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our weekend away

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our weekend awayit has been a great couple of weeks i have got to know Dee very well by now and we are well suited so i think, we have been chatting for a while about going away for a few days, as time is running short and Dee will soon be going back to colledge after her years subaticle, so we decided that the next time i had a long weekend off we would go camping, we had things packed and off we started it was a easy trip only a couple of hours and we would be in the hope valley near sheffeild a beautiful spot i have got to love from being a boy,Dee looked as fit as ever her tight top covering those pert titties that i have been eargerly sucking since that frist night, her shorts just covered well only what should have been covered little soxs and big boots, i think there is something really sexy about a girl in walking boots. She had her feet up on the dash of the disco i didnt mind as it really did show off the curves of her tight ass. I was smliing to myself just thinking off the delights instore.we arrived at the camp site a little village called “Hope”. we had the tent up in moments and the gear out the car,Dee was bent down with her pert little ass up in the air sorting out the kip mats, oh that was to much to stand my cock was swelling and my pulse was racing i moved up be hind her and pushed her forward she fell on her belly just right for what i had in mind. “oh god you cant wait five minuets can you” as my hand was moving to the elasticated ultrabet yeni giriş waist band of her shorts but she didnt seem to mind, i pulled at the shorts and they sild down revealing her little pink panties oh she looked so good pert ass pink pants and she smelt so good. i burried my head in her ass and took a deep breath i probed at her with my nose and tounge she liked that i knew because she started to squirm a little just enough to make what i was doing feel that bit better,”the door close the door babe” i sipped the door up and turned round Dee hadnt moved a inch ah i know what she wants i freed my raging hard cock from the confines of my jeans and boxers it sprang to attention like the well trained soldier he is, I moved Dee to all fours “humm” she siad softly i statred to probe at her panty clad ass with my stiff trobbing cock “oh really” she commented as i groaned as a spurt of cum shot from within her soaking her panties ” i have been horny all morning you know but you didnt notice did you” if i had we would never had set off i thought to myself. her panties were ringing wet so i pulled them off to expose her lovely pert ass and her wet gash her lips were all swollen and i could see her openining and closeing her cunny she had great muscle control i leaned down and licked at her ass hole she squirmed in protest but i ingnored her and probled at it gently with my tounge until i felt it give just a little i had always wanted ultrabet giriş to fuck her ass but she had never let me i wondered if i might get away with it today, i probed a little harder and felt the tip of my tougne make a little more progress until she lifted her hips and my tounge found its way inside her soaking wet hole,i lapped and licked moving from hole to clit and back, my chin was soaking wet with her juice, then i moved up and took hold of my cock rubbing her up and down from ass hole to gash spreading her juice all over. she groaned as i pushed the tip of my cock into her tight hole she let out a little wimper as she pushed back to greet me, my cock forcing its way inside her i always wondered how she could be so tight yet so turned on, I began to thrust into her when she stopped me “no dont i want to do it just wait babe”. Fucking hell that turned me on even more my cock was throbbing, Dee move to and fro girating her hips and arching her back she would move slowly then speed up then slowdown she was doing exactly what she wanted and i didnt care i was in heaven so was she her breathing was getting faster she moved faster and faster i arched my back to keep upright oh fuck she said as i felt her cum she gushed and gushed her love juice all over my cock as she ground her pussy into me “ooh fuck oh god” she groaned “i really needed that babe your turn, thrust into me fuck me as fast as you can”. I needed no more encouragement ultrabet güvenilirmi i began to thrust faster and faster i could hardley control my movements i felt my cum rising then Dee stopped me “no not in there” she said in here as she pointed to her ass, I could have cum on the spot “really” i gasped i needed no more prompting i moved into possition and probed her ass hole “dont thrust yet babes” she exclaimed as she pushed back slowly my cock inched into her i could feel the resistance untill i had passed the point of no return “now babe slowly ” she mummerd i thrust in a little more and pulled back steadly settling into a slow smooth rythm oh god it felt so fucking good tighter than her tight pussy she reached back holdin my ass i moved picking up the pace she didnt seem to mind this and i carried on i was soon reaching the point “i need to cum babes”i groaned inside my ass” she replied i was moving faster and faster my head was spinning my heart pounding out of my chest i was so near i couldnt stop even a gang of wild horses couldnt have pulled me away, “arggh fucking hell i groaned as i shot my giant load into her ass i pumped stream after stream into her with every squirt she groaned along with me.we collasped onto the floor together i was still buried deep in her ass, we could hardly talk sweat was dripping of us both, we kissed for a while as i pulled out of her a stream of cum closly followed.we talk and Dee said that she had wanted me to fuck her ass but she thought i would think it was dirty how wrong she was, we sorted ourselves out and decided to go to thge pub for dinner as we were getting peckish, tomorrow we would climb loose hill just across from the campsite.find out how we got on another time

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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