Oca 11

Our Story Ch. 03

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You’re already wet and soapy by the time my wobbly legs catch up to you. I stop in the doorway and stare, my breathing coming in short pants as I watch you touch yourself. It’s not blatantly sexual, the way you soap up your ripped arms and abs, your skin glowing and slick, muscles moving with ease but it still turns me on.

Heat pulses and my clenching pussy reminds me that you’ve yet to claim it. Still, I wait, enjoying the show, biting my lip as my hands itch to take the place of yours, exploring every inch of that glorious body I haven’t nearly had my fill of yet.

When your hand moves down to soap your cock and balls, I can’t keep quiet any longer. “Do you mind if I join you?”

Whose voice was that? Low and throaty, it sounded like a seductive purr. I’ve never made a noise like that in my life. But I’ve also never acted like this before. Maybe I should do stuff out of my comfort zone more often…

One side of your talented, filthy mouth sweeps up in an inviting grin that has my nipples hard and pussy tingling, and your hand sweeps the shower curtain the rest of the way open.

I’m in the shower before my mind makes the conscious decision, hot water stinging my skin as you pull me under the spray. You step back to make some room, but I follow you, plastering my chest against your slick body. Your hands grab my hips and my body tenses in anticipation. While letting you have your way with me definitely has its perks, I want to explore your body more.

So I step closer and grab some soap, lathering my hands before tracing the tattoo covering your pectoral with feather light fingertips and following down to the one on your ribs. I trace your abs next, following the lines that divide the muscles, and then trace the v that makes my mouth water.

I completely skip your cock and your hands tighten around my hips in warning. Your patience is running out. Soon you’ll be fucking my pussy. I know what comes next. But for now you seem content to let me explore.

I want your hands to roam, ease the ache between my legs or pay my breasts some attention. At the same time I don’t. Once you get started, there will be no stopping you and I don’t want to get lost in my pleasure right now, but yours.

I soap my hands up again and go back up to your shoulders, ignore the thick, twitching cock pressed between my stomach and yours. I have to stretch to reach you and my wet stomach grinds against your cock. You pull me closer, grinding harder. My plans to tease you float away with the steam. I have to have you inside me again.

My hand falls to your cock, soaping it from base to tip until it’s harder than anything I’ve ever kurtköy escort felt before. One of your hands starts to roam, grabbing and squeezing my ass, pulling me harder against you. I can’t get any friction against my clit like this, and I let out a frustrated groan as you continue to use my body for your pleasure.

You hear my unvoiced complaint and your other hand grabs my hip, picking me up so your cock grinds against my clit instead. I press harder against you as you move, and let out a startled yelp when my ass connects with something cold and hard. A shelf in the corner I can just fit my ass on.

I’m eye level with your cock, and don’t hesitate to swallow it again, sucking hard and slow, leaving you deeper and longer in my throat with each thrust. My tongue flicks along the underside of your shaft, hitting that sweet spot that makes your cock jump in my mouth.

Your hands find my breasts and finally give my nipples the attention they’ve been demanding. Hot bites of pain morphs into demanding pleasure. I moan as your fingers tweak and twist, the noise echoing in the shower stall. The more you play with my breasts, the needier I get, and the harder I suck. I’ve run out of oxygen, but one of your hands abandons a breast and tangles itself in my hair, holding me in place.

I think you’re going to come and my mouth waters, wanting to taste you again. I moan, impatient, encouraging you to come. Your hand draws my head back just enough that I can suck in a noisy breath.

“Fuck,” you groan. My clit lights up with each ragged word. I do that to you. “I always knew you’d be a good cock sucker. Play with your pussy and get it ready for me while I fuck your mouth.”

My hand drops to my clit, rubbing in quick, hard circles, my hips writhing on the bench. My small fingers fill my pussy and I know I have a long way to go before I can fit your monster cock inside me.

I set a fast pace, grinding my heel against my clit and thrusting up against my g spot. I know how to get myself off in a hurry. My other hand goes to my nipple, pinching and twisting in time with my thrusts.

“That’s so fucking hot,” you grunt, thrusting faster into my throat. “I wish I had my phone to record this. You’re such a greedy little slut, can’t just have one hole filled at a time, can you?”

My jaw aches with all of the sucking, but my body is primed, ready to go off. My fingers work faster, deeper, harder. My hips slip on the shelf and your cock glides deeper into my throat, the only thing keeping me from falling to the shower floor.

“Look at you, impaled on my cock,” you groan. Your hips push deeper as your hand pushes me back onto malatya escort the shelf. “You’d stay there forever if you could, wouldn’t you?”

I look up at you, still sucking, fingers still working, and nod, frantically. I’m so close.

“Come for me then. Show me just how much you love having my cock inside you.”

Your command is the lit fuse to my explosive orgasm. I writhe, riding my fingers, sucking desperately at your cock, hungry for another taste of your come. But it never happens.

As soon as my body stops trembling and my limp fingers fall out of my pussy, your arms wrap around me, lifting me up. Under all of the pleasure, there’s a sharp sting of disappointment. I didn’t make you come. I blink back tears. I won’t ruin this weekend with emotion. I’ll save it for when I get home.

So much for not getting attached…

“I wasn’t going to come in your mouth,” you rumble in my ear. The tears vanish as my back hits the freezing shower wall and the head of your cock bumps against my clit.

I yelp and arch away from the wall and closer to your cock, which glides slickly through my folds. My pussy clenches, reminding me it hasn’t got near enough attention and my breath catches, meeting your eyes. Now? Are you going to claim my last hole here?

I can’t bring myself to ask, don’t know if I remember how to speak words other than “Please, more.”

Your hands tighten on my hips, shifting me back, your eyes glued to where your cock is slipping down, down between my lips, catching on my entrance. You thrust there just a little and I hiss, both wanting you now and needing more foreplay. Still my pussy gushes, coating you in my wetness.

And then you go down further.

My eyes widen, breaths coming faster in anticipation.

“You didn’t think I was done with this hole, did you?”

“I, I,” you don’t give me a chance to respond. “Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck.” I chant the word with each little thrust, the last seating you all the way inside me. While my asshole is sore and your entrance stings a little, my body clenches and hugs you tight.

Your forehead presses against mine. “This might be my favorite place to be.”

And then you kiss me. It’s a desperate, needy kiss, full of tongue and nipping teeth. I try to lose myself in it, kissing you back harder as you start to move, but I can’t get your words out of my head. The last of my resistance falls away and I know I’ll never recover from this weekend.

My body relaxes, thrusts back against yours, accepting every sharp thrust you give me.

“Whose ass is this?”

There’s only one right answer, and it makes your hips jerk wildly. “Yours.”

“That’s kayseri escort right,” you nip at my breasts, fucking me harder. “I may only have you for a weekend, but you won’t be able to move for weeks without thinking about me,” you promise. “Forget fucking. You’ll be so sore it’ll be a month before you want to finger yourself, no matter how horny a little slut like you gets. I’m going to wear out this ass, and then I’m going to wear out your pussy and send you home completely satisfied.”

My entire body stiffens and I cry out, unable to hold back the orgasms you keep pulling from me. You keep thrusting, powering through my clenched muscles like it’s nothing though what looks like a bead of sweat runs down your forehead to your clenched jaw. I feel something hot spurt inside me and it sets me off again. I love the feel of you coming inside me, reminding me who my body belongs to for the weekend.

I expect you to stop, slow, start to shrink, but you keep going at the same steady pace, and I feel another, bigger orgasm growing.

“You’re going to come again before I give this hole a break. I could keep going, but the water is freezing on my back and balls, so let’s make this quick.”

That’s the only warning I get until you lift me to where my shoulders are the only thing touching the wall. The angle is deeper, more intense. I cry out with the pleasure and pain of each thrust, and try to wrap my legs around you, pull you deeper. My hands claw your back and run down your arms, urging you to go faster.

“Just like that. Ride me while I fuck you. I’m deeper inside of you than anyone ever will be again. You know that, right?”

I nod my head but I’m too caught up in pleasure to speak. I’ll never have a cock this big again, and the orgasm that’s about to go off has my whole body seizing up. There’s a bright flash of light, a scream is ripped from my throat, and then bliss.

When I come to, I’m dry and warm and content. I feel you curled around my, your hand stroking my arm. I press against you more and let out a content sigh.

“Welcome back. Feeling ok?”

I turn my head back to smile at you. “Never been better.”

My answer makes you smile, and I realize you looked worried. I wrap my hand in yours. “I think I blacked out for a second my orgasm was so good. You definitely need a warning label for that thing.” I give your hand a squeeze, which you echo. “I told you I’m tougher than I look.”

Your answering grin is devilish and makes my sated lady bits stir. “You definitely keep surprising me but I think you’ve had enough for the night. You’re going to be sore in the morning.”

I make sure you see my exaggerated pout and we both laugh, snuggling down deeper into the blankets. Sleep pulls at me and I barely hear your dark promise.

“Tomorrow. I’ll spend all day tomorrow fucking your pussy you greedy girl.”

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