Mar 31

Pat , Kim Step-Son Visits Pt. 03

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This is the third of hopefully many installments of me sharing our sexual adventures with you.

Please read part 1&2, if you would like the background for this story.

I hope you enjoy!



Pat travels overseas for work on occasion and this was one of those occasions. This was a two-week trip, so he had to spend the weekend away from home. When he is away for multiple days on a business trip we often video chat to stay in touch. As you can imagine these chats often become me putting on a sexy show for him. Earlier in the week we had agreed that we would video chat on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and it was a beautiful summer day; the weather was perfect. I was spending my morning taking care of a few odds and ends and straightening up the house. I went out to check the mail and was happy to see a mailing envelope sent from Wicked Weasel. Wicked Weasel is a swimsuit company that is famous for its skimpy, tiny, micro-bikinis.

I took the mail inside and opened the envelope immediately, it held a micro bikini that I had ordered earlier in the week. It was a tiny, tiny mesh G-string bikini. The strings and border material is bright pink and the fabric covering my breasts and pussy is a yellow mesh. When I say covering, that is an exaggeration. The top barley will barely cover my nipples and the bottom, it is tiny, with a single string that splits your ass checks. The fun part is that the mesh material becomes essentially see-through when it gets wet.

I wasted no time taking my new bikini out of the package and trying it on. I stripped naked in the kitchen to put it on. I pulled my arms through the straps and leaned forward allowing my ample breasts to fall into the skimpy top and then reached behind me to fasten it closed. I adjusted my boobs to see if the fabric would cover my areolas and nipples. I pulled on the bikini bottom and walked to the bedroom, so I could look at myself in the mirror. Good thing I shave my pussy, the triangle of fabric that covered the front of the suit bottom was so small it would not cover my entire mound if I did not shave. The bikini was perfect, it made me fell so…naked…and I loved it! I couldn’t wait to show it to Pat.

Which got me thinking, how about a bikini, oil, masturbation show for Pat when I called him later today. My only problem was, how was I going to be able to hold the phone or laptop when my hands were oily and busy pleasing myself?

Well, being the dirty girl that I am, I got a brain storm in a flash, Drew, my step-son. I bet I could convince him to be my camera man. What a perfectly devilish idea! I could put on a show for Pat while at the same time teasing Drew. Plus, I thought, if I can get Drew horny enough, which will not be a problem, I can play with him after the show is over. Perfect!

I got my phone and immediately called Drew. After a few minutes of small talk, I asked him if he had any plans for the day and he said that he did not and that he was just hanging out at his apartment. I said, “It’s a beautiful day and Pat’s out of town and I am a bit lonesome. Why don’t you come on over and hang with me by the pool?” He said, “sounds like a great idea I will come over after lunch.” My plan was falling nicely into place.

I spent the rest of the morning and lunch time getting ready for Drew’s visit. After I finished my lunch I changed into my new bikini and a sheer cover-up and walked out to the pool. I took a book with me and headed to my favorite chaise lounge near the pool edge. I had been reading for a little while, kartal escort bayan when my phone chirped. It was a text message from Drew, he was telling me he was on his way. I texted back and told him I was out by the pool and to let himself in and to join me by the pool.

I was getting warm, so I decided to take a dip in the pool. I was in the pool when Drew arrived. I was leaning against the side of the pool, in the water. He came over and gave me a quick mother/son kiss.

“The water is perfect, put on your swim trunks and join me”, I said.

He replied, “sounds great”, and went inside to change.

I was in the water, so he couldn’t see me in my tiny, tiny new bikini. He didn’t know it yet, but he was in for a very sexy surprise.

He joined me in the pool. We swam a few lengths and paddled around for about 20 minutes and then got out of the water to lie in the sun. I’d forgotten my towel up on the deck and went up to get it. When I went up on the deck to retrieve my towel, I dried off my shoulders and arms and then leaned over to get the excess water out of my hair. When I stood back up straight again, I saw Drew, standing on the pool deck staring at me. There I was facing him with my arms raised up to my head, my big titties were hanging out of the tiny bikini top and the sheer mesh, wet, now see-through. His gazed lowered, stopping when it reached my crotch, my pussy lips easy to see through the mesh fabric, he was taking in the whole picture. I took the opportunity to turn away from him, bending over at the waist, drying my feet. Giving him a full view of my tanned ass.

When I slowly stood up and turned back, he had a huge smile on his face and a matching huge bulge in his swim trunks. That’s all I needed to see, my new bikini was having the desired effect on Drew. Getting him to be my camera man was not going to be an issue at all.

I smiled back, and said, “Like what you see?”, and giggled, I added “Let’s get some sun.”

I walked to the chaise, motioning to Drew to take a chair next to mine and he did. I adjusted my chair so that Drew had a perfect view of my, fit MILF body. I started reading my book again. It was a romance novel and I had gotten to a steamy part. I could feel a tingling in my breasts when I read how the hero was playing with the heroine’s nipples.

Almost unconsciously, my hand slipped one of my breasts out of my top and I started teasing my nipple with my fingers. I continued reading and fantasizing about “Drew” doing to me what “he” was doing to “her”, using my fingers and imagining them to be his lips and tongue. By the time I got to the part where “she” was stroking “his” cock, I was very turned on. I was ready to put my plan into action.

I knew Drew was watching me stroke and tease my nipples. As my fingers continue to play across my nipples, I said to Drew, “I need a favor.”

He said, “ask away”.

I explained to him my plan to give Pat an erotic poolside video phone call and asked him if he would be my camera man, leaving out the part that I planned to seduce him at the end.

He was quick to agree, as I knew he would. I told him there was one catch. The catch, I explained, was that because I was going to be nude and he was going to get to watch me put on a sexy show for his Dad, that it was only fair that he be nude too. He hesitated for a minute then quickly stripped off his swim trunks to show me his agreement and at the same time his semi-erect monster cock.

HMMM, I couldn’t wait to get this show started.

I told escort maltepe Drew to go into the kitchen and get the lap top. When he asked me what I was going to use as a camera, I told him the laptop camera. He said he had an idea and told me to get our digital camera. He explained he could hook up the camera to the lap top and it would be easier for him to film me. So, I did.

We quickly got things ready and I initiated the Skype call to Pat.

Pat was all smiles when he saw the video of me in my tiny new bikini out by the pool. I was so feeling so wicked and excited, talking to Pat, modeling my new bikini for him, while out of the corner of my eye watching his nude, gorgeous son, filming me with the camera. Pat seemed to not notice or maybe he just didn’t care that there was someone else with me running the camera.

After a few minutes of small talk, I decided to get the show started. I reached for my sun tan oil, then reached around and undid the back of my top, removing it completely. The feeling of the warm sun beating down on my titties was fantastic. I poured some oil over them and began to rub it in. I paid special attention to my nipples, gently rubbing them with the palms of my hands making them nice and hard. When erect, my nipples get thick and stand out about 3/4 of an inch. The combination of the sun, the oil, the outdoors, Drew’s naked body and the nice feeling in my titties was extremely sensual. My gentle titty rubbing soon became a little harder and I couldn’t resist the urge to pull and pinch on my big nipples.

I was looking down at them, jutting out so far and becoming a little red, and thought of the time I had wrapped some dental floss around them and teased them with a soft brush. When I felt the almost electric like current beginning at my nipples and going directly to my clit, I knew that the fun was just beginning. I poured oil over my stomach and began rubbing it in with one hand while the other kept playing with first one nipple, then the other. My eyes were closed, and I smiled to myself thinking that my husband and step-son were both watching me now.

When I slipped my fingers under the bottom of the suit my body trembled when the oil ran down onto my hairless pussy lips. For a moment, I considered going into the house so I would have my vibrator to help me along, but I was really turned on by the heat of the sun on my body I did not leave. I lifted my hips and removed bikini bottom, dropped my legs of either side of the lounge and let my middle finger find my tingling clit.

The excitement I felt lying naked outdoors, totally exposing myself and playing with my titties and clit was very intense. Without even realizing it was going to happen, a deep moan escaped from my throat when my finger started making little circles over my clit. I was really getting into it when I remembered Drew and his huge manhood was nearby. This excited me even more and I began fingering myself a little more aggressively. I opened my eyes just for a moment and looked at Drew, he was slowly and gently stroking his cock with one hand and holding the camera with the other.

That sent my excitement level up to another level.

I cooed to Pat, “How do you like the show honey?” I could see him on the laptop screen, he was sitting on the edge of bed in his hotel room, stroking his cock.

Between heavy breathing he said “OOOh god, love it babe, keeping going, don’t stop.”

That’s all I need to hear. I moved both of my hands between my legs and lightly stroked the outer lips of my pussy. pendik escort Without hair, even the slightest touch feels so sensuous. I heard Drew groan with excitement and pleasure. He was obviously enjoying the show too.

I used the fingers of one hand to separate my pussy lips and used a finger from my other hand to flick my clit. I leaned forward a little bit so I could see my clitty coming out from under its hood. I put my finger into my mouth and got it nice and wet then started rubbing my clit.

I heard Drew moving closer, kneeling in front of me with the camera to get a closeup of me flicking my clit. I was out of my mind with lust.

I continued to rub my clit, still holding my lips open and softly started to moan, “Ohhh…That feels so nice!” I was moving my hips against my finger and began whispering loud enough for Pat to hear me, “Mmmm…a tongue would feel so nice licking my clitty right now, a nice wet tongue and a pair of lips sucking on it. Oh, man…I’m so wet; my pussy is just begging to be fucked. Ohhh…No, not yet, no fingers in my wet, juicy pussy just yet, my clitty is enjoying this too much to stop.”

I kept my finger on my clit but moved the other hand back up to my tits. I had my baby finger and ring finger under my tit and my thumb on top and used my middle and pointer finger to flick the nipple until it got long and hard again. I started to talk to Pat again, “Ooohhh, yeah, get nice, big and hard for me. GOD! I’d love a mouth sucking on these babies right now!”

>I leaned my head back against the chair back; my hands were still busy rubbing my clitty and tits. I opened my eyes just enough to be able to see Drew’s hand furiously rubbing his huge cock. I wondered how he was able to film me and jack his cock at the same time. His hand was surrounding the shaft but there was still, plenty to see and his cock head was engorged and purple. Drew has an amazing cock, that I would love to be sucking at that moment.

I could hear Pat’s heavy breathing and the undeniable sound of a man jacking off; and he was really going strong. I was so hot now, I looked down between my legs, I could see my juices all over my inner thighs. I raised my feet up to the edge of the chaise and moved my finger down to my pussy opening. I rubbed around the opening and brought my finger to my mouth, lightly tracing a line around my lips. I extended my tongue from my mouth and licked the tip of my finger, then closed my lips around it and sucked it into my mouth, tasting my sex. “Mmmmm… that’s good!” I groaned.

I put my finger back to my pussy and started friggin’ myself. I only had one finger inside of me at first, but then put a second one in. My breathing was labored, and my hand started moving faster and faster. I was moaning and groaning and remember saying, “GOD! That big cock would feel so good fucking me right now.” My hips were jerking up against my fingers and my tits were bouncing up and down. I inserted a third finger into my pussy and after just a couple of more strokes knew I was going to cum.

I wanted Pat to know that I was that close, so in a deep, husky voice said, “ohhhh…yeah, yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…Ohhhhhhhhh!” My hips thrust upwards and the waves of my orgasm overtook me. I heard a grunt from the other side and knew he’d cum too. I looked directly into the camera, I smiled, closed my eyes, laid my head back and played with my nipples a little more; loving the way I was feeling.

I finished the call telling Pat I loved him and blew him a kiss. I pressed the button on the laptop screen and that ended the call.

I looked over at Drew, his hard, beautiful cock was standing straight out from his body. I told him to put the camera down and come over here.

“Drew, Mommy wants to thank you for all your help!”

To Be Continued.

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