Oca 13

Our New Lives-Part Nine-Restrained Pleasure (Chapter 17)

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Chapter Sixteen-Jill Gets A Taste Of MalikThe door closed and Amil was gone. Malik drew Jill to him with one arm while his other hand traveled up her thigh to her white lace-covered pussy. Her head once again fell back to the sofa backrest. He kissed her deeply. His tongue jabbed into her mouth, and she sucked it in.They separated and he said, “You’ve wanted me from the moment we started talking at Kat’s party, haven’t you?”“Malik I’ve wanted your gorgeous black body from the first moment I saw you early that night.  Later when you stood talking to me wearing only your thong, I knew you wanted to fuck my white pussy. I wanted to give in and let you have me. I felt like ripping that thong off you and sliding your black cock into my mouth. But I didn’t want to do it behind Ken’s back. My lust for you was overwhelming. I don’t know how I was able to resist giving sex hikaye in.”“You didn’t give in and made me wait until tonight to introduce your hot white body to black dick. I may have to punish you a little bit for making me wait.”He kissed her deeply again. The bottom of her dress was above the tops of her white thigh-highs, and he was fondling her cunt through her thong.She slid her hand up his thigh into his shorts and she finally felt that magnificent black cock of his for the first time. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open a bit. She played with it for a few moments.Then sighed, “Oh yeeaaahh, I need this!”She pulled his head to hers and her mouth attacked his. Her tongue alternated between darting into his mouth to meet his and licking his thick lips. I could tell she was beyond hot for him and ready for her ‘massage’.“I’m here for seks hikaye you now Malik. Punish me, do it. I don’t care. I’ll do anything to finally feel your beautiful black body against mine and to satisfy your cock.”He reached over to the cocktail table and with a lighter lit the contents of the bowl. The same bowl he used with me on Wednesday night. It ignited and he gently blew on the flame, and it began to smolder and smoke.He lifted the bowl to her and told her to inhale the smoke slowly and deeply. She took a deep breath sucking in the vapors.She asked, “What’s this?”“Special herbs from the islands to help free you of any remaining inhibitions so you’ll give yourself to me completely and in every way tonight.”“Then gimme more smoke. I want it.”She had a few more tokes. Then he put the bowl on the table and said, “That’s enough for now.”He kissed her hard and once again began to finger her through her thong. Her hand slid into his shorts to fondle his package.“Jill, I wanted you that first night and you made me wait. Now it’s time for payback. Time for you to give me what I want and me to give you the black cock I know you need. Tell me how hungry you are for my black cock. Beg for it!”“FUCK yes! I want it so bad. You want me to beg? YES? OK, then I’m begging for it. I’m so hot for you I’m begging like an addict. I’ll do whatever you want. I can’t stop thinking about you!”“I’m gonna take your virgin whiteness. You’re gonna submit to me and have the kinda sex only a black man can give you.”“Do it…I want it….I want you so fucking bad. PLEASE!”“Stand up, slide those straps off your shoulders and let your dress fall to your feet. Then step out of it and spread your legs apart.”Jill did as he ordered. She submitted and knew because she lusted for him he owned her. At least for that night, he did. Malik knew her tight hot white body was his to do with as he pleased.

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