Ara 20

Peggy’s Moving Day

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So, it’s moving day and I’ve come over to help. You picked a great day to do it… the sun is out and no rain is predicted. But as you know, in Florida, the weather can change. You have packed most everything, only a couple more boxes to fill. I begin to load the truck as you finish the packing.

The day goes smooth for the first couple hours and we get a little more than half your stuff into your new place. We make sure, that in the first load, you are ready to stay your first night here by setting up your bed and finding the sheets and towels. Then as would happen the day begins to cloud up and it looks like rain!!! So we step up the pace and rush to finish before the clouds open up. We are both sweating… our bodies are glistening. I can see your nipples through your wet tee shirt. I stare and you blush and say, “Dale, save the lusting for when we finish!” Then you wink and slide your hand up my leg to my already growing cock. You give it a squeeze and get back to moving the final boxes into the house.

We get the last of your things into the house just as the rain begins!!! You look at me and say, “Thank you for helping. I’ll show you my appreciation later.” Another wink!! “Now let’s get things sarıyer escort unpacked.” We head into the bedroom to begin unpacking. I grab a box as you begin to hang your clothes into the closet. As I open it, it falls to the floor and out comes a vibrator and a dildo. You turn to see what happened. You smile and ask, “You just can’t wait can you?” I look into your eyes and wink.

I move over to you and take you into my arms. I kiss you passionately. Our lips part and our tongues flick across one another. You begin to relax in my arms as I lift you and take you into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and as I turn, you lift your tee over your head. Your nipples are hard. I come to you and help you remove your denim shorts. You have on the most wonderful black lace thong. I sit you down on the toilet and remove your shoes and socks. As I sit there on the floor I begin to kiss your legs, starting at your calves and moving up. I lick the soft skin behind your knee… circling my tongue around and around. You moan and I move higher teasing the inside of your thigh. There’s this spot right at the top of your thigh where your leg meets your crotch… your esenyurt escort legs are spread and the “spot” is begging to be teased and licked. My tongue slides over the soft skin and I taste your salty skin mixed with the musk of your moist pussy. I move to your already soaked panty crotch. It tastes wonderful!!! My tongue moves aside the lace and it flicks your lips. You moan and run your fingers through my hair. Your head is back and your eyes are closed as my tongue finds it’s way to your clit!! I flick my tongue over it softly and steadily. Your hips begin to keep rhythm with my tongue… you moan and I realize that you are getting close to cumming. I move down your lips and pull back, as it isn’t time yet ;o)

I reach up and pull your thong down and off your legs. I stand and you reach up and begin to open my shorts. As you pull them down I remove my shirt. I am breathing heavy as you pull my underpants down to my ankles and remove my shoes. My hard cock is right in front of you and you take it in your hand. It throbs as you squeeze it and lean forward. Your lips brush my cock with light kisses as your other hand reaches behind me and grabs hold of my ass. Your tongue begins avrupa yakası escort to lick around the head. My breathing gets stronger as you take my manhood into your mouth. You begin a slow steady in and out motion, moving your moist lips over my stiff cock! My legs begin to shake, as I am sure I will explode at any minute. You sense this and pull back, lightly licking again with your tongue. You stop but do not remove your hand from my cock, slowly sliding it up and down.

You stand and step into the shower, leading me in by my cock! We embrace under the warm water letting the sweat of the day wash away. I grab the shampoo and begin to wash your hair. I love to pamper you and you know it. And love it. After rinsing your hair, I get the soap and wash your back, then slide my hands around the front and run them over your breasts. I begin tweaking your nipples. You moan as my cock presses against your ass. You push your ass back against me and I slide my cock up and down the crack of your ass. You lean over farther and I easily slide my stiff cock into your moist pussy from behind. I begin to slide it in and out… slowly at first but then picking up speed. Your hands are against the wall as I begin to fuck you and you begin to fuck me!!! You move with my pounding and I reach around my hand and play with your clit. This sends you into ecstasy as you begin to cum with screams of passion. Your pussy tightens around my cock and I just can’t hold it any longer!!! I explode into you and this makes you cum once more, with me!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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