Mar 31

Peter’s Memories

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As I look back over my life, I think of all the exciting things I have experienced. The following story is probably one of the most unexpected events to happen to me and is turned out to be on on-going experience. I will tell the story leading up to it as it happened.

I am now a mature man of 63, about 5’11”, 160lbs, hazel eyes, and if fairly good condition. Everything still works without the aid of little blue pills. So I am still active in my sex life and loving it.

When I was seventeen and a half, my family was living in Brooklyn and my parents decided to send me to stay with my cousin in Chicago for the summer school break.

I took a job working nights for Motorola so that I would have some pocket money and usually found that I didn’t interact with my cousin and her family until dinner time.

This went on for a few months, where I went to work after dinner, came home early in the morning, showered and had breakfast and then went to bed for a few hours sleep.

My cousin usually had breakfast with her 2 kids and myself, as her husband left for work early. Then she would take the children to school and do any shopping and chores that needed to be done outside the house, so that I could catch up on my sleep.

I had my 18th birthday party with friends that I had met through work and my cousin while living at her home.

A few days later, I was lying in bed reading a Playboy magazine. I was slowly stroking my man-meat and enjoying the sensation; when in walked Jane, my cousin.

Let me tell you about Jane. At that time she was about 36years old. Although a mother of two, she had kept her figure by exercising and walking. She stood about 5′ 8″ and had a slim but curvy and toned body. She had light brown hair and gray eyes which sparkled ataşehir escort when she laughed; which she did often. Her 2 kids were a girl 17 and a boy 15 respectively.

When she walked into my room that morning, I wasn’t sure what to do. Whether to try and cover up my hard-on or to just continue doing what I had been doing. I didn’t know if she would start yelling at me or not.

Instead, she strolled over to the bed and asked what I was doing. I replied that I was scratching an itch.

“Really,” she said.

She then put her hand under the sheet and pretended to scratch me, and then gave me a great hand job.

Over the next few days and weeks, Jane made a point of coming back quickly from taking the kids to school. Sometimes, if I was asleep, she would climb into bed with me and either give me a hand job, and eventually graduated to some mind blowing – blowjobs.

She would always find an excuse. If I was taking a shower, she came in to bring me clean towels and offered to dry my back. Other times she would join me in the shower and let me play with her. She taught me how she liked her pussy licked and sucked and we progressed to this form of sexual play as well.

She bought home some condoms one day and allowed me to fuck her. So our days progressed rapidly and by the time I went back to my family in Brooklyn, Jane and I were having full on sex every day, except for the weekends, when her family was around. We would still have a sly touch and feel if it was possible.

Her daughter turned 18 while I was there in Chicago. Now Clarice, her daughter was a model of her Mom. Her hair was the same light brown and she had gray-green eyes. Her body was well toned as she was an athlete of the first class and honed her body to the kadıköy escort bayan nth degree. I had always thought of her as a sexual playmate since I had first moved in, but was unable to take advantage until she turned 18.

Clarice was one of those girls who loved to tease. Well, one day she teased me a little too much. I was passing by her room and heard her breathing quite heavily. Worried, I opened the door and asked her is she was okay. I got quite a surprise. She was lying on her bed completely nude with her eyes closed while rubbing her nipples and clit with her right hand.

“Ohhh Peter, I need you so much,” she whispered to the air.

I took that as a come-on and walked over to the bedside. Standing there watching her getting herself off was so exciting. I felt my cock start to stand up and wanted to take over for her and bring her to orgasm with my fingers first and then to fuck her silly.

She slowly opened her eyes, and stared at me.

“What are you doing in my room Peter?” she yelled at me.

“Well, I heard you cry out my name, so I came in to see what you wanted, and I think I know now what that is.”

“How would you know that, you little pervert.”

“Well, I found you pleasuring yourself, so I reckoned that I could help you.”

“Do you think you are man enough to do that Peter,” she asked.

“I’m sure I am, I can get a good reference if you really want one.”

I climbed onto the bed beside her and slipped my fingers into her sex hole. I gently rubbed it and played with it for a few minutes.

“I am going to show you now what I think a good woman should have before she gets fucked, OK.”

“What’s that? Peter.”

“Just open your legs and lie back and let me take over your escort maltepe body.”

“OK, but don’t hurt me will you.”

“No way, only pleasure you,”

Realizing that Clarise was probably still a virgin, I worked my way down to lie between her legs. I started to lick her right foot right up to the inner thigh and then the left one. I gradually extended the range to her vaginal lips and slowly laved them until she was squirming and twisting. I decided to go the whole way then and lifted my tongue to the area of her clit, and lapped and sucked on that. By this time, Clarice was on the edge of a massive orgasm and I just kept on licking and sucking until she let herself go completely.

She took a few moments to settle down.

“Oh Peter, where did you learn to do that, and when are we going to do it again.”

“Funnily enough, I told her, I learned it from your Mom.”

“You what ……….?

“That’s right, your Mom and I have been having sex for a couple of months now and loving it.”

Well, I can tell you that Clarice and I kept up this wonderful relationship until I went home to my family. As well as fulfilling Jane’s sexual needs, I was a kept a very busy boy. She would occasionally come to visit us and we would then continue what we started. She eventually got married and even though we stay in touch, we have never taken the relationship any further.

Jane and her family eventually moved to Arizona. I was still lucky enough to see her for many years whenever I went there on business. Her husband passed away when she was about 55 and the kids had grown, got married and moved out by then. So we re-started our relationship and continued until she passed away at the age of 75.

I must admit that I did tell Jane that I had screwed her daughter. She seemed to take it quite well. I often wondered what it would have been like to get them both together.

Oh well, that can’t happen now, but it is still in my dreams.

Don’t forget to vote if you like this story. That will keep me writing for you.

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