May 19

Our Wonderful Family

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Disclaimer: This story is for entertainment purposes only and is totally fictional. All characters that engage in sexual conduct are over 18. All sex is between consenting adults.

My family was unusual, no doubt, but in the best of ways. I’m Brock, 22, and I have three sisters – Britt, 24, Brynn and Bree, 20 – and a brother – Brad, 18.

My parents, Paul and Martha, are both 42, though neither looks a day over 30. They were both raised conservatively, and when I say conservatively, I mean it in the strictest of terms. In church every time the doors were open. Daily Bible teaching at home. Long skirts and dresses for Martha, and always long pants for Paul. Mixed swimming was out of the question, and when swimming did happen, everyone was practically covered in clothes. Talk of sex, or even anything remotely close to it, never happened. Everything was rigid formality.

That all changed for Mom and Dad after they got married at 18. They both discovered porn, exhibitionism, and SEX, and they both LOVED it! They decided to live without inhibition. Around their small apartment, güvenilir bahis they were always nude. They had sex in every room. They watched porn on their small TV as they mutually masturbated each other.

Before long, Mom was pregnant with their first child. Then four more kids were born in pretty quick succession. But that didn’t stop them from living their liberated lives. They kept it well hidden from us to protect us, but they remained as sexual as ever behind closed doors.

Over the years, Dad worked his way up to the VP of Sales position at his job. With that came a lot of perks, especially now that we were all 18 and older. We lived in a large, 3-story house. Out back was a deck where we would all sunbathe nude, a large pool, where we would all swim nude, and a 10-person hot tub, where, naturally, we all spent time nude. What’s kind of funny, is that even though we were almost always nude as a family, and although my parents were always having sex, none of us kids had ever been very sexual.

It was just a few months ago that Brad turned 18. On the night türkçe bahis of his birthday, Mom and Dad called us all into the family room for a talk. Of course, we were all nude, and we all found a place on the couches.

Mom began. “Your Dad and I have noticed a great lack of sexuality on your part. We were both raised to avoid sex, but after we got married, we liberated ourselves from that narrow mindset. Now that you’re all over 18, we wanted to let you know that we plan to fuck even more often – and anywhere in the house. Whether you watch us or not, is up to you, but we wanted to give you a heads-up.”

We all sat there in semi-stunned silence, not knowing how to respond to what we were hearing. Then, Dad turned on the 120-inch TV, and we were REALLY shocked. The title flashed on the screen: “Family Foursome Fun!” A mom and dad and their adult son and daughter were all in various states of fucking each other. The mom had her pussy on her son’s mouth. The son had his cock in his sister’s mouth. And the dad had his dick in his daughter’s pussy.

Our parents started feeling güvenilir bahis siteleri each other up, and within a minute, they were masturbating each other. Mom’s hand was stroking up and down on Dad’s hairless 7-inch cock while he fingered her bald pussy, their eyes glued to the action on the screen.

Hearing the porn while watching Mom and Dad get each other off was hot. As shocked as we were, we couldn’t control ourselves. Brad and I beat our 8-inch hairless dicks while Britt, Brynn, and Bree fingered their bald pussies and played with their tits.

Soon, Mom and Dad were in the 69 position (we didn’t know it was called that then, but we know now). Mom’s perky C-cup tits rested on Dad’s legs while she deep-throated his cock. Dad’s face was buried in her tight butt while his tongue licked her pussy.

After about 10 minutes, Mom squealed and started bucking her hips wildly as she orgasmed. Dad’s dick was still in her mouth, and he shot his load of cum down her throat as soon as Mom had reached her climax.

Us kids all moaned together as we orgasmed almost simultaneously. Brad and I shot our loads of cum onto the hardwood floor, and Britt, Brynn, and Bree all rubbed their clits to ecstasy.

And that’s how we were introduced into the awesome, sexually-liberated life my parents led.

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