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Perri’s Drinking Game

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Perri’s Drinking Gameperri was getting drunk and horny, and judging by the looks and the states of undress of those around her, so was everybody else. on the next turn, the guy next to perri had to lose his jeans, and in doing so, perri could make out the shape of his semi hard cock in his boxers. as he saw her notice this, his “in-betweener” started to visibly grow. perri, being only a few feet away, and never one to miss a chance at doing something dirty, pulled at her skirt and stuck her ass out in his direction, pretending she was reaching for her drink. she could feel his eyes on her big round ass, covered only by the thin material of her skirt, and the top of her little tiny g-string panties hanging out where he could clearly see it.she felt his eyes on her, she felt all manner of eyes on her, hungrily gazing at her ass and tiny little slut panties. it made her pussy get wetter and wetter. it was starting to soak into those panties. “that’s ok” she thought,” ill be taking them off soon enough anyhow. she was getting so horny that she didn’t care about hiding it anymore, she didnt care whose cock she got, she just wanted to taste some sperm.the slut across from her was just as drunk and at least as horny. she had already lost her panties, and now she was standing in between two guys with nothing on but a tiny undershirt, her breasts squeezing out of the top and her nipples achingly hard. perri drank in those big tits with her eyes and felt a drop of pussy juice leak out of her, her own nipples aching to be touched, her pussy throbbing to be filled. When it was her turn again, she was commanded to let everyone in the room touch her tits, so she got her wish. Perri walked around the room asking every guy and girl at the party if they would like to feel her young perky tits, and they all squeezed them or brushed or pinched her nipples till her face was red and her pussy and breasts were on fire. but all those touches were through her flimsy little t-shirt, and perri wanted to be naked and make all those cocks hard and have her tits sucked on while everyone watched. but she decided to wait and see what would happen…the guys next to her had gotten closer, and she could feel the heat of their eyes and occasionally their stiff cocks, which they were’nt bothering to hide anymore, would rub up against her leg or ass, but they acted like nothing was going on. the next guy had to make out with another little slut that was sitting on the table in her thong, and she had just lost her shirt, so there she sat on the table, her small perky tits bare, her tiny pink nipples hard as a rock and this guy in his digitalbahis yeni giriş boxers pressed up against her, moving his hips towards her, sticking his tongue in her open mouth.perri was growing more horny by the minute watching this and she was getting impatient. games were all fine and good to get you turned on, but now she was ready for something more. the next time one of the guys, who were pressing in closer and closer to her, got close enough, she nonchalantly grabbed his cock with her hand and started stroking it. it was big and heavy, and she could feel the moisture of pre-cum drops in his boxers. he got the message and put his hands on her hips, pulling her back towards him, and rubbing just above her big ass.others were getting impatient as well, and perri watched as one of the guys fingered the dirty little whore across from her. she was sitting on his lap, her legs spread open, with his hand rubbing her clit up and down and sliding a finger in and out. he pulled her top up and her big, round titties bounced out and she started moaning in pleasure. another guy came up and started squeezing those tits, his cock sticking straight out in his tight boxers, and she grabbed it with her free hand.perri kept stroking the cock of her little plaything, she felt so powerful like she could lead him around by his dick. when she took a few steps he followed, a vacant look of lust in his eyes. perri stepped over to where the other young slut was sitting on the table, and started talking to her about how nice her tits were, and how much she liked her panties, and could she see them a little better? all the while rubbing this hard dick behind her and her pussy dripping more and more.the girl eagerly spread her legs apart, and perri could see the wetness soaking through her white panties. she rubbed the girls thigh with one hand and tugged on that cock with the other, pulling him closer and closer. then she reached into his boxers and brought his cock meat out, dripping cum all over her hand, while she told the dirty little slut in front of her to pull her panties to the side so she could see how wet her pussy was.all this was making the little whore more and more horny, her hips rocking back and forth and she pulled her legs up and pulled her tiny slut panties to the side, revealing a smooth, little pussy, dripping wet and with fat pussy lips. “here, i think you guys should meet.” and with that perri twirled out of the way and pushed her man toy into the open legs of the young slut, his cock landing right on top of the wet pussy. immediately he got the picture and shoved digitalbahis giriş it in her, both of them gasping, and starting to fuck on the table. horny party goers cheered and perri leaned up on the table next to the girl and started whispering dirty things in her ear, which made her moan and buck even more wildly.perri peeled her tiny panties off under her skirt and held them up so everyon could see, then she started rubbing the crotch of them on the girls face. the girl started licking the pussy juice off her panties, moaning and gasping, while the guy kept thrusting his cock deeper and deeper inside that young little pussy. perri got around behind the guy and started jacking him off when he pulled out a bit, then she pulled his whole cock out and jacked him off and rubbed it on the little bitches clit. the little whore started to come right as the guys shoved his fat cockmeat into her pussy. she spasmed and tensed and came all over his big dick.”mmm, thats what i wanted,” perri said, and pulled the guys dick out while getting down on her knees. she took the cock dripping with pussy juice and started licking up and down the shaft, then finally wrapped her lips around the head. “mmm, i love the taste of pussy juice and cock,” perri thought to herself as she started sliding her mouth up and down the big wet pole. she felt that dick twitch and quiver and she moved so that it was pointing straight at the little sluts open legs and pussy. perri started jacking it off, her hand sliding with ease over all the spit and pussy juice and she was rewarded with a thick string of sperm dripping out of his cock head.then perri started jacking faster, calling the little girl a slut and telling her how her pussy was gonna be covered with jizz. other guys moved in closer and held the girl down, pulled the girls legs apart, and started tweaking her nipples. perri kept jacking that cock off until the guy was ready to burst, and so he did. a huge glob of white jizz shot out landing right in the girls open pussy, than another one landing inside her thighs, and more of it flying up onto her belly.perri squeezed the last drop out into her hand and started licking it, then she bent over and started licking it up off the well fucked little pussy hole. she licked her lips and sucked on her clit and gathered all the jizz up with her tongue into one big glob of hot sperm and then she slurped it up into her hungry mouth.meanwhile, perri felt hands pull her skirt up and shove her forward onto the messy little whore laying back on the table, she felt her arms being grabbed and held, and her legs being spread digitalbahis güvenilirmi open. hands grabbed her ass and slid up and down her pussy. “this little bitch is all wet and ready for some dick too! who wants a turn?” somebody yelled.the horny little table slut brought her face forward and started kissing perris lips, tasting her pussy juice and the sperm that was still in perri’s mouth. perri spit it into her mouth till a big string of it ran down both of their chins and then someone shoved their fat cock into her electric, wet, throbbing fuck hole.he started off fucking her in quick, shallow thrusts, and gradually got deeper and deeper, but perri kept her lips locked on the little slut in front of her, even as her t-shirt was ripped off and her tits bounced free. guys came up and started sucking her tits and grabbing them. they called her a “dirty little slut” and a “hot little bitch” while her pussy was getting pounded harder and harder.”next!” the guy panted and soon perri was filled with another dick, this one fatter and not as long, but it still filled up her aching fuck hole so good. the other guy had moved in front of her and soon both girls were bent over the table sucking his dick and getting fucked. perri loved tasting her own fuck juice and felt like such a dirty little piece of trash, with a dick in her mouth and her pussy. and then they switched again, and yet another cock came up behind her and started pounding her pink little pussy.after a few minutes of this five of the guys were ready to blow their loads. they pushed perri and the other sluts down to their knees, then they pushed their faces together and told them to start kissing. the horny bitches obeyed eagerly, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths and licking each others lips. the guys all stood around them in a circle, each cock glistening with perri’s fuck juice and swollen and ready to burst.all at once two of the dicks exploded shooting hot jizz all over the girls tongues and cheeks. gooey load after load of thick white cream they spurted, as the girls lapped at each others faces, catching as much hot goo as they could. then the other three cocks shot their loads at the same time, three hot ropes of jizz flying all over perri’s face and hair and tits. the other slut scooped up a big handful of sperm from perri’s chest and neck and smacked it on her throbbing pussy.Perri started coming instantly as the girls fingers thrust the hot jizz up into her fuck hole, she clamped down on them and started moaning and rocking her pussy, working them deeper and deeper inside. Finally spent, the girls collapsed in a wet, sticky pile on the floor, until someone brought them a towel.”I need to get your number,” perri chucked to the slut across from her as they smoked a post fuck-fest cigarette. “We make a pretty good team.””Yeah,” she responded. “I just wish I could find my panties, they were brand new!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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