Mar 31

Our Safe Place Pt. 03

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– – – This picks up where Part 2 left off – – –

At breakfast the next morning, Carol asked if Mike has had a lot of girlfriends.


“Really? I find that hard to believe. You’re an incredibly good looking guy. I would think a lot of girls would be after you,” she said.

“Well, I’ve had a couple girlfriends, and girls still give me their numbers,” he said.

“Yeah? Do you call them? Are these girls from school?” Carol asked.

“Yeah, they’re in some of my classes and there were a couple from high school, but I haven’t called any of them. I guess I’m not really interested.”

After a long silence she said “You said you weren’t gay? Is there something else?”

A shocked look came over Mike’s face and blurted out “Holy crap, no! I’m not gay… not even a little!”

“Sorry. I didn’t know, but when you said you weren’t interested in girls, well? I just wasn’t sure,” Carol said.

“This is a little weird talking about this,” Mike said lowering his eyes to the table “but I do feel like I can tell you things I can’t tell anyone else.” There was a short pause before he continued “I’ve had a couple girlfriends but both wanted to have sex. Hell, I wanted it, too. Really bad, too. I just didn’t think it was such a good idea at the time, so they broke up with me. So I haven’t called any of the girls in my classes because I suspect it will turn out the same way. I mean, I really, REALLY wanted to but…”.

“Oh okay. I get it. And I have to say, I’m very impressed, and very proud of you. You actually used your head. Most guys let their other head do their thinking,” she said with a little smirk.

They both chuckled a little at her comment. Neither said anything for probably a minute.

As they were cleaning the breakfast dishes, Carol said “I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, anything.”

Carol continued “Let’s sit down. Well, I know there will come a time when you meet a young lady and you start dating.”

“I doubt it,” Mike responded instantly.

“No. I’m serious. I hope you do. Really. I hope you meet someone, fall in love, get married, and have kids. And I kinda hope it’s in that order. I think you really should establish a career before having kids, but love has other ideas sometimes,” she said.

“Sounds reasonable,” Mike said.

Carol continued “Well, I just want you to know, while dating someone, there will be times when you, or her, or even both of you will want to take your relationship into the bedroom. So, here is my proposal for when you start dating. That is, if you want. Before or even after a hot date, I can help you take care of him to take the edge off and relieve some of that tension. Hopefully you won’t feel the need to have sex until you’re ready.”

Mike got up and stood right next to Carol taking her head to his chest, hugging her. Carol’s loving gesture touched Mike at the soul. “Grandma, I love you so much. I know you are right about the temptation, and having you as my partner to help me like that is incredible. But I’m happy with things like they are for now. I need to focus on school.”

“I love you, too, Mike. I want to be here for you, for whatever you need. But I do want you to understand, I don’t want to come between you and your girlfriends. It’s healthy that you meet a young lady and fall in love. But becoming a father before you’re ready changes the rest of your life. And I don’t want you to feel guilty for falling in love with someone. It would break my heart if you felt guilty because of me.”

Mike gently held Carol’s face in each hand and pointed it toward his. Mike looked into Carol’s eyes and said “Would it be okay if you were my girlfriend? At least for now?”

“Whatever you need, sweetheart,” she said smiling back.

“Well, before I go to class, you can probably guess what I need right now!” Mike said with a sly smile.

“If you want, we can have a quickie now, and have some fun tonight. I’ve got a couple more things for you to try on,” she said.

“Mmmm. Sounds perfect!”

Carol said “Go put on your girdle and some stockings.”

When Mike came into Carol’s room, he was already hard anticipating what was waiting. His cock was sticking straight out up against the bottom hem of his girdle.

He froze in the doorway when he saw her. Carol was standing at the foot of the bed wearing her black stockings, black garter belt, and a black shelf bra. Her exposed bare pussy and nipples in that outfit stopped him in his tracks as he took it all in.

“Holy crap! You look incredible!” he said.

“Thank you, sweetie. I love how you look, too. So Tasty!”

After a hug, Carol asked “How would you like to do it?”

“I’m game for anything. What sounds good to you?” he asked.

“How about from behind?” she asked.

“Okay, you’re driving. Lead the way,” Mike said.

Carol turned around crawling onto the bed with her knees right on the edge of the mattress. “How about if you just stand behind me? I put the lube in the nightstand and I have a towel right here.”

Mike bostancı escort bayan got the lube and spread some onto his hard cock and also put some on Carol’s pussy. Carol spread her knees even further apart and lowered her chest to the mattress. After wiping his hands off, he positioned the head of his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed himself into her.

“Damn that’s nice. She feels as good as you look!” Mike whispered.

“Mmmmm. You feel so nice inside her.”

Mike moved slowly with full, long strokes, burying his entire length inside her. Mike continued long steady strokes pulling her hips back tight against him each time he buried himself into her. “He isn’t going to last long,” Mike said.

“That’s okay, sweetie. This is a quickie, just for you. We’ll have more fun tonight,” she said.

Mike’s cadence picked up. Each thrust causing a ripple through Carol’s ass and hips. Mike knew he was going to explode any second. Having a handful of his grandmother’s hip flesh in each hand as he pumped his cock onto her felt wonderful.

Panting, Mike grunted “I’m there, Grandma. I’m there.” as he blasted a huge load into Carol. He felt his own hot cum being pumped in with every pulse of his cock. Mike felt his hot cum moving up her hole covering his entire cock as he fucked her. He kept slamming his hips into her wide ass until he was completely empty and was starting to soften. Then slowly stopped, still deep inside her.

“Holy cow! I needed that!” he said panting.

Carol grinned and began squeezing his cock with her pussy. Each time she squeezed, she could feel his cock twitch and flex inside her. After a few squeezes, her pussy squeezed his soft cock right out.

As Carol rolled over onto her back, Mike cleaned himself off with the towel and then held the towel up against her cum filled pussy. Carol took the towel and pressed it between her legs.

Beaming with a glowing smile, Carol said “Better get ready for school, sweetie.”

Mike knelt on the bed straddling one of her legs and leaned over her body and placed his lips on hers for a slow and tender kiss. “Thank you, Grandma. I can’t wait for tonight!” he said softly and went back to his other room to get dressed.

# # # # #

At dinner that night, they exchanged small talk, how school was going, some of the chores and projects Mike had done around the house.

Then out of the blue, Carol said “You know, I heard your Aunt Linda telling your mom about some of her fun times. I don’t think they knew I could hear them. It seems she is quite adventurous when it comes to the bedroom, both with men as well as other women.”

Mike didn’t say anything.

Carol continued “She has told me quite a few stories, too. So I guess it’s a family thing to be open to trying new things.”

Mike continued to be silent wondering where this was going.

Carol wasn’t sure what Mike was thinking, then told him “A few days ago I was talking to Linda. She was asking how it was to have you here. I told her I couldn’t be happier. I’m not sure how, but the conversation took a turn and I somehow mentioned to her the time I saw you in the kitchen with your pantyhose on.”

“Holy crap, Grandma! You’re kidding!” Mike protested.

Carol said “I’m sorry, Mike. I didn’t intend to share that.”

Mike replied “Yeah, but damn, Grandma! Holy crap!”

Carol continued “It’s okay, sweetie. She didn’t laugh or even chuckle, but she certainly was interested in hearing more. I was sort of in a box at that point with no way out.”

Mike asked “So what details did you tell her?”

“I just told her what happened. You were getting ready for a bike ride and I saw you, in fact I saw all of you!” Carol replied.

“Damn,” Mike said.

“She just said she wished it was her that saw you. She sounded really interested. I just told her you’re going to make some young lady very happy some day,” Carol said with a little smirk.

“Oh well. It is what it is, I guess,” Mike said.

“Linda invited us over for dinner Friday night at her house. Is that okay?” Carol asked.

“I guess I’ll have to face her at some point. Might as well get it over with,” Mike replied.

“I’ll call your mom and let her know you’re staying and won’t be home this weekend. Just to give you a heads up, I have a hunch she will be wearing something that will really get your attention. If you know what I mean.”

Mike didn’t respond. His mind was picturing his Aunt Linda. She was a very attractive woman with real woman curves. She always wore outfits that showed it, too. Her hips and ass were similar to his grandmothers, with a slightly narrower waist and not quite as large on top.

Carol could tell Mike was thinking about her. She asked “Do you want me to tell her about your other interests? You know, your love for lingerie? I bet she would really get into it.”

“I don’t know. Sounds risky,” he said.

“Well, I know Linda is a lot kinkier than me, and I love it!” Carol said.

“I don’t want it getting back to my mom. I don’t think ümraniye escort she has a kinky bone in her body! I don’t think she could ever understand it,” Mike said.

Carol said “Which is why I think it’s completely safe with Linda, sweetie. Tell ya what… I can let her know I saw you in your things, you know, just mention a little bit at a time. If her reaction is what I think it will be, then great. Otherwise I stop and never share any details. What do you think?”

“You really think she’ll be into it?” Mike asked.

“Sweetie. I know she will,” Carol replied.

“Okay, Grandma. I will trust your judgment on this,” Mike said.

# # # # #

When Mike got home from classes the next day he noticed his grandmother with an expression like she was holding something back. The half grin made it obvious that she was dying to tell him something and she would explode soon if she didn’t let it out. Mike knew she had been talking to Linda and she wanted to tell him about their conversation.

“Okay, spill it!” Mike said laughing.

Carol laughed “Like I figured, sweetie. She is totally into it! She wants us to come over Friday night for dinner, and to bring some of our things with us and have a panty party.”

After thinking about that idea, Mike said “Well, instead of us going over there, why don’t we invite her here?”

“Great idea, Mike. I’ll call and invite her,” Carol said

“By the way. Didn’t you say you had a couple more things for me to wear?” Mike asked.

“Let’s save them for Friday. You can model them for us,” Carol said with a broad smile.

Friday evening the doorbell rang. Mike opened the door for Linda. She was wearing a trench coat, the kind you would expect to see on a secret agent in a movie and she was carrying a small overnight bag. She came in, dropped the bag, and hugged Mike mashing her chest against his. A different kind of hug that he was used to getting from her. She then hugged Carol.

Linda looked back and for the between Carol and Mike and said “Shall we get this party started?”

Carol said “Well, How about this. Mike and I will change and come out wearing our robes. We meet back here in a couple minutes and model for each other.”

Carol picked out a new black garter girdle and nude colored stockings along with a pair of nude panties to match the stockings. Carol said “I’ve been saving these for you.”

Mike went into his room to put them on and then put his robe on before joining everyone in the living room.

In just a couple minutes Carol and Mike came back into the living room wearing their robes. Linda was still wearing her trench coat. Carol said “Well, I guess I can go first. You two can sit on the couch and watch while I model for you, then one of you can go next.”

“I guess I can,” Mike replied.

“Or I can if you like,” Linda said looking at Mike.

“How about we do it at the same time?” Mike said.

“Cool. I like that,” Linda said.

Mike and Linda sat and watched as Carol took the center of the room. She turned her back to them and let her robe fall off her shoulders and drop to the floor behind her.

She was wearing all black, bra, panties, garter belt and dark stockings. The panties were sheer clearly showing her ass cheeks. Neither Mike or Linda made a sound, their eyes were fixed on this elegant sight. Carol slowly turned around and both could see that her bra was every bit as sheer as her panties. Even wearing her panties and bra, there wasn’t a thing left to the imagination. Even her pussy crack was clearly visible through the fabric.

Linda’s eyes fixed on the small bump protruding from Carol’s shaved pussy making a small tent pressing against her panties. Carol saw Linda staring at her clit and turned sideways showing Linda the profile of the small tent it made in the fabric. Carol lightly moved the tip of her index finger up and down across her clit and said “I guess I can’t hide it when I get excited.”

Mike had his hand against his crotch rubbing himself through the robe. Without realizing it, Mike whispered under his breath “Damn!”

Linda heard Mike and turned to see his hand pressing into his crotch. She said “Yeah, I know! I hope I look half that good when I’m her age!” Mike looked back at Linda, both smiling at each other.

Mike and Linda then got up and Carol sat down. They faced each other and together Linda took off her trench coat and Mike let his robe drop at the same time. Linda was wearing sheer pantyhose and a red lace bra. Mike could barely make out her areolas. Looking down he could clearly see a dark patch between her legs.

Mike was wearing his new garter girdle and sheer stockings with sheer panties over the garter straps. Linda looked Mike’s body over and said “I see what you mean, Mom. Smokin’ hot!”

They both turned to look at Carol. She was sitting with her legs spread wide with the fingertips of her right hand making soft circles around her erect clit through her panties. Carol said “I guess you two can keep standing there, or if you feel the need, you kartal escort can take care of yourself. I brought a hand towel for everyone if you need it.”

Mike turned the other chair around so each seat faced to the center of the circle they made. Linda took the chair and Mike took the center of the couch.

It wasn’t a minute later when Linda and Carol heard Mike say “These have to go.” as he stood up and slipped his panties off. His raging hard-on sprang straight out. After sitting back down, he slowly stroked his cock, looking back and forth between them.

Carol sat up and unhooked her bra, releasing her tits. She sat back and played with her left nipple while her right hand played with her clit.

Linda followed Carol’s lead. She sat up and did the same thing, exposing her perfect D size tits to Carol and Mike. They could hear Mike utter under his breath “Damn.” and saw him increase the tempo of his stroking. Linda’s eyes were fixed on Mike’s cock. A few seconds later, she watched as Mike erupted, shooting bursts of cum toward his chest. The first two blasts hitting his neck.

Their eyes met as each pulse of cum landed lower and lower towards his stomach. They never lost eye contact until Mike completely drained his balls and his whole body relaxed. They both smiled at each other. It was a moment that neither had had shared before, but it felt comfortable and familiar at the same time.

Mike got up and knelt between Linda’s legs. Her butt was already hanging out over the edge of the chair. He lowered his face to her pantyhose covered pussy and nibbled on her using his lips and pushing his nose against her clit. Linda held Mike’s head with both hands as she started to climax. Her whole body shook as her climax took over. Her feet pushed on the floor lifting her ass off the chair and tighter into Mikes working lips.

When he sensed she was done, Mike got up and knelt between Carol’s legs and lowered his face to take her clit between his lips. Linda recovered from her climax and went over and placed her hand on Mike’s shoulder and whispered “May I?”

Mike moved out of the way and Linda took his place between Carol’s legs, taking her mother’s panty covered clit between her lips. Seeing her daughter between her legs, Carol knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Linda slid a finger under the panel of Carol’s panties and moved the panties out of the way allowing Linda to suck Carol’s bare clit into her mouth.

Mike was standing right next to Carol looking down at Linda licking and sucking on his grandmother’s pussy. Carol reached over putting her arm around Mike’s hip and pulled him toward her. Mike was facing Carol and she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. Linda kept her lips locked around Carol’s clit and looked up to see Carol taking Mike’s cock into her mouth. Carol had one hand on Mike’s ass pushing his hips toward her face and the other hand now on the back of Linda’s head.

Carol was moving her head back and forth, fucking Mike’s cock with her mouth. Linda watched her mom sucking her nephew’s big cock and began bobbing her head up and down with greater intensity, giving her very clit blowjob. When she pulled her head up, she kept her suction tight around her clit, pulling it tight. When her head came back and pressed into her pussy, she would release the suction slightly and swirl her tongue around her clit.

Mike wasn’t sure until that moment if he would cum again. But seeing his aunt sucking her own mother’s pussy, and seeing Carol fucking his cock with her mouth put him over the top. Carol felt his cock swell and become ridged as he was about to explode in her mouth. She also felt her own climax start. She planted her feet on the floor and pushed her hips up, pushing her pussy harder against Linda’s mouth.

Mike took over for Carol holding her head with both hands to hold it steady and began fucking her mouth as he exploded. Carol kept her lips tight around his cock as she took everything he had left in his balls.

Carol’s climax caused her whole body to jerk and shutter with Linda sucking on her clit. Her hips bucked as her climax rushed through her whole body.

After she finished she was becoming sensitive and slid her hand between Linda and her pussy. She also felt Mike had finished and was beginning to get soft. She released Mikes cock from her mouth and sat up. Carol then leaned forward, taking Linda’s face in each hand and said “Thank you, Linda. That was amazing!” Then she pressed her lips to Linda’s tasting her own pussy on Linda’s lips and Linda tasting Mike on her mom’s lips.

Linda was initially shocked at Carol’s gesture, then smiled back at Carol and said “I’m glad I could do that, Mom.” Then looking at Mike, she said “And thank you both for trusting me to join you.”

Carol leaned back, she looked at Mike and said “You see, there are ways of having fun without the risk of pregnancy.”

After a long pause, Linda asked Mike, “I noticed that you shave down there. I’m just curious. Why?”

Mike thought for a second, then replied “Well I guess the answer has a lot of parts to it, but to boil it down, I tried it, and now I like it. It started out just shaving my legs because the stockings make the hair on my legs go the wrong way, but turned into shaving everything. I figured if I didn’t like it, I could just let it grow back.”

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