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Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 08

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Sorry for the delay in getting this up. A couple of long trips and some mild writer’s block interfered. This picks up the next morning from the end of the last chapter, with Mike and Sara coming to terms with his (unconscious) need for an open marriage. Enjoy; jb7

Part XCV

Chapter 8

They went to breakfast at the same restaurant Mike and Maggie had visited the day before, to wait out the morning rush hour traffic. About nine, they got on the road, I-91, headed for Hartford and Springfield, to pick up I-90 West to Albany, then I-87 North to Glens Falls where they would get off the interstate and look for local roads which would take them to the Wee Inn in the Woods. They had directions and a map from the realtor, plus an on-board GPS and four smart phones with similar capability.

As Mike eased onto the interstate, Sara half turned in her seat, in the shotgun position, to look at the two older women in the back. ” We’re all here together, and nothing else to do except watch the scenery go by, so Mike and I thought this would be a good time to discuss our feelings about open marriage. Since you have both agreed to help us, can we get started?”

Maggie and Anna looked at each other, both slightly taken aback. They had agreed, true, but individually, not expecting the talk to turn into a panel discussion. Still, both had emotional investments and ties to the young adults in the front seat, so they nodded.

Sara continued, “Last night, Mike and I started and got as far as agreeing on a definition. In an open marriage, both people can, without destroying the marriage, have sex with someone besides their spouse. We didn’t talk about conditions, or timing, or limits, just the basic definition.

“Also, Mike hasn’t yet decided if it is really something he wants to pursue, so while we will be discussing it all hypothetically, we are talking about it in terms of us and how we would be living within the boundaries we set up.

“You two still with me?” she asked, with a grin.

Her audience looked at each other and shook their heads, as if trying to clear them, then nodded. “So, we’re talking as if you two are going to really live your lives this way, but Mike isn’t sure yet. What about you, Sara?” Maggie asked.

“I told Mike it was his decision, that I’d go along either way.”

“And you’re okay with that responsibility, Mike?” Anna queried.

There was a slight pause as he maneuvered around a tractor-trailer, then he said, “Yeah. As we talked last night, it became pretty clear I was the one with the problem. I’m not particularly cool with the idea that Sara will be bonking someone else, but I also don’t want to give up what we have. So we came up with this idea.

“With your help, we’ll set up parameters for openness, as if I agreed it’s the way I want to go. Then, when they’re all agreed to, I’ll look and see if it’s really something I can live with.”

“Just remember, sweetheart, your input has to reflect the way you really feel; no holding back, thinking it’s not for real,” Sara reminded him. “And also remember, whatever we come up with or decide, it’s not chiseled in stone. If we agree to try the open life style, and find it’s not working, we can change or stop it.” Mike glanced at her with a smile and nodded.

“Okay,” said Maggie, “how do you want to start?”


Warden’s Office, Osborne State Correctional Facility, Osborne, Connecticut.

“Much as it pains me, Woolsey, I’ve been ordered to release you a month early. You certainly don’t deserve it. You’ve been a pain up my backside every one of the thirty-two hundred days you’ve been in here, but if I had my way, you’d be here another thirty-two hundred. Instead, DOC (Dep’t of Corrections) tells me they need your cell for someone else, so they’re putting you back on the street since you’re among the group who have two months or less remaining on their sentence.

“There’s a suit in the john for you to change into. Here’s a hundred dollars cash to get you started on a new life, and a bus ticket to New Haven. You have an appointment with a parole officer at ten tomorrow morning at the DOC office in New Haven. The bus to the depot leaves the front gate in half an hour. There is also an order of protection against you for the members of your family. You are not to approach them or knowingly remain within fifty yards of them. Any questions?”

“I’m a free man now?” Jake Woolsey asked, picking up the packet the warden had tossed on the desk in front of him.

“Essentially,” the Warden said, nodding.

Jake grinned and turned to walk to the door of the Warden’s office. “Fuck you, Warden,” he said as he exited the door.

The warden watched as Jake, in his cheap new suit walked past the open door of the office on his way to the gate. With a tight lipped grin, the warden dialed the front gate. “Has the bus downtown arrived yet, Peters?”

“Pulling up right now, sir.”

“Wave it on.”

“Sir? Woolsey’s just coming out of the block.”

“Peters, escort bostancı did I stutter?”

“No, sir.” Through his window, the Warden saw Peters wave the bus by as Jake vainly ran to the gate to catch it.

“Give Woolsey the phone…Jake, I said you were free, essentially. You aren’t totally free until your parole is finished. You should never insult the man in charge of the next hour of your life. I should have thought you learned that in here. Oh, well. I guess that means you’ll be back sometime soon. Have a nice walk, Jake. Oh, and don’t be late to your appointment tomorrow in New Haven.”


“Damn! Did that sign say Albany exits? Already! So, where are we with our hypothetical agreement?” Mike asked.

Sara picked up the pad she was using for notes. “You have my unquestioning permission to continue to have sex with your mother and sister, Anna, and, if she wants to join your circle, my mother, but you have to meet my needs, physical and emotional, first. And you have to be there to sleep beside me every night we’re both in the same city.

“I don’t know about Ellie and Mom, but with me and the other older women, excuse me ladies, you won’t have to worry about safe sex or contraception unless, for some unforeseen reason, we have unprotected sex with someone outside our group. Except with our family circle, no consensual unprotected sex, for any of us.

“Each of the other women in our family circle can expect to see you alone at least once every two weeks, otherwise I can join you for a threesome whenever I want.

“If we’re having a major disagreement, defined as one that has lasted overnight, neither of us can have sex with anyone else until we’ve made love on two different days after we resolve it, and the days have to be separated by a period of sleep lasting at least six hours.

“Subordinates in our departments are off limits to us; that means no kitchen staff or wait staff for you, but if you see some cute maid, and I don’t object, you can go for it. Grounds staff and the acting troupe are fair game for us both. However, there will be no pimping, or asking us to have sex with someone as a favor or to help the other one to seduce someone. No close friends unless they are in a couple relationship and we’re both attracted to both of them, or rather, like both of them.

“For me–no male friends of yours without your permission; no more than one guy at a time, not just threesomes, but not dating or seeing more than one guy at a time, not including one nighters. If I engage in a threesome, you have to be one of the other two people, unless it’s an all girl affair.

“If either of us is away from home overnight, or for an extended period, no sex with someone we think the other would not give their permission for. Along with that, no revenge fucks, to get even for something. If one of us hurts the other somehow, we have to resolve it before either of us has sex with someone else, period.”

“Okay, uh, Glens Falls coming up. Do we get off here?”

“Yes, Mike, Exit onto route 149 toward Fort Ann and Whitehall, then route 22A south to Granville. The realtor’s map said the road to the Inn will be about four miles on the left,” Maggie told him.

“Got it. Is there anything we haven’t talked about or decided as far as the open marriage concept is concerned. I told you, Mom, this is so friggin’ complicated, it’d be easier to give up you, Anna and Ellie, but…”

“You can’t or won’t, right” said Sara, with a big smile. “Has he always been this transparent, Maggie?”

“Only to those of us who love him,” she answered, with a smile.

“Is there anything you want to add, sweetheart. While a lot of it concerns both of us, most of it is about you, and your responsibility to me.”

“Unh uh. You’ve already said you won’t screw my friends or do anything to embarrass me with them, or if I have a good reason to ask you not to go with someone, you won’t, and if you have a question about whether I’d object to someone, you’d say no.

“One thing, Uncle Jim and Aunt Sally vacation at places where open sex is the norm, and go to parties where pretty much anything goes. If we ever find ourselves in that situation, then…”

“You said it, Mike, anything goes. Is that what you want?”

“I…I want to know what you think about that.”

“If I was planning our vacation, and I knew that was a possibility at a location we were considering, I’d put it at the bottom of the list. If the two of us are taking a vacation together, then I’d want us to be together. Does that answer your question?”

He looked at her and smiled, the relief he felt written on his face. “Yeah, babe, it does. No sex parties or orgies for us.”

“Unless it’s with our moms and Anna. You can have an orgy with us any time,” she said with a grin as she looked out the windshield. “Ooh, here’s our turn for Granville. We’re almost there.”


Twenty minutes later they were getting out of ümraniye escort the car, parked in the unloading circle in front of the Wee Inn in the Woods. The lodge and main residence hall was a three story building built as half a hexagon with the lodge built toward the center with the dining hall behind it, comprising the first floor of the central part of the residence facility. The front of the building had a rustic look, the exterior walls looking like they were constructed of logs.

The four of them stretched, removing the kinks brought on by the three and a half hour drive. Mike and Maggie both turned to look at the view afforded to the Inn. “Damn, that looks familiar,” Mike said.

“It certainly does,” agreed Maggie. “It’s like looking out across the valley from the cabin’s lake.” She turned to look up the hill behind the Inn. “Do you suppose…”

“Shit! I bet you’re right. Isn’t that a blast in the ass.”

“What?” Sara and Anna said together.

“If we’re right, our cabin is at the top of this hill.” Mike turned to point up to the top of the hill behind the Inn. “Wild, huh?”

“Wouldn’t it be great if the land in between were for sale at a reasonable price. Then we could clear hiking trails and cross country skiing and snowshoeing trails, clear some picnic spots, some secluded spots for people in the honeymoon cabins…”

“Easy, girl. Don’t let this open marriage stuff influence all your thinking. We still want this to be family friendly…”

“And you plan on having nude dinner theater? Better make up your mind. I can’t see many families bringing their children to a place where the dinner entertainment is a play performed by naked actors.

“What I was thinking, if you had access to the surrounding land, you could lay out a honeymooners’ trail, clearly labeled, so families could avoid it. Along the trail there would be a half dozen picnic spots off the trail where the couple could enjoy sex al fresco. Trails to the bowers could be closed or some sort of signal to let people coming later know they were being used.”

“Ooh, Sara, I like the way you think,” enthused Anna. “But they wouldn’t necessarily be just for honeymooners, would they?” The quartet turned and walked toward the Lodge as they talked.

Inside the rustic nature of the Inn was continued, with the interior walls continuing the log-built theme. When they registered, they asked if the owner was available. The teenaged desk clerk nodded and turned to shout into an office behind the counter, “Gram, someone here to see you.”

“Ronnie, there’s no need to shout. I’m not deaf, yet, but you will be soon if you don’t get that radio out of your ear.” The grey-haired buxom woman who emerged from the office had an attractive face and a warm welcoming smile.

“Hi. You must be the Nelson party. I’m Stevie Morton. My husband, Ron, and I own the Inn. Kate, our realtor, said you were coming up today. I wasn’t sure what kind of accommodation you wanted, so I put you in the family cabin. It has a king and a queen size bed, and is closest to the lodge.

“Are you parked in front? Let me get a cart and you can follow me. I’ll be there in just a minute.” with that she turned and went back into the office.

The group looked at each other, shrugged and went out to the Volvo. In a few seconds, Stevie appeared on a golf cart. “Okay, just follow me. It’s blacktop all the way.”

She led them to a large A-frame structure, about 30 x 30, with shake siding. Inside, it was divided into two large rooms, a bedroom and a living area with a fireplace, and a small kitchenette. Off the kitchenette, was a bathroom with tub/shower, vanity and toilet. The bedroom, with the large beds, was crowded, but workable.

As they unloaded the car, Stevie started to describe the cabin facilities. “All the cabins are self contained, with their own natural gas generators. If they aren’t in use, which is rare, we can shut them down. Each cabin has its own septic system. During the summer, our busiest season for the cabins, they’re serviced bi-weekly.”

Inside the cabin, she went on, “All the cabins have the small kitchen, suitable for light breakfast, snacks and coffee or tea, and they all have the same bath.

“This one was originally designed for families and had the queen bed with two singles for children. Then people coming back would ask for it and wanted to push the twins together so adults could use it, and they started showing up with other adult couples.

“I stopped wondering about them a long time ago, figuring it was none of my business, but they certainly seem to be in a good mood when they come down to the lodge for breakfast,” she laughed. “Each cabin has a small lawn area which is hidden from the road, so they can sunbathe nude if they want. Those areas are mowed weekly, usually on Friday, the checkout day for the cabins, which are normally rented by the week only.”

“And there are ten cabins? How far is the last one?” Maggie inquired.

“About a half mile; the cabins are located kartal escort bayan every hundred yards along the road here, but they’re staggered, on each side as you go back so the space between cabins on each side of the road is about two hundred yards. We tried to preserve the trees and rocks when we built them, so the spacing isn’t exact. They’re all about twenty or twenty five yards off the road, so they have as much privacy as possible.

“We ask the guests to leave their cars in the lot down by the lodge. They are provided with electric carts to get around the grounds from the trailhead to the lodge and swimming areas. We do the same for the guests who stay at the lodge. Over the years we’ve been able to assemble a fleet of carts by buying used ones from the golf courses around as they got new ones. We think it helps keep air pollution down. For tonight, you can park your car by the cabin. I’ll leave the cart I drove up in for you, so you can look around the grounds. I can walk back to the lodge while you get settled in. Take your time looking around and I’ll see you at the lodge later.”

“Mrs. Morton, just a quick question before you leave. Do you know who owns the land behind the Inn, going up the hill?” Mike asked.

“Up the mountain, and to the west is all state land, as is the land for a mile south of the right of way. To the east, the land belongs to the County. If you purchase the Inn, then you have a 5-year option to buy up to three sections of the state land at a dollar an acre, but it has to be left wild, with minimal improvement, and it has to border the inn property.

“You have a similar option for the County property, but you’re limited to two sections, and the land is tax free for three years. They are also a little more lenient about improvements, allowing shacks and cabins as long as the essential nature of the property remains the same.

“Anything else?” The four looked at each other and shook their heads. “Okay, see you later then,” said the attractive grandmother.


Mike and Sara unloaded the car while Maggie and Anna explored the interior of the cabin. It was neat and clean, comfortable, but not luxurious. When everything was in from the car, they walked out to the private lawn area. It was a grassy area, about twenty-five feet square, with a pair of upholstered chaise longues and a small round table, surrounded by a six feet tall hedge of a flowering bush none of them recognized.

As they walked around the grassy area, the sound of a distinctly feminine laugh came from up the hill, followed by, “Yesssss!” The quartet looked at each other and grinned.

“Honeymooners, ya think?” asked Anna, laughing.

The others nodded and Maggie asked, “Well, shall we take a ride around the grounds and see what’s what? Since we’re already in the honeymoon area, lets go see if we can find an empty cabin to look at,” she suggested. With murmurs of assent, they walked through the cabin and climbed into the four-seater cart.

As Mike backed up to turn around and exit, a cart came down the road, headed for the lodge. Mike turned onto the road, headed up the hill. Although the cabins were back from the road, they were all easily visible. “Chalet, salt-box, ranch, chalet, ranch, salt-box,” Sara noted as they drove past the cabins. “Three easy to build styles, offering variety in shape and in colors, so it’s easy to tell them apart. Oh, there’s one with no cart–the white ranch.”

“Shall we take a look?” Mike said, pulling into the short driveway.

They got out and approached the door. Before trying the latch, Sara knocked. Almost immediately, the door opened, revealing a tall, nude, attractive auburn haired young woman familiar to Mike. “Did you forget…ooooh!” she gasped, stepping back into the cabin.

“Marty? My god, it is a small world.” laughed Mike. “Sorry, we didn’t mean to intrude. We were looking for an empty cabin to inspect.”

“Mike? I’ll be damned. Come on in. You’ve seen all I have to hide. Ted, my… roommate went to the lodge to get our lunch. Inspect away. How’s your Dad? I hear he’s selling the business.”

It suddenly occurred to Mike that Marty didn’t know, or didn’t recognize Maggie. “Uh, Marty, this is my Mom, Maggie Nelson; Anna Masters, and Sara McIntyre, my fiancé. Ladies, this is Marty…” He looked at the tall redhead. “I’m sorry, Marty; I never learned your last name.”

“MacGregor. Hello, Mrs Nelson; I used to work for Mr. Nelson. Mrs Masters, I’m sorry about your daughter. Ms McIntyre. Did Mike do that to you? Tsk tsk, Mike.”

“You were the associate on Harry’s last trip?” asked Maggie. Cocking her head to the side, Marty nodded, wondering what was coming. With a slight smile, Maggie went on, “I hope you two had a good time. We certainly did at the cabin.”

Slightly puzzled, Marty answered, “I always had a good time with Harry, at least until he saw you coming out of a beauty shop a few weeks ago. Then I knew it was time for me to move on. I hope there aren’t any hard feelings, toward Harry or…anyone.”

“None at all, Ms MacGregor. Harry’s … involvement with you was a symptom, not a cause for anything. Being upset with you would be like being upset at the pain from a broken leg. But, everything has worked out for the best.

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