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Our Sex Cinema Evening!

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Our Sex Cinema Evening!Hey all, I wrote a story before about Carrie, my lady and a gangbang that occurred a while back, was actually horny re-telling the story! Since then, we have both been open minded and always looking for otherthings to try etc…(Shortage of swinger couples in the U.K. South!!)We had a weekend in London a few months back, show,meal the usualetc. On our spare night, both horny, we wandered into Soho and around the sex shops, all getting us in the mood! I got talking to a shop worker who told me of a shop/cinema that was open, he admitted it was ‘hit and miss’ as towhat went on but we understood. After a quick pub stop for an hour, we went looking for the place mentioned. Upon finding it, it looked a bit shabby and run down but we went in. The shop was the front showing and was filled with porn, films, toys, all sorts and we looked as u would! A worker in the shop approached and asked if we were for the ‘backroom’ or not!!? Although not knowing what was in the backroom we guessed lol. I asked Carrie if she was ok and up for a look and her smile and nod said enough! She was only worried as because a bit spontaneous she hadn’t dressed up for the place! She still looks hot, tanned all over, short black dress and black heels, showing leg and tits so all good I thought. We went in the cinema through a dark small corridor and into the unknown….It was a small ish cinema/screen, maybe 30 seats and a hot scene of lesbian sex as we walkedin. It was dark but dim so u could see mostly and we saw that maybe 10/15 blokes were in already.Most sat on there own and clearly playing with themselves, a few actually brazen and wanking openly.As we sat in the middle, we clocked one other lady in there, maybe 50 yrs old and a bit rounded but stilljust looked like a real dirty lady, if u get me! Her man if istanbul escort it was, had his cock out and was tossing off with a helping hand from her. Carrie knew most eyes were in her/us. She knew she was going to get attention given the ratio of blokes etc. As we sat, almost on cue, the scene ended on the scene to be replaced by a full on gangbang scene, one normal looking girl with a good few lads all using her as they wished! We watched and I whispered of ourprevious group scene, we both got hornier and I began kissing her and rubbing her big tits. It was then thatI looked around and saw that two guys were naked waist down and wanking each other hard as! Couldn’t seetheir cocks due to the seats but you just knew! LolThe other lady had also moved seats away from her ‘partner’ and sat on another’s lap whilst another guy was wankinghis dick from behind watching. The filthy film was getting us all fucking horny as! After maybe 5 mins, the scene girl hadlots of cocks in her face and hands, looked lush!! With that Carrie, bent over, took out my stiff cock and sucked it off at once!Fucking loved the feeling of course but also her doing it while others around us… I felt up her dress and pulled her pantiesdown and off. I then asked her quietly if ok to carry on…she said yes quicker than anything! With that I pulled her dress offand my jeans were off. Looking back can’t believe we did it but in the moment, had no worries! The other lady by now was on herknees by the side and wanking two blokes off, her bloke watching and smiling. I then took Carries bra off and her big tits were freeshe was now naked and me in only my shirt. I got on my knees and went down on her, opened her legs wide. Her shaved pussywas sopping wet and I licked up and down her slit and inside her pussy. Then zonguldak escort she nudged me, looking up, two blokes had got very near and were watching and wanking off. I remember just nodding and smiling. When I next looked up she was wanking both blokes off!! Fuckinghell, so horny to see! With that I got up to see what was happening. One bloke was maybe mid 30’s, English and good looking with an averagecock. The other..well!! He was I reckon 50 plus, not great looking, tubby as and maybe of Indian decent. But…he had the single biggest cock I have ever seen!! Obvisously very dark and uncut, must be 9 inches for certain. When she pulled his foreskin back, he had an almost angry looking bellend but the size was immense! Carrie, again gave me the ‘eye’ and then started to lick and suck both cocks in reach. I watched and wanked hardso hot to see! The other lady was also helping guys out and by now almost all the room was around us and her. She also moved nearer us so basically was all happening within a few metres!! I then bent Carrie over and started fucking her from behind, her pussy was soaked and my dick sliding in and out. The other lady did the same position and a guy started fucking her doggy too, wearing a condom as a stranger. All was horny, maybe 10 blokes now around us wanking off and now talking turns to step in and get sucked by either girl!All carried on for maybe 5 mins and I noticed the shop worker had come through and stripped off and almost like royalty pushed to the front and into Carrieshand and mouth! He was proper filth and fucked her gob, telling her how dirty she was with these strangers and that her husband could see what a slut she is!?The other lady who she found out was Karen then did possibly the filthiest thing I’ve seen and that’s saying something! escort bayan The bloke fucking her, grunted and clearlycame into the jonny inside her. He pulled out took it off and she almost ripped it off his cock and literally poured it over her face and into her mouth. The white jizzeventually dribbled out and she lapped it up, jesus looked so dirty! In her northern accent she simply said ‘fucking lovely’ lol. By this time a few of the guys were close and really pushing closer etc. Almost at the same time, two cocks nudged in Carries face and bolted all over her. Her forehead and nose were covered, one of them, a black guy, groaning pushed his helmet into her mouth and let her lick it clean, I couldn’t believe she was doing itbut acting like a whore with strangers looked ace!!The guys in turn all took turns to spunk off, over Karen or Carrie, a few just shot on the floor and seats and departed! Last to come was me and the Indian guy with his huge member. When I got close, Carrie wanking me, Karen took over and aimed me into her mouth. I emptied my balls right in her gob and she just swallowed itall!! The Indian then grabbed Carries hair and pumped his load into her face, hair, tits, everywhere!! She loved filthy and smiled at me! With that a few men tailed off, probably back to there wives! Lol. Karen’s bloke then led a few guys and her towards the toilet area. We followed at the back thinking of cleaning up. When we got there Karen again outdid herself and was on her knees naked whilst 3 other guys just pissed all over her. She moaned whilst taking it in her hair, over her tits, even her face! Her bloke again just watching loving it! The toilet was also real grubby, dark and smelt of piss with little pockets of piss/water on the floor. I looked at Carrie and she motioned for me to step forward. I followed suit and pissed all over Karen, she even grabbed my cock and aimed all over her. The dirtiest milf bitch I’ve ever come across! We left soon after and spent all night fucking and thinking of it etc!! Wasn’t planned but if ever yr in Soho, ask around for the ‘Zodiac’ shop!! Lol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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