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Ozark Bitch Part 2

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Big Cock

Ozark Bitch Part 2Ozark Bitch Pt. 02by oskarwild©CagedIt was a long night for Patti. He wasn’t used to sleeping with someone and Zeke stayed snuggled against him all night with his arms wrapped possessively around his new slave. Zeke snored and he mumbled in his sleep. Patti couldn’t make out what he was mumbling, but occasionally “Patti” came through. Zeke dry-humped him a couple of times that night and Patti’s thigh felt sticky where Zeke’s cum had dried on it. Now Patti could feel Zeke stirring to wakefulness. His arms tightened a bit around Patti as his cock began to expand against Patti’s ass-crack.”Mmmmm.” Zeke moaned as his ran his hand over Patti’s chest and then began to pinch and tweak Patti’s nipples.Patti could feel his own little prick spring into life as Zeke kissed and bit his neck giving him yet another hickey. Zeke’s cock was now fully grown and throbbing against Patti’s ass-crack. It was demanding entry to its new home. Zeke leaned over to the nightstand and retrieved the jar of lube. He quickly lubed his throbbing cock and then turned Patti onto his stomach, spread-eagled on the huge bed.Zeke positioned his cock at the entrance to his boy’s pussy and slowly pushed all the way in in one long stroke.”Ohhhhh.” Patti groaned as Zeke’s pulsating organ filled him. His own stiff cock was imprisoned underneath him and throbbing with desire.Then Zeke began fucking him. Slowly at first, then picking up speed as his need for release pushed him.”Oh, yes, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy! Cum inside me, Daddy! Please, Daddy! Please, Daddy!” Patti begged.They were now bouncing on the bed as Zeke wildly fucked him. Patti began to mutter incoherently as he once again became a mass of mindless sensation.”Ahhhhhh! Fuck me! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!” Patti screamed as Zeke tensed and then began shooting his load into Patti’s boy-pussy.Zeke pumped load after load into the boy until it oozed out of his pussy and onto the bed. The sensation drove Patti over the edge and he began to squirt his cum into the mattress.”Ohhhhh! Pleeeeease! Yesssssssss, Daddy!” Patti moaned as Zeke slowed his pumping and then collapsed on top of his new girly -boy.”Good girl. Good girl.” Zeke whispered soothingly into Patti’s ear.”Let’s get Daddy’s little bitch cleaned up for breakfast now.” Zeke said and then slid his still erect penis out of Patty’s boy-cunt.Zeke unchained Patti from the bed and then re-attached his leash. Patti shuddered when the leash clicked loudly into place. A feeling of helplessness and being possessed washed over the girly-boy. Zeke cleaned them both up in the bathroom, then led Patti into the kitchen. Zeke made them scrambled eggs and bacon.When it came time to eat, Zeke sat at the table, but when Patti went to take a seat, Zeke directed him to sit on the floor at Zeke’s feet. Patti did as instructed. Zeke put his eggs and bacon on a china plate; he put Patti’s on an old tin plate. When Patti asked for silverware, Zeke told him that slaves eat with their fingers and lick their plates clean.While eating breakfast, Zeke pumped Patti for personal information and made notes while Patti revealed it. Zeke got Patti’s e-mail address, computer passwords, and explanations of who everyone was on Patti’s contact list. Zeke got out his laptop and logged into Patti’s e-mail and began typing away. When Patti finished licking his plate clean, Zeke stood him up and showed him an e-mail that he had composed on Patti’s account. It was Patti’s letter of resignation from his employer.”This is the first step for cuttin’ you free from the world and makin’ you dependent on ole Zeke for everythin’, baby.” Zeke said. “But I gotta know that you really want this. You gotta press the ‘enter key’ to send this. When you do, yer surrenderin’ more completely to yer Daddy. Press the enter key, slut. Press it fer yer Daddy.”Patti hesitated. He felt like he was on a slippery slope and he could not stop falling. If he sent this e-mail, he would no longer have a job. He had a good amount of money in the bank, but this would cut off his source of income.”What’s the matter, bitch? Don’t you want to be Daddy’s girly-boy? Press the fuckin’ key!” Zeke ordered.Patti’s hand shook as he put his finger on the enter key and pressed. The e-mail was sent. A tie to the outside world had been cut.”That’s a good girl.” Zeke said approvingly as he put his hand on Patti’s ass and squeezed and caressed it. “Now you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got no money.””But, Daddy, I have money in the bank.” Patti exclaimed.”You sure do, honey. But Daddy has changed all your account passwords. Daddy owns all yer money now, just like Daddy owns you.” Zeke smiled and squeezed Patti’s ass again.”Yes, Daddy.” Patti said resignedly. “Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom.””From now on when you gotta go to the bathroom, honey, you tell Daddy that you need to go potty.””Yes, Daddy. I need to go potty.””Do you gotta piss or shit?””Both, Daddy.””Well, it’s a nice, warm mornin’. Daddy’ll take you for a walk outside.”Zeke got up from the table and led Patti to the kitchen door leading to the porch. He led the boy by his leash deep into the back yard and then stopped.”When can I go potty, Daddy?” Patti asked crossing his legs like a little boy trying to hold it.”Right now, baby. You got a whole lotta land to piss and shit on.””You mean, go outside, Daddy?””That’s where a bitch should do her dooty.”This was humiliating! But Patti couldn’t hold it anymore. He grabbed his cock and began to piss on the grass.”Here, let me hold that little pecker for you, darlin’.” And Zeke wrapped his hand around Patti’s cock and held it while the boy pissed.”That’s a good girl.” Zeke affirmed when Patti was done pissing.”But, Daddy, I have to shit.” Patti whined.”You should be polite, slut. Tell Daddy you need to go number two.””Daddy, I need to go number two.””You can squat anywhere you like, bitch. We’re far enough from the house that I won’t be steppin’ in it if I walk outside.” Zeke chuckled.Patti couldn’t hold it anymore. He turned his back to Zeke and squatted. When he was done, he stood up.”That’s a good, little sissy.” Zeke said as he came up behind Patti.Zeke wrapped his arms around Patti’s waist and started to nibble on the boy’s neck. His tongue invaded Patti’s ear as he wrapped his big, meaty hand around Patti’s cock and began to fondle the boy.”Oh, Daddy, you make me feel so good.” Patti purred as Zeke wanked his cock.Patti trembled as Zeke pulled his foreskin back, exposing the sensitive cock-head. Zeke teased and tantalized the sensitive glans with his thumb and forefinger. Then he wrapped his hand around the throbbing little rod and smiled as Patti began moving her hips and fucking his hand.”Ahhhhh!” Patti screamed as his cum began to spurt out of his little pecker.Zeke captured Patti’s cum with his other hand. When the bitch was finished shooting, Zeke brought his cum-filled hand to Patti’s lips.”Eat yer cum, baby.” Zeke said.Patti lick licked the cum from his hand and swallow it as instructed.”That’s a good girl.” Zeke purred. When Patti was finished eating her cum, Zeke wiped his hand on his pants and stepped away from the boy.”I want you to kneel in the halkalı escort grass and get on all fours now, baby.”Patti did as instructed.”We’re out here in nature and it’s only fittin’ that we follow the laws of nature.” Zeke said, standing over his girly-boy. “Ain’t that right, honey.””Yes, Daddy.” Patti answered warily.”In nature, the alpha male marks his property, so’s everyone knows that property is his. I am the alpha male and yer my property. Do you know how the alpha male marks his property, bitch?””No, Daddy.” Patti trembled.”He pisses all over his property, so’s everyone knows. Now I’m gonna put my mark on you.”Zeke unzipped his jeans and fished out his long cock. He pointed it at Patti and then began to piss; a strong, hard stream. He directed the stream so that it coated Patti’s back from head to ass to feet. Then he had Patti roll over on his back and Zeke pissed all over the boy’s chest and legs and arms and neck and finally face. The tears streamed from Patti’s eyes at the humiliation he was experiencing.When he was finished pissing, Zeke led Patti to the back porch and fastened her collar to a long chain. He left the boy to dry out while Zeke went to explore and possess more of the boy’s private life on his computer.When Zeke came to get Patti later, he had already e-mailed her landlord that Patti wouldn’t be returning to his apartment and the landlord could dispose of his personal belongings in the apartment as he saw fit. He told the landlord that Patti was moving to Alaska and was already there.When he brought Patti back into the house, Zeke led him down a flight of stairs into a partially finished basement. There was a washer and dryer, a finished area with a television and stereo system and a couch and some chairs. And in a corner of the unfinished part – a cage.”Daddy’s got to go to town to buy some things for his new honey and get some other supplies.” Zeke said.”Oh, good, Daddy. I’d love to go into town.””Fat chance!” Zeke chuckled. “Yer Daddy’s girl and Daddy don’t want no one to know he’s got a sexy, little, sissy-slut livin’ at his house. You ain’t goin’ nowhere.””Yes, Daddy. I’ll just stay home and wait for you.””Yes, you will, bitch. But Daddy can’t trust you to be good yet. You might try to run away and then you might hurt yerself in these woods. So, yer gonna stay in this nice cage that Daddy has fer you.””No, please, Daddy! I’ll be good!” Patti pleaded as he looked fearfully at the cage.The cage was about six feet long, four feet wide and four feet high. Patti wouldn’t be able to stand in it.”You ain’t broke in enough yet fer Daddy to trust you, slut. This time you stay in the cage.””How long will you be gone, Daddy?” Patti asked.”Mosta the day. But don’t fear, chile. The lights is on a timer, so you won’t be in the dark. And here, let me show you somethin’.”Zeke retrieved what looked like an ordinary flashlight from a nearby shelf. He turned it on and pointed it at the floor in the cage.”This here’s a ultraviolet light. If there was spunk on the floor of the cage, it would show up in this light. There ain’t none now, but when I come back tonight and turn on this light, I want to see yer spunk all over that cage. I’m gonna set an alarm here and every time it buzzes, yer gonna play with that little pecker of yers till it spits cum in the cage. You, understand, bitch?””Yes, Daddy.” A downcast Patti said.”Time’s a wastin’. Crawl in that cage, slut.”Patti did as commanded.”Daddy, what if I have to go potty?””You can shit and piss in the corner of the cage. You’ll clean it up when I let you out.” Zeke answered as he put a bowl of water and a bowl of cold hamburger in the cage. “Here’s food and water fer you. I cooked the hamburgers myself. But I broke ’em up so’s you could just put yer face in the bowl like a puppy and eat it up. You are my bitch, after all.”Zeke removed the leash from Patti’s collar and then closed and locked the cage door. Tears formed in Patti’s eyes as he realized the hopelessness of the situation. Just then a buzzer sounded.”What you supposed to do at the buzzer, slut?” Zeke demanded.”Jack-off, Daddy.” Patti sniffled.”Well, then, do it!” Zeke commanded.Patti closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around his flaccid little prick. It began to come to life and grow as he squeezed and pulled on it.”That’s it, bitch. That’s it. Make yerself cum, ya little whore.” Zeke urged.Patti pulled and squeezed and wanked and as he started to cum, he heard the door to the basement close and lock. Having spewed his cum on the floor of the cage, Patti curled up in the fetal position in a corner of the cage and began to suck his thumb.Zeke hadn’t told Patti about the closed circuit cameras in the basement. Zeke was able to monitor everything that Patti was doing in her cage. He was streaming it on his tablet computer and about an hour after he left for town, he heard Patti’s buzzer go off. Zeke pulled over to the side of the road and watched as Patti responded to the buzzer by fondling his pretty little pecker. Zeke started stroking and fondling his own manhood as he watched the pretty, little girly-boy bring himself to climax.Zeke pulled out his monster cock and jacked himself off as he watched his new slave orgasm. This was goin’ jus’ great!ChangesZeke didn’t return till late that night. Patti was curled up in the corner of the cage, asleep with his thumb in his mouth again. Zeke figured that a night in the cage might be a good lesson, so he turned off the buzzer alarm. He opened the cage and threw an old blanket over the sleeping girly-boy and then locked the cage and went back upstairs to sleep.Zeke freed Patti from his cage early the next morning and brought him back upstairs. Patti had to relieve himself, so Zeke walked him into the backyard again and watched as the boy pissed and shit. Then Zeke led him inside for breakfast. Patti sat at Zeke’s feet again and ate his waffle with his hands off the tin plate. When they were finished, Zeke pushed back from the table and looked down at his slave.”You been a good girl. Daddy’s got some nice surprises fer you today. Let’s go git you cleaned up.” Zeke said and jerked on Patti’s leash to coax him to his feet.Zeke led Patti to the master bathroom where he removed the boy’s hand and ankle cuffs and collar. Zeke stripped off his own clothes and started the shower. He led Patti in and soaped him up and thoroughly washed the boy. As he rinsed the boy off, Zeke lingered over the boy’s balls and penis. He squeezed and fondled the little prick into hardness, pulling the foreskin back and massaging the head between thumb and forefinger. The little bitch moaned with delight and shuddered as Zeke concentrated on the sensitive glans of his little cock.”Do you like that, baby?” Zeke whispered to the boy.”Oh, yes, Daddy. You make me feel so good.” Patti moaned.”Who does yer little prick belong to, slut?””Oh, Daddy, it belongs to you, Daddy.” Patti gasped.”Who do you belong to, bitch?” Zeke sneered.”I belong to you, Daddy. I’m all yours, Daddy. Oh, please, Daddy! Let me cum, Daddy! Please! Please! Please!” Patti begged.”Yes, taksim escort bitch! Cum fer Daddy! Cum now! Cum now!””Ahhhh!” Patti screamed as she shook violently and her prick shot streams of cum onto the shower floor.When her orgasm was spent, Zeke turned her around and plunged his tongue into her yielding mouth. Patti almost collapsed as Zeke’s tongue possessed her mouth and his hands kneaded and caressed her skinny little ass. Zeke broke the kiss and held Patti close. The boy shuddered against his body and hung on to him for dear life. Then he led her out of the shower stall and toweled her dry. Zeke reached into a bag that he had put on the vanity the night before and withdrew a long wand-type object.”We got to get you lookin’ like the little sissy you are, baby. This here’s one a them laser hair removal tools. A slutty little girly-boy like you only needs hair on the top of her head. The rest a yer body got to be smooth. Hold yer right arm straight out, honey.”Patti did as instructed and Zeke ran the appliance from Patti’s shoulder to his fingertips. The hair began to drop off as the laser did its work. Zeke took his time to make sure that all of Patti’s body hair was removed; arm hair, leg hair, underarms, face, crotch and even ass-hairs. When Zeke was done, Patti’s body was completely smooth except for the hair on his head. Zeke had him step back into the shower and rinse off. Then Zeke toweled him off again.There was a full length mirror in the bathroom and Zeke stood Patti in front of it.”See, baby. Now you look like a girly-boy. Yer nice and smooth and hairless. We gonna let the hair on yer head grow, though. Let it grow till it’s down to yer ass. Look how nice yer little prick looks without all that nasty hair makin’ a bush around it. It’s so small and smooth that now it looks like a big clit instead of a little prick. Let’s go into the livin’ room. I got stuff fer ya there.”Zeke led him into the living room where a number of department store bags were strewn across the couch.”I got you lotsa panties and teddies and cute little girlie sandals and sexy nighties. And fer normal durin’-the-day wear when you be doin’ the housework and such, I got you some nice housedresses. Here, try this one on.”Zeke tossed a floral print house dress to Patti. It buttoned down the front. Patti slipped it on and began buttoning from the top. The dress had small little frilly sleeves that barely covered the shoulder. The front was scooped low, half way down Patti’s titties and just above her nipples. The bottom of the dress rested high on Patti’s thigh. It was essentially a short skirt that was just a little lower than Patti’s cock. Patti finished buttoning the dress and stood there for Zeke to admire.”That’s purty, baby. You look jes’ like a little hillbilly girl.” Zeke complimented.”Thank you, Daddy.” Patti blushed.”You know this is the real you, baby. I know you love when Daddy squeezes yer little ass and plays with yer little clit. I know you love when Daddy sticks his tongue in yer mouth and licks yer ears and licks yer little nipples and sucks on yer little titties. Look at the way yer little clit is tentin’ yer dress right now. Daddy ain’t even touched you yet and yer gettin’ all hot and bothered just from listenin’ to Daddy’s talk.Patti realized that it was true. Daddy’s words had aroused him and Patti’s cock was stiff and throbbing and moist with pre-cum just from Daddy’s words. Maybe this was right. Maybe this was what Patti needed to be!”Do you want Daddy to fuck ya, baby?””Yes, Daddy.” Patti gasped.”Do you need Daddy to fuck ya, honey?””Oh, yes, Daddy.” Patti pleaded.”Beg Daddy, honey. Beg fer it.””Please fuck me, please.” Patti begged.Zeke took Patti by the hand and led her to the back of the couch. He bent him over the couch and lifted his dress to his waist. Zeke undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor around his ankles. He dipped his hand into the jar of lube on the table next to the couch and generously applied it to his hard, pulsating piece of meat. He placed his cock at the entrance to the boy-pussy and slid it into Patti in one long stroke.”This is how a bitch gets fucked! From behind!” Zeke exclaimed.Zeke took his time. His cock had slid easily into the boy’s tight little ass. And it felt so good moving in and out. Zeke unbuttoned the top buttons of Patti’s dress and rubbed her little nipples between thumb and forefinger making them hard and stiff. Patti was moaning like the little slut she was becoming.”Oh, yessss! Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy! Please, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!”As Zeke thrust faster and harder, Patti lost total control. She was wriggling her little ass and babbling incoherently as pleasure took over her body. The pace quickened. Zeke was panting and thrusting. Patti was quivering and moaning and babbling nonsense. Zeke came first, exploding into Patti’s ass. Zeke poured load after load of jism into the boy. It pushed Patti over the edge and his own little prick shot streams of cum onto the back of the couch. Patti cried out in sheer delight. She had never experienced such an intense sexual release in her life.”Oh, thank you, Daddy.” Patti moaned as he went limp against the couch.”This is who you are, baby.” Zeke whispered to him. “You are my girly-boy. You are my fuck-toy. You are my sissy. You are mine!”Zeke pulled his cock out of his slave and grabbed a hanky from his pocket to wipe himself off. He pulled his pants back up and walked around to the front of the couch and reached in one of the shopping bags. He pulled out a pair of pink, lace panties and handed them to Patti.””Here you, go, bitch. Put yer panties on and fix yer dress. You got chores to tend to. You can start by cleanin’ up the kitchen from breakfast.Nine months laterThere had been a couple of trying times along the way for Zeke and Patti. The first came when the police showed up at the house. It happened about a week after Zeke had taken Patti. The state troopers had found the abandoned rental car and begun a search for its missing occupant. The search fanned out geographically, so it took them a week to even get to Zeke’s place. The only reason they came up the mountain was that the local sheriff remembered that Zeke lived up there.But Zeke saw them coming and had time to react. He quickly hustled Patti into the basement. He locked her handcuffs together and put a ball gag in her mouth before stuffing her into her cage. Once in, he locked her ankle cuffs together. The ball gag prevented Patti from crying out and his immobility didn’t allow him to make enough noise for the cops to hear. The cops never made it into the house anyway. Zeke was sitting in a rocker on the front porch when they pulled up. They questioned him about the missing car renter, but it didn’t take much for Zeke to convince them that he had been holed up on his property for the last couple months and didn’t know a thing about any missing man. The cops were satisfied and left him alone without a search of house or property.The second instance occurred during Patti’s third week of training. The boy could sense the profound changes that Zeke şişli escort was effecting in him and still harbored thoughts of escape and return to his former life. The opportunity came one afternoon. Zeke had chained Patti in the back yard to “do her dooty” and Patti had managed to get loose. He was undressed and wore only hand and ankle cuffs and a collar, but he bolted into the woods nonetheless. It took Zeke two hours to finally find him, leash him, and half-drag him back to the house. Patti vividly remembered that day. Zeke had stood over him in the living room with a look of anger on his face.”I ought to beat you to a pulp fer tryin’ to get away from me, you bitch!” Zeke snarled.”But I ain’t goin’ to beat you. No. I’m goin’ to fuck the manhood outa you. I’m goin’ to make you my sissy-bitch, once and fer all. When I’m done with you, you ain’t goin’ to want to run away from me no more. Yer gonna be totally mine!”Then Zeke had dragged him into the bedroom and spread-eagled him on the bed using the hand and ankle cuffs to restrain him.”Please don’t hurt me.” Patti begged.”I ain’t goin’ to hurt you, darlin’. I’m goin’ to make you my sex slave.”Then Zeke was all over the boy; kissing his mouth and running his hands all over him; tweaking his nipples and finger-fucking his ass; and, finally, plunging his cock into the girly-boy’s pussy. For the next seventy-two hours, it was constant sex. Zeke fucked the boy in every position possible. He fucked his boy-pussy and he fucked his mouth. He constantly played with the boy’s little prick, making him cum over and over. Just when Patti thought it would let up, Zeke would be back on top of him; kissing and biting and fucking and making his little stick spit its juice out. By the end of the third day, Patti was an incoherent, quivering mass of flesh, clinging to his Daddy for dear life.They fell into a comfortable pattern after that. Patti became Zeke’s pretty, little hillbilly housewife; doing the domestic chores and taking care of Zeke’s physical needs. And, boy, did Zeke have needs! For a guy who was fifty-seven years old, he had the sexual appetite and stamina of a twenty year old. He fucked Patti at least twice a day and played with her little boy-clit constantly. Patti never new when Zeke would appear behind her and grab her cock and fondle and jack it till it spit its cum. Then, of course, Patti would have to clean up the cum. He was used to being on his knees, licking his own cum off of the couch or a table or the floor. Zeke never sucked her clit, but Patti was hopeful that one day she might entice him into putting his mouth on her prick.Now there was no longer any thought of escape or flight. Patti accepted the fact that he was Zeke’s sex slave, his fuck-toy. It was another typical Tuesday night. Zeke was sitting in his favorite recliner, dressed only in boxer shorts and “wife-beater” t-shirt. Patti sat on the floor at his feet, her head resting on Zeke’s thigh. Zeke was absent-mindedly stroking Patti’s lengthening hair as they watched the baseball game on the TV. Patti wore only a pair of black lace panties with a little pink bow on them. Zeke liked him in house dresses during the day, but only panties or panties and teddies during the evening.They hadn’t fucked since morning and Patti noticed that little Zeke was starting to awaken. Zeke’s cock was starting to grow and Patti knew just how Zeke wanted her to respond. She placed her hand on the object of her lust and desire and began to gently stroke and squeeze the hardening monster. Patti could feel his own cock growing to life as she increased the pace of squeezing and massaging Zeke’s cock. The hardening penis snaked out of the bottom of Zeke’s boxers. Pre-cum moistened the mushroom head of Zeke’s organ. Patti reached out his tongue and gently licked the fluid oozing out of the piss-slit of Zeke’s prick. And then Patti sucked the head of Zeke’s cock into her mouth, licking and sucking it to full erection.”Ahhhhh.” Zeke sighed as Patti began to remove her master’s boxers.”What do you want, bitch?” Zeke smiled as Patti stood and removed his own panties.”I want Daddy’s cock inside my pussy.” Patti responded.”Why, baby?” Zeke urged.”Because I am Daddy’s cock-slut and Daddy’s cock belongs in my pussy.””Yes, bitch, it does.” Zeke responded.Patti knelt on the recliner with legs straddling Zeke’s torso. He dipped his hand into the jar of lube on the table next to the recliner and generously greased Zeke’s hard, throbbing organ. Patti wiped his hand on a towel and then took Zeke’s prick in her hand and guided it to her boy-pussy. Then Patti slowly lowered herself onto the pulsating cock until he was totally impaled.Zeke began to play with Patti’s titties as Patti began bouncing up and down on Zeke’s love stick. Zeke rubbed her nipples between thumb and forefinger, making them hard and erect. Then he took each nipple into his mouth, tonguing and gently biting, making the little bitch hotter and more impassioned. Zeke had read somewhere that if you sucked on a man’s nipples enough, you could get his titties to lactate. Zeke wondered if he could do that to Patti and make her a girly-boy that he could milk!”Oh, Daddy, please! Yes, Daddy!” Patti moaned as Zeke began fondling and working the boy’s clit-cock. Patti shuddered with delight as Zeke pulled her foreskin back exposing the sensitive head of the stiff little prick.”Yessss!” Patti screamed as Zeke ran his thumb over her exposed glans. This always drove her wild and Patti frantically increased the pace of her movement.”Aaaargh, Ooooooorgh! Mmmphllxl!” Patti was babbling incoherently as Zeke brought her close to orgasm.Zeke loved this part of their fucking; when Patti lost complete control and became a sex-crazed a****l hungering only for Zeke’s cock and Zeke’s touch.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Patti screamed as Zeke milked the cum out her little boy-clit. It shot all over his chest and torso. But Zeke didn’t mind. The little slut would lick him clean after he deposited his load in her boy-cunt.Patti was now out of control. He was wildly bouncing up and down on Zeke’s hard organ and his body was quivering and shaking with lust and passion. Zeke plunged his tongue into the boy’s mouth and wrapped his arms around his little slut as his orgasm began to course through him. His cock erupted, pumping load after delicious load of cum into the boy’s ass. Patti bounced and shook and moaned as Zeke deposited his seed in the boy’ pussy.When Zeke stopped cumming, Patti began to settle down a bit. She stayed impaled on Zeke’s cock with her arms wrapped around his neck and her head resting on Zeke’s chest. But she stopped bouncing up and down and sat still, feeling Zeke’s still-hard organ beating inside of her. Zeke had shot a huge load, but this little bitch had him wanting more. He moved his hips slightly to bury his needy prick further inside the little slut. As he moved his hips, Patti began to move hers to respond to his motion.”More, Daddy. Patti wants more, Daddy!” The boy sighed as Zeke’s mouth found his again and his tongue entered it.Zeke had his girly-boy. Patti was his!** Please note, I am NOT the author of this story, nor do I claim any credit for writing it. The author is oskarwild and I am a fan of their stories. I simply appreciate the excellent story and thought I would share it with the community. That said, I would love to experience this, so if you are a Master that would enjoy inflicting this upon me, please get in touch. Thank you, Sir **

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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