Mar 31

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 02

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Many thanks to my editor, Sully 2818. Also, this story owes a great deal to my beautiful and beloved wife. 🙂

This is purely a work of erotic fiction. All characters, places, and situations are entirely fictional. All sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older. All rights reserved.

*** CHAPTER 02 ***

I awoke the next morning with the dim light of sunrise just beginning to cast long shadows across the top of the tent. Sarah had fallen asleep with her head on my shoulder and a slender arm across my chest. She looked angelic and adorable sleeping there. The warmth and softness of my cousin’s body against mine and the gentle sound of her breathing lulled me back into a state of half-sleep. I took a deep breath, savoring the subtle, comforting scent of the woman in my arms. It felt good lying there with her, but it was much warmer this morning than it had been the previous night, and it was soon too hot for me to continue lying in the sleeping bag with her. Disturbing her as little as I could, I slipped out of the sleeping bag. Sarah stirred a little, and I couldn’t resist giving her a light kiss on her lips. She smiled sweetly without opening her eyes. As I slipped my shoes on, I heard a van door and recognized the voices of my friends and family that had slept there.

As much frost as I was certain that I had seen inside the tent the night before, I expected that there would be a great deal of moisture inside of the tent that we would have to allow to dry out before we stored the tent for any length of time. Looking around, however, I didn’t notice any dampness on the inside of the tent’s walls. There might be dew on the outside of the tent, but the inside looked like it was ready to pack back into the plastic container we kept it in until the next time we needed it.

Someone was walking rapidly towards the tent. Looking towards the door that my sister had left partially open when she had vacated the tent last night, I saw Diana’s smiling face looking in at us. “Rise and shine!” Her cheerful voice filled the tent. “We’ve got coffee going on the campfire, and Erin and I are making bacon, eggs, and pancakes for everyone!”

Sarah yawned and stretched, and we both looked at Diana’s intrusion with good-natured humor.

“We’ll be out in a second,” I said as my friend disappeared towards the campfire.

Sarah lay in the sleeping bag, not quite ready to get up just yet. I was fully dressed, and if my help wasn’t needed with breakfast then there was no rush for me to leave the tent. I sat down beside my cousin. “So how did you sleep last night, Sarah? Are you still OK with what happened?” I asked her.

Sarah reached out and took my hand in hers. She spoke in a soft whisper that the other people outside of the tent wouldn’t hear. “I slept great. And the next time that you and I are alone somewhere where we can have a reasonable degree of privacy again, I’ll be happy to show you just exactly how OK I really am with everything that happened last night. So are you OK? No weird morning-after regrets about fucking your own cousin?”

“My only morning-after regret is that there’s not enough time or privacy right now for an encore.” I whispered back. Sarah smiled wickedly as she began unzipping her sleeping bag.

“Hey, John!” came Kim’s voice from the direction of the van. “Give Sarah some privacy so that she can get dressed, or she’ll be using you as an excuse to stay in that sleeping bag all day!”

Sarah chuckled and replied loud enough for everyone to hear her. “Yeah, John. Get out of the tent so that I can get dressed without you seeing me naked!”

I looked over at her. She wasn’t wearing panties under her t-shirt, and she grinned wickedly as she flashed her pussy at me. I began to move towards her, but she quickly closed her legs. She cackled quietly as she gestured me away with a shooing motion. I began making my way over to the door of the tent as she dug through her suitcase choosing what to wear that day. I couldn’t resist one last look back at the delicious curves of her bare backside as she bent over the suitcase, and I pondered my good fortune in having a cousin like Sarah.

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal while camping, and that morning was no exception. Diana is probably the best campfire cook that I have ever known, and breakfast was phenomenal. I sat beside Diana, and we discussed our plans for the night as she playfully rolled her bacon and eggs up in a pancake and ate her creation like a burrito.

We had about seven hours of driving ahead of us, so we could easily leave at 9:00 and be at Erin’s parent’s place at 4:30 at the latest. That would give us time to unpack, get settled in, and get briefed on the site. Assuming that we spent an hour at dinner, two hours on the walk-through, and an hour setting up, we would be ready to start the investigation well before sunset at 8:00.

I tossed my paper plate and napkin onto the fire. Heather and Erin had already finished eating and started on the dishes, which consisted of our well-used cast-iron pans, our battered tin camping cups, and the silverware. I thanked Erin when she offered to take my dishes, then busied myself with helping to disassemble and stow the tent, folding kartal escort up the camping chairs, and loading everything in the back of the van.

I had just finished using water from my canteen to brush my teeth when Heather approached me, looking nervous. “John, could you take a quick walk with me?”

The poor girl looked scared to death, and I wondered if she was backing out of the investigation. “Sure, Heather. I’ll be right with you.” I returned my canteen and toothbrush to my rucksack, then returned to Heather. “It’s going to have to be a short walk. Everyone else looks like they’re almost ready to leave. Now, before we go, you know that nobody’s going to think any less of you if you want to back out of taking part in the investigation, right?”

“A short walk is fine,” Heather said. Something was definitely unusual in the way she was acting. Her voice sounded out-of-breath, and her cheeks were flushed. “And I’m not backing out of the investigation. I just have something I need to talk to you about. Now, if you don’t mind.”

“Are you OK, Heather?” I asked in genuine concern. “Is this about the…”

“I promise, I really am fine. I just need to talk to you,” Heather’s voice was pleading. “Let’s walk.”

“Hey, Diane, Heather and I are going to be gone for a few minutes,” I shouted at Diana even as Heather was leading me away. Diana responded with a wave in my direction. She was busy ensuring that the campfire was entirely out. I felt guilty about leaving when there was still work to be done getting ready to leave, but Heather clearly needed me.

Joining Heather, I let her lead me down the road. She was power-walking much more quickly than her usual unhurried pace, and I had to start out in a light jog for a few seconds in order to catch up with her as she headed down the reed-lined gravel road. After about a hundred meters, the road we were on met a larger paved road at a T-intersection. Heather still hadn’t said anything, and I began worrying. I briefly remembered Sarah hearing someone outside of the tent the previous night, and my heart was pounding in my chest. Did Heather know what her sister and I had done together last night? How would she be likely to react if she did, and what would those actions mean for me and Sarah?

After we crossed the paved road, Heather surprised me by keeping on moving straight into the woods on the other side of the road. She isn’t in the best of shape, and she was breathing heavily. I followed her into the woods, our feet making crunching, shuffling sounds in the fragrant brown leaves of the forest floor. She looked around. Seeing a large fallen log, she led me over to it. Taking a seat, she patted the log beside herself and gestured for me to join her.

“John,” she asked, “When you saw your sister’s tattoo last night, you looked like you might have already seen it. Had you seen her tattoo before then?” Heather was breathing hard, perhaps from exertion, perhaps from something else.

I felt a wave of relief wash over me. She wasn’t talking about me and her sister. Still, it was an unusual question to lead someone into such a private area just to ask them, and the nervousness that showed in her voice as she asked it was even stranger. I thought briefly about how to answer her. Did my dream count? “Well, I suppose, sort of.”

Heather nodded. My evasive reply appeared to satisfy her. “Yes, I suppose that I had sort of seen it before then, too.” Her voice was hushed, pensive, and nervous. She reached out with a warm hand that was trembling slightly, and took my own hand into hers. Pulling my hand to herself, she held it gently in her lap. Nothing too bold. Nothing that either of us could say was outside of the boundaries of normal behavior between cousins and old, close friends. Still, it wasn’t quite normal for us. “You know what’s kind of funny, John? Both of us had seen that tattoo before somewhere. But when I asked Kim if she had shown it to anyone before last night, she said no. Not even you.”

As we held hands, Heather turned her head and looked at me. Her piercing blue eyes met mine for a long moment. I could tell that she was thinking very carefully about how to word her next question. I met her gaze, and she looked away from me, unable to look me in the eyes. “John, did you and I… spend any special time together the night before last?”

The only time we had even seen each other at all the night before last would have been in our dream. Heather had to be referring to that, but the notion still seemed impossible. My breathing became heavier at the memory of our incestuous union as I nodded, but I worded my reply carefully. “Yes, we did. And as I promised you at the time, I will never forget it.” Again, my words would only make sense if we had both somehow, impossibly, remembered sharing the same dream. My heart pounded in my chest as I remembered what her body had felt like during our forbidden lovemaking, and I could almost taste my cousin’s kisses again as I remembered what it had been like to be inside of her. But still, the careful wording of my answer meant that, if necessary, I could still save myself from embarrassment by pretending that I was talking about something else entirely.

Immediately after I maltepe escort bayan answered her, I knew that my fears that she and I were discussing two entirely different things were in vain. Her hand tightened around mine, and we looked at each other for a long moment. She was breathing so deeply that I was afraid that she would hyperventilate, her shoulders heaving with every breath and the perfect, pale skin of her cheeks flushed a deep mottled crimson. She looked me in the eyes, meeting and holding my gaze. She was smiling and laughing nervously, but a few tears rolled down her soft round cheeks. She was completely overcome with emotion.

“I’ll never forget it, either.” Heather’s voice was quiet, choking on the power of the feelings that seemed to swell in her pounding heart. We stared at each other for a long minute, her hot hands clenching my own tight in her lap. “I’ll never forget anything about it, and I’ll never regret sharing that with you whether you’re my own cousin or not.” She chuckled nervously as she acknowledged the taboo nature of what we had done together.

“I love you, Heather.” I whispered quietly. I had spoken those words to her a million times before, but this time they meant something entirely different. My heart was pounding in my chest as, for the first time in our waking lives, my cousin and and I moved to kiss each other in a manner that was more than an expression of innocent familial affection.

Our lips met for the first time in our waking life. Her sweet, round, familiar face was pressed hard against my own, our lips and mouths silently communicating a life’s worth of pent-up love between us. We were blissfully drowning in an ocean that washed over us in sweet waves of tender passion. I tasted her sweet mint-flavored toothpaste as her tongue and mine hesitantly met. Both of us were nervous to be sharing the forbidden, incestuous kiss with our favorite cousin and childhood friend. Both of us knew that nothing would ever be the same between us again, and I doubted that either of us could believe that this was really happening. As we held each other close, our kisses soon gained in both confidence and passion. Soon, our lips sealed together in steamy bliss as we rejoiced in our shared love, kissing like a bride and her groom beneath a chapel of tall trees. Our breath soon had her glasses frosted with fog, and she giggled as she pulled them off and stuck them through the waistband of her pants as I leaned her back to rest on the log. My cousin and I held each other close, our tongues intertwining wetly, our arms stroking each others’ backs, our lips moving sweetly together as we kissed one another as lovers. Golden sunlight shone down through the leaves, and somewhere nearby a songbird was cheerfully serenading the two new lovers. Moving my lips, I kissed her chin, her cheek, and moved my lips to her neck.

Moving my lips from her mouth, I kissed the side of her neck and she let out a sweet, quiet gasp. I continued planting light, fluttering kisses upon her neck as her body pressed against my own. She moved her legs to place one on each side of the tree trunk that we lay upon and pulled me on top of her between her now spread legs. I lay between her legs, supporting as much of my weight as I could on the log behind her and savoring the feeling of my favorite cousin’s pelvis grinding against me as I continued kissing her neck. As our crotches pressed together, I could feel the line of her zipper rubbing against me through my pants, and the thought of what lay beneath her clothing had my penis as hard as forged steel. She inhaled audibly as she felt one of the hands that held her slide beneath her sweater and t-shirt to feel the soft, warm skin of her back beneath her clothing. The contact between my calloused hand and the soft skin of her back excited both of us even further, and our minds were clouded by a fog of passion as we continued rejoicing in our shared love beneath the leafy canopy of the beautiful old forest.

Her blue-jean covered pelvis ground hard against me as my beloved cousin’s familiar voice poured out in a feverish whispered rush. “Sweetheart, tell me what we did together two nights ago! Please, tell me! I need to hear you say it!”

“We made love, Heather. And it was the sweeter than I ever thought that lovemaking could be.” She uttered a high-pitched, inarticulate cry of joy at my words, pressing her mouth hard against mine in a sloppy, scalding-hot kiss that a week ago I never could have imagined we would have shared. “I have always loved you, Heather,” I whispered after long minutes of delighting in the blissful kiss, “and that night, you showed me exactly how much you have always loved me.” The erotic memories of making love to my sweet, innocent cousin had my cock straining at the crotch of my pants as though it might tear through them. I knew that even through our pants she could feel my hardness pressing against her sex as our bodies continued to grind together through our clothes. If only that clothing weren’t there!

Heather’s breathing came in ragged gasps. “Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Ohmygod!” she was whispering. My sweet, pretty cousin was so excited by our circumstances that I could sense that, even through our clothing, the contact escort pendik between our genitals was about to bring her to orgasm. Her arms tightened around me with more strength than I thought that she possessed, and her pretty round face scrunched up as she let out an inarticulate gasp. Heather’s hips thrust up at me and then froze, her body trembling. She pressed her mouth hard into the shoulder of my jacket to muffle her gasping scream of joy and pleasure as her arms clenched tightly around me.

For long minutes, Heather held me close in trembling arms as her deep, ragged breathing slowly began to return to something that sounded more normal. “Yes, Sweetheart, we made love to each other. Oh, God, you really were inside of me! I got to feel you leave part of yourself inside of me to combine with my essence and create something beautiful together. I got to feel what it was like to have you make me the mother of your child! I felt myself claim you as the father of my own child. I have never loved anyone more than you, cousin.”

We kissed again. I wanted to add something to what she had just said and let her know just how special the experience had been to me, but I was too overcome with emotion to speak. For a long minute, we held each other in silence, savoring the feeling of each other’s body against us. My hand was still against her bare back inside of her shirt and sweater, my hand near the clasp of her bra. I could almost feel her heart beat against my chest as our soft breaths washed over one another’s face. Heather and I were each breathing in the comforting, familiar scent of our beloved cousin, and we were cherishing it even more than we ever had before.

Heather whispered to me, her words coming out in a rapid-fire torrent of speech as though she had either bottled them up inside of herself for far too long, or as though she was afraid that she would loose her nerve and never speak them at all if she didn’t do it at this very moment. “Sarah was right. I have always been in love with you for as long as I can remember! Even when we were small children, I remember how sad I felt when Mom told me I couldn’t ever marry you because we’re related, and I have always believed that I could never have you. But two nights ago, I got to taste your kisses and hold your body against mine with nothing between us. I felt every detail of making love to you. I got to feel what it was like to share an orgasm with someone that I have always loved more than life itsself, and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced! I woke up, and could almost still feel your body inside of me. Then, last night, I got up to go to the bathroom and I walked past the tent. I watched and listened as you had sex with Sarah, and I knew for certain that you have no qualms about real-life sex with a flesh and blood relative.”

Heather pulled my face to hers, planting a wet, sultry kiss on my lips. “Even inside the sleeping bag, even in the darkness, I knew exactly what the two of you were doing. I watched you give her what I have always wanted, and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I stood there and masturbated outside of the tent as I watched you. I knew that what you were doing with her was going to become a reality between us soon as well, cousin. Very soon. We would make love right now if they weren’t waiting for us back at the van.” Heather’s hot lips brushed my own, teasingly. She kissed my neck, and I gasped. “If they weren’t waiting for us, you could have me right here on this log. Maybe in the position we’re in right now, or maybe I would be bent over the log with you taking me from behind. Maybe I would be straddling you as you lay in the leaves. Most likely, I think we would try a couple of positions until we found one that we decided was our favorite,” my childhood friend whispered quietly in my ear, as though afraid that the magic of this moment was so delicate that even a loud word could shatter it. My head swam, and my mind was filled with remembered images of her sweet, nude body and my throbbing cock disappearing into the soft curls between her legs.

Heather’s voice was a barely audible whisper, her breath hot against my ear. “I heard you tell Sarah last night that you didn’t have a condom. Neither do I. And I’m not on the pill. As a matter of fact, I’m super-fertile right now. I felt myself ovulate last night. I’m pretty sure that even if the head of your penis so much as brushed against my vagina, if even a drop of your pre-cum got inside of me, I might get pregnant just from that. But if we had the time right now,” Heather held me close, her voice quiet and strained with nervous emotion, “none of that would stop us! I felt you get me pregnant two nights ago, and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt! Cousin, I would make love to you until you came inside of me just like you did in the dream we had. We have always loved each other, cousin. We could always be together! We could live together like a husband and wife and raise our children together. But soon, no matter what else is going on, we’re going to become more than the closest of friends and more than the most beloved of relatives.” She kissed me again, her hot, sweet, breath washing my face with the scent of campfire smoke and minty toothpaste. “We’ve always been inseparably close, but we’re going to add a completely new element to our love, and we will become even closer. We’re going to feel what we shared together two nights ago again and again. And we are going to love each other for the rest of our lives.”

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