Mar 31

Our Kids Ch. 05

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Trevor took the runabout over to the boat ramp at Sandy Point after breakfast. Having Sandi, Josie and Carl join us for a few days would be fun and now that the whole incest thing was out in the open the possibilities were intriguing.

Becca, Sasha and Tinley cleaned up after breakfast and reorganized part of the stuff to make room for three more people. I swept and mopped the kitchen area and vacuumed the carpeted lounge and sleeping areas.

At 11:30 Tinley mixed up a batch of sangria. I attached the large custom-made banner across the roofline at the rear of the boat. It said “Fuck You”

Tinley came aft and stood with me looking toward the entrance to our cove. Trevor and the others should be here any minute. I studied Tinley’s profile. Her cute little turned up nose was showing a bit of sunburn and her auburn hair had a few blonde highlights now. The color of her green eyes with the background of the blue water looked fantastic. My cock got a little heavier just admiring my daughter. She absently reached between her legs and scratched her pussy area.

“Eeew! Bristly!” she said. “I guess I’ve got to shave today.”

She went into the houseboat and a few minutes later I saw her sitting on the beach with a razor and some shaving cream. I turned my binoculars to get a closer look.

“Dad! Stop it! You’re going to make me cut myself!”

I kept watching, as though I hadn’t heard her.

“Mom! Dad’s watching me shave my pussy! Make him stop!”

She smiled at me and stuck out her tongue just as Becca came on to the rear deck with me. She quickly grabbed the binoculars and went back in to the cabin.

“Baby!” I yelled at Tinley.

“Fuck you!” she answered, playfully.

“Nice talk! Is that the same mouth you use to kiss your daddy and tell him you love him?”

“Yeah, it is. And it’s the same mouth I use to suck his cock!”

I went into the houseboat and put selected Meatloaf’s “Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)” on the CD player and cranked up the external speakers. Then I put a 600mm telephoto lens on my camera and I crept back out on to the deck and focused on Tinley. By now, Sasha had joined her on the beach and was grooming herself as well. I snapped a picture from the side of her bending over and adjusting a towel on the sand. It was a great picture of he huge melons as they swung beneath her chest. A few minutes later I saw Becca approaching the girls with a couple of soda and a bottle of sunscreen.

An hour later Trevor and the others appeared at the opening of the cove. The boat was very low in the water and moving slowly. Ten minutes later they slid on to the sand next to the houseboat.

“Ahoy you fuckers!” Carl bellowed.

It took a few minutes to unload their gear and the supplies they had brought. Along with a small duffel each, they had 3 large ice chests, two with just ice, and 10 blocks of ice not in chests, and one chest with meat, milk and other perishables with ice, and two cases of bottled water and two cases of wine coolers and a couple of bottles of tequila and more margarita mix.

“Damn! No wonder it took you guys so long to get here! You nearly sunk the boat!”

Trevor gave me a slightly impatient sideways glance as he and Carl hoisted one of the heavy ice chests on to the front deck. It seemed odd to see Carl, Sandi, Trevor and Josie with clothes on since none of us had been dressed for several days.

Sandi and Josie helped with the light stuff and I helped Carl and Trevor with the tonnage.

Josie is a beautiful woman with truly impressive looks. She is tall and slender with 38D fake tits. And they are perfect. Carl owns a trucking company so he has plenty of money to make sure she got a high quality boob job. Her ass is small and tight and you can tell she’s never had kids by the heart-shape of her backside. Josie had been a showgirl in Vegas when they met, and her long legs showed just enough muscle to give them tone. Her stomach is flat and her neck and arms are also long and graceful. Her face is perfect with high cheekbones and a small fine nose. Her blonde hair is still long. Her eyes are gray with just a hint of blue.

Sandi is actually Carl’s daughter from a previous marriage. Her mother was a stripper in Vegas and she was also beautiful. She was also tall, leggy and blonde, with blue eyes and a huge rack, but Lena’s tits were real. She died while giving birth to Josie. Carl and Josie met when Josie was less than a year old and hooked-up shortly thereafter. Even though Josie was not Sandi’s birth mother, she was the only mother the girl ever knew and they looked enough alike that nobody ever guessed that they were only related by marriage. Josie and Becca carried a folding bostancı escort bayan canopy on to the beach and the girls and ladies put it up to provide some relief from the hot sun. Sandi followed behind with some chairs and Tinley and Sasha set up a table.

“Damn!” I said to Carl. “Sandi looks hotter every time I see her!”

“They all fuckin’ look hot!” Trevor chimed in as he handed Carl and me beers and popped one open for himself. “I would love to get my cock into Aunt Josie!”

Carl looked at him with a kind of surprised expression. “Who’s that other girl?” Carl asked.

We all wandered down to the beach just as Becca arrived with sandwiches and fruit and Sasha and Tinley struggled with an ice chest with drinks and ice.

By now the entire group was nude. I was very aware that Mr. Peter was waking up as I gave Josie and Sandi greeting hugs. I loved the feel of Josie’s nipples as they pressed into my chest and I loved the way Sandi pressed her bare little pussy into my thigh as we hugged.

We sat around, had lunch and relaxed for a while. I noticed Trevor was paying a lot of attention to Josie. I love my wife and everything, but Josie looks truly spectacular. She’s a really nice lady, but she looks like she stepped out of one of those posters for a Las Vegas revue. She looks as perfect as any artist could depict. There was not a scar or flaw to be seen anywhere on her skin. Her rose colored nipples seemed to always be pointing at me. And it was clear that she had been fully waxed very recently. Maybe this morning.

Like I said, Sandi looks a lot like Josie. Except her tits are real and not fully developed. She too looked like she had been waxed this morning.

“Those were fuckin’ hot pictures you sent us!” Trevor enthused.

“Oh, uh, what pictures are you talking about?” Josie asked, apparently not sure what to say.

“You know, the ones of you guys fucking.” Trevor said. His cock was stiff as he looked directly at his aunt’s perfect slit. He was on a lounge chair, so with his body laying almost flat, his stiff cock was flat on his belly.

Josie blushed a little and looked at Carl. “Yeah, uh, I wasn’t really supposed to send those to you.” He mumbled.

“Fuck that Carl. Those pictures made me cum.” Becca smiled. “I had almost forgotten how nice your cock is.”

“What pictures dad?”

The one’s we took at your party, honey.” Carl seemed tentative.

“Yes, honey, your dad sent them the pictures we took that night when we…ah…initiated you.” Josie was now looking at Trevor’s rampant cock. She was sitting with her legs slightly open.

Sandi smiled sexily. “Oh those pictures. Did you like them Uncle?”

“Yeah! I loved them. I didn’t know that you guys played like that. We were impressed that you have grown up so sexily.”

“Are we going to play like that on this trip?” Sandi asked her mom.

“I don’t know honey. Becca might be offended.”

“We’re not offended, Marsh.” My wife said. “You inspired us.”

I noticed that Sasha was pinching her own nipples as she seemed mesmerized by Carl’s thick cock. His cock was thick and long and he was totally bare too.

Carl laughed. “Inspired you? You mean you guys are fucking now too? I’m not surprised at you Becca, ever since that night that Stan Wright took you to the prom you have had ants in you pussy or something. You fuckin’ raped me when you got home that night! And then Dad fucked you and you’ve been going at it ever since. I feel sorry for your husband, now at least he has Trevor here to help with the chores!”

Josie stood and sashayed toward our son. She was running her hands along her hips and up to her beautiful breasts. “Do you help with the chores, Trevor?” She asked as she pinched his nipples and planted a wet kiss on his lips.

While we all watched, Josie walked over to Trevor, lifted her leg and lowered herself to straddle him. She made no effort to disguise the action of holding his cock so it could enter her apparently very moist pussy. He reached up and began massaging her perfect tits as she established a rhythm to ride him.

“Oh fuck! This feels good!” She moaned. “I just love your hard young cock.” Her movements were slow and deliberate as she moved in a way to maximize the pleasurable sensations. The muscles in her thighs, arms, back, ass and stomach flexed in slow sinuous fluidity as she established a variable tempo. Because of the angle at which I was sitting, I could see Trevor’s cock as she lowered and raised herself along its stiffness.

Like a little kitten, Sandi had moved to me and was now kissing her way from my knees to my crotch. He was humming and purring and her fingers were tracing the muscles on the outside ümraniye escort of my thigh. I could feel her hot breath on my balls. My cock had no option but to surrender to this little siren’s teasing. I dropped my hands to my side and let my head fall back as the warm wetness of her mouth enveloped me.

“Come her sis.” Carl called to Becca. “I’ve been wanting to stick this fuck stick back in you for years.” Becca moved so that she was on her hands and knees in front of her brother. He inserted two fingers into her sopping pussy and she jumped forward and then moved back against him, In just a few strokes they had gotten into a rhythm and then he replaced his fingers with first his tongue and then his cock.

“Oh fuck, aunt Josie, this is fantastic!” Trevor exclaimed.

“Yes it is, baby, just be quiet and fuck me with all your strength…squeeze my nipples…oh fuck…buck your hips baby, buck you hips…give me more of this beautiful cock baby…oh fuck me baby…”

Now Sandi had moved so she was on my lap facing the others, riding my cock. Her pussy was very wet and also very tight. It almost hurt my cock every time she lifted up and pushed down. I wanted to hold my load though. I wanted her to cum before me.

Tinley and Sasha joined the fun too. Tinley got on her hands and knees in front of Sandi and she began licking and kissing my balls and her cousin’s pussy as we fucked. I could feel her tongue on my cock and I was hoping she was doing Sandi’s little clit too. Judging from the way Sandi was thrashing around, I think Tinley was hitting the right buttons. “Fuck Tin! I’m gonna explode!” Sandi wailed. She bucked her butt back toward Tinley’s hungry mouth.

Sasha slithered under Becca and Carl’s rutting bodies. I watched her take Carl’s hanging ballsac into her mouth. She also reached up and inserted a finger into Becca’s stuffed snatch as Carl fucked in and out of my wife. Then Sasha moved her finger and inserted it into Carl’s asshole. “Oh FUCK!” Carl shouted. His body began thrusting violently into Becca’s as he lost all control. “Fuck! I’m fucking cumming! Fuck sis! Your cunt is so fucking tight…fuck!”

“Yeah bro…me too…fuck…me too…” Becca almost whispered as she collapsed first to her elbows and then to her shoulders She kept thrusting her pussy back to meat his pounding cock. Sasha deftly rolled out from under the incestuous coupling just as Carl’s knees gave out and he crumpled to the ground.

Soon Sandi lost it too and then I unleashed a torrent of cum into her hot little fuck hole. There was squealing as she fell off of my lap. I opened my eyes in time to see Tinley and Sasha pounce on each other like two fuck crazy lesbians. Sasha spread my daughter’s legs and stuck her tongue all the way to the root into Tinley’s eager pussy. I could see the dewiness of Tin’s slit as the dark haired beauty began sucking. Sasha’s nipples were hard and erect as Tinley put her mouth on the little devil tattoo and mouthed her friend’s sex.

Finally I heard Trevor grunt several times and then Josie fell forward on to his chest. Her body heaved as she tried to catch her breath. A rosy flush painted her flesh as she gasped and panted. Trevor’s cock was still firmly planted in her pussy and a white froth coated the meaty snake.

The soft moans coming from Sasha and Tinley, mixed with the sounds of kissing, and sucking served as the music filling the afternoon. I love the feminine sounds that women make when they make love and it was doubly hot listening to Tinley and her friend as they made lust with each other. Their moans built to growls mixed with panting and then Tinley moved her fingers to Sasha’s gash, inserting fingers into her hole and thumbing her clit. “

Suddenly Tinley’s body began bucking and thrashing as Sasha brought her to a screaming orgasm. Sasha too was losing it. Her black hair was thrashing around. “Tinley..Tin…Tin…Tin…Fuck!…Fuck! Fuck!…G……..O…….DDDDDD!” Then nothing but moans and soft mewling sounds.

By now, Sandi had recovered and she crawled over to where Josie and Trevor were still coupled. She leaned across Trevor’s thighs and began licking at his cock and Josie’s slit, taking the foam from their joining on to her tongue like a little girl takes the whipped cream off of a sundae. Josie began pressing down on to my son’s cock again and I could see that it was beginning to stiffen again. In just a few minutes Trevor was back to fucking his aunt with fervor.

“Oh baby, again? I love you young guys…give it to me quick…Fuck me baby!”

Soon Carl had positioned himself behind his daughter and easily slipped his now firm cock in to her pretty pussy. As he withdrew on one stroke, a large gob of my spunk kartal escort was drawn out by his cock and ran down his balls and leg. He pumped in and out at a blinding pace and suddenly pulled his daughter hard against his thighs and grunted. “Take it baby…take my load…fuck…fuck…fuck…”

“Oh daddy! Daddy! Fuck me good …daddy….I’m cumming!” Sandi shouted.

Now Trevor was losing it again and he gasped and bellowed and snorted. “Fuck Sandi…fuck…fuck…fuck…Oh Fuck!!!”

Then it was quiet. Josie had once again gone dormant. We all lay there in the quiet afterglow of our mutual mind-blowing hedonism.

When I regained consciousness, Josie was licking my cock.

I opened my eyes as I felt him stiffening, and then something freezing touched his head.

“You look like a man who could use a drink.” She giggled as she handed me a frosty beer. Everyone else was in the water rinsing off or swimming or something. Her body was glistening, indicating that she had already had her swim. I sipped the beer and ran my cold hand up the back of her thigh and up to her firm butt. I nudged the mouth of my beer bottle against her pussy. I smiled at her as she wiggled her ass in my hand.

“Becca says that tonight’s jerk chicken night, so she wants you to get started on the marinade.”

We had two big group fucks every day on that trip and I couldn’t decide which of the ladies I liked fucking better.

Becca is wild and passionate and hot, her pussy muscles work magic on my cock.

Tinley is so tight and hot and eager.

Sasha is just hot and wild and goes for anything anytime. She loves triple penetration.

Sandi is young and hot but still learning. But her enthusiasm overrides her lack of skills.

Josie is fabulous. She lasts forever with slow sensuous movement and great muscle control.

One of our orgies took place after we had motored beyond the confines of Lake Mead and into the Colorado. Carl had taken the runabout ahead to find a cove for the night. We were about 2 hours beyond where the water changes from green to brown due to the silt content. We had stopped for lunch on a sandbar that blocked further progress with the houseboat and had begun drifting back with the current. It was quiet except the sound of a hawk as it hunted amongst the high bluffs.

Sandi, Tinley and Sasha had set out an air mattress on the roof and were sunning themselves. I was admiring the view of their pussies as Becca and Josie came up to join them, bringing another air mattress. When I was invited to join the group the girls moved over to make room for me. Tinley started applying sunscreen on my body and when she got to my cock she took it in her mouth, instead. Then Sandi started sucking my balls. Suddenly Sasha planted herself on my face and then Becca began probing my ass with her tongue. Soon Trevor joined the party by slipping his cock into Sasha from behind. I could feel his balls as the brushed my forehead. Josie nudged her head into the action and began licking, biting and sucking my nipples. The boat drifted with the current, which kept it away from the walls. Over the next hour the girls kept changing places and Trevor and I fucked each one of them for at least a few strokes. It was incredible.

We were back in to that blissful afterglow stage when we heard a boat horn. We broke apart and I dashed for the helm just as one of the ranger boats cruised by. The woman at the controls was talking on the radio so she just nodded and then gunned her throttle as she continued up river. By then we were getting back to the lake, so I had to take the helm in earnest.

Even though my cock was pretty thrashed when we took Carl and his family back to Sandy Point three days later, it didn’t keep him from getting firm again as I watched Josie and Sandi’s tight thong clad asses as they stepped up in to their Hummer.

On our last day out I was lounging on a double sized air mattress and fucking Becca as we floated in the shade of the houseboat. Trevor and Sasha were recovering from a wild frolic in the shallow water and Tinley was working on her tan on the beach. Suddenly Becca began thrashing wildly, almost capsizing our float. I opened my eyes in time to see that Trevor was standing on the roof of the houseboat with his stiff rod pointing toward us and a golden arc of piss showering down on to his mother’s head and back.

Becca was pounding herself up and down on my cock as the hot stream cascaded down her shoulders and dripped from her nipples on to my chest. Her cunt muscles gripped and released on my cock as a massive orgasm rushed through her body. “fuck Trev…nasty…nasty…fuck…” She shouted.

Seeing her so turned on, and feeling the orgasm that was raking her body pushed me in to overload and my cock erupted with rope after rope of molten cum as it was wrung by the muscles of her womb.

“EEEEWWWWW! You guys are so ICKO!” Tinley yelled from the beach.

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