Mar 31

Patricia’s Sexual Adventures Ch.12

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My surprise Bachelor’s party

My husband and I had been married for a couple of years now and during our time together we had experienced some fun times with each other and other men and women as well as couples sexually.

Now I had pretty much told him about all of my fantasies and he knew that one of them included my being the main attraction at a bachelor’s party. I have even written about that very fantasy so he knows how much I have wanted to act it out.

Well now my husband turns out to be a very enterprising man and one day he approached me and he asked me if I was still interested in doing a bachelor party.

Now I trust him and I know that he wouldn’t just throw me to the wolves with complete strangers so I bit the bait and I asked him who it was for and some more details.

He told me that he was asked to put together a bachelor party for a “friend of his” and I was only told that it was going to be a small group of guys.

Little did I know that my husband being the proud guy that he is of the fact that he has a wife that was very sexually open had been shooting his mouth off to everyone including his brother Matt and brother n law Rudy. Well the word got around and his father (Rick) found out.

His father had asked him just what he meant by being sexually open and he told him that I liked women and I was an exhibitionist. He conveniently left out the fact that I enjoyed other mens cocks.

Now his father is very cool and when I was introduced to him we immediately hit it off. He is a very handsome man and a very manly man to be exact he was a drill sergeant in the army. He had very strong features but he had a very kind soul when you got to know him.

My husbands family, excluding the fact that his parents were divorced, are very close and they would take regular camping trips together. When we went on the family vacations we slept in his fathers motor home with his father while the rest of his brothers and sisters would sleep in their own motor homes or tents.

There were times that his father and I had caught each others eye now and then in this close living space and we had seen each other in what we would sleep in at night. He would sleep in his under ware while I would only wear a large T shirt. I never wore panties so I would be naked under neath the night shirt. So I know that when I bent over or crawled in or out of bed that if anyone was looking they would see my pussy.

I had on a few occasions caught his father checking me out and it actually made me wet knowing that my husbands father was as nasty as his son. I had even admitted to my husband that I thought that his father was a very handsome man. My husband looked at me strangely not knowing if I was thinking about jumping his fathers bones during the night. I laughed and told him to calm down that one “Stone” was enough for me. Then I told him “now your brother n law is a different thing.” as I gave him a wink. I just love to tease him as much as possible.

So when I found out that his father found out that I was a sexually open person I was a little concerned that I would fall out of his good grace. My husband told me that it really didn’t phase him. He told me that he was cool with it and that he told my husband that he was a lucky man and that he had better keep me happy.

Now his parents have been divorced for some time and his father decided to get remarried to a very nice reserved lady, so the night of the big announcement my husband and his brother and brother n law were out in the garage playing pool when jokingly his brother and brother n law suggested that they through him a bachelor party and I could be the entertainment.

Well first they all laughed, then being proud of me and the fact that I had always wanted to do a bachelor party (I had never done anything with more then 2 guys and no gang bangs as of yet) my husband said why the hell not. Besides what safer way to give me my fantasy and give or shall we say show off what he had. Besides he remembered what I had said about his father and he wanted to see just how far I would go.

Well, after they all talked about it, they all agreed that it would be cool and not to weird cause they weren’t quote un quote going to do anything with me, just see me in a G string and at the most in my birthday suit.

So now after my husband asked me if I was interested in doing the party I asked him what exactly I had to do at this party for his “friends.” He told me that all I had to do was dance, strip and maybe do a toy show like I had talked about in my fantasy. I asked him if that was all I had to do not really knowing who these friends were yet.

I had thought they were some of his friends at work. I never even thought that it was his father even knowing that he had just announced that he was getting married. Come on now, that would just be strange.

I thought it would be fun, so I agreed, plus I was going to get paid as well according to my husband.

So on the big day of the kartal escort bayan party I went out and bought some really cool out fits and some G strings to wear just in case I felt like doing a costume change. I figured that was what strippers did at these things. Dance a little in one out fit and then change into a more revealing outfit and go down to a G string depending on the crowd.

That night I took a shower and made sure I was nice and shaved in all the right places. Then I took out my outfits and I asked my husband which one he thought I should wear into the room. Naturally he picked out the most sluttiest out fit I had. I reminded him that I had to walk through a hotel lobby and I didn’t want the front desk to think I was a hooker. He told me why not, don’t you think it would be exciting to dress the part. He had a point, I might as well go all the way with this.

Now if I had only known then that my husband was dressing his wife up to be a slut for his father I probably would have lost it right there. I have to admit that he carried the secret off perfectly.

So here I was all dressed to kill in my sluttiest outfit and all my toys packed in a suitcase on my way to my first bachelor party. He drove me to a very nice hotel and on the way into the lobby I felt all the eyes staring at me. I felt the nastiest that I had ever felt in a long time. I told myself that I could get use to this kind of attention.

As he walked me up to the room I kept asking my husband who the man of the hour was and who would be there. He just said a very good friend and for me not to worry that I would be safe. There was a fear I had that these guys might get out of hand and well you know…

As he reached the door he looked at me and asked me if I was ok. I told him that my heart was about to pound out of my chest and that I was both scared and excited.

He used a key and he opened the door. As I walked in I could hear the distinct sound of sex coming from the room. I wondered if they had found another girl for the party and that they had already started with out me.

The room was a suite and there was a hall way to the bedroom and setting area. As I got closer I could hear that the noise was more like an adult movie and I felt a little relieved and then it hit me that these guys were already fucking horny just from watching a fuck film.

As stood there trying to compose myself, I heard the guys whooping it up. By the sound of them they had already been drinking a bit. My heart was beating so fast I thought I could hear it pounding through my chest.

As I made my way into the room I was already nervous, but when I saw who was in the room I about died, first of shock and then of embarrassment. Here I was dressed like a slut in front of my relatives and a couple of their friends (Jack and Larry) . I thought that it was a joke or something, but when I heard my husband say ” here she is guys, the entertainment for the night” I knew that this was for real.

I looked back at my husband and asked if he was joking. He said that he wasn’t, he then told me that he had told his brother (Matt) and his brother n law (Rudy) and his father (Rick) just how nasty I was. They all wanted to see for them selves.

Now the only other person in the room who wasn’t in on this was in fact his father. He thought that the entertainment was going to be a real stripper and he had the same shocked look on his face. I will never forget how he looked at me when I walked through the door. His mouth was open and his eyes were as wide as headlights.

I didn’t really know what to do at that moment, run or see where this went.

I did what I thought I should do by asking his dad if he wanted me to stay or go. He cleared his throat and looked at everyone and then me and said that if it was alright with me that he’d like me to stay.

Now I have to admit that I think that my husbands father is a handsome man and I have caught him flirting with me (at least I thought) in the past. So I didn’t ever think that it was sick or strange, besides I have always had a thing for older men. I thought that his asking me to stay was the ultimate compliment a daughter n law could ever get.

I took a deep breathe and I told my husband to put the suit case down and turn on some music to get this party going.

With that announcement they all cheered and I was handed a drink. I downed it pretty fast and was given another. I could tell that I was not the only one nervous in the room.

I had been around these guys for a couple of years, at home get together’s and vacations and now here I was about to get nasty in front of them. I had no idea just how far if at all I could go.

I started dancing by myself and I felt awkward so I went over to the guest of honor and I took his hands and asked him to dance with me. As I danced with the guest of honor he got close to me with some encouragement from his sons.

As we danced I started feeling more relaxed and escort maltepe I told myself that if I was going to do this then I was going to give my father n law what he expected at his bachelor’s party.

I took his hands that were shaking as much as mine were and I placed them on my ass. As soon as I did this the rest of the guys went nuts.

As I danced, I rubbed my inner thigh against his outer leg. He shyly moved his hands from my ass to my hips and I put them back on my ass letting him know that was where I wanted them.

I looked in his eyes and I gave him the most seductive look I knew. He looked back at me and just smiled. I whispered in his ear as we danced. I told him that if it would make it easier that he could imagine that he didn’t know me and that I was his for the night. I then told him that I thought that he was a very handsome man.

No sooner did I say that, I could feel his cock in his pants get hard against my thigh. I smiled at him and I gave him a look showing him how pleased I was with his finding me attractive enough to get him excited.

I began to grind his leg and then I turned and put my ass in his crotch and I pushed up against his now rock hard cock. As I did this the guys cheered him on.

He became more relaxed as well by his grabbing my hips and reaching around to my crotch and pulling me in tighter. I then felt him begin to hump my ass as if he was plowing his cock into me.

As he got more relaxed with touching my body he began to explore the outside of my clothes. He reached around and grabbed my breast through my top and squeezed them hard. Then with the other hand he reached under my dress just far enough to feel my bare skin wear my stockings stopped. He ran his finger along the garter belt and as he reached farther up closer to my G string panty that was barely covering my pussy. I stopped him by turning around and kissing his mouth gently on his lips. I told him that I wanted to give him a special dance.

I pushed him back on the couch and I climbed up on his lap straddling his legs. Then I put my arms around his neck and I pulled his face close to my breast while I rode his cock through his pants to the beat of the music. I could feel his cock straining to get out and into my now wet pussy.

Now keep in mind that I at least had no intention of doing anything else but dance and strip and play with some toys. Although I had to keep reminding my self this when I was being held and touched. I admit that I was getting a little tingling between my legs with all that was going on.

I stood up in front of him and I reached under my skirt and I slowly pulled off my G string panties and I handed it to him. As I did I could feel that the crotch of them were soaked in my juices. When he took them and put them up to his nose and inhaled my sent I knew right then and there that this was going to be a night that neither of us would ever forget.

When the song was over another one came on so I gave my father n law (Rick) a kiss on his cheek and I went over to my brother n law (Matt) and I danced with him. Unlike his father n law, he was a little more aggressive and he squeezed my ass and kissed me on the lips. I didn’t think to much about it until he slipped his tongue into my mouth. At first I was caught off guard but instincts took over and I kissed him back.

As soon as I did this I felt his hand reach under the front of my dress and I felt his fingers rubbing the outer area of my pussy. It was as if he was checking to see how far he could go. Just as he slipped a finger into my wet pussy another man ( Larry, a friend of my husband and his family who was in his 40’s) cut in and started dancing with me, he must have had roman in his blood cause his fingers were roaming all over my body. He was breathing hard and I could tell he was extremely horny by the bulge in his pants rubbing up against me. I thought that if he rubbed my leg any harder he could start a fire.

The song changed and a friend of my father n law (Jack, who was in his early 60’s) took the opportunity to take his turn and dance with me. This guy was much nicer in that he actually danced with me and told me that he admired what I was doing for my father n law.

As we danced he asked me if I was going to give him a lap dance like I had given the guest of honor. I told him that it depended on how much he tipped me. He laughed and reached into his pocket and pulled out a $100 dollar bill. My eyes got really big and I asked him if he was serious. He told me that he was and that he wanted to give me another if I did even more for my father n law. I asked him what he had in mind and he told me that he wanted to see me suck his cock.

It was at this moment that I knew that I was going to actually have sex at this party and that the sex would most difinetly going to involve my doing at least something with my father n law. The thought of being paid was even more exciting.

I smiled at my father n laws friend (Jack) and I told him pendik escort that I would be happy to but I first wanted to have a little fun entertaining everyone.

The last guest at the party (my husbands brother n law Rudy) took his turn dancing with me. He was not as adventurous and I could tell that he was a little unsure of all of this. He was definitely not a guy who was ready to party in front of other men which is cool, those are usually the ones that I try to get a rise out of.

I began to kiss his neck and then his cheek as I did I reached down and I felt his no hard cock. He got really nervous and pulled away telling me that he wanted to see what was in the suit case. I knew that I really had him going and I told him that I thought he was cute.

I went into the bathroom and I changed into a white teddy that was made for a brides wedding night. It has a garter belt and I put on some white hose and some white cum fuck me pumps. And I wore a white lace G string that completed the outfit.

I looked in the mirror and told myself that I was actually going to do this. I took another shot of buttershots and I walked back into the room.

As I walked in the guys all showed their appreciation for the outfit selection by hooting and howling. This gave me a big boost of confidence.

I went over to my suit case and I opened it revealing an assortment of adult toys. I went right to my show stopper which is a extremely large dark dildo with a suction cup on the base. I went over to the coffee table and stuck it on.

When I did this all the guys mouths were open wondering just what the heck I was planing to do with this monster that I lovingly call “Austin.” I opened a jar of butter lube that is off white and looks very much like cum. I then spread it up and down the shaft to give it that just fucked look.

Now I have only once used this trick during a co ed lingerie and adult toy party that I use to do. I put on this little show and I ended up selling more toys then you could imagine. I never thought that I would be doing this for my family.

I walked over to my father n law and I asked him if he would help me out of my panties. He had this wild look in his eyes as if he had just won the lottery. He looked over to my husband and he asked me if it would be alright. I reached out and took a hold of my father n laws face and I looked right at him telling him that my husband wasn’t in charge tonight that he was and it was his party. With that he placed his fingers on both sides of the G string and he pulled them down slowly revealing my nicely shaved pussy and bald pussy lips. He was speechless. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and I told him he could keep them for a reminder of his special night.

I walked over to the table and I positioned myself in front of my father in law so he could get a front row seat. I then slowly began to mount it and slowly very slowly descend onto the cock. The head alone is as big as a fist and I understand from my husband is a real site to see as my pussy envelops the head.

I slowly continued down it and as the shaft filled me up I gave out a little moan letting everyone know that it was having an effect on me.

As I took Austin on my husband put in my favorite fuck cd and he played a song from Enya that really got the mood going. As the music played I moved to the beat and I eventually got lost in the moment.

I must of really gotten off according to my husband because he said that I had my eyes closed tightly and my mouth wide open gasping and moaning as if I was having the fuck of my life. He said that all the guys in the room were totally turned on by my show.

After I climaxed with Austin I slowly stood up and I could see all the guys heads bending to get a clear shot of my pussy lips as the head was released. I then picked up Austin and I deep throated it as best as I could and then I licked the shaft cleaning all the goo and lube left on it. I could taste myself and it was heavenly.

I then handed it to Rudy who was so nervous earlier and I told him to hold onto Austin for me. Everyone laughed including him.

I went over to my bag of tricks and I removed some beads that are actually called anal beads but I use them in my pussy. I then took out my rascally rabbit (one of my favorite toys long before it was ever on that HBO show “Sex in the city.”). I then sat on the coffee table and I asked the friend of my father n law (Jack) who had given me the $100 to help me out.

I handed him the beads to Jack and I asked him to slowly insert the beads into me one by one. As he did I made sure that with each insertion of a bead he fingered my pussy making sure the beads were deep inside me.

Then once the beads were all in me I took hold of his finger and I licked all my juices off his finger.

I took the rabbit and I turned it on. As its shaft and head turned and vibrated it caused the beads in the shaft to pop. I told everyone how it worked. I told them that while the shaft was in my pussy the beads pop giving my pussy a explosive sensation, but the most exciting thing was that the ears of the rabbit that are attached to the shaft vibrate at such a high speed that it sends earth shattering sensations onto my clit and throughout my entire body.

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