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Our weekend of Debauchery – Chapter 6

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Our weekend of Debauchery – Chapter 6Chapter 6Getting taxis wasn’t easy; Carl phoned two taxi companies that advertised locally without success. We stood on the pavement outside the club, all of the girls shivering in the dawn temperature. Very few clothes and a brisk wind blowing up the street. I think we all regretted at that moment our lack of sensible clothing.Out of nowhere a taxi approached, his availability advertised by the light on his roof.Carl flagged him down. Pulling into the kerb, Carl opened the front door and asked him to call a colleague to take the others to their respective hotels.Assured that a friend was on his way, Gosia and Claire, Lorraine and Andy jumped into the cab.“Won’t be long”, said CarlSure enough after only 5 minutes a second cab pulled up in front of the club. We piled in. Hotel Particulier” said Carl.The nasty looking Citroen pulled away from the kerb, its tyres squealing on the slick cobbles.Back at the hotel, we all congregated in our suite. “Well I want to nominate Heidi as the girl who gave the most and received the least tonight”, said Carl raising his glass of whisky in a toast.“Yes”, I agreed,” she really didn’t get to cum as often as the rest of us”. “Oh I don’t know”, Heidi blushed in response. “When you were hitting my G spot with your rabbit it was just fabulous, I think your hair is still wet Anna”.I reached up to my hair and ran my fingers through it. “You’re right hunni, it is a little damp”, I took the wet ends and brought them round to my face, inhaling the still strong woman aroma. “And it smells good too” I said as I pushed a lock into my mouth sucking the juices from it.Lorraine chuckled, “Is there no end to your horniness Anna”? she asked.“No, I guess not, tho I must say, I’m feeling quite sore after tonight’s fun and games”.“Yes me too, come on Andy, ‘Take me to bed or lose me forever’”, she said quoting from the movie Top Gun.The pair of them drained their glasses of Cognac and kissed each of us in turn. Lorraine lingered on my lips and slipped her tongue into my open mouth. Despite my earlier statement about being sore, my pussy immediately moistened as her tongue flicked around my teeth. The taste of the cognac felt quite intoxicating. I pushed her away, “Don’t get me started again, I need some time to heal my poor pussy”She laughed, “Spoilsport, OK guys we’ll see you later this afternoon”, then turned and taking Andy’s hand they left our suite and closed the door.“Well, looks like it’s just the three of us then”, said Carl, stretching his arms wide.“My favourite number” said Heidi.“You can stay with us tonight, if you can put up with Carl’s snoring I responded. “The bed is plenty big enough for 3”.“Would that be OK, It would be nice to wake up with the pair of you”.“Of course it would, wouldn’t it Carl”“That works for me, as long as I get the middle, in case I wake up horny”.“In case? I’ve never known you not to wake digitalbahis yeni giriş up with a hard-on”“I must warn you tho Heidi, she has bears breath in the morning, make sure she cleans her teeth before you kiss her”.I picked up a cushion and threw it at him catching him full in the face. “Bastard, just for the record Heidi, he’s a morning farter, don’t whatever you do let him put your head under the duvet”.I picked up our glasses and placed them all by the mini-bar. “Come on you two, time for bed and you” I said pointing at Carl, “Keep your hands and cock to yourself, my pussy needs some recovery time”.We each made our late night ablutions and within 15 minutes were laid in the beautiful cool, 600 count Egyptian sheets.“Night sweetheart “I said to Carl as he leant over to kiss me.“sleep well”, he replied, “You were wonderful tonight thank you”.The next day dawned bright and clear, an azure blue sky with strong sunlight streaming through the open curtains. I awoke in a state of confusion, not really aware of where I was, I glanced around the room, noting that the bed was empty, the duvet pulled back. Reaching down between my legs I felt a sticky mess there, Andy’s cum oozing out of me from the action of the night before. I put my finger tips to my nose and inhaled deeply, the pungent smell of stale cum both stimulating and revolting my senses. I slid my fingers back into my slick pussy and moved them around, first I fingered my clitoris feeling a start of sexual awakening, then ran them around my lips, the outer ones first then deeper inside spreading myself wide assessing my level of soreness.Satisfied that I was ready once more for action, I threw the duvet back and climbed out of bed, curious where Carl and Heidi were.I opened the bathroom door and saw why the bedroom was deserted. The bathroom was a long room with a sash window at the end and a pair of sinks on the right hand side, in the alcove at the far left end of the room was a richly tiled walk in shower. The shower was running, clouds of steam billowing from the alcove and in the corner of the shower was Carl sat on the shower seat on the back wall. On his lap facing me as I entered was Heidi her legs either side of Carl’s tanned thighs, bouncing up and down on his obviously engorged cock. As she raised herself using her beautifully toned thighs, Carl’s cock came into glorious view, She raised herself until his cock-head was visible her puffy cunt lips spread wide, before plunging back down again slamming it deep into herself.Having slept naked I had no need to do any more to prepare myself than to hoist myself onto the marble sink surround and open my legs wide. Having done so, I made myself comfortable and slid my fingers into my stinking cunt, eager to orgasm at the sight of my friend fucking my husband.The couple glanced in my direction and as they took in the lascivious sight digitalbahis giriş of me masturbating redoubled their lewd efforts, up and down Heidi plunged on his cock, on each down stroke I could see Carl lifting himself off the seat and slamming his hard cock into her.Fuck, I thought to myself that looks so fucking horny, I’m going to cum, my fingers flashing in and out of my cunt at high speed. Maintaining this rhythm with my right hand I started to circle my clitoris with my left. Almost at once I felt like my entire being was centred on that tiny little nub of nerve endings as I started to orgasm, loudly crying out as I did so.My cries had an immediate effect as Heidi slid her hand down to her clit and rubbed furiously, she also started to cum her cries mingling with mine as her juices gushed from her and mingled with the thick white creamy cum spurting from Carl’s cock. Heidi collapsed into Carl’s lap his cock slipping out of her and dropping more of his cum down onto the shower floor to be quickly washed away by the water jets.“Good morning campers, did you sleep well”? I asked giggling as I did so.“Morning sweetheart, you looked so peaceful lying there we didn’t want to disturb you”, said my gorgeous husband.“Lying bastard” I responded, “You just wanted a quick shag with Heidi”Heidi looked at me with horror in her eyes.“If I thought for one moment you were serious”.I laughed out loud, “Of course I’m not serious, all’s fair in love and lust”.“So what are we doing today, any good ideas”? Carl asked“After the exertions of last night why don’t we just take it nice and easy, maybe go down to the Champs Elysee and have a nice glass of wine, do a bit of shopping”?“Shopping, we come all the way to the capital city of love and you want to go shopping”? Carl said in mock exasperation.“A girl needs things if she is to make herself desirable to her mate” interjected Heidi, finally able to speak again after her massive orgasm.We all chuckled, “So have you two finished in the shower, I stink after last night. God knows what the maid will think when she sees what I’ve left on the sheets”.They both stood and soaped each other down washing the evidence of their morning fuck down the plughole.Carl stepped out of the alcove, “It’s all yours”. He said as he walked to the towel rack and picked up a fluffy white towel.I stepped into the shower. “Need a hand Hunni”? I said as I picked up the soap and started to soap her lower back and lovely white bum cheeks.“Mmmm yes “ she said as I slid my fingers between her thighs, insinuating my forefinger between her lips. “No, not again, I’m still so sensitive”, she said as her hips twitched involuntarily.“”Yes me too, if someone touched my clit right now, I’d probably kill them”, I laughed.An hour later we were walking down the Champs Elysee in glorious summer sunshine.Heidi and I were wearing floral summer dresses, mine a digitalbahis güvenilirmi rich red with large blue and red flowers on it, Heidi in a demure white dress with a blue belt cinched around her waist.Carl loped along beside us wearing a bleached out pair of jeans and a white button down shirt with a cream linen jacket slung over his shoulder.“Hey Carl”, I asked, “Do you remember the last time I wore this Dress”?“Yup”“OK then smartass, where was it”? I responded quickly.“It was the day we went down to the canal in Wiltshire and we took all those naughty pictures”.As usual he was spot on, we’d gone down to the Kennet And Avon canal near Trowbridge and spent the hot Saturday afternoon taking some risqué pictures that we could put on our SDC profile.“As I remember”, he continued. “We both got so horny that we stopped in a lay-by in the woods and had a glorious quickie in the passenger seat of the car”.“God, yes, that was such a horny afternoon. Those poses on the lock gates were particularly sexy”. I replied. “You at your very sexy best I’d say. Mind you the one of you sat in the pub garden has always drawn lots of positive comments”.“Which one “? I asked.The one with you sat at the table in your sunglasses with your right nipple just poking over the top of your dress, you remember it, don’t you”?“Ah yes, I remember it now”“That sounds like it was an afternoon to remember. You must show me the pictures sometime”. Heidi interjected.“No time like the present”’ said Carl as we approached a pavement café. He spoke quickly to a waiter and slipped him some Euros. “This way Mesdames” he ushered us to a table for four at the edge of the eating area beside the line of planters filled with shrubs.Seating us both he sat down with us and took out his iphone. He scrolled through the icons and logged on to the internet. After a few more button presses and handed the phone to Heidi“Wow” was her only response as she checked out the pictures.“That looks so hot, no wonder you had to stop on the way home for a quickie. Shame there’s none of you tho’ Carl.“Hold on” he said, “check the next page”“Are you peeing in that second picture Carl”? “Yes, I had too many pints at lunch time” he responded.“Mmmm that looks quite horny I’d like to see you do that for real”.“That won’t be a problem. We can do it when we’re back at the hotel” he replied.“Did those people in the pub garden have no idea what you were doing” she then asked as she re-examined the pictures.“Not a clue”, he answered. “Mind you we were fairly discreet”.“I’d love to do some pictures like that with you two”.“Us too”, I said “it would be really horny. Trouble is my camera is back at the hotel”.“Let’s set it up when we’re back home, maybe we could go away for a sexy weekend and do some”, she said.“You’re on”, I replied,” How about going to Bath, we’ve had some fun there too”.The waiter arrived with our glasses of Sancerre.“Cheers” said Carl, holding his glass up, we all clinked glasses.“To our dirty weekend in Bath”, she said. We finished our glasses of wine.“Shall we see what Andy and Lorraine are up to”? Asked Carl.“Yes, give them a ring”. I responded.Carl dialed Andy’s mobile number.For you Heidi AnnaxxxChapter 7 on it’s way.

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