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Pakistani Next door neighbours

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Pakistani Next door neighboursWe get on well with our Pakistani next-door neighbors. Gita and Elaf. Although we are not overly friendly, we are always saying hello and taking in parcels for each other especially during the Christmas period. Gita is very small and slim and once when I was getting something out of the fridge in our garden shed one evening I saw her rubbing lotion onto her body in her bathroom when she forgot to pull the blind down after showering. I stood transfixed for about 30 seconds until she turned away and switched off the light. From then on I have often fantasied about her. In the period between Christmas and New Year I was coming back from the newsagents and as I was getting home Elaf was getting into his car to go out. We exchanged pleasantries briefly and discussed when the dustmen were coming next as we both had loads of packaging from Christmas to dispose of. Indeed, he had just been putting stuff in his bin. As he was reversing out I walked back to the gate to check the traffic and let him know when it was safe to reverse and pull away. He beeped his horn to thank me and I raised my hand in acknowledgement. As I walked back to my house I noticed that his front door was ajar. I tried to just close it but it was on the latch. I realized he must have been putting stuff in his bin then drove off forgetting about the front door. “Hello” I called out. “Gita? Are you here? Do you know the door is open?”No reply so I thought I would just shut the door and leave.Then I heard a noise from the down stairs back room. I gently pushed open the back room door and peeked in. The rear room joins onto their conservatory. I thought they used the conservatory as a spare room when Gita’s parents visited and from the doorway I could see I was correct as there was a bed set up in there güvenilir bahis plus a small table and a few other small items of furniture. It was an iron-framed bed and Gita was tied naked, blindfolded and spread eagled to it. I froze and at first thought I was interrupting a crime scene or something. I looked around incase they were and burglars or something. “Elaf???” called out Gita. “I thought you said you would be half an hour” I opened my mouth to say I wasn’t Elaf but paused. What would I say I was doing there? She would be mortified to be caught like this. I had by now of course realized my neighbors were playing some sort of bondage game. I thought it would be best if I just sneaked back out.“Elaf!” Said Gita, “You know I cant hear much with these headphones on, but I felt the breeze from you opening the door.” “I need some cock now” She said. “My pussy is dripping wet” I was surprised to hear her speaking like this and only just stopped myself from laughing.“Come here” Gita said. “You know it’s my turn to give the instructions”My God, I thought to myself. You never know what goes on behind the neighbor’s curtains. It’s always the quiet ones who you would least expect it to be. I walked over to the bed and ran my middle finger from her ankle slowly up to her inner thigh. She shivered with delight. “Oh Elaf” she said “That feels lovely” I walked round the bed so that I was standing next to her face and reached over to gently pinch a nipple. She squealed in surprise. Reaching across her I pinched the other one. She groaned aloud, so I pinched both at the same time whilst gently twisting them slightly. Gita was squirming on the bed in excitement now so I ran one finger from her small breast, down across her flat stomach and gently stroked her pussy lips in the small thatch of türkçe bahis hair between her legs. She tried to raise her pelvis to meet my fingers but using my other hand, I pressed on her stomach to keep her still on the bed. She was right, she was indeed dripping wet. I stroked her from her clit to her bum hole and she moaned with pleasure.Keeping one finger probing her pussy, I used the other hand to loosen my belt and then pulled down my trousers and boxers. My cock sprang out about 6 inches from her face. As she was blindfolded she obviously couldn’t see it so I used the hand I had taken my boxers down with to gently turn her head until my cock was touching her lips. Feeling a cock on her lips she moved her head and devoured it like a starving person suddenly offered food. She moved her head away from it, spat on my glans, and then sucked even harder. I knew if she kept sucking like that I would cum soon so I withdrew and moved away from her slightly. She moaned and her head twisted and turned, seeking the cock she had been happily sucking on. Her moan of disappointment changed to one of delight as my tongue probed her wet pussy. Her hips bucked and jolted as she tried to grind herself onto my mouth. “Oh god” she cried, “I am coming, I am coming!” I could feel her pussy spazaming slightly as the orgasm hit her and she squirted slightly in my mouth. “No, please don’t stop” she said as I withdrew my tongue. However she stopped talking as my cock replaced it against her pussy lips. “Yes, yes, yes” she said. “Fill me up with your cock”I started to fuck her slowly as she panted with lust. As she was tied to the bed I only had the option of me on top positions and I didn’t want to put too much of my body weight on her as I am about 6 inches taller than Elaf who is actually quite a small guy. güvenilir bahis siteleri So I had to try to brace myself up a bit with my hands whilst fucking her.“Oh fuck Elaf,” she cried, “ This is the best time ever!”I pumped away for a few minutes and as she was clenching her pussy muscles it was not long before I felt the familiar tingle telling me I was near the point of no return. I pulled out of her and came over her body in about 4 or 5 spurts. She felt the spunk hitting her first across her chest then lower and lower with each diminishing shot. “I want to cum again” she said, “Finger me now” Never one to refuse an offer I stuck one finger, then two in her pussy whilst massaging her clit with my thumb. Within seconds she was thrashing about on the bed as her second orgasm hit her. Her breathing finally slowed down “Go and clean up” she said “Leave me here for a few minutes to recover” I smiled and got dressed, preparing to sneak out and back to my house. As I moved towards the lounge door, ready to depart, Gita called out “Hey” in a loud voice making me turn back to look at her.In the trashing about and head tossing she had done during her second orgasm, her blindfold had slipped off a bit and one eye was staring into mine. “Happy New Year” she said “And thanks” I opened my mouth to say something and moved slightly towards her.“Nope, don’t say a word” she said “ but could you put the blindfold back on properly for me as I want Elaf to find me like this. I am going to tell him I thought it was him fucking me” I moved back to her and pulled the blindfold back up so it covered both her eyes again. She smiled contentedly and I think it took her a bit by surprise when I kissed her deeply on the lips, although after a second her tongue slipped into my mouth and I felt her smile widen. I went back to my house and no sooner had I closed my front door and put the kettle on to boil than I heard Elaf’s car pull. I stood in my front room, looking out through the net curtains, as he got out of his car and went into his house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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