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Part 9 Pinky story; The end.

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Part 9 Pinky story; The end.Part 9As we left off, Kristy was laying next to me, and Pinky just joined the show. She was playing with her pussy while being naked. I was spent from the sex but hell I try around with Pinky. Instead, she climbed into bed and over on Kristy. Pinky spread her legs and started to lick Kristy’s pussy. She was working her tongue in and sucking out the cum. They got it on rather quickly and I was turned on. But my cock was still worn down from the sex, so it was taking its time to harden up again. But had no worries when Pinky, said that she was there for Kristy’s pussy and our cum. She wanted to lick it all out. I watched them turn this into a 69 oral sex. They went at it for a while, so much that I fell asleep to them. When I woke up in the morning, Kristy had left, and Pinky was still in bed. I got up and went to the bathroom. Then after doing that, I was going to get coffee. At this point I saw a note from Kristy. It was short note about how much fun she had. She finished with a kiss and smiley face. The moment I got the coffee, Pinky was onto of me. She had placed her hands on my butt, and said wooo toasty buns, and then asked for a cup. This turned into us naked on the couch, looking outside sipping our coffee. She was very quiet and I could tell she was thinking about something. I finished my cup when she spoke. She started with how great the sex has been, and how all this stuff happening was making things exciting. I understood some of it, cause without the virus I wouldn’t be banging two chicks. Then her mood changed to how she was thinking about after this stuff end. Pinky then said it…she was getting her boyfriend back. I sipped my empty cup and said “okay”. She went on to say that he called the other day and was begging to have her back, so much that he was already to move back to the beach. She talked about how he wanted a family and to settle down. This went on for a bit about her choices, his choices and the future holds. I then said I support her in her choices. I got up to get more coffee, and picked her cup up too. While I pour the cups, Pinky got on her phone. I could here her voice texting. I finished the cups and came back in as she was finishing her message. The silence was on again, and just drinking coffee. Pinky then got up and stood in front of me. She looked down on me, and then lowered her head to my face. She gave me a kiss and then whispered “My boyfriend wants to meet you but he can’t know that we been fucking”. I shook my head yes. Then she climbed onto my lap. “I want one more fuck from you, all the way, not stopping, I want your cock to fill me up” Pinky whispered. We had this go around before, but this was like Kristy part two…but Pinky one time. I was okay with it, especially if I was not going to have sex with her again after this time. But when I thought we get it on, Pinky walked off to get dressed. I didn’t move until she came back. I moved in closer to her and started to kiss her leg. Pinky pushed me off, and said “I want you tonight. But for now I must go”. Then off she went, leaving with a cup of coffee and naked. To end the morning, my wife calls. I pick up and hear talk about the changes going on, and if I heard about the protesting near were she was at. I listened to her talk more about it all for a bit. Then she asked me if she could come home. I was like what, but I let her finished. She was loving the life with her parents in the mountains but wanted to get back to normal. I thought she was going to ask me to move there with her, but instead it was about the divorce. She wanted to come back and get some stuff. I was okay with it. Then she said it would be today she be driving down, well she was on her way. Four months since she left and that got me all shook up. She finished with see you soon and there we were. I got dressed, cleaned up the place and ready for the wife. A few hours later, I was at the store picking up Milk, when the wife called to say she was there. I didn’t rush home, but I didn’t keep her waiting either. I pulled up to see her putting some stuff in her new car. I helped with some of it before she finished up the packing. It was mostly small personal stuff, and some stuff from her family. All done packing, we both sat down on the couch. It was weird after all this time to see each other physically. She asked how I was doing, and what was new. I didn’t say much, but she then asked if the video girl kocaeli escort and I still having sex. I didn’t think about it much, other then to say yes once in awhile. My wife then said “Lets do it right now”. I was like what are you talking about. She got up and stripped down to her big breasts, wide hips, fat ass, and long thick legs. She wasn’t no time in pulling my shorts off and wrapping her hands on my cock. She took my cock in deep and was sucking me off like those videos she sent me. Was not taking me too long to want to fuck her throat and cum in her mouth. It was something she never let me do to her, but did with Greg. She did say his cum was like sweet pineapple, part of the reason I guess. As she was sucking me off, I saw my phone blink, letting know there was a message. I reach for it, and see that is from Kristy. She was just letting me know she had a great time again. I took my phone and set up the video on it. I started recording my wife soon to be ex wife, sucking my cock. It turns out those times with Greg paid off, cause while she was good; she was amazing now. She pushed her brown hair away, which got long in four months. She for a few moments pushed my cock deep in her throat and forcing herself to gag on it. Then pull it out and slap her face with it. My cock was feeling ready to go now. My wife was never like this with me, but I heard stories of her being this way. It would seem Greg brought out the slut in her. It made me a bit sad. I mean she was so gentle and simple sex but could talk about how much of a slut she was. One story comes to me while she sucking my cock; it was a married guy she was sucking off with his three brothers joining in the suck-off. She talked about how she blew all four guys in the garage during a party, with the woman outside talking. She mentioned that she could hear them talking about their men, and she was getting a close up view of their dicks. She was such a slut that day, that after banging all four guys, she let the son of one of the guys fuck her ass for his first time. The k** was legal, and it was his little party from high school. She admitted that she liked being that way before but was growing out of it. Now she was sucking my off like she did those guys. She was so good that I was telling her to hold deep on my cock, I was coming in her throat. She swallowed that like a pro, and said that she like my cum, not as good as Greg’s. Oh well. Just to think if I was done, my wife climbed on me, kissing me hard. She was rubbing my body down, while taking my shirt off. I took the phone and put it down so to record what was next. My wife moved up, too my cock and put in her pussy, and sat down on me. I said “what no condom”? She whispered back “No honey, I love it raw, and I never will have a condom in my pussy again.” Okay as she was bouncing up and down, I played with her boobs, sucking them, biting down on them, and smacking them. My wife was enjoying it all, telling me that I was a teacher and she was a naughty student. What ever floated her boat I thought. We fucked for a good while before pulled her off me. She got down on all fours, and I squatted over her pussy. I pushed my cock in and fucked her like a dog. The moment I was fucking her fast and hard, the door opened up. Walking in was Kristy who stopped at the moment she saw us. My wife was not looking at her but down at the floor. She said in a loud moaning voice “Oh fuck me like a dog.” Kristy smiled as she watched us. As she did, she slipped her flops off, moved her shorts down and placed her hand into her pussy. She was fingering herself as I was fucking my wife. My wife final turned her head up as I was getting ready to cum. She saw the feet then her legs, before spotting Kristy playing with her pussy. Just as I was cumming, wife said “Oh fuck yes, fucking me like a dog and watching your lover play with her pussy”. I then came into her, holding onto her wide hips and pushed all my cock in her. The wife grunted from my thrusts, and slowly moans from each time I pulled back. I pulled out of her and sat back. My wife turned over, pushing her legs in the air and playing with her pussy. I didn’t know what to do, but watch both woman play with themselves. Kristy getting into her own pussy, stripped down naked and walked over to the couch. My wife watch her and said “Nice fucking pussy”, Kristy said the same back. Now I was ready for them two to go at it. But then the wife asked her kocaeli escort bayan if she wanted her ex soon to be husband to fuck her too, right now. Kristy answered by walking over and getting on her fours. My wife played with her pussy more, as I mounted Kristy. I moved my soft cock in her pussy, and started to fuck her. It took a minute before my cock was ready again. Kristy started off with oh yes but the minute passed, she was yelling with moans and grunts. My wife played with her pussy more. Telling us about her pussy was filled with two guys today. Kristy asked to taste it and soon she eating her pussy while I fucked her. This turned into a three way. I then got over excited from it all, that my cock starting letting out the cum. Kristy told me to fuck her faster. My wife noticed that I was getting ready to cum and then asked the question “Are you cumming, where is the condom”. I didn’t think about it until I came deep in Kristy’s pussy. As my wife pulled out, Kristy said “i am sorry, I forgot to tell him to put it on, but your all were so hot I that I wanted to join in. But no worries, I am on birth control”. My wife thought it over and was okay with it. After the sex, Kristy and I got up on the couch and laid there while the wife got dressed. She walked over to me and said thank you. I was confused but okay with it all. I leaned over and turned the phone off. Kristy noticed that all of this was recorded, and drew a naughty smile. We talked about what happened and the coming changes. I also mentioned about Pinky and her news. Kristy got herself dressed a few hours later, and off she went too. I was tired , so I fell asleep naked. I woke up to the sound of the door knocking. Its been awhile since anyone done that, so I was a little shook up. I went to answered the door, when I spotted a guy. I quickly closed the door a bit, to hide my cock and balls. He said he was Pinky’s boyfriend, and he was telling me that I was going to be fucking her anymore. I said okay and then closed the door. I went back the bedroom to get dressed. I walked into the room and saw clothes on the bed. I didn’t notice the shower was on or that the shoes in the front were pink flops. I waited a minute before the shower turned off. Out walked Pinky, all wet. She saw me and jumped on my lap, causing me to fall back on the bed. Then she started kissing me, working her way down to my cock. I pulled her back up, and said that her boyfriend is here. She freaked and got up. I said he came knocking and I told him to basically scram. Pinky peeked out the window and looked around. She then said, “ he was supposed to be here tomorrow. He must have came early and followed me here”. Then she got her closes ready and started to get dressed. I said I am sorry that this end, but we could be friends. Pinky took a moment and then dropped her stuff. “I am not going without one more fuck by you, and he can we” she said. I fought her over it, telling her that I wanted it bad but not messing up her chance with him because of it. Pinky comeback was to take hold of my cock and sucked me off. The we she worked it, I couldn’t say stop to her. But that didn’t last long. She climbed on me, put the cock in her pussy and was riding it hard and strong. She was even moaning loud and saying things like oh yes, big cock fill me up and the best is fucking my pussy right now…then turned to oh yes, fuck my pussy. I Know she was doing to just fuck around and to piss him off. I was enjoying the show she was putting on. She was aggressive as she got more into it. When I flipped her over, she was scratching up my chest and back. She bit down on me several times, and really got into the sex. We switched to me fucking from behind to laying down from behind, and then me back on top. I came close to cum, Pinky pulled me close, holding me tight. Then she kept on telling me to cum baby, cum in me. I did as she begged. Cumming in her pussy, feeling it fill it. Then I felt ready to pull out, she held on more. She took her legs and held me in, when I pulled away, taking on one leg away; she put her toes into my mouth. She knew her toes were my thing to enjoy. “Baby, I want you to cum again in me, I know you want to keep fucking me, filling me all up” she whispered. I felt the surge to do it and soon I was thrusting back into her pussy. When I came the second time, I felt the hairs stand up. It was like was enjoying it so much but felt that someone was watching izmit escort us. The door was locked, the windows were locked and closed. Pinky asked me to finish her off, one more fuck. I felt her pussy was wet and filled, that I want to pull out. Reason I fucked her again was the boyfriend was watching us from the partial open window. I didn’t notice that it just opened enough to see somewhat inside. I could see him trying really hard to watch, but the room was so dark, and well good with sounds, he didn’t see or hear anything. That got me fucking her again. With this time I begged her to make all the noise she wanted. We turned this sex into a game, and boy was I loving it. When I finally came again, both of us was fucking loud and proud. I finished off her pussy and pushed for one more fuck. Pinky said “Again, oh you are such a bad boy”. This time I finished her off with her laying down on the bed, on her belly and legs apart. I felt the best thrust and deep thrust this way. By now the the pussy so filled that I didn’t feel my cock as much but felt it when I came. I slowed down to hold the fuck back but then slammed her pussy fast as I could to really cum in her. I pulled out and looked down on her pussy, she was leaking out onto my bed and I was enjoying the sight. I joked to her boyfriend who was still trying to see inside, that all this cum is for him. Joking aside, Pinky got dress quickly and was getting ready to go. She joked that she let her boyfriend fuck her now and really feel her pussy when its fucked well by a real man. Some how she met him at the door and talked him in to believing that she was consoling me with her break up. She did say as they walked away, she wanted him to fuck her like a slut, and he was talking about what his cock will do to her. I listened all the way to the point they walked to the car. I will miss Pinky, she was worth writing about. I like to say all things worked out. Wife left me for another man, which I was okay with now. Pinky left for her ex, but not all good news. She did let me know how things went when they got home. He did fuck her, but asked why her pussy was so dam wet and filled with cum. She told him that she played with herself and he bought it. Kristy on the other hand went sideways. After the drama, Kristy and I fucked several times a day for a few days. But then she told me that she met another guy and well she was double fucked sometimes. She was turning into a slut. I don’t mind the idea of loving sex, but she nearly lost her job at the worst time. When things are slowly opening back up and jobs are still rare, sex is not more important. Our time ended recently when she admitted that all the sex she was having was amazing but it was for a reason. It was a baby she wanted, and it was going to be what she is expecting. At first it was just sex, but over the the last four months, she was thinking about other things. Plus other guy has two k**s, she got to know. No they were not a couple, but I think they are heading that way. Last time I fucked Kristy, it was a week before this story. She came, brought dinner, then we fucked three times over the night. The final time was not at the home but at the beach. Yes, while its still restricted in some areas, we got onto the beach early in the morning. Sex was not the idea, just watching the sun rise and talking about the future. Since it was dark, and she was in a small swim top and bottom, I joked we should fuck on the beach. Minutes later, I was down on her pussy, licking it all up. She stripped down with me and we had sex. It was not like in the bed with hours. It was fucking with the chance of getting caught or and worse being seen. She was on all fours when I came the first time. Then she climbed on me for the second time, and the final time was me on top. The last time we got spotted by some early morning fisher by the pier. The howled and yelled stuff like way to fuck a woman before they did there own thing. It was not the amazing moment, but it was hot. We talked about the k**s, and then its when she said all the sex was her trying to get pregnant. She knew I was a long shot but enjoyed it too much not to try for it. I was blown away but the shocker was her telling me this was our last fuck. She wanted to focus on family. I was like damn, but I understood. A kiss on the lips and thank you; then she was off out of my life. Work took over for the last week, tho its been most of the time I was not doing something with someone. I see both Kristy and Pinky at work, and we talk about everything. So this tale ends on this note, sex is fun but not all, but yet when is sex not fall but all of the time, be you, be sexy.

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