Eyl 15

Passage Through the Woods Pt. 01

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It turned out to be a beautiful day to take a walk in the country of Incubax. Alana, the only child in her household, now 18, was told by her mother to messenger a letter to Slath the Warlock. The reason for this urgent letter was that her father had fallen ill to an unknown disease. He could no longer tend to our crops, therefore hunger and starvation was on the horizon. If Slath could not help, who could? A lot rested on the outcome of his words.

Alana set out on her journey along with a bag of dried fruit and nuts her mother had given her. “Don’t be careless, I love you and please stick to the main path” her mother had said upon her departure. Alana left her village with excitement. Never before had she been away from her village without parental guidance. Alana was unconcerned with the dangers of her journey, for she had won many medals in the field games of her village and this knowledge had given her a sense of pride and confidence as she walked down the path that took her further and further from home.

After a considerable amount of time walking, a fork in the path presented itself. Upon observation, she determined that one path circled around the deep dark woods and the other was a shortcut through the woods. she remembered her mother’s warning “please stick to the main path”, but her father was in desperate need of help. Getting to the warlock quicker would ultimately help her father quicker. This reasoning made her choose the shortcut, a choice she would canlı bahis soon regret.

Deeper and deeper Alana walked into the dark forest of Incubax. She was surrounded by massive dark trees with moss and vines hanging from their branches. Strange sounds of birds and insects infiltrated the silence. Her imagination led her to evil stories she had heard about the forest when she was young. Insecurity crept into her mind, but this she did not make known outwardly. She crept on, into the bowels of the forest.

Later, Alana decided to stop for a snack to relinquish her pained tummy and relax her legs. The sun did not penetrate the surface of the ground because of the thick foliage of the trees above, but Alana still found warmth within the forest. This may of been because of hot spring waters, bubbling forth from ponds found scattered within, beside one of these she found an old tree stump and sat while consuming figs and nuts.

After her snack, she was about to be on her way when she noticed a figure wandering about near the opposite edge of the path. The creature had not yet noticed her, but any sound would quickly alarm him. All Alana could do was observe this grotesque beast. He was a creature of half ape and half man. He did not walk erect like a man, but hunched, with bent knees and with a limp. He wore only a torn loincloth to hide his private part, the rest of him was naked.

Maybe he would not notice her and continue whatever he was doing away from her. bahis siteleri Her wish was not answered, for he turned around and finally, she was able to see the face of the hideous monster, and hideous he was! Surprise entered his eyes, then possession. Quickly he limped over to Alana who was frozen with fear upon this monster’s approach. “Ah” he opened his mouth and breathed the sound of ‘h’ into her face. “What is here I have in my forest?” His mouth gaped open and he licked his lips from time to time.

“Get away from me you awful creature!” Alana shouted at him, but he did not heed her command. The creature stretched out his hand to touch Alana’s skin, but Alana quickly pulled away and gasped “how dare you try and touch me!” The beast may not have been able to understand her words, but her facial expression said everything. This enraged the beastly man, for all women had been repulsed by him, but this did not stop him from obtaining his true desire.

Suddenly he grabbed her by the arm and roughly threw her to the ground. Alana was hurt, but managed to look back at her attacker. He now stood over her and said “you mine now.” Alana could see the wild beast’s cock under his loincloth, it had been enlarging since seeing her, it repulsed her even more. She began to get up and try to get away, but the grisly beast grasped her by the ankle and pulled her towards him with a mighty pull. Evidence of his brutal strength gave Alana the idea that she was no match physically for this bahis firmaları creature of the devil.

The beast was crazed. He tore at her clothes with his sharp claws, tearing them from her body. The revealment of her white, unblemished skin raised the beast’s blood, giving his cock a solid erection. He fiercely jumped onto her body, Alana tried to fight him off, “get off me you beast!” she screamed. She tried raising her knee in a futile attempt to strike a paralyzing blow. The beast became enraged at her attempt at his most vulnerable spot and hit her in the head. Alana was stunned, her body fell limp on the ground and as a result, allowed the beast to have his way with her.

An ape with the soul and lusts of a man inserted his odd shaped cock inside the girl he found in the forest. His actions were only a couple of minutes containing of animalistic gyrating and sounds resembling the growlings of beasts. Alana lay unconscious during her rape, away in dreamland. Finally, following a deep groan and a sporadic spasm the monster shot his seed deep inside the warm girl. Rolling off her, his cock had shrunk and no longer was his desire for the girl, that lay by his side. The beast got to his feet and wandered off, perhaps hungry.

Sometime later Alana awoke to discover she was alone. Her brain was fuzzy, she remember the hideous monster, she remembers the monster on top of her, but not much else. Suddenly she felt a tickling sensation on her upper inner thigh. Her hand explored the territory and found a wet spot. Upon bringing the substance to her eyes she discovered sperm, again her hand went between her legs to discover even more sperm. Oh no!

To be continued…

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