Mar 31

Perverted Telepathy Ch. 03

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Asa Akira

** This story is set in high school, all characters are over 18.

Also, this story involves mind control and dubious consent. **


It had been experimenting with my telepathic abilities for about a month now. Such a crazy month it had been. It started with my taking over my dad’s mind as he had sex with my mom. It was just as if I had been there fucking my mom, and what a hot mom she was. After that, I had expanded to using telepathic persuasion to influence my sister into fucking me. I pushed my lust unto her while pushing down any shame or inhibitions. I’d fucked her on a regular basis now, and I was starting to not need telepathy on her anymore as she was enjoying it.

My school work sharply improved now that I could pluck test answers straight from my teacher’s heads. A couple weeks ago, I used my abilities to get a six pack of beer to split with my friend Trevor. I didn’t think he was quite ready to know of my abilities just then, so I evaded his questions of how I got them. Eventually, I just pushed down his curiosity so he’d stop asking and enjoy the beer. With the alcohol in his system, he was even more vocal on his desires for my sister. I definitely did not tell him that I was fucking her.

Thoughts of telling Trevor did cross my mind occasionally, but I had to be sure he could handle if I told him. And that I could handle him if he couldn’t handle it. A memory erasure should do it if he turned on me, but I had to test it first. Might as well be a fun test.

In the hall, I saw the head cheerleader. She had blonde, shoulder length hair. An 18 year old senior, like me, and smoking hot. Her tunic skirt was short like all the others, and we often saw her ass when she bent down or during games when she kicked high. The tight outfit brought great attention to her large tits, and from the nipple indentations, it didn’t seem as though she wore a bra. I reached out to her telepathically and called her to me. She walked over without fully understanding why and followed me into the restroom. She unzipped the back of her tunic and pulled her arms out to let it fall.

Her magnificent breasts were exposed for me to see. Gorgeous pink nipples were already erect and I sucked on them immediately. A soft gasp escaped her lips. “No. Why?”

I ignored her and kept sucking and fondling on her bare tits. Gasps turned to moans when I grabbed her curvy ass and squeezed the firm flesh hard. She resisted. “I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, me.”

I pushed the notion ataşehir escort into her head and she was suddenly much more willing to go along with everything. I lightly stroked the fabric covering her pussy while thinking of how many would envy my position. I pulled the fabric to the side so that I could see the short, curly blonde hairs leading to her gorgeous slit. I broke the embrace and willed her onto her knees. She obeyed the mental command and stared as I unzipped my fly. Her eyes went wide, but she kept silent. I willed that she have thirst for it, and after a second or two she begged me to let her suck me off.

Her lips wrapped around my organ and her wet tongue went up and down my shaft. Her head bobbed back and forth as she slurped on my cock. Nimble fingers massaged my balls and I shut my eyes to enjoy the full pleasure. My cock was exposed to the cool air for just a second while she sucked on my balls. Just as my shaft wanted her attention again, she returned to it. Looking down and seeing this cheerleader taking my dick in her mouth sent me over the edge. Waves of pleasure nearly knocked me off my feet, and she took every drop of cum into her mouth. She sucked me clean before standing.

“I’m so horny, baby.”

“Later,” I said. She put her uniform back on properly and we left the restroom. Once we were out, I locked onto her mind. I rewound the last few minutes of her memory and removed the notion that I was her boyfriend. I got to the point where she was walking along in the hallway and I snapped my fingers for effect.

The cheerleader blinked and looked around. She looked at me with a confused expression. “Do I know you?”

“I don’t think so.”

Her face was flush from arousal, and no doubt she could still taste me. With no memory, she went along her way. If I was completely honest with myself, I was almost completely certain Trevor would be cool with it, especially if it meant he could fuck my sister Rebecca. I just wanted to see if I could alter memory. And I wanted a BJ from the hot cheerleader.


Trevor followed me home after school, and about halfway there, I explained the situation to him.

“So you’re telling me that you can manipulate people with telepathy?” he asked incredulously.


“Like, with your mind.”

“That’s right.”

“And you got the head cheerleader to suck your dick, but I can’t ask her because she conveniently doesn’t remember it.”


“Can kadıköy escort bayan you hear thoughts too?”

“Of course. Pick a number.”

“OK,” said Trevor.

“Other than 69.”

“Ok, that’s impressive, but how about–“

“69,585,887…and a half.”

“Holy shit dude!” Trevor gasped. “So much we can do with this! We can buy liquor!” Wait, is that how–“

“Yes, that’s exactly how.”

“Man. We can get into bars, too. We don’t have have to pay for anything.”

“What’s this we talk?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Oh come on, you wouldn’t tell me if you weren’t planning to include me.”

“Fair enough.” We continued to my house. “Oh, and you know my sister that you have the hots for?”

Trevor’s eyes went wide. “You’re going to pimp out your sister to me?”

“I was thinking more like share.”

Trevor paused. “Wait, you’re going to screw your sister too?”

I smirked. “I already have been.”

“Isn’t that kind of weird?”

Probably shouldn’t tell him that I telepathically eavesdrop on my parents doing it. “Not when your sister is as hot as mine.”

We got inside and both went to my room. When Trevor closed my door behind him, he looked at me. “Isn’t your sister supposed to be here?”

“Just wait.” I reached out telepathically and willed that she come over. Trevor gasped when she entered the room, and I could feel his heart beating faster. “Rebecca, you’ve met Trevor.”

Rebecca looked over at Trevor and smiled. “Hey Trevor.”

“Well, he thinks you’re really hot and wants to see you naked.” Her heart spiked a second as her inhibitions rejected it, but I pushed those feelings down. She calmed down and then grinned at Trevor. I tapped into her exhibitionist side and enhanced her feelings. I made her want it.

“Trevor, is that true?”

Trevor only silently nodded while looking at me. I nodded back at him and he turned to Rebecca as she started taking off her clothes. She pulled her shirt over head and pulled down her pants. She did some poses for Trevor in her bra and panties and even invited him to spank her.

“Are you completely controlling her?” Trevor asked.

“Not completely, just influencing her,” I said. “She wants this, I just make her want it.”

“What are you two talking about?” Rebecca asked.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“OK.” Rebecca undid her bra clasp and let it fall to the floor. Even without telepathy, it was obvious how turned on Trevor was getting escort maltepe as he stared at her exposed tits. Rebecca walked to Trevor and rubbed his face in them. He grabbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She let him come up for air and she took her panties off to be totally naked.

Rebecca stepped away from Trevor and bent over so he could admire her lower lips. “Enjoying the view, Trevor?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Let’s see how much.” Rebecca approached Trevor and pulled his pants down to exposed his hard cock. “Oh, I see you enjoy it a lot.”

Rebecca lowered her lips around Trevor’s cock and bobbed her head. He looked at me for confirmation that it was OK before throwing his head back and enjoying the blowjob. I stripped out of my own clothes and brought my rock hard member to Rebecca’s pussy that was perfectly exposed as she bent over at the waist to suck Trevor’s dick.

My cock pushed through Rebecca’s lower lips and into her wet warmth. She moaned into Trevor’s dick and I heard her suck him harder. Trevor let out an “Oh fuck!”

I slowly fucked my sister as she blew my friend. Her muscles tightened on me and I fucked her harder. When I thrust into her, she’d take more of Trevor into her throat. He’d groan louder the harder she sucked. I spanked her ass until it turned red and she brought her head up from Trevor’s cock.

“What’s going on?” Trevor asked.

“I never had Trevor in my pussy.” Rebecca raised a hand for me to stop. Knowing that this was not my will I was perplexed. “And I want to suck my juices off my brother’s cock.”

Stunned by her freedom of sexuality, I did nothing but stand there as Rebecca gestured for Trevor to get behind her. Slowly I took Trevor’s place and sat dumbfounded as Rebecca sucked my hard dick. I was already close to cumming when her wet mouth went up and down my cock. Trevor got behind her and pushed in. It was my turn to feel Trevor’s thrusts and my cock went deeper into my sister’s throat as my best friend fucked her from behind.

“Tastes so good,” Rebecca said as she licked my cock. “My pussy taste so good, and I taste some of my brother’s precum mixed in.”

“Suck it harder sister.”

“Oh I will.” Rebecca took my entire cock and deepthroated me. Semen squirted right down her throat and she moaned as she took it all in. Trevor gasped and thrust harder as he came inside my sister and muffled moans came from my sister’s mouth, which vibrated my cock.

A layer of sweat covered our bodies as we lounged on my bed. “Damn,” Trevor said. “Your sister is crazy in the sack.”

“You have no idea.” I couldn’t believe what just happened. I didn’t even need to use telepathy for that last bit.

Rebecca leaned over and kissed Trevor. “We need to do this more often.”

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