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Perfect Girl – Part 1

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Perfect Girl – Part 1I’d known Angela since she was a girl, probably 12 or 13. She became friends with my daughter, Ellie not long after they started at high school. Ellie’s just turned 21 so that’d be about 9 years ago. Angela is a couple of months older.I’ve always found there are certain friends my k**s make I immediately take a liking to and of course those who I find instantly irritating. I was drawn to Angela from the moment I met her. She was quite shy and slightly awkward, but there was an intriguing twinkle in her eyes that I found strangely beguiling. She wasn’t particularly pretty but still attractive, in an unconventional, boyish kind of way and it was obvious from our first brief conversation highly intelligent. Anyway, I was driving down from London to Exeter to visit Ellie and take down the birthday presents she’d been unable to carry on the train. Both girls were in their final year at the university, though on different courses Ellie studying psychology and Angela project management. Angela had been due to travel back with her yesterday, by train, but couldn’t due to a family emergency. I’d planned on making an early start and driving back the same day, before it got dark. However, when Ellie explained Angela’s plight, I offered to hang on until things had settled down at home, so she could jump in with me.By the time she was ready to be picked up it was almost 10pm. “Thanks so much for this, Mrs Green”. Angela said, as she clicked on her seat belt.“Annie, please.” I told her.“Ok”. She smiled.“Is everything ok now?” I asked.“Yeah, Dad’s feeling a lot better, it was just a scare. They’re keeping him in hospital overnight just in case, and Mum’s sister is staying the night to help look after Alex and Alfie”.She looked at me apologetically. “I just feel so awful for holding you up”“Don’t be silly”. I assured her. “To be honest I hate doing this drive on my own, so I’m glad of the company, especially intelligent female company”. Which was the truth.“It makes a nice change to talk a girl about something other than Reality TV, Shopping or boys”. I added.“Actually, I do quite like shopping.” She chuckled, as if it were an admission of guilt.“Not into reality TV like Ellie then?” I asked.“God no!” she grimaced.“And boys?”“No, I like girls!” I was slightly surprised, Ellie had never mentioned Angela might be gay.“Sorry, does that shock you?” She asked.“No, not at all.” I laughed. “So, do you have a girlfriend?” I went on.” If you don’t mind me asking?”“No, that’s fine…and no, I don’t.”“Really… A beautiful, talented girl like you?” Glancing across at her in the dashboard light she did look stunning. I felt an unexpected and disconcerting twinge of desire.“Ha! I’m not beautiful!”. She snorted. “Trust me, you are” I insisted.” To be honest, I’m surprised you’re not beating them away with a stick”.“LOL, there have been one or two boys who could have done with a good hard smack in the güvenilir bahis face!” “No girls to fight off then?” “I’ve had a couple of short relationships, but they didn’t go anywhere. The physical side was nice enough, but to be honest all the girls I’ve been with so far have been a bit, you know, shallow?”“I think…” She paused. I glanced over. “She was biting her bottom lip thoughtfully. She turned her head towards me.” I think I’m looking for someone more mature”. She smiled. Angela had always had the most enchanting smile. My heart skipped a beat. She really was incredibly beautiful, not in an objective way, in a purely, full on, sexual way. I realised to my own surprise I felt attracted to her, sexually. It was probably my imagination, maybe wishful thinking, but it felt like the attraction was mutual. Imaginary or not I liked the feeling, I liked it a lot.I could feel my clit harden and my juices beginning to flow. At this point I was more than a little flustered. The fact I was feeling unexpectedly and immensely turned on by my daughter’s best friend was difficult to get my head around. I could feel myself blushing, luckily in the semi-dark she probably wouldn’t notice.“So, when do your exams start?” I asked clumsily.“I think you’re beautiful”. Angela replied softly, dismissing my transparent attempt to change the subject.I laughed out load. “No, Really.” She insisted.” Actually, I’ve fancied you for years,” she confessed. “You look amazing, you’re pretty, you’ve got a great body”. She touched my arm. The spark was undeniable. Shivers run down my spine. “But it’s more than the fact you’re unbelievably hot”, she added.” I feel we’ve always had a special sort of connection. Don’t you?”“I’ve have always liked you” I admitted. “And yes, I guess I do feel there’s something I don’t share with Ellie’s other friends. But not in that way, not sexually I mean. I’m happily married, and I’ve never even kissed a girl.” It was true, I never had, I’d never really even considered I might want to…until just now that is. Besides I was probably just having one of those ‘middle aged moments’ that you read about. It would pass, at least I hoped it would.“Obviously, I’m flattered, truly, but even if I did have ‘those kinds’ of feelings, nothing could happen. I’m your best friends mum, I’m much older than you, it would be wrong, on so many levels. You understand that, don’t you?”“I can’t help how I feel… but yes I know, nothing could ever happen between us.”. She sighed regretfully. “You need to put these thoughts out of your head.” I told her, or was I telling myself?I touched her knee reassuringly. There was that spark again.The lights from the oncoming traffic sporadically lit up her exquisite features, describing the subtle curves of her pert, perfectly formed young breasts. The truth is my head was saying one thing, but my body was quite noticeably saying something very different. My pussy was türkçe bahis wet, my clit and nipples hard, a fact I hope Angela wasn’t conscious of, but judging by the glint in her eyes I suspected she was. After an awkward, but mercifully brief silence, we managed to steer the conversation on to a variety of subjects, films, politics, music, I can’t remember what else. The conversation flowed freely enough, and the miles passed pretty quickly. Despite the ease of our conversation however, there was an underlying tension that was almost tangible. The atmosphere inside the car pulsed with a furtive sexual energy and a silent rhythm that matched the pulsing between my legs.We’d been driving for about 2 hours and I suggested we stop for a coffee.It was gone midnight and I felt a caffeine kick would be a good idea. There was still a fair way to go and I always found night time driving more tiring. I also took the opportunity to go for pee as well as to mop up the pussy juice had been welling up for some time.Unfortunately, the only coffee available was Starbucks, which as usual, tasted more like muddy water, but it did the trick. As it turned out the glare of the of the service station lights, the soulless décor, and surly woman serving the coffee was the perfect combination for popping the bubble of arousal that had enveloped me for the last hour or so.Once back in the more intimate confines of car it was clear the atmosphere of sexual tension had dissipated, which was something of a relief, though I have to confess also more than a little disappointing. We’d gone a good three quarters of the way and I was getting to that stage where I was desperate to just get there and relax. I wasn’t used to driving longer distances, especially at night and the effect of the coffee had worn off. Unfortunately, as it turned out we weren’t going to arrive any time soon. The engine began to feel a bit sluggish.“Shit!” I exclaimed.Angela looked over anxiously. “What’s the matter?” “I’ don’t know, somethings wrong with the engine.The car started to judder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I growled. I’d only just had the damn thing fixed.I was just getting ready to hit full panic mode, when Angela spotted an illuminated pub sign on the left.It was late, but there were lights were on. Hopefully someone would still be up.By dropping into a lower gear, I somehow managed to coax the car to limp and splutter the last few hundred yards to the carpark. There was a smell of burning, smoke was pouring from the bonnet. As soon as we were off the road, we got out fearful the engine might catch fire or even explode. We walked the last 50 yards up to the entrance of what was actually a small hotel. It looked like we’d been incredibly lucky.The door was locked, so I rang the bell and waited for a minute. No one came. I rang again, for longer this time. Still no answer. I looked at Angela. She shivered, it was chilly.“Better call the AA, güvenilir bahis siteleri I said. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it, if not they’ll tow us the rest of the way.” I took out my phone, but before I could find the number, I heard the sound of a latch being pulled back. Slowly the door swung open. A short, bald middle-aged man in a dressing gown, rubbed his eyes and looked us up and down. “Yes, ladies”, he asked groggily “what can I do for you?”.“We’ve broken down I explained”, gesturing to my smoking wreck of a car.He led us into to the reception area.“Sorry if I we woke you. “Angela smiled disarmingly. “That’s ok” He smiled back at her, clearly charmed.Frank was actually very sweet. He made us a pot of tea which was accompanied by some delicious homemade shortbread.I turned out The AA would take at least an hour to get to us plus another hour to get us to Exeter. It was already gone 1am. “I don’t suppose you have and rooms?” I asked.We only have the one double, he said, if you don’t mind sharing a bed with your daughter.I didn’t correct him, not wanting to confuse things.It was that or wait until gone 3 am and I couldn’t wake Ellie up at that ungodly hour.I looked at Angela, with a shrug of my shoulders.” What do you think?”. “Fine with me”. She nodded.We retrieved my overnight bag and Angela’s rucksack from the car and Frank showed us to our room.It was nice enough. A bit old fashioned, but clean. “Which side of the bed do you want to sleep?” I asked, awkwardly.“I don’t mind, you choose.” Angela replied.“Ok, I’ll take the right”. “Cool.” She smiled back at me and sat down on her side of the bed. Oh, that smile…She bounced up and down to test how soft and spring it was. The angle of bedside light shining through her shirt, revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her small, perfectly formed breasts jiggled slightly. I felt wave of pure lust …I turned away, inwardly castigating myself, hoping she hadn’t notice me ogling her. I was pretty sure she had.“I might take a quick shower”. I said, trying not to appear too flustered. “Do you mind if I take a pee and clean my teeth first?” She asked.“Of course not, be my guest”. I replied.I sat down on my side of the bed trying to get a grip of my thoughts and what my body was telling me I wanted to do. Perhaps I’d better make it a cold shower.A few minutes later the door opened, and Angela emerged her jeans removed, revealing her shapely, slender young legs. As she bent over and placed her jeans next to her back pack my gaze settled on her gorgeous perfectly round, firm young bottom. The line of her panties described the sensual curves of her buttocks. She squatted and began to rummage through her pack looking for something. Peeking out from one of her legs was a small tuft of ginger hair. My clit hardened, my pussy ached.“Hmmm, I forgot to pack my pyjamas”. She announced as she glanced over her shoulder.“Guess, I’ll have to sleep naked…hope you don’t mind?”.My mouth dropped open. “Or I suppose could wear knickers and a T-shirt!” she chuckled.She was toying with me. “I ‘d better get that shower!” I declared and scuttled off to the bathroom, before I did something I might regret.

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