was my favorite. Her hands were rough with thick calluses from having to walk around on her hands when she was at the house, and they felt amazing on my bare skin and sensitive privates. I came over every chance I got. She liked to call me dirty when I told her what I liked. She went for sitting on my face rather quickly though, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We would put on a movie, I would lift her up and set her on my lap and simply let my hands have their way with her. She was even light enough that I held her upside down and licked her until she squirted on my face. I made her sit on me after that, hoping she would do it again. But I think it embarrassed her too much and she held back somehow.My favorite night by far happened güvenilir bahis this way. Before we even turned the television on, I pushed her down on the bed, putting her arms above her head. I pushed her shirt up, took a good grip on one breast while I undid her belt and shorts with the other. “No no no. My brother is home. He will hear us.” She said.“Then be quiet.”Her door was unlocked, allowing her brother to walk in at any time. I tore off her shorts and tossed them across the room. I licked her crotch through her cute little cotton panties then went up her legs and back down again until I reached her ass cheeks. I bite them and she giggled. I pushed the panties to the side and pushed my tongue in. I nibbled on her clitoris, sometimes so harshly I couldn’t believe she liked it. But she came over and over while I did it.In the midst of it all, I found myself going lower. I felt the edge of her asshole with my tongue and she jerked a little, but she didn’t say anything. I did it again. She pushed my head down until my tongue was flowing over it. Cum leaked out of her like a faucet as she orgasmed, my tongue slipping slightly into her asshole and my hands reaching up and squeezing her little tits as hard as I could. I lifted my face and saw that she’d soaked the bed. “Sit on me, now.” I said. I pulled my shorts off and grabbed a bottle of lotion from the floor. Laura put her pussy on my nose and grinded my face while I licked her asshole for what must have been an hour. My jaw hurt and my eyes burned slightly with her cum on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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