Nis 17

Stepping Out Ch. 03

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The previous summer . . .

School’s out for the summer!

The lyrics to that old song kept bouncing around in his head. It seemed the ditty found new life every year, much to the annoyance of many. Regardless, he was thrilled that school was out—for him, forever. At least, high school. Senior year had been dreadful. It had been hard—he was not the studious type, although he managed to make acceptable grades. But what was even worse were the people. There weren’t many fellow classmates that he particularly liked or got along with. He had a few friends, but most of the kids at this well-to-do school were snobs. They came from rich families and thought everyone owed them.

Joseph came from a rich family also, but he hadn’t always been wealthy. Not until his mother remarried. His stepfather Richard, was a decent man, treated his mother well—way better than his natural father. He’d had no use for that man. Joseph and his stepsister got along well enough. Fortunately, she lived with her mother and he only had to put up with her on occasional weekends, holidays and in the last year, hardly at all because she was away in her first year of college.

And that’s what Joseph had to look forward to—more school! Although, from the little he heard from Jackie, college didn’t seem to be as bad as high school. The big problem with it might be that he would be attending the same university as his stepsister. But she said the likelihood of them seeing each other was slim.

So, there was that on the horizon preceded by a long boring summer. So much to look forward to, he thought wryly. Yippee!

* * *

As she made her way home from college for the summer, Jackie wasn’t quite ready to think of the summer as long and boring—although it would be very interesting. She lived with her mother; however, her stepfather had been transferred across country and he and her mother were in the process of moving, so Jackie was going to have to stay with her natural father and his wife and her son, Joseph, for most of the summer. She had nothing against her father; in fact, she loved him very much. She got along with her stepmother, but she hadn’t really spent enough time with the woman to form any kind of serious relationship. Likewise, except for the occasional weekends, holidays and a couple of weeks each summer, her stepbrother was not someone she was particularly close with. They got along with each other and that was about all she could say of their relationship.

At least her father was well off and owned a large, luxurious home, so she would be very comfortable. Beyond that, well, it was going to be . . . very interesting.

It was late May with daytime temperatures rising, so Jackie dressed comfortably in fairly short gym shorts and a tank top, not thinking that she had been told Joseph would be home to let her in the house as the parents would be at work. She still wasn’t sure why her stepmother, Cheryl, worked. Jackie’s dad certainly made enough money that she didn’t need to. Apparently, the woman just had a great job she didn’t want to give up.

Evidently, no one had bothered to tell Joseph she was coming and to let her in, if the lecherous stare he gave her when he opened the door was any clue.

“Are you going to just stand there or are you going to let me in?”

A big smile appeared on his face. “You want to come in?” he asked as though he had just won the lottery.

“No one told you I was coming?”

“Who are you?” Joseph asked, dumbfounded.

“Uh, Jackie. Your stepsister.” She pushed passed him and walked into the foyer.

“Oh, wow! Oh, Jackie, I didn’t recognize you. You look different. You changed your hair. Wow, you look great!”

She supposed he was correct about her shorter hair, but she didn’t think she had changed it so much as to make her unrecognizable. “So, no one told you I was coming?”

“Noooo. What’s going on?”

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t entirely his fault. As she calmed down a bit she noticed that he had changed also; almost as though he had grown up. He was a little more muscular and . . . she couldn’t believe she was thinking this about her stepbrother . . . handsome. “I’m going to be spending most of the summer here. My stepfather was transferred across country and—”

“Oh, yeah,” Joseph said, realization taking hold. “Now, I remember hearing something about that. No one reminded me you were coming today. I’m sorry. I didn’t—”

“Don’t worry about it, Joseph. If you weren’t told, it wasn’t your fault.”

“You need help unloading?”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

As he followed her out to the car, he thought that maybe the summer wouldn’t be so boring after all; particularly since Jackie really did fill out and tone up. She looked fantastic.

Jackie could feel her stepbrother’s eyes all over her, undoubtedly mentally undressing her. But she knew she did look much better than the last time he saw her, and at least he wasn’t making lewd remarks ataşehir escort like so many guys on campus.

Joseph juggled the boxes he carried so he could look at her legs as she walked ahead of him up the stairs to the bedroom she typically used when she stayed here. She had great legs, and when they reached her bedroom, he couldn’t help but ask, “You really do look great, Jackie. You been working out?”

“Thanks, Joseph. It’s a big campus. You walk pretty much everywhere and you do a lot of it.” She gave him another glance. “Speaking of working out, you’re looking good yourself.”

“We lift weights in P.E. Guess I took it a little more seriously than others.”

“Well, it shows,” she offered with a warm smile.

“Thanks.” He returned the smile.

And they had a moment.

Jackie spent the remainder of the afternoon unpacking and getting situated. Joseph offered to help, less because he wanted to be useful and more because he wanted to feast his eyes. She allowed him to assist knowing he was ogling over her, but there was something about him that she didn’t seem to mind.

When it seemed there was nothing else to do and no excuse to hang around her room, he excused himself to go to his own bedroom, closed the door, sprawled out on his bed, unzipped his pants, pushed them down far enough to expose the massive hard-on he had from watching his stepsister, and beat his cock unmercifully.

Relaxing herself, Jackie heard someone enter the house downstairs, and she thought she detected the sound of high heels on the tile floor of the kitchen. Assuming it was Cheryl, she figured she should go down to greet her. Along the way, she tapped on Joseph’s door. “Your mom is home.” The door hadn’t been shut tight, and her knock caused it to open a fraction of an inch; however, it was enough for her to see what her stepbrother was doing. Regardless of what she might surmise to be his stimulus, including the possibility that it might be her, she glimpsed the respectable tool his hand was sliding up and down. It nearly took her breath away. Not wanting him to catch her, she quickly moved on as he said he’d been down in a minute. It was an image that would remain indelible in her mind.

Cheryl came to greet Jackie as she came down the stairs. The younger woman noticed that her stepmother also looked good in a wraparound, free-flowing dress. On the ground floor, they hugged.

“College life agrees with you, Jackie,” Cheryl complimented. “You look great.”

“Thanks. Big campus, lots of walking,” she explained, shortening her explanation. “What about you? You’re looking fit also.”

“We’re trying to eat better. Your dad works so hard and he doesn’t get enough exercise, so I at least try to see he eats properly.”

“Well, good for you. It shows.”

“I’m really looking forward to you staying with us,” Cheryl said honestly. “I want to get to know you better. I don’t feel as though we’ve had that opportunity with the weekends here and there you’ve spent with us.”

“That would be nice,” Jackie agreed. What else could she say? “I’d like that too.”

A while later, Jackie’s father arrived home. When she hugged and greeted him, she noticed that he was looking trimmer also.

The family enjoyed a pleasant dinner together with the parents changing into more comfortable clothes. Cheryl had dressed down to Jackie’s level, and the latter was amazed that not only did the woman have the legs and breasts to make the dress-down work, but it made her actually look several years younger than her early forties age.

Later on, upstairs in the hallway, Jackie commented to Joseph. “You’re mom really looks good in shorts and a tank top. No way could my mother get away wearing something like that.”

“Yeah, she does.” Of course, he’d noticed his mother, and was even embarrassed to think that he’d wacked off to her in some desperate moments. “I’ve nearly gotten in some fights with friends who have made rude comments about her.”

“Yeah, I guess that must be awkward.”

“Can’t blame them. She does look good. But I feel like I have to defend her. Wish girls looked at me like that.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Jackie cautioned. “Guys look at me like that, like you did this afternoon, and they only have one thing on their minds, and that’s how to separate me from my panties.”

“I swear I wasn’t thinking that,” Joseph said defensively. “If you ever catch me looking at you like that, feel free to slap me. But you know, Jackie, you are a very attractive girl. I’m sure guys just can’t help looking at you.”

“You’re turning out to be okay, Joseph. I was wondering how this summer might turn out, but I think it’s going to be good.”

And so it went. Jackie and Joseph now saw each other in a different light. They treated each other with greater kindness and respect, not that they had ever treated each other badly before. They were simply seeing new sides of each other.

Of course, kadıköy escort it wasn’t all sweet and innocent. Joseph continually stole glances at her nicely developed breasts and toned legs, being very careful about it; and Jackie couldn’t shake the image of him masturbating from her mind, not that she wanted to.

It led to a discussion about dating.

“You date much in high school?” Jackie asked one morning.

“Not really. Too many snobby girls. The few I did go on were more for convenience or purpose, but no one I wanted a lasting relationship with.”

“Good looking guy like you? That still surprises me,” Jackie remarked.


“Like I said before, too many guys just trying to get in my panties. How about sex?”

He did a double-take, not expecting such a question. Not knowing what to answer, he joked, “No, not with my stepsister. That wouldn’t be right.”

Jackie chuckled. “I meant, have you done it?”

“Well, that’s a rather personal question.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Just making conversation.”

“Oh. Then, no.”


“No, I haven’t had sex with anyone except . . .” He held up his hand, somewhat embarrassed over admitting it.

* * *

Joseph and Jackie became responsible for keeping the house tidy, and they also spent time in wide-ranging discussions. Mostly she talked about college life so he would know what to expect. She had grown accustomed to him discreetly watching her, even though she knew he thought he was getting away with it, but she was actually enjoying the attention of a male who was just admiring her, not trying to do something more. So, she dressed the part: gym shorts, short shorts, sometimes she stayed in the flimsy bottoms she wore to sleep in, tank tops, T-shirts, tight knit shirts, low-cut, sometimes she even went braless. However, she hoped he didn’t think she was being a tease.

Over the course of several days, Jackie did begin to notice a pattern. Joseph would disappear into his bedroom for several minutes, usually in the afternoon, and close the door. After catching him her first day, and coupled with the show she was putting on with her attire, it was fairly easy to guess what he was doing. Another surprising and definitive clue was one afternoon when Cheryl arrived home from work early and Jackie was stepping out of her room she saw Joseph’s mother standing at his bedroom door. It was open a finger’s width, about the same amount as when Jackie had watched him, and her stepmother was touching her own breasts and between her legs.

Jackie quickly stepped back to avoid being detected. She was at first amused, assuming that Joseph was in his room jerking off to her, while his mother was out in the hallway playing with herself to him. She then wondered what might be going on between mother and son. Was Jackie’s dad aware of this, or was he perhaps the reason his wife was doing that? Was he not satisfying her? As busy as he seemed to be, he might not be giving her enough attention. Jackie would have to investigate.

However, since that was the only time she witnessed her stepmother doing that, she let it go, particularly since she wanted another turn at Joseph’s door. That opportunity came the next day and she took advantage of it, but not intentionally. What really caught her eye, aside from his very large cock, was the pair of panties wrapped around it that he was using to stroke himself. From her vantage point, she couldn’t tell whose underwear it was, although it was reasonable to assume it was hers or his mother’s. His mother’s? No, that would just be too weird.

So, Jackie quietly eased in. His eyes were closed so he didn’t see her as she moved right next to the bed. Though she quickly identified the panties as her own, the sight of his chiseled penis up close and personal caused her to involuntarily gasp. Of course, that drew his attention.

It was hard to tell what went wider: Joseph’s mouth or eyes. But he reacted fast enough to cover his genitals with his hands, ignoring the evidence of her panties. “What are you doing?” he demanded, his voice a couple of octaves higher.

With a slightly trembling hand, Jackie extended her arm. When her fingers were inches from his dick, she made a fist to steady them before pulling on her underpants and unraveling them from his hands. Dangling the nylon in front of him, she said, “Didn’t even know these were missing.”

“Uh, uh, I, I—”

“Calm down,” Jackie whispered, “It’s okay. I’m not mad.”

“You’re not?” But what actually convinced him of that was her fixation on his cock. The fact that she was staring at it so intently caused it to pulse. Her eyes widened, her face showing amazement. Then it instantly dawned on him. He allowed her a few more seconds before saying, “You’ve never seen a real penis before.”

Dragging her attention away, she looked up at him shaking her head.

Almost disbelieving the situation before him, a part of him felt he bostancı escort bayan should stop this and send her away because it seemed like it should be wrong. But the bigger part of him didn’t want to lose this moment.

Before he could decide what to do next, Jackie asked, “Would it make you nervous if I touched it?”

Joseph felt himself get harder, if that was possible, and certainly his cock pulsed at her question. “I am experiencing emotions on so many levels right now, nervousness is just one of them. It might just spit on you if you touch it.”

Jackie giggled. “You mean you’re ready to come?”

“Well, I didn’t think I was, but it’s never been touched by anyone else before, and at this moment, it has a mind of its own.”

With a lustful expression, she reached out and gently, hesitantly wrapped her palms and fingers around his shaft as though she had no idea what it would feel like. “I always wondered what the female fascination with a man’s penis was, but it’s really quite something. All the talk about it being so hard, and yet there is a softness to it.” She explored every inch of it, running her thumb and forefinger all over the head, feeling the crease on the bottom of the crown, rotating her fingers around the soft foreskin, and then fisting the entire length.

As she ran her hand up and down, essentially jerking him off, he didn’t know how long he could hold out. He could see the fascination on her face, and that added to his own arousal. His heart was pounding. “If you keep that up, I can’t be responsible for what happens.”

“That’s kind of what I was hoping for,” she responded gleefully. “You like this?”

“I think my head is about to explode.”

“I’ll settle for just your penis erupting.”

And so it did. The first burst shot out hitting her cheek, but the rest just spewed, dripping down his shaft and running all over the back of her hand.

Though his heart was still pounding, his breathing labored, he was able to see that Jackie did not seem repulsed by the mess in her hand. Instead, she held it up close to her face as though to study it. With her other hand she used thumb and forefinger to pinch a glob and rub it around to see what it felt like. When she lifted a finger to her tongue to taste it, another drop oozed out of his dick.

“That was amazing,” Jackie exclaimed. “How do you feel?”

“Mostly great, but a little confused.”

She could see that he needed an explanation. “Some of my friends and I have seen some pictures in magazines and watched some movies.”

“You mean, like porn?”

Realizing what she was admitting, she said, “Well, yes. One of my friends has done this before, and another has actually had sex. And, well, I haven’t and I, uh, I, well, I’ve kind of seen you do this a couple of times before—”

“What? You’ve spied on me?”

“You don’t always shut your door tight.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“I wasn’t complaining. I even caught your mom peeking yesterday,” Jackie reported without thinking. “She was touching herself.”

Joseph thought about that. “I guess I’m not totally surprised by that. My mother is a very sexual woman. You’ve seen how she dresses around here. She likes to show herself off for your dad. I’ve heard some pretty wild noises coming from their bedroom from time to time. Not lately, though. He’s just been working so hard—big project at work or something. I guess she’s been feeling neglected.”

“That’s sad. Maybe I can convince him to lighten up on work a bit. And speaking of your mom, I’d better get out of here and cleaned up before she gets home.”

And when she heard that, Cheryl hurried away from Joseph’s door, having also enjoyed the show.

* * *

Joseph avoided Jackie for the next couple of days as much as he could without being too obvious. It was more out of embarrassment than anything else. As much as he loved what she had done for him, he still felt awkward about it. Of course, he had relived it in his mind many times over and had even masturbated a few times thinking about it. However, now he was a little more careful about the times he chose to do that.

Jackie picked up on it fairly quickly and considered how to best handle it. She approached him on the morning of the second day, deciding on an apologetic tactic. “Can we talk?” she asked.

Certain he knew what was coming, and knowing he could not avoid it for much longer, Joseph said, “Yes,” and gestured to the chair beside the sofa he was sitting on.

“I’m sorry about the other night,” she began. “I shouldn’t have barged in on you like that. Are you mad at me?”

Joseph look up sharply. He hadn’t expected that. “No, no, of course not. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

She frowned. “Then why have you been so aloof?”

He shrugged. “I feel embarrassed, but I don’t know why.”

“You have no reason to be embarrassed. If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be me.”

“And yet, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not. I really enjoyed the other night. I hope you did too.”

“More than you know.”

“Good. Because I’m ready to take it to the next step.”

“The next step?” Joseph questioned, apprehensively. “What would that be?”

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Nis 17

Steamy Evening at German Hotel

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Warm peony and toasted vanilla soaks swiftly into my cool, damp skin. It softens and scents to my pleasure. After slipping out of the soapy bath I wish we’d shared, jet lag aside, I feel as fresh as morning. Still in the hotel waiting for him to be through with the machine gun interviews. Hours before, though, he didn’t seem to be stressing. Knew he’d handle them coolly. Legs crossed, hands gesticulating, expressive features fully animated. Pin straight suit and steady hand shake, firm as his blatant opinions. Smart, stubborn and oh, in that suit. My body already remembering the feel of him beneath it: thin charcoal layers, smooth, slippery almost as silk. Mmmmm. At any rate, if that company won’t take him, I will.

My body still slick with lotion, I slide into a nightie he bought me for Valentine’s one year. Sheer black and lace. Only for decoration, of course. Perky though they already are, it holds my two breasts taut, bringing them close into an ongoing kiss. I bought a set of stockings with garters to match and now, roll them up towards my pale, tender thighs. Like a real courtesan, at the service of one man only.

Skin aching under the material. It hugs me as lightly as his hands often will. Grazing me in long, soft lines, circling nipples, swimming about my belly.

Though blustery outside, over the lingerie, I plan to wear only my wooly pea coat, which ends abruptly at mid-thigh. Already see his face. Hear him: Impossible! How could I have known which hotel to come to? Gotten my ticket so speedily? I’ll be a dream… replacing his sleep with adventure, his fatigue with arousal and hands with my mouth, my fevered skin and inner folds. Unable to wait. Never waiting, my love.

Any minute now, in the parking lot, he’ll exit his father’s old Mercedes and saunter tiredly toward the elevator in the dully lighted lobby, evening having quieted the day’s flurry of incoming and outgoing guests. Can’t decide whether I’ll meet him just outside the front doors or stand invitingly outside his room. If only I had a copy of his key. Could simply lie sprawled atop his bed until he comes and act as though I’d always been there, as though he’d requested me, expected me, and meant to own me, now.

Pacing my room in three-inch pumps, black, sexy, close-toed, leather, ones he didn’t know I had. Trying them out and deciding and wondering. Outside. Outside the hotel. Can’t risk other guests spotting me in the hallway. Will see right through my coat and intentions. So check my gloss and cinch in my waist with my sash… to the elevator, I’m ready. He’ll be arriving in minutes, or seconds.

German winds knock angrily at the sturdy, square windows I pass and immediately I know the kind of mood I must remedy.

Ding. I’m in and alone, thank God. Down one floor, two, heart bursting, three, at ground. A guy in a black suit, head down, slouching steps through the entrance and wearily treads in my direction. I hesitate to step out and realize that it’s him. My eyes are stung. I lean onto the door frame, keeping it open. His eyes, lowered for a moment, notice my heels, the sheer, flimsy stockings. More alert now, his eyes trace my body, up to my dark, maroon lips and long, voluminous curls. Squinting, widening, squinting. I play the character and smirk, knowingly. Every cell of my body throbs, ready to pounce. But I’m solid.

His lips drop into an “O,” his forehead scrunching and then softening, his eyes alight and greener by the second.

Step in, I want to say, sexily. But can only manage- in slightly subdued excitement- “hey,” followed by a grin, cute and daring.

His mouth lifts into an open smile and laughs, his head continually shaking. The doors shut and I lose it almost at once, falling into fits of giggles, meekly biting my lip and feeling naughty. Hold it together for the last bit of our ride. I step closer in the cramped space, examining him thoroughly, hungrily.

–Honey? he says, Wh–

But I stop him, our magnetic lips inches apart.


He still shakes his head, anxious to touch me, but unsure. Disbelieving. Perhaps he questions whether it’s really me, his eyes cheating, unwilling to let his body.

Ding. Our floor. I scour the hall, narrow, blinding white. I step, but still, he doesn’t move. I turn suddenly and plunge my fingers through his hair, fine, thin strands, nearly flipping at his neck, light, ash brown ends falling sporadically at his brows. ataşehir escort I trail my fingers across the curve of his chin, just barely brushing his plump lower lip with the tip of my thumb. Drop it abruptly and stand, eyeballing. Though his suit, still looking freshly pressed maintains the look of a professional, his hair has clearly been aggressively rustled, the wind, a restless bully, already having done half the work.

Whether reflexively or from momentarily forgetting his shock, his arms spring out towards me. I cup them, hold and squeeze. Briefly. And bound down the hallway, him shortly at my heels. Already know his room. Pause at the door, anticipating him to grab for his keys. But… he’d have none of that.

In a flash, he scoops me round the waist, presses me urgently to the wall on the left of his door. Crushed together, our mouths lock at last, tongues dipping and shoveling the other’s. Almost can’t tell whose is whose, so furiously they tangle. His grunts initiate my own. I lose myself for a moment, our hands continually roaming, his, up my back and down, down, to the edge of the coat, fingering, lightly a bit of exposed thigh. Inhale! Exhale…. Smash myself a bit closer, if possible, longing to feel the ridges of his slim form. Sensing the bulk of my coat to be the problem, his hands sneak round the front, feeling for my sash.

Mind awakens by the sudden movement. Slide my own hands simultaneously into his pockets, cupping his steel hard cheeks. Clink clink. Bingo. Snatch the key with my left hand and set it quickly to the lock, careful not to release his lips. Click.

He swings it open and I nearly slam it as he hurries over to tug a chain on a small, shaded lamp on the night stand. We meet half way. Nimble fingers work at my coat until it falls limply at my feet.

Hm Hm Hmmm… a gurgled sort of laugh emits from his throat as he ogles the second part of my surprise. Pale in the low glow of the room, but creamy against stark black lingerie. Nipples peeking through lacy cups of gothic roses, lucent mesh squeezing my dainty ribs, hips and the start of my long, upper thighs.

–Geeez, honey…you’re so crazy, he says, his German tongue slapping the back of his throat.

–Yes. Hn. Hnn, I giggle. But you’re happy I am.

–I can’t believe you.

–I know. Me neither…. I got lucky.

–What do you mean?

–With the tickets…. But shush. Not now…. Oh honey, I love you so much.

–Awwhahahaa…sweetheart, I love yooou. How do I have such a girlfriend?

I wait to tell him we’ve only one night, one night to accomplish a few weeks full of yearning. Less talk, for once. As he’d say… just enjoy.

And wrap my arms round his hot neck, his entire body radiating heat despite the chill of the night. We embrace and peck each other over and over, taking turns suckling the other’s bottom lip. Minutes pass. Can’t stop grinning. Begin staring with such intensity, our gazes carving images with fire, red fire, on brains and hearts, intended to last.

My fingertips run across his narrow, defined cheeks, brushing his baby soft brows. I kiss his lids and step back, drinking in the effect of love-filled, lustful gaze, thrillingly blended with authoritative dress. An alarming pulse runs from the depths of my chest down below, landing with a splash at my tingling core and trickling down to my toes. I suddenly feel uncannily warm. Not a sweaty kind but a deep inner warmth, one that scarcely reaches the surface.

I attempt to slide our feet past the mini kitchen and mahogany dresser and cherry red T.V stand to match the billowy, cherry red comforter. Attempt to drag us straight to the bed. Attempt. But we don’t make it further than the dresser. Works just perfectly for the shelving of my butt. His hands at my hips, trying to perch me atop of it.

But, I think, not before I can worship his body, head to feet and back: kneel down, down, gliding along mink cashmere… ultra soft, mmmhnnn, nails digging lightly into hard, shapely thighs, toned, long calves, cheek riding down his front, over, over thick bulge and down. Mmm. His smell. Palms up, slither on up, up beneath the flaps of the coat. Single breasted. One button, two. And slip… it’s off. Hastily get to the top button of his shirt. Solid white, dressy, restraining. Lips press to his collar bone. They clasp and close: haahhhmmnn. Kiss. Lapping up his neck. Jaw line, swirling. kadıköy escort Swirling up, around the ear. Swipe lightly the delicate lobe. Ughnuuuhhh. He convulses, shoulders to knees. Hold him closer, harder and suckle the lobe, take it all into my mouth. Warm, wet and greedy. Fingers unweaving his belt. Find his lips in the struggle to unleash its tail end and finally, finally fling it off. Way, way across the room. Yanking at the remaining pant button. Yank, pull. Hnn!

He replaces my hands and roughly slides them off himself, clad now in wrinkled shirt and boxers. Taking control, he promptly settles me onto the dresser, my back lining hard, smooth, white wall. He buries his face in the hollow of my breasts, wrapping his arms around me desperately. My hands combing and knotting his hair, my nose decidedly dipping in. Drown myself in the familiar musk, building after a long day’s activities. Earthy, yet sweet. Always irresistible.

He kisses each breast, nibbling at the material, then expertly flicking open the clasp at the back, one-handed. One strap down, two over the shoulders, lace flapping over, slip held at the dip of my waist.

–Ahhh, I’ve missed your boobies.

Kisses, light as air, just a tickle, on every inch of my small, snowy bulbs, each a hand full in size, perky, pointy, fresh and taut… Then, the rose pink nipples he envelopes, suddenly, shockingly whole. Ahhhrgh-hee! Suckles each a minute or two, then dips sweetly into my mouth again. Home.

Naughty play with the lips. Fierce battle with the tongues, dancing with them, dance and we’re up, stepping away. Off the dresser, I’m desperately tearing, clawing at the remaining buttons on his shirt and he’s tearing, tearing down the slip. It pools at my heels. Smacking of our mouths, hungrier than usual, ravenously dipping as far as we could reach, rims of his throat sending shivers through my frame, resonating always at the apex of my legs. Can now feel the slippery goo, like yoke cracked from an egg, drooling into my thong. So, so very ready, now. Will have no issues with timing or size.

Wild and wilder our kisses, yet we stand. We’re solid, hands roaming, snagging bottoms, hair and breasts. My knee lifts and hooks at his hip. I ride his prodding erection, straining through two sets of material. No, no, not enough.

We’re up against the left side of the bed, rather tall with a dark iron frame… for the ease of dark deeds. How fun if we had our silk ropes. I tug off his shirt, painfully, at last, not fast enough, tossed in frustration—his warmth coming to the rescue. Hands run down his tawny spattering of hair, chest and pecks to pouch of belly, slink around to the dip in his back, soft, along deep ridges of his spine, curving up to strong, slender shoulders. He sighs, sucks in, releases and pulls a smile. Clings me to him and kisses the small curve in my nearly flat stomach. My body tautens, but with further kissing, relaxes.

–I love these, he says, unhooking my garters, slipping off my soiled panties, but leaving my thigh-length stockings.

His fingers begin adoring the smooth, thin material, kneading my slim calves beneath. He turns our bodies, placing me again at an edge for his own complete access. Hands slowly spread me, my back readily arching. His lips nipped at the inner most flesh of my thighs, grazing closer and closer to the center of my need. Tongue caresses the creases of my pelvic bone and barely, lightly, sweetly, he brushes his lips against my own, the plumy outer petals of my vulva.

Resist a cry: Rrrrggaaah! Though charmed by his delicate treatment, I can’t seem to stomach the romance, not now. An entire month of missing, longing stored and caged and growling. After three years and night after intimate night, I expect every sight, touch and feeling of our sex, and often I’d savor it, fall, lean back and bask in it. But so much purpose and animalistic desire, which long days planted in his absence, is beating, roaring, compelling me… to seize, to leave out this frivolous play.

Suddenly his very tongue tip, softly coated in hot, natural lubricant, flicks dangerously at the head of my painfully erect clit. Eeeaaah! I squeal, unleashed.

With unexpected strength, I thrust the two of us atop the queen size bed, cool, feathery blankets embracing our sides. I pull him over me, wrapping and sliding my legs up his body, humping and moving in sync with his pelvis. Though not bostancı escort bayan much bigger than mine, his elongated form successfully blankets my own, smothering me in his intense heat, melding me to him, my body comfortably uncrushed. Our mouths play their game, our bodies, newly focused, our minds gone completely awry. I rip at the elastic of his blue, plaid boxers, his proud, exquisite penis popping through at last. Thickest in the middle, slightly skewed to the left, foreskin peeled back for his fat, swollen head. Once, a source of wonder and intimidation… now, a glorious instrument… of love and ultimate satisfaction.

No time to admire it now, though. Having a difficult time with the boxers, begin to transfer the struggle to my feet, fingers clawing at his back, our kisses searing each other’s mouths. Tsss-kraaaa. I know I’ve ripped them, but continue to tear them down to his ankles. He unflinchingly kicks them off.

I immediately go for his base, briefly painting his tip with my fluids, now having soaked the entirety of my folds. And finally, direct it to the long-awaited entrance, prodding it lightly and finally… plunge. He pulls his face away and contorts it, eyes into slits and mouth into a sweet, happy “O” once again. Not quite, however, what I’d seen at the elevator.

Our moans nearly match, we, both grunting in relief and steadily sounding more unstable as he repeatedly buries himself with speed. I know we won’t last long at this rate, but I almost couldn’t care, already sensing the edge for myself. I encourage him, grabbing at his wondrous ass cheeks, rolling myself into his thrusts and arching.

He soon leans back onto his knees, holding my thighs so carefully in place and thrusting continuously, rapidly, in and out, deeper than before, the bed beginning to roll with us. He rams and so does the frame into the wall. His thumb fiddles with my clit, rubbing in a way for once I can’t distinguish. Up, down, in circles, oh, fuck!

I perch myself on my elbows and stare straight into his eyes, our chests and stomachs still heaving. Our faces share the same look, mouths falling slightly open, foreheads giving in, indented, eyes so intent, understanding and fierce and passionate and speaking. I love you. I love you. I love you. God, I love you.

Our heads fall back and he pauses, for a moment, then leans forward and changes the pace. I can feel his body just begging to quicken, his member on the verge of that telling pulse.

We move into our favorite position: his body slithering deftly beneath mine, my back coming to rest comfortably at his chest, my long, brunette tresses whipping across his face. I bring my hand to the nape of his neck, each of us sweating, our fluids mixing into a body cocktail. My legs I place on each side of his and orient my vagina at the reach of his member, now slimy and nearly purple. Nnnuuuuugh. We both sigh. We’re one, happily, again. His one hand amply cups my breast, the other working my clit in an “L” motion. I bring myself down on him, his pubic bush a cozy landing, my thighs stretching and stiffening. We find our rhythm in thrusts and in breaths. Ahhh, his finger, so fast now. L, L, yes, L. We lift. Our asses, up, higher, he pounds. Yes. Kiss his cheek. Moan. His lips. So shaky, now, so quick. Heart beats and beats. He pulls my mound tighter, focused, tighter, on its hard, tiny head. Slippery body, tighter, muscles, tighter, stiff. Squeeeze. Him, beneath me, slowing to cum with me. Finger above me faster. Naaaaghhhh! God! And faster! Everything! Nothing else, there’s nothing else! Open my eyes, open them. Fuuuuuuuck!! Clamping down on him. Squeeze. Clamp. Open. His face. I see it. Everything, I see it. He’s shaking, within me, trembling and grunting. Spilling. Calming. Limper and limp. Tremors still strike us. And calmer and calm. Caaaalm.

Collapsed, dead, happy and relaxed.

–Amazing, I say. Uuuaaah. So good.

His fingers ride the side of my arm, up and down, so gently. His lips, carved into a permanent smile. I turn slightly, his erection shrinking… our warm river of pleasure flowing, all out of me, glazing the bed and our thighs. Don’t care. For once, don’t care if I’m sticky or dirty. Wish he could’ve stayed in me forever. Despite the mess, he seems contented as well.

I cuddle up to his side, my leg wrapping over his lap, my right hand curling about his chest and now, lovingly caressing his face. I stare into his profile, eyes resting, his long, German nose pointing to the blank, glowing ceiling. Perfection. I smile, goofily, biting my bruised, cherry lip.

–You get to be the man today, I say.

–Mhmm, he laughs, and turns to kiss my forehead.

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Nis 17

Starting the Affair

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He had known her for years. The immediate attraction was she was married, clearly not happily, but due to her strict Catholic upbringing divorce wasn’t an option. He had suggested it plenty of times when they were seeing each other at the start but it was a non-starter. Life got in the way and they had drifted apart. They had kept in touch, messages at birthdays and holidays. The odd phone call here and there, both wanting more but neither knowing how to ask or even confident to ask. Both burying their heads to the true feelings they had.

It kicked off again when she had found out that the husband had been having an affair with their lodger. She had gone without for years thinking it was down to medical reasons. When the truth came out she was devastated. But again her upbringing wouldn’t allow her to divorce but something inside her changed. She rang him and asked to meet. She wanted revenge. Hatred burning inside her. The need to get back and regain her femininity drove her back to his arms.

He was wary of her reasons to meet, she wasn’t fully honest with herself to start. She wanted some of the passion from 20 years ago, when they had both been younger and full of life. He thought it was just revenge and was happy to help her as he too wanted some of that youthful passion. She was warned by him that if they met for “a drink” to catch up he would want to bed her. She went along knowing it was part of her plan. That she would get fucked by another man and go home to regale her husband with the fact she’d been picked up. She wanted to feel wanted again.

The day arrived and he had booked a hotel to stay, he no longer lived locally and had a family. She wasn’t sure if he would deliver but tingled for most of the day in anticipation of getting her revenge. Even if it was just once she told herself that would be enough. She told herself ataşehir escort it would only be once, she’d told him it would only be once. She would go home with another mans seed inside her and tell him she’d been fucked. It couldn’t be a stranger to her but that detail didn’t matter it was the act.

He looked a lot better than she remembered, confident, smiling and clearly happy with life. She had a moment of doubt as she thought could she go through with it, that getting revenge with another woman’s man would make her as bad as her husband. They had a drink and made chit chat and she quickly, without noticing, drank her wine. He noticed this and thought what the hell, she’d been warned and took her hand and led her to his room.

Once through the door he grabbed her and forced her against the wall kissing her and probing her mouth with his tongue. Something inside of her snapped. Something deep and hidden, fuelled by anger and hatred and she kissed him back. He felt the change and knew he could do anything to her. Anything at all. He knew she’d be back for more no matter what he did to or with her. He knew that they both needed this. He felt her lust, her desire and her need.

He practically tore off the dress she’d spent hours selecting to reveal the new lingerie she had bought for the occasion. His fingers reaching for her sex, the slickness and wetness surprised them both! He slid a finger in and tasted it for himself. Then slid it back in and offered it to her, she sucked hungrily on it. He dragged her to the bed and pushed her back, climbing between her thighs and lapped at her wetness making her purr and start a river of juices flowing. All thoughts of anyone else were gone for her, all she wanted in the moment was him. She wanted him to make her orgasm. She wanted him to make her feel like nobody ever had before, including kadıköy escort him. She wanted to be devoured. She screeched as her first orgasm hit her. It surprised her that there had been no warning or build up it just hit her. This didn’t stop him he kept on feasting like it was his last meal. He wasn’t stopping until he was ready.

Finally he could take no more and lifted her legs up over his shoulders and positioned himself ready to enter her. Putting the tip at just the right spot he leant forward to kiss her, so she could taste her juices on his lips and face. He grabbed her arse firmly and just rammed deep into her. She had forgotten how big and the girth he had. He bounced straight of her cervix, that delightful pain/pleasure that had her orgasm immediately. God that felt good. Years of denial for her had built to a point that she couldn’t stop the orgasms coming. Her husband hated how wet she got but he loved it. She could feel he wanted her to be soaked, he wanted her squirting all over him. He wanted to last hours inside her. He built up to a tempo and depth that she damned near passed out from his cock alone. He sensed this and could see it in her eyes. The way her body was shuddering and arching up to meet each thrust. The dominant mean streak he hid from everyone surfaced momentarily and he decided to stroke her clit and finger her arse.

This was too much and he sensed her lose consciousness below him. He stopped and pulled out, hoping she would come round quickly he was almost at the point he couldn’t stop. Soft murmuring came from her as she slowly regained consciousness and he thought fuck it let the dominant come out a bit. She opened her mouth to say something only to find the words caught in her throat. She couldn’t believe it his fat throbbing cock being pushed up against her gag reflex. She sucked hard on bostancı escort bayan him to stop the pushing tasting herself on him. The salty taste of pre cum filled her mouth. She was worried he’d cum in her mouth. There had been an incident when she was younger that had put her off ever trying it again. She sensed and felt that he was on the brink, she felt his hands in her hair. He grabbed the hair tightly and said to her “Swallow it you fucking slut. Suck down my seed. Taste it and savour every last drop so you can tell your husband after you’ve kissed him about it” she orgasmed again at his words.

The moaning sensation from her tongue sent him over the edge. Jet after jet of salty hot cum was fired into her mouth. She thought she could get away with holding it in her mouth and spitting it out when he’d finished. This was not to be. He seemed to cum for minutes and the combination of her mouth full of his cock and his seed erupting she had to swallow. Swallow hungrily. Sucking harder and harder to get every last drop to swallow it down. Gulping it down like some cheap tramp she imagined herself to be for doing it. When he’d gone soft in her mouth and there was nothing left to swallow no words were said. Not one.

She dressed and went home. Kissed her husband lovingly like the dutiful wife, she allowed his probing tongue. She felt a warm glow of release and relief that she was doing something he had no idea about. She wasn’t going to tell him now. She was going to text her lover and go back in the morning when she should’ve been going to work.

For now she was going to sleep with another mans seed in her mouth, her belly and in her thoughts. A fire had been lit. It left her wanting more. Knowing she’d lovingly do for another man the one thing she refused to do for her husband. For now that would be revenge enough. For now texting her lover she’d be back in the morning at 7 filled her with joy. She’d phone in sick to work and lie to her husband to have another of those orgasms she’d been gripped with earlier.

He laid on his hotel bed reading the message that she would be there at 7.

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Nis 17

Stairwell to Heaven

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It was the last place Beth wanted to be on a Saturday morning. All week she endured the posturing and whining of her 7th graders, the stupid demands of her principal and leers of at least three older male and possibly one female faculty member at her school. She had enough of this place for the week and to top it off, the guy she met at Bar None last night ended her hopes of a hot evening by phoning his wife right in front of her. Jeesh, what nerve!

So instead of sleeping in, having a leisurely cup of coffee and planning a day of “retail therapy” and maybe playing with the new toy sitting on her night table, Beth was standing around a folding table in the lobby of that very same middle school surrounded by about two dozen of her colleagues affixing sticky back nametags to their shirts and blouses.

A whole Saturday shot to hell, she thought. Just like the administration to make us come to this workshop on our day off.

The ELA workshop was listed in the weekly bulletin as “voluntary” but no sooner did Beth read the notice than she bumped into Dr. Layton, her principal.

“Beth,” her boss said. “I see you got the memo. It’s going to be a great workshop; I know you will get some wonderful ideas for your class. We can even follow up on what was presented at the next staff meeting. You will be perfect to take the lead in the power point presentation.”

“Ahhhhh, yes, sure Abigail. I will be there with bells on.”

Ooh, did I really say that, she thought? She was trapped. Now she had to attend.

She looked around at the group. Most of the teachers, she knew. There was Murray, he taught the 6th grade group in the classroom next to hers. He was also number one on the “leer” chart. Balding and with chronic bad breath, even in her horniest state, Beth shuddered at the thought of a night with Murray.

She waved at Marge and Ada. She was pretty sure that those two, fresh out of college, were doing each other. They had both come out of the same sorority, one that at Beth’s alma mater had a reputation for some Sapphic fun.

Hmmm, it could be fun to play with them. Maybe I should spend a little more time with them in the lounge and feel them out. The wicked thought brought a smirk to her lips and a hint of dampness to her panties. Oh, I don’t think I can deal with this all day!

Just then, she came eye to eye with an unfamiliar face, a very friendly, very male unfamiliar face. He was about 5’8″ with a reddish beard that was flecked with grey. His hair was brown also beginning to show some age but in a very sexy way. Most of all he had the most gorgeous hazel eyes Beth had ever seen. His smile was just as nice and she was suddenly happy to return it.

“Good morning. I’m Jay. Jay Grant” As he said this, he pointed to his nametag and gave her a sheepish look.

“Beth, she said. “And you sounded like a James Bond movie just then”

I’m sorry. “He laughed and extended his hand looking her straight in the eyes. “Nice to meet you.”

Some more liquid dampened her panties.

His eyes are gorgeous.

“Are you from Farley,” she asked, naming the neighboring middle school.

“No, I am the one who is going to torture you all for the next three hours.”

Did I hear that right?

‘It’s my presentation that you will have to sit through. I really hope it is helpful. I know that coming here on a Saturday is an inconvenience for you all.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I’ll be honest with you. I wish I was somewhere else right now, preferably in bed.”

Oops, I didn’t mean to say that.

“I can imagine and once again I am sorry.”

Hmm, what does he mean by that?

“Maybe I can make it up to you afterward and take you to dinner. I have to stay overnight in order to save money on airfare,” he continued. I sure would rather your company than TV at the Quality Inn.”

Beth blushed and she felt her panties get even wetter. She allowed the flirt in her, to edge out.

“Well,” she teased. “Let’s see just how torturous this lecture is going to be. I’ll talk to you after you’re done.”

His smile was dazzling. “Great, after the lecture,” he turned and headed for the front of the room.

In truth, Jay had done a good job. The presentation was solid and Beth got some ideas for her follow up report. Even so, she found it difficult to pay attention. For the entire three hours she was anticipating what kind of evening this could end up being. She sure would like to make up for the stress of the whole week and last night’s disaster at the bar. Beth was all for getting laid tonight and her panties never lied. This guy turned her on.

I don’t even care ataşehir escort if we have dinner. I would like to play with him right now. In fact…

Beth smiled. The next thought that jumped into her head was too wicked.

After shaking loose from the administration and other teachers, Jay approached Beth with a bright smile.

“Was that so terrible,” he asked.

A teasing tone entered her voice. “Well, I survived, but just barely. However, Mr. Grant. I think you underestimate the quality of the teachers down here. I could show you some essays and test scores from my students that would astound you.”

“I would love to see them. Could you bring them along this evening? We, uh, are still having dinner aren’t we? The thought of it was all that kept me going during the presentation.”

“I’m flattered but you don’t have to wait ’til then. We can go up to my classroom and I’ll show you the kind of work we do around here.” Her panties were just about soaked through the crotch by now.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Just about everyone had left the music room where the projector had been set up. The weekend custodian was already emptying the trash pails. Beth had scoped out the administrators leaving together, probably to lunch at the fancy Village Inn downtown. She knew that her second floor classroom would be empty.

“This way,” she said with a smile.

She made a point of walking a bit faster than Jay. She wanted to be out in front of him so that he could check her out. Now she was happy that she chose a skirt this morning instead of her usual jeans and tee shirt weekend uniform. She was sure Jay had a nice view of how her ass moved beneath the skirt. Furthermore, as she knew that Abigail was going to be there, she went the full course and wore pantyhose. It was a pain in the ass but she figured she better look professional. Besides, with her panties near sopping she was glad to have the extra nylon to keep her juices from running down here legs.

As she climbed the steps she made sure there was a bit extra movement to her ass. They turned at the first landing and started up the second flight. Three steps from the top of the landing Beth launched her plan. Using her high heels as an excuse, she pretended to turn and ankle.

“Ow!” she gasped and she turned rapidly and sat on the landing grabbing her left foot.

“Are you okay,” Jay asked.

“Mmm, I think so,” She said. Now her skirt rode up her thigh and by crossing her legs she could also smell the aroma of her aroused pussy juices in her crotch. Jay had to smell them too.

“Here, let me see,” he said. Jay took hold of her leg and started to stroke her ankle gently.

“No puffiness or swelling. You probably just twisted it.” He let his hand stroke higher up the nylon encased leg. Beth smiled.

“My hero,” she mocked.

“How cliché of you Madame,” he replied giggling. His hand went an inch or two higher.

“You shall be rewarded, fair knight,” Beth said between her own muffled laughs and she took his hand and guided it up the full length of her leg while at the same time inching close to him and literally attacking his mouth with a furious kiss.

Their tongues met through open mouths and swirled around each other lavisiciously. Beth parted her legs and Jay’s hand easily traversed the final distance to her crotch. The dampness had now seeped through to her pantyhose. The whole area was about fifteen degrees warmer than the air in the stairwell.

“Ohhhhhh,” Beth mewled as she took a breath and mashed her mouth to his for another hot kiss. This time she went searching for his crotch. She felt his hardness running down the leg of his pants. Breaking the kiss, she looked into his sexy green eyes and said, “He can’t be very comfortable bent like that. I think we need to let him out to breath,” at which point she sat up and started to work his belt buckle and zipper. She was rewarded with the sight of a beautiful pink, round and supremely hard circumcised cock of better than average proportion. Not one for super long cocks, Beth could appreciate this example for its obvious girth.

“I want to play with him,” she said. She slowly, took the member in her hand as if measuring it. First she placed her thumb and index finger around the head.

“I think he will fill me up nicely. I can’t wait.”

At those words the dick seemed to jump of its accord and a drop of precum oozed from the tip.

“He likes that idea, oh goody,” she said. Now her entire hand was around the shaft. It was warm and very hard. Harder than any cock she had ever experienced. She squeezed firmly. She was kadıköy escort rewarded with a reaction from her victim.

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhh, that feels good. Oh, yes, play with him all you want.” Jay was on fire. He kissed her again and his free hand pushed her skirt up revealing her tan pantyhose with a small dark, wet spot just visible in the reinforced crotch area. Shaded beneath the hose was a pair of black satin panties. They appeared to be full back and there was yellow embroidery or lace visible mashed against the front panal of her nylons. The aroma was intoxicating. Jay was in heaven now.

Meanwhile, Beth had managed to collect enough precum from his cock to make her manual ministrations slick. They could now here the squish, squish liquid sounds as her hand moved up and down over his cock.

Jay then tugged at the blue satin blouse where it tucked into her skirt. Reluctant to stop fondling her pussy area, he fumbled about until the blouse was free. He wanted to rip it open but knew better so he stopped fingering Beth and used two hands to unbutton her blouse. What he saw staggered him.

Encased in a black bra, etched with red lace highlights and mesh upper cups was a pair of milky white globes of perfect tit flesh. No, blemishes could be seen on the upper surface and a hint of extraordinary dark areola was beneath the mesh. They were round beyond belief and must be nearly a triple D cup size. He wanted to both uncover them and not uncover them, so sexy were they in the satin confection. He had always loved bras and the instruments of pleasure they covered.

“Glorious,” he exclaimed.

“And natural,” Beth answered. “Play with them all you like. They’re fond of nibbling and sucking.”

At that moment however, Beth had decided that she needed to taste his dick and so she broke away from his grasp, positioned herself on the steps below him and took his member deep in her throat with a fluid and confident air. This surprising move was followed by feverish, licking and sucking and slurping.

Oh yes! Oh my! Yes, my darling that sooooo nice. Yesssssss, suck it. Mmmmmm. You are driving me crazy. It feels wonderful, don’t stop. No, don’t! Oh, oh, oh my God!

The more the utterances flowed out of Jay, the better Beth sucked. She enjoyed giving head and right now she was in her glory.

In mid-slurp, she lifted her head and said, “Cum for teacher. Teacher wants you to have a passing grade. Cum all over teacher’s face and tits.

It was more than Jay could stand. His cock seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it burst in gobs of white hot cum. The first spurt shot a good 7 or 8 inches in the air and Beth grabbed for it with one of her hands. Then she placed her face right in the path of the next two eruptions. The first caught her right on the nose and immediately dripped down onto her bra. The third was shorter and splattered right on her chest and oozed down between her tits.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” Jay cried as his body shook with each blast. Now Beth’s hand was coated with his cum and she pumped faster over the slick shaft. Jay nearly howled in surprise. Only awareness of their semi-public status kept him from shouting at the top of his lungs as the aftershocks wreaked through him. No one ever had given him a blow job with such abandon as this wanton on her knees before him. Almost reluctantly he took her hand and removed it from his dick.

“Such a naughty girl you are. Such behavior deserves special attention.” Jay smiled as he returned his hand to the juncture between her legs.

Beth smiled and said, “Most definitely, but not here. This was only the first act. Act two takes place in my classroom just through those fire doors. Do you wish to continue with the drama Mr. Grant?” With that Beth stood up and without adjusting her clothing, walked up the remaining steps obviously in no pain from her “accident” and went through the fire doors into the corridor beyond. His cock still dripping, Jay hitched up his trousers and followed. He could hardly wait.


On the other side of the doors Jay found a dark corridor that looked like every other middle school corridor he had ever walked. Rows of lockers lined the walls, interrupted by classroom doors with windows in the upper half of the door allowing the only light to filter into the empty hallway. Just off to the left in front of him however, one of the classroom doors was ajar. He knew what lay beyond.

Jay moved to the door and pushed it open. Beth sat on the teacher’s desk at the front of the room. Her skirt was hiked to her waist and her blouse still unbuttoned. Jay could see the cum stains beginning bostancı escort bayan to dry on the black satin cups. There was a grin on Beth’s face that could only be described as wicked.

“So what does Daddy have for Mommy,” she said in a sing song little voice that under any other circumstance would be silly but right now was as seductive as a siren’s song. Jay’s spent cock started to spring to life again.

“Ooh, Daddy seems happy to seem Mommy spread out like this. Come and show Mommy how happy Daddy is.” The baby talk had an amazing effect on Jay. His cock nearly flew into another erection and so soon after cumming. He was amazed at the seductiveness of this woman. He wanted her more than ever.

Beth opened her legs wider and Jay could see that the wet spot had grown. He could smell the sex oozing from her cunt from the doorway. He approached with determination.

“Daddy has something special for Mommy. Let me show you,” and with that he took a pair of scissors he spied in a canister near her hip and methodically cut around the gusset area of her pantyhose. The aroma of sex grew stronger and his breathing deepened.

“Thank you Daddy. Mommy’s little pussy need some air. Mommy’s pussy has been locked up all day and now it wants to have some fun.” It was as if they had entered another world. All that existed right now was the two of them and the game they were playing.

Jay looked Beth in the eyes. She shivered and he saw the arousal in her. He laid the scissors down and without taking his eyes off hers he grabbed the crotch opening with both hands and slowly pulled the fabric apart. The dull ripping sound of the nylon sounded as loud as machine gun blasts in their ears. Beth sucked in air as if she had been punched in her stomach. More pussy juice flowed from her and oozed into her already soaked panties. Jay smiled because he knew she was flowing uncontrollably now and he was ready to taste her.

He bent down and inhaled deeply. The hot smell of cunt juice hardened his cock even more but he was not concerned with that part of his anatomy right now. He inched closer to Beth’s vagina and kissed the insides of her thighs, first right, then left, right, left, leaving a trail of licks and kisses right to panty covered cunt.

He then licked long and hard through the wet nylon. The taste was tangy and slightly sour and wonderful.

He licked again.

And again.



More forcefully.

Then he heard it. The sound he wanted to hear.

Beth moaned.

It started soft, almost a whimper. He felt her inhale deeply and then the rumble began in her abdomen and rolled slowly up between her clenched lips until she could stand it no longer.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, damn! Yes, darling, yesssssssssssssssssss,” and tears started to flow down her cheeks.

“Lick me. Please, please lick me. Do me with your tongue. Come on now Daddy, do me good.” She spoke with such urgency that she seemed not to inhale.

Jay pushed the crotch band of the panties aside with his tongue and begin is oral ministration in earnest. He drove his tongue deep into her cunt and slathered as much juice as he could into his mouth. He let the tip of his tongue wander the inner walls on either side of her gash. Up and down, up and down.

He fluttered back and forth over the area between her asshole and pussy, even exploring the entrance to her rear. That for later, he thought, and then he moved up to her clit and placed his lips around the nub and began to suck. As he did his tongue danced on the sensitive bud in rapid fire motions that started Beth squirming uncontrollably.

She was near to screaming, only in a stage whisper intensity that was as sexy as if she bellowed at the top of her lungs.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH DADDEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Lick your mommy gooooooooooooood. I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmm, uhhhhhmmmm,ummmmmmmming!!!!!!!!!!

And with that nearly unintelligible phrase, she locked her legs around his shoulders, grabbed his head and pushed him into her cunt as hard as she could. Her body shook and quivered. Her breaths got shorter and faster and for a second she thought she would pass out. This was an orgasm beyond experience. Everything that had been building in her all week found an exit in this one, earth shattering, and forbidden, illicit and very unprofessional tryst in her own classroom. She could never feel the same about teaching in this space again and she relished the thought.

When, the aftershocks eased and her breathing started to normalize, she uncoiled her legs and looked down at the two hazel eyes that started this all. Jay lifted his head up and smiled at her. She smiled back. Jay spoke:

“Well, now that we both have eaten, what else can you do in this town?”

“I am sure we can come up with an idea or two,” she replied. “After all we are both ‘educated’ people are we not?

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Nis 17

Stacey the Nympho Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Danny broke the kiss, looking at the clock. It was ten after seven. He was late already, and he told her so.

She followed him into the bathroom and they got cleaned up. They talked, and joked around. They both wished that he could stay longer. It was 7:18 when they left the bathroom and walked to the door. He picked up his pants and underwear off the floor, and Stacey grabbed her white panties.

He watched her step into them and slide them up her sexy legs. He couldn’t help but become turned on for what seemed the millionth time that night. They went up the crack of her ass a little, and he watched as she slipped her thumbs underneath the bottom and pulled the skimpy things out.

She walked him to the door and before he could put his shoes on, she put her arms around his neck. Her beautiful eyes were looking at him seriously.

“I love you Danny.” She said. He slipped his arms around her waist and returned her gaze.

“I love you, too.”

Stacey smiled, and standing on her toes, she kissed him. He couldn’t control the bulge in his jeans that she no doubt could feel. He also could not help his hands from slipping down to her ass. They slipped into the sides of her panties and cupped her naked bum as they pecked over and over.

She felt a surge of desire go through her body. She HAD to have him back inside her, if only for one more time! She broke the kiss.

“I wish you could stay.” She said, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. She rubbed herself against him seductively. He couldn’t get any harder.

“Me, too.” He replied. “I’m late as it is, though.” She kissed him again, her tongue sneaking into his mouth. There was a sense of urgency in her kiss, as if she was trying to achieve satisfaction through mere contact of mouths. She broke the kiss, her breathing growing heavy.

“Will you please stay?” Stacey asked, softly. He shook his head.

“I want to, I can’t honey.”

“Please?” She asked again. “I really want you to make love to me again.” She looked at him with those beautiful eyes, and there was a bit of an awkward silence. She suddenly thought of something.

“Hey!” Stacey exclaimed. “Did you know that tonight you came in my mouth, my pussy and my ass?” She had a big smile, trying to lighten the mood a little, but at the same time keep it sexual. He smiled.

“I never thought of that!” Danny replied. He looked into her beautiful eyes as she stepped back. As she smiled, she began to pull her shirt up her body. She pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor, freeing her huge breasts.

“Will you make love to me?” She asked. Danny bit his lip. He couldn’t be more turned on. It didn’t seem to matter how many times he fucked her, she could always make him want her again! “If you stay,” she began, “I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.” She stepped up to him and put her arms around his neck again. She stood on her toes and brought her face close to his.

“Anything you want.” She whispered. There was love in her eyes, mixed with desire. Those eyes made his heart pound. He couldn’t say no to them.

Danny grabbed her and kissed her hard, backing her up to the wall. His tongue snaked into her mouth as he pressed her against the wall.

“Mmmph…” she moaned happily. His hand caressed around to the front of her body and rubbed her between her legs over her panties. He could clearly feel the swollen lips of her pussy through the moist material.

Stacey grinded her crotch against his hand eagerly as her tongue urgently caressed his tongue. Both of them were breathing heavily into each other’s mouths right ataşehir escort there at the front door. While his one hand continued to tease her pussy over her panties, his other hand worked his belt open, undid his button, and pulled down his zipper.

Without breaking the kiss, Danny frantically forced his jeans and boxer shorts down to his knees. His rock hard penis was freed, and he pressed his body up against her. His hand left her crotch, and he grabbed her bare tits with both hands. She could feel his pole pressing against her lower stomach, and feeling his naked penis sent bolts of desire up her body. He was also squeezing and caressing her breasts, and that did nothing to calm her down any. Her nipples were like pencil erasers in the palms of his hands as he continued to gently massage her tits.

Danny brought his left hand back down to her crotch, this time shoving her panties to the side. As he held them out of the way, he was able to gently caress her naked lips up and down with his finger. She was soaked!

Stacey moaned into his mouth as his finger teased her sensitive pussy. Her hand grabbed his member and she began to stroke it lovingly. It was throbbing a little in her hand, and the need to have it inside her was overwhelming. She rose up onto her toes, running his head down her belly to the treasure trail of pubic hair that was above her treasure.

Danny instinctively knew what she was trying to do and he bent his knees, trying to get lower for her – needing to get lower for her. He could feel the hot wetness of her cunt touch the top of his penis, and he knew he was close. Impatiently, he tried to push up and into her, but it wasn’t quite low enough yet. Their kissing grew sloppy, lips smacking loudly as he bent low again, looking for another try. Her well-manicured hand ran his helmet down her horny slit again. This time, the entrance to her vagina caught him. He lifted up and she let go at the same time, and he felt the hot folds of her pussy engulf the top half of his cock.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, breaking the kiss briefly as she felt herself fill up a little. His hands reached around and grabbed her bare ass, holding her as he lifted up inside her all the way. He was entirely inside Stacey’s vagina again. Her warmth was gripping his penis tightly. He was holding her up against the wall. Just her one foot was touching the floor, and that one was just by the toes. Her other foot was caressing his leg as he held himself inside her.

He began to urgently ram himself against her, only able to slide out of her a couple of inches before sliding back into her again. “Unh! Mmph! Mmph! Unh!” She gasped as she kissed him. She was in complete heaven – she got him back inside her! Danny was just as turned on, if not more so. His kissing grew sloppy and his thrusts grew urgent. Her vagina was so tight and hot around him! His hands were holding her naked ass tightly, but her panties had slid somewhat back over her crotch. They were rubbing against his dick as he fucked her up against the wall. He was like an animal as he continued jamming his cock up into her needy cunt.

Danny was torn. He desperately wanted to stay inside Stacey, yet her panties were irritating his member a little bit. He couldn’t rip them off of her because his hands were holding her up! He decided to try. He buried his dick inside her and bent lower.

As his hands relaxed their grip on her ass, she put her feet down on the floor. They broke the kiss, gasping for breath as she watched him grab the side of her panties. Using a strength born of desperation, he tore them apart. kadıköy escort They came off her one leg, and slipped down her other halfway down her thigh. He grabbed her ass again and lifted her roughly so that she was again touching the floor with just her toes and he pressed her against the wall. He began fucking her hard again.

“Ohhh!” She cried, closing her eyes as she hugged him tight. He was thrusting hard against her, still only able to use half his cock but putting a lot of power into it nonetheless.

“Oh my God Stacey, you’re incredible!” He groaned in her ear as he screwed her against the wall at her front door. She could only moan in his ear in response. She could feel her ripped panties slide down to her knee, and then fall to her foot. She ran her other foot up and down his leg as he jabbed his hard pole up inside her. Through it all, she was on the edge of an orgasm. He just couldn’t get enough leverage to push her over the top, but as a result she was in a state of near-orgasm the entire time. She wanted nothing more than to have him fuck the shit out of her – just pound his rampant hard-on deep inside her with all his might.

Danny was at the point where he needed to do just that. Reluctantly, he slipped his organ out of her. Stacey stood before him, gasping for breath. He grabbed her and roughly laid her on the linoleum. She spread her legs wide, feet in the air, ignoring the coldness of the floor and only noticing the hotness in her crotch. Her torn panties hung from her right foot.

Danny practically dove on top of her, grabbing his cock and aiming it at her womanhood. He entered her easily, sliding all the way inside in one stroke. “Ohhhhh…” she moaned, arching her head back and closing her eyes. Then he gave it to her.

Planting his hands on the floor he pulled his penis almost entirely out of her vagina. He slammed it into her as hard as he could, and from there he didn’t stop. Using long strokes he jackhammered in and out of her horny cunt, his ass thrusting beneath her flailing feet.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!” Stacey cried loudly, eyebrows raised. She hurtled over the edge, cumming violently as her lover pounded the shit out of her needy hole. “OHHHHHH!” She screamed as she came and came and came. Danny showed no mercy, he had no control as he slammed his long tool in and out of her warmth with as much power and speed as he could muster. He could feel the heels of her feet banging off his ass as it clenched over and over.

Stacey, meanwhile, was fighting to regain control of her senses. The blood was rushing through her veins and her heart felt like it would burst. Her pussy was clutching at his driving member as her orgasm lingered on. He watched her as her face became flushed. Her tits were bouncing up and down quickly as he pistoned in and out of her.

He was moaning, and his body was all sweaty as he continued to feed her hungry pussy with his fat cock. Her hands were clawing at his back, scratching it as her orgasm finally showed signs of easing off. He began to slow, growing tired after going at such a hard pace for so long.

They looked into each other’s eyes as he made love to her. Stacey ran her hands down his arms until they reached his hands. He lay down on her as she took his hands into hers. He raised her hands over her head and they looked at each other nose to nose. Sweat was pouring down both of their bodies. He was conscious of her breasts pressed against him, and her hands squeezing his tightly.

He kissed her, and she eagerly kissed him back, shooting her tongue far into his mouth. Their lips bostancı escort bayan smacked loudly as he continued making love to her. He could feel her bare feet run up and down his legs, and he could feel the material of her panties over her one foot. That reminded him – he hadn’t really taken advantage of her ‘anything you want’ offer! The least he could do was play with her feet again.

He got up on his knees, opening his legs so that he could continue fucking her, and he ran his hands down her sexy right thigh. He raised her long leg up into the air until her foot was up to his face. Holding himself inside her, he grabbed the dangling panties with his teeth and pulled them off her toes, dropping them on the floor. He resumed sliding in and out of her, slowly this time as he grabbed her ankle with both hands. He kissed the instep over and over, kissing every inch of skin. He kissed over the top of Stacey’s pretty foot, kissing down to her toes.

Stacey smiled at him, raising her other foot up and rubbing at his ear with her toes. Danny kissed over her big toe, sucking it into his mouth. He turned his head and grabbed her other foot, sticking that toe into his mouth. She kept her loose foot up by his face as she watched his lips suck on her big toe. He looked down her long, tanned leg to where his penis was sliding in between those pink, swollen lips. He stared at the wonderful sight – a part of his body sliding into Stacey’s over and over. He couldn’t take his eyes off it as he began to kiss the bottom of her foot. He was losing it. He found that his need to fuck her hard again overrode his need to play with her feet.

He released her ankles and lay on top of her. She locked her legs around his waist and put her arms around his neck. He began to jab his cock into her hard.

“Unh!” She moaned, smiling. She was so in love with this man. Stacey needed more of Danny’s seed in her, and she knew that she was going to get it. He told her once that his cum was made for her, and she believed him. She knew it to be true. They were always meant to be together, it was an undeniable feeling. She knew that he was close. She looked into his eyes.

“I need to feel your cum inside me, Danny.” Stacey breathed as his hard member penetrated her body over and over. He smiled at her, losing it. He kissed her softly, slipping his tongue into her mouth as he gave her a few more thrusts. He slid his manhood all the way inside her comforting warmth and held it there. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed tightly. His penis twitched inside her, unleashing a thick load of semen into her vagina.

“Ohhh yesss…” Stacey whispered as she felt Danny’s cock throb inside her. His organ jerked again, and another hot rope of cum shot into her womb. He rubbed his crotch against her as he shot another river of his seed off the back of her pussy. She was scratching his back lightly with her fingernails as his orgasm finally died down. She hugged him tight, not wanting to let him go.

He collapsed on her, gasping for breath as his penis softened inside her, the last of his sperm trickling into her cunt. She kissed at his cheek over and over until he turned to face her. She kissed his mouth, lips smacking loudly. She snuck her tongue into his mouth and they kissed deeply as they tried to catch their breath.

Her limbs remained around him, but they had relaxed. Her soft body was so warm. He was aware of every inch of his body and where it came into contact with Stacey. He wished that he could stay and make love to her all night. It was well after eight o’clock when he finally slipped his soft penis out of her body and stood up. He helped her up off the floor, and she stood there naked as he got dressed.

Stacey was still naked when he kissed her goodbye. His hand squeezed her soft ass cheek playfully before he broke the kiss and left.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Nis 16

Karı Kocayla Yaşadıklarım

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Karı Kocayla Yaşadıklarım
Size daha once cesitli hikayelerimi yazmistim. Devamli posta kutuma gelen mailleri kontrol ederken birden kemal

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Nis 16

muhtesem gunlerim 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

muhtesem gunlerim 1

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Benim Küçük Haremim 5. böl&a

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Benim Küçük Haremim 5. böl&a
Doğum günüm!
Zeynep’in ısrarı ile bir kutlama yapmaya karar verdik. İsa’nın da onayı ile Zeynep farklı bir mekan olsun diye tutturunca ilçedeki bir yazlığı bir kaç günlüğüne kiralayıp yola çıktık. Zeynep ile yalnız ilk seyhatimizdi, otobana çıkar çıkmaz elleri yaramaz bir kız çocuğunun elleri olmuştu, direk kasıklarıma sarıldı. Onun ince uzun parmakları kasıklarımı, göbeğimi okşuyor yavaşça uykuda olan yarağımı uyandırıyordu.

– Yapma yoldayız, kaza yaparız
– Seninle ölürüm bile aşkım ben…

Elleri okşamaları dokunuşa çevirmiş, yarağımı pantalonumun üzerinden hissediyordu. Kim kayıtsız kalırdı ki buna sertleşen yarağımı düzeltip

– Dur bak orospu yoksa eline vereceğim..
– Ver aşkım, elimi bırak amıma bile verdin

deyip fermuarımı açtı…Sikimi dışarı çıkardı, benim oğlan gün yüzü görüyor. Yüzünü baka dönmüş evli bir kadın sikimi okşuyor dokunuyor arada kafasına öpücükler koyuyor onu kokluyordu. Sanki bir yerlinin tanrısı bildiği bir toteme tapması gibi, pencereyi açıp sigaramı yaktım arada saçlarını okşuyor ona “Evli orospu” “Sürtük” “Götünü de sikeceğim senin” “Kocanın boynuzlarını uzatacağım” diyordum. Saksofona başlamış küçük ağızlı Zeynep kalın sikimi bir vantuz gibi çekiyor arada taşaklarıma yumuluyor dili ile boylu boyunca yalıyor yarağın tadına varıyordu.

O yarapımı yalarken eteğini beline toplamış tangasının arasından götünü okşuyordum. Arada tokatlar atıyordum Zeynep durmuyor küçük ağzının tüm hünerini gösteriyor arada göbeğimi, bacaklarımı öpüyor “Sana tapıyorum aşkım” diyordu. Kazık gibi olan sikim zonklamaya başladıkça ben de daha ileri gidiyor saçından çekip “aaaaah” der demez ağzına tükürüyordum, dili ile tükürüğümü yalayıp gözlerimin içine fettanca bakıp yutuyordu bazen sikimi yüzüne bir sopa gibi vuruyor saçlarının arasına sokuyordu…

Boşalacağım dediğim anda Yarağımın üzerine çöküp ağzına alıp beklemeye başladı. Ben inliyor ağzını döllerimle dolduruyor, o inliyor döllerimi yutuyordu. Sonra arkasına yaslanıp bir sigara yaktı “Kahvaltı mı sayende yaptım aşkım” diyerek yalanmaya başladı.

Nihayet yazlığa varmıştık. Yeşil ağaçların olduğu yerde, kuytu sessiz sakin bir yazlıktı. Eşyalarımızı yerleştirmiş yol yorgunluğunu birlikte uyuyarak atlatmaya karar vermiştik. ikimiz de sadece iç çamaşırlarımızla yatağa girmiş güzel bir uyku çekmiştik.

uyandığımda yanımda yoktu. Merakla seslendim
Efendim aşkım
İçkileri hazırlıyorum, sofrayı kuruyorum Doğum günü çocuğu..

Gülümseyerek kalktım yerimden mutfakta üzerinde tangası, tülden bir geceliği ile duruyordu sokulup kucakladım. Boynunu öpüp ısırmaya başladığımda kıkırdadı..

-Dur yahu önce yemek yiyelim..daha pasta keseceksin..

yemeklerimizi yiyor alkol alıyor bir taraftan da havadan sudan konuşuyorduk onun şen kahkahaları ortalığını çınlatıyordu

– ya düşünsene Mert kayınvalidem beni namuslu sakat da olsa eşine bakan vefalı bir kadın diye anlatıyor etrafa ahaha gelininin yediği haltlara bak..
– ne yiyormuş gelini
– sikicisinin yarağını tabi hahaha

Saat 21:00 olduğunda bardakları ve mezelerimizi tazeledi.
Pasta vakti diyerek yanımdan kalktı…diğer odaya girmiş ve çıkması ile şok olmuştum.

Aylin, üzeride bir fantazi gelinliği ile Zeynep’in elinden tutarak üzerime doğru geliyordu. Göz göze geldik zeynep yanıma oturup sigarasını yaktı
– Nasıl buldun aşkım pastanı..hem de hiç açılmamış ambalajından bu tavuk daha kimseye vermedi ah sen olmasan yarak yemeden gidecek kaltak…

Aylin’de gülerek yanımıza oturdu, hem muhabbet ediyor hem de işi oluruna bırakmanın keyfini yaşıyorduk. Güzel bir müzik açıp Zeynep

– Kalk kız gerdeğin bugün senin kocama iki göbek at bakayım, bu kaltak bir oryantal oynar aklın çıkar aşkım demiş sonrada şortumdan sikimi gösterip iyi oynarsan bu yarağı sana geçiririm Aylin demişti

Aylin gerçekten harika oynuyordu, Zeynep de ondan aşağı kalır değildi. Yorulunca Zeynep yanıma oturup dudaklarıma yapıştı deli gibi öpüşüyor onun o küçük ağzını dudaklarımla eze eze öpüyordum. Ellerim götünde, memelerini arada yüzüme sürte sürte sevişiyorduk. Bacaklarımın arasında bir el hızlıca sikime dokunup kavradı..

– Bizim tavuk başladı dedi Zeynep sonra gülerek okşa kız çekinmeden okşa…

Aylin okşuyordu yarağımı tutup

Bilek gibiymiş be Enişte…dedi..
haha kızım ben niye bu yaşta orospu oldum sanıyordun dedi Zeynep
Aylin’in kafasını sikime doğru bastırdı. Yala kız sen iyi yalarsın az ağzına almamışsındır sikilmekten kurtulmak için ama bugün kurtuluşun yok gelin deyip dudaklarıma yapıştı

Aylin’in küçük eli, ağzı sikimi dolaşıyor durmadan öpücükler konduruyor o küçük kadın önümde gırtlağına değdirmek ister gibi yalıyordu Biz Zeynep ile oynaşmayı bırakmış içkimizi içiyor bir yandan da Aylin’e bakıyorduk kadın tam bir ağzınlık abidesiydi sikimi koparacak gibi ısıroyr sündürüyor çekiştiriyor emip kokluyordu

-Götten verdin mi kız orospu hiç dedim
– Ne götü aşkım saksocu bu kaltak nişandan ayrıldı ona az sakso çekmemiş tavuk her deliği bakire bunun kaç zamandır da sakso çekmemişti orospu

Zeynep Aylin’in arkasına geçip kalçalarını öpüp ısırmaya başladı, arada tokatlıyor onun kalçaları üzerinden bana gülümsüyor eli ile daracık işareti yapıyordu Aylin ise kasıklarımı kollarımı bacaklarımı öpüyor arada ayaklarıma eğilip parmaklarımı yalıyordu..

Zeynep bir ara dilini Aylin’in amına sokup çıkarmaya başladı.
-ohhhh devam et Zeyno..yala beni..
– Yalayıp siktireceğim seni
– Siktir, Enişteme siktir beni kocam olsun beni ilk siken bu yarak olsun..

Zeynep dilini kıvırdıkça Aylin inim inim inliyordu ayağa kalkıp kilodunu çıkardı Aylinin bacak arasına geçip amını ayırıp
-Aşkım bak daracık hadi aç şu orospuyu onu da genişlet.

Elimizden tutup yatak odasına sürükledi sonra da sırtıma bir kaç yumruk atıp kıkırdadı oda da yalnızdık Aylin ayakta duruyor bana bakıyor benim irileşmiş sertleşmiş aletimden gözlerini ayıramıyordu

-Vakit geldi deyip kucaklayıp yatağa attım
-Geldi enişte dedi gülüp boynuma sarıldı şimdi benim de kocam olacaksın
– korkuyor musun
– biraz yarağın çok büyük ama bu yaşıma kadar da sabrettim artık yırtılsa da bu yataktan kadın olarak kalkmak istiyorum, kadının olarak
– Zeynep gibi yani..
– Hayır merak etme o sana aşık deliriyor senin için bak beni bile altına sürüyor ben sadece işin zevkindeyim enişte ama ona söz verdim senden başkasına vermeyeceğim üzme Zeynebi sakın ha …

Sikim göbeğine çarpıyordu elleri ile düzeltti. Gözlerimin içine baktı bir kaç saniye durduk öylece öpüşmeye başladık boynunu öpüyor memelerini ısırıyor omuzlarında dilimi dolaştırıyordum..

– Hadi, enişte sok artık..

Sokmadım sikim amına, bacaklarına çarpıyor onu daha da delirtiyor ateşini yükseltiyor sikim etine değdikçe dudaklarıma daha sıkı yapışıyor kemirerek öpüyordu…

– Sok ne olur enişte….karın yap beni, boz beni..

acele etmiyor sikimin kafasını sürtüyordum amına, sulanmış gül dudakları iki yana açılmış ortasındaki parlaklık am suları ve darlığı ile karşımda duruyordu Zeynep Aylin’in ağzının çok bozuk olduğunu söylemişti belki de onu duymak istiyordum

– Siksene lan orospu çocuğu ne bekletiyorsun amcık..

işte başlıyorduk, bu küçük amcık artık iyice kıvama gelmiş öpüşlerim memelerini ısırışlarım arasında delice bağırıyordu

– Siksene köpek amına koduğum am bulmuş sikmiyor kıvrandırıyor sok geçir bana

Zeynep kapıda belirmiş hızlıca odaya girip Aylin’in çenesini avuçlarının içine almış okkalı bir tokat patlatmıştı suratına

– Bir daha aşkıma küfür edersen gebertirim seni…sürtük…hadi Mert bas yarağı şu küçük amcığa da görsün dünyanın kaç bucak olduğunu…

Sikimi yavaşça amına sokmaya başladım titriyordu..biraz daha santim santim içine kayıyordum. Zeynep elini belime atmış Geçir aşkım kökle bu kancık ondan anlar deyince bir anda bütün ağırlığımla yüklenip üzerine uzandım…

– Yırtıldı…ayyyyy öldüm…aaaaaagggggghghhhh

Aylin’in kızlık kanı ılık ılıktı sanki sikimin başında kan öylece üçümüzde bir birimize bakıyorduk.
Zeynep sikimi tutup tekrar Aylin’in amının dudakları arasına soktu..Geçir koçum demesi ile pomplaya başladım Zeynep Aylin’in saçlarından tutmuş başını kaldırmış..

– Gör orospu nasıl sikiyor seni kocam, amını dağıtıyor..
– ayyyhhh Enişte yavaş..
– vur koçum bu orospuya
Hızlandıkça köklüyor memelerini hop hop sallıyordum Aylin’in
– Kurban olurum enişte yavaş…

Zeynep Aylin’in ağzına tükürüyor tokatlar atıyor bazen kıçını yalatıyordu şaşkınca olup bitene bakınca..

– Aşkım bu tavuğun fantazisi buymuş orospu dövülerek sikilmek istiyormuş
– vur bana enişte, tokatla…beni sikerken..ohhhh…
– orospular….

boğazına yapışıp tokatlamaya küfürler etmeye başladım
-amınıza koyacağım sizin..
– koy dağıt bizi orospu yap..
-Siktiğimin kaltakları…
– Evli orospum de bana..
– Bana da kaltak de enişte…

Zeynep Aylin’i üzerime sırtı bana dönük bir biçimde oturttu. Yarağa alışmış aylin üzerimde zıplıyordu. Zeynep ayakta hem Aylin’e amını emdiriyor hem de tokatlar atıyordu. Aylinin küçük amında olmak aşırı zevkliydi, daracık amın duvarlarına sürtünen sikim şiştikçe şişiyor köklediğimde Aylin bir “ayyyy” çığlığı atıyor arkasına dönüp öpücük gönderiyordu bana

Aylin’in hareketleri değişmiş üzerimde götünü kasıklarıma sürtmeye başlamış uzun siyah saçları iki tutuam Zeynep’in elinde deli gibi kıvranmaya başlamıştı,

– Geliyor bu orospu dedi Zeynep..ağlar şimdi…

Elimle Aylin’i tutsam da zaptetmekte zorlanıyodum. Bir kısrak gibi içindeki ateşi amından dışarı atmak istiyordu. Tırnaklarını kollarıma geçirmiş inleiyor ağlıyor ve kasıldıkca götünü kucağıma inidirip kaldırıyordu en üst seviyeye yükselip hırlar gibi saçlarını Zeynep’ten kurtarıp kucağıma düştü…Derin derin nefes alıp veriyorken..yavaşça toparladı kendini…

– Müthişti dedi gülümseyerek..Benim sikim kalkık bir şekilde amına tekrar alıp kucağıma aldım dizlerini kırarak amına pompalayıp boşalmak istiyordum

– Enişte içime akıt bu keyfi de yaşat bana
– Geliyor musun aşkım..
– Az kaldı…
– Hadi Zeynep dedi Aylin, şimdi sıra senin büyük ödülünde…

Zeynep üzerimize doğru gelip bacaklarının arasına almıştı bizi ne tam boşalmak üzere inleyince amını Aylin’in ağzına getirdi, Aylin ağzını kocaman açmıştı..bir yandan da sikime inip kalkıyordu.

Zeynep, Aylin’in ağzına işiyordu…amından zıpkın gibi fırlayan çiş Aylin’in ağzına doluyor yüzüne akıyordu. Benimde tenime değen ılık sidik bütün gardımı düşürmüş Aylin’in amına bütün gücümla attırmaya başlamıştım..

– Ohhh eniştem beni döllüyor der demez Zeynep işini bitirmiş çişli amını Aylin’in ağzına vermiş temizletiyordu.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Nis 16

Eşim Ayakkabıcıda Coştu !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Eşim Ayakkabıcıda Coştu !
Antalya’da yaşıyoruz eşim dolgun fiziği ile çok güzel bir kadın. Mini etekler giyip dikkatleri üzerinde toplamaktan zevk alır.Başkalarının ona bakması benim de hoşuma gidiyor.Eşimi başka bir erkeklerle hayal ediyor sevişirken fanteziler kuruyorum.

Bunu eşime defalarca söyledim ama bugüne kadar güzelliğini sergilemekle yetindi.Alışverişe çıkıp, oradan da bir yerlere eğlenmeye gidecektik.Eşim giyinirken onu izledim.Yine çok seksi göğüs dekolteli mini bir elbise giyince beni çok heyecanlandırmıştı.Elbise minicik olunca, eşime alış verişe gidiyoruz değil mi dedim.

Evet hayatım önce alış verişe gidelim ama biraz da seksi olup dikkat çekeyim değil mi dedi.İstediğin kadar seksi ol, seni böyle görmek bana zevk veriyor dedim.Zaten sutyen takmadım istersen şu minicik elbiseyi de çıkarıp sadece string ile gideyim dedi.İstersen onuda çıkar bebeğim, diyerek kalçasını okşarken elbiseden taşan göğüslerine kafamı gömüp öptüm.

Hazırlandı ve çıktık, arabayı park edip dolaşmaya başladık.Gezerken vitrinde çok güzel bir ayakkabı görüp bakmaya karar verdik ve içeri girdik. Ayakkabıyı işaret ederek denemek istediğini söyledi.Birkaç dakika sonra ayakkabı geldi, adının Metin olduğunu söyleyen oldukça yakışıklı adam bize hoş geldiniz derken eşimi tepeden aşağı süzüyordu.

Mini elbisesinin altındaki sütun gibi bacakları ve dekoltesinden taşan göğüsleri ile eşim fazlasıyla dikkat çekiyordu. Eşimi koltuğa oturttu ve ayakkabı denemeye başladılar, bende uzaklaşıp mağazanın diğer tarafında erkek ayakkabılarına bakmaya gittim.Eşim mini elbise ile oturunca, İncecik külotuyla müthiş frikikler verdiği belliydi.

Benim zevk alacağımı bildiğinden gayet rahat davranıyor topladığı ilginin tadını çıkarıyordu.Bu arada ayakkabının biri gidiyor diğeri geliyor, eşimin hiç acelesi yoktu, Metin önünde eğilmiş giydiriyor çıkarıyor, eşim arkasına yaslanmış bacakları açmış canlı yayın yapıyordu.Giydiği ayakkabıya bacağını yukarı kaldırıp bakıyor, bacak bacak üstüne atıp bakıyor her türlü manzarayı sunuyordu.

Arkasına yaslanınca mini elbise iyice yukarı sıyrılmış ince tül külotu tamamen ortaya çıkmıştı.Elbiseden taşan göğüsleri de mükemmel görünüyordu.Diz üstüne çıkan uzun bir çizme giydiriyordu, çizmenin fermuarını yukarı çekerken adam resmen eşimin bacaklarını okşuyordu. Eşimin bu işten oldukça zevk aldığı her halinden belli oluyordu.

Eşim ara ara bir şuh kahkaha atıyor, adam aldığı cesaretle daha rahat davranıyordu.Oldukça yüksek topuklu fantezi bir ayakkabı daha getirdi, eşim bu ayakkabıyı giydi ve ayağa kalkıp kendini aynada seyrederken muhteşem görünüyordu.Yüksek topuklu ayakkabılar yüzünden elbisenin eteği daha da kısalmıştı.Çok seksiydi, onu böyle görmek beni azdırıyordu.Eşim yüksek topuklu ayakkabı giyer ama bu çok yüksekti ve eşime çok yakıştı.

Eşim adama farklı bir model sordu adam yukarıda depoda olduğunu söyledi isterse beraber bakabileceklerini de ekledi.Eşim bana işaret ederek ben birkaç model daha bakacağım dedi ve üst kattaki depoya çıktılar.Az sonra bende yukarı çıktım ama baktım onları göremedim. Nerede olduklarını düşünüyordum ki,içeriden gelen gülüşmeleri duydum ve usulca içeriye girdim odanın bir arka bölmesi daha olduğunu gördüm bir komando misali kendime bir mevzi buldum ve onları izlemeye koyuldum.

Metin eşime sürekli olarak iltifatlar yağdırıyordu. Eşimin bu iltifatlardan ve güzel sözlerden etkilendiği her halinden belli oluyordu.Baldırların yarısına kadar bağcıklı yazlık fantezi bir ayakkabı vardı elinde eşime ayakkabının tekini giydirdiğinde bağcıkları bağlarken resmen baldırlarını okşayıp arada bir kaç öpücük kondurmuştu.

Eşimin ilgiden memnun olduğu her halinden belliydi.Arkasına yaslanıp elbisenin altındaki güzelliği ortaya çıkarmıştı.Ayakkabının diğer eşini giydirirken bu kez işi biraz daha ilerletip bu kez ateşli öpücükler konduruyordu.Öpücükler yavaş yavaş yukarıya çıkarken öpmeyi bırakıp yalıyordu. Eşimde hızlı hızlı nefes almaya başladı.

Anladığım kadarıyla film kopmak üzereydi. Ben bu arada çok zevk alıyordum ama kıskançlıktan da çatlamıştım.Eşimin güzel bacaklarını yalaya yalaya külotuna gelmişti ve eşim artık gözlerini kapatmış adeta uçuyordu. Odanın içi resmen eşimin am kokusuyla dolmuştu.Metin eşimin amını yaladıkça derin derin inlemeye başlamıştı.

Bir süre sonra ayağa kalktı ve karımın o güzel dudaklarına yumuldu.Artık kendilerinden geçmişlerdi.Fermuarı indirip aletini çıkardı, en az 20 cm vardı, eşim eline alıp sıvazlarken gözlerini kocaman açmış büyüklüğüne hayretle bakıyordu.

Sonra öpüp yalamaya başadı, biraz yaladıktan sonra karımı kaldırıp dolaba yasladı.Ayakta sevişmeye başladılar eşimin bacaklarını iyice araladı ve aletini kadınlığına yaslarken eşimde dudaklarına yapışmış ateşli bir şekilde öpüşüyordu.Önce ufak vargeller şeklinde gidip gelmeye başladı, sonra tek bir hamlede o koca aletin tamamını eşimin derinliklerine soktu.

Eşimden küçük bir ah sesi yükselirken Metin hızlı hızlı gidip gelmeye başladı. Tempo giderek hızlanırken eşim içindeki kocaman aletin tadını sonuna kadar çıkarıyordu.Dolaba yasladığı eşimin daha derinliklerine girmek için bacaklarını beline dolayıp kalçalarından tutarak aleti köklüyordu.

Yaklaşık 5 dakika sonra Metin karımın şeftalisinden çıkarıp büyük bir zevkle boşalmaya başladı. O ana kadar eminim eşim de en az 3 kez orgazm olmuştur.Terden sırıl sıklam olmuşlardı ve nefes nefeseydiler. Eşimin bacakları titriyor, kadınlığından ve bacaklarından zevk suları akıyordu.Onlar toparlanırken ben geldiğim gibi usulca ayrıldım.Aşağıya inip bir süre bekledim, biraz sonra ikisi de geldi, eşimin yüzünde mutluluk ifadesi hakimdi.Makyajını tazelemiş ve terlerini silmişti.

Beğendin mi karıcım dedim. Seni beklettim ama 2 tane ayakkabı beğendim, üstelik benim için bir alana bir bedava kampanya yaptılar dedi.Ayakkabı paketlerini alıp çıkarken Metin’e teşekkür eden eşim başka modelleri görmek için tekrar geleceğini söyledi.Arabaya atlayıp gece kulüplerinden birine gittik.Yolda giderken eşimin bacaklarını okşayıp, mini elbisenin altına elimi soktum.

Külot yoktu ve önü vıcık vıcık ıslaktı.Parmak uçlarımla ıslak zevk sularından alıp yaladım ve bebeğim bugün beni kudurttun dedim.İtiraf edeyim bende çok büyük zevk aldım ama unutma bunu sen istedin dedi.Evet ben istedim ve böyle fantezilere devam edelim dedim.Bu kadar heyecan yaşayacağımı bilsem daha önce kabul ederdim dedi.

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