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Out of Divorce Comes Opportunity Pt. 02

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Part 2

This is a continuation from the first part of this story. I anticipate this being several more chapters with a lot of opportunities for adventure. For now I hope you enjoy part 2 but please do catch up on part 1 which has been very well reviewed and gives you a good background to the central characters.

Jack Carter and his soon to be stepdaughter Abbie collected their bags from the airport bag carousel. As the clocks passed 11pm the terminal was fairly quiet at this time of night and the few people that travelled on the late flight from New York picked up their own luggage, one or more looks being passed their way suggesting maybe they’d recognised the 42 year old and his 19 year old companion from the flight. The two would be notable due to how Abbie had initiated a real change in what had hitherto been a platonic relationship, but with the impending divorce from her mother, someone she shared little love for, had stepped up a level. Having seduced the older man, the two subsequently enjoying each other in their seats and then joining the mile high club before landing.

They exited the terminal and headed for parking where Jack’s black BMW X4 was waiting. Abbie in her leggings and a hoodie, a poster for ‘athleisure’, threw her rucksack on the back seat and sat waiting in the passenger seat while her soon to be stepfather no more Jack put their larger cases in the trunk.

Both had said little since the flight, their tryst in the restroom and their decision for Jack to stay with Abbie for the evening. Six hours ago they’d been friends and now something more. For Jack was a lot to take in.

The drive from the airport to Boulder took a half hour. This late in the evening the roads were quiet but as they approached the college city the nightlife increased and the student hub of sororities and general merriment grew so as they pulled up at Abbie’s building, a two storey turn of the 19th century place on Pearl Street, even in a Sunday night it was a little lively. It had begun to rain and there was the air of a storm coming but nothing can stop a college town,

Abbie’s apartment sat above a restaurant with a door on the side street.

“Are you sure you want me to come in?” Jack asked, he was still nervous despite what they’d done: bringing Abbie to orgasm in her seat on the plane before the two of them fucked in the restroom hidden from a flight of sleeping passengers. Perhaps though that’s why he was nervous. After all at 42, only just separated from her mother Melody, still finalising the divorce and though not her real father there was still something taboo about what they’d done. Melody, a shotgun wife had treated him badly, cheated on him several times with several people. Abbie held a complicated relationship with her mother, but was smart, funny and she and Jack had grown close over the pandemic years. He wasn’t sure if that nervousness was actually excitement, on the promise of what might come in the days ahead.

“Of course I want you to come in,” said the petite, olive skinned, black haired teen and she opened the car door and exited, grabbing her rucksack as she did, “besides I’m not going to drag my suitcase up a flight of stairs!” She gave him a smile and a wink before shutting the door. Jack sighed a deep sigh and got out.

Abbie had already opened the door of the her apartment. It opened to a staircase directly to her chambers and as she climbed the stairs she left the door open for Jack who carried her suitcase. Wearing a navy suit and white shirt he wasn’t dressed for college and he drew odd glances from the revellers that walked past on the street before he entered the stairwell and climbed the stairs, rain just starting to fall.

Abbie had disappeared when he reached the top. She shouted from an adjacent room:

“Just yalova escort put some music on or fix yourself a drink!”

“Would you like something?” He replied, leaving the case at the door.

“There’s some wine in the fridge, I’ll have some of that.” Abbie wasn’t a typical student.

Jack placed his jacket on the couch, removed his shoes and turned on the Apple TV. He selected the music app and selected a pure chill playlist and the sound of London Grammar hummed from a soundbar on the wall.

Surveying the apartment with its exposed red brick the place could have doubled as a photo studio. It was dimly lit, fashionable, a large mural canvas of the mountains hung in the lounge room overseeing a large leather couch, a single material armchair in an open plan layout. The lounge space was shared with a stylish kitchen with doors to a bathroom and one to a bedroom that had its own an en-suite. The decor was industrial but homely. Jack liked it, which is why he’d bought it as an investment but also as a place for Abbie to live in close to her campus.

Jack opened the fridge, grabbed one of two bottles of wine, a white, and searched in the cupboards for glasses. The kitchen was much smaller than the one in his house in the mountains a half hour drive away so having found two tall wine glasses he poured and stood in the kitchen, taking a sip.

“Well hello sailor!”

Abbie appeared at her bedroom doorway, striking a pose and laughing. She was dressed in a black and gold CU Buffaloes sweatshirt and a black thong. That was all she wore. Her bare olive legs were well toned and she stood leant both hands against the doorframe in a playfully seductive pose.

“It’s too warm to be dressed!” She laughed and after striking a different position with her knee raised against the doorframe showing off her toned legs, giggled and slowly walked toward Jack, purposefully placing her footsteps to maximise a sex kitten vibe.

Jack couldn’t help but be turned on but he kept his racing heartbeat in check. He offered her a glass and while taking it from him her finger tips traced his own. Her touch was magnetic. Abbie took a sip and with her glass held to her side stared up at Jack with her green eyes sparkling.

At 6ft to her 5’5′, he didn’t tower over her. Her black hair had been released from a pony tail and now had a natural wave. Her green eyes shining, her chest was showing shapely through the sweater and though still his step daughter, she was, however, undoubtedly attractive. Her gaze showed she wanted him. He absolutely knew he wanted her.

Placing his glass down, Jack’s hand moved to the side of her face, her arms wrapping around encircling his neck and as he leaned they shared a kiss. He traced his hand down to her neck, down her chest, feeling the rising breath of her breast through the sweater, conspicuous through the absence of a bra underneath.

Their kisses, more passionate, tongues entwining with a growing urgency. Jack grasped the base of her sweater, Abbie looking back at him raised her arms. He raised the sweater, revealing first her olive toned stomach, then revealing two near perfect breasts, C cups he thought with small nipples and narrow delicate areola, he leaned in to taste them and as he did so Abbie moaned in pleasure: “Oh Jack, oh Jack mmm…”

Abbie, exposed with the exception of her panties, undid the buttons of Jack’s shirt. Exposing his chest sporting a light dusting of hair and at 42 the first greys had started to show through but couldn’t disguise a body well looked after through a pandemic of daily peloton and outdoor exploits. “God I love your body,” sighed Abbie, her touch deftly exploring the contours of his chest, down to his stomach.

“It’s got nothing compared to yours,” smiled Jack kissing her lips once yalova escort bayan more, tracing the outline sides of her body with his touch, the two of them savouring the sight of their affections.

Abbey undid his belt, and felt the bulge of his growing erection already obvious underneath. Removing his shirt, Jack then took her hips, running his hands down before feeling her buttocks, he took hold raising her from the floor and placing her upon the edge of the kitchen table.

“Do you want me right here?” The teen enquired, smiling, Jack smiling back nodded, taking the hem of her panties and as she lifted her hips from the table he pulled them from her, exposing her near bare pussy, with just a small landing strip of hair above a gorgeous opening glistening in arousal.

Jack could have taken her there and then but he knew he first had to taste her: Kissing her stomach, her hip, the journey to her sex. Abbie cooed as he did so, the breath rising in her chest. As his soft touch reached her, Abbie moaned as Jack’s kisses penetrated her folds, delighting in the wetness that grew as he explored. His thumb teasing her clit as it grew more swollen, at first a finger and then two entering her, feeling the tightness of her 19 year old pussy.

“Fuck….oooh…my god…mphh” Abbie moaned, her hands reaching and holding the edge of the table above her, gripping harder as the ecstasy increased.

His kisses moved onto her stomach, her chest as he rose over her. She shuffled toward him, toward the edge of the table and with her legs wide, propping herself up with her arms behind her, her body raised toward him she beckoned him to her.

His cock, firm and of good proportion pulsed as the teen lay before him. He rubbed the tip along the length of her opening, the folds opening to him as he teased her. “Fuck me Jack, give me that cock. Fuck me like you want to”, she looked calm and confident beyond her years. Jack feasted on the sight of her body. Her nipples prominent, her breath fast. Jack obeyed her command and with intention thrust into her, holding her firmly by her ass. Abbie cried out and threw her arms back to take hold of the table edge once more.

Abbie’s pussy enveloped him, gripped him, ruled him. From first thrust Jack couldn’t help but drive into her with purpose. Firm, full movements, the table creaking as with an eager pace he took her. Abbie cried out at each movement, pushing her hips, meeting him in rhythm. Her moans were loud, unlike on the plane there were no passengers to hide their lovemaking from now, though neighbours and the revellers in the street were getting quite a show.

Jack himself was sweating, the pace steady but fast. Her breasts wobbled perfectly as he took her, occasionally she would let go of the table to grasp them, press them against herself, teasing her nipples, pulling them. She looked magnificent.

“Oh Jack fuck me….fuck me…”

Her first orgasm came quickly, she arched her back from the table, collapsing back and demanding more. “Oh god give me more Jack, please don’t stop!”

Jack pulled back, creamy residue on his shaft showing just how much the teen was aroused, he lifted her back off the table. Abbie needed no prompting and turned away from him, lowering her hands to the table, bending over it, her ass raised: the perfect peach. They’d fucked in this position in the airplane restroom but now they had more room, more freedom. Jack took hold of her hips and as she guided him into her, pushed fully in, her pussy accepting his full length though still incredibly tight.

She gripped the table as slowly at first he took her, increasing pace as her moans grew. She glanced back at him, biting her lip, “fuck me harder Jack. Fuck me harder,” a request that could not be turned down. Before long the sounds escort yalova of his body meeting her ass in a repeating slap was audibly loud. The teen wanting it that way, Jack more than able to oblige.

As he drove in and out of her, her moans grew and grew. For several minutes more they continued, Abbie bent over, experiencing another orgasm, this time as she approached it she leaned back away from the table far enough for her to reach up behind Jack’s neck, giving him a close view of her back, and as she through her head back to the side of his, the outline of her chest raised perfectly, her breasts quaking.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming again!”! She screamed, Jack exchanging hold of her waist to hold his arm across her chest pulling her back up against him, their backs arching.

Jack turned her once more to him and lifted her into the air and across to the sofa. Astride him now, slower, she wrapped her arms around him and lowered herself onto him. Their arousal leaking now, her swollen pussy now easily absorbing him. Abbie ground her pussy against him, regaining energy and fighting for control as Jack with his hands on her ass allowed her, though he could direct her as he wished.

As their stamina returned Abbie sat up from Jack, and lay back allowing for them to meet in a missionary position, bodies aligned fully against each other for the first time. Their mouths entwining, holding each other tightly.

Abbie wrapped her legs around him and as Jack raised himself over her they paused for a moment and as they gazed at each other Jack spoke:

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, “So beautiful.”

“Don’t stop Jack. I’m yours” she softly replied back, her breathing deep and slow. “Give me more”.

Jack knew he didn’t have much more left in him but proceeded to re-enter her, cradling her body below him. As they writhed, the intensity grew, Jack now gripping her ass and with deeper more forceful thrusts Abbie’s cries were crescendoing to a final and most powerful orgasm.

“Give it to me Jack…take my body Jack…use me Jack…” Jack gripped her hard as he felt a wave of his own unstoppable now. As they stared into each other’s eyes, he arched his back and felt a torrent of his seed explode into the voracious teen. Abbie cried out once more, Jack felt her pussy pulse and the teen threw her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. They lay still, her head buried in his neck, their lungs fighting for oxygen, their bodies sweating. They held there for several minutes before when their breathing had recovered they kissed.

As they held each other with the sound of heavier rain now on the window, Abbie spoke the first words: “I’m going to say something I hope doesn’t scare you,”

“You can tell me anything,” said Jack,

“I love you.” Jack could see in her eyes the teen meant it.

He paused. Perhaps for too long. He didn’t know what to say. “It’s ok Jack, I don’t expect you to say it back. Not now anyway, but I just wanted you to know how I feel about you.”

Jack paused, leaned in and kissed the teenager tenderly, then lying to her side spoke “I know I care about you,” he said softly, “I don’t know how I feel about most things right now but I do know that. I’m sure that sounds silly and probably isn’t what you want to hear but I’m pretty messed up.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself,” replied Abbie, she didn’t seem upset. “I’ll take you caring for me now. But I’ve known you do for a long time. I think I’ll grow on you! Come on,” she sat up “let’s not get all loved up, let’s go to bed. I know I’d like to wake up with you, it’s been on my Bucket list for a long time!” She smiled a wide grin. Jack smiled back.

“Well I know I can help you with that!”

They took to the bedroom. With Abbie naked, draped in a sheet falling asleep with her head on his chest. Jack with his arm around her savoured the moment, the beautiful girl in his arms, the storm subsiding outside. He knew things were undoubtedly going to get more complicated.

To be continued in part 3.

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