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Aah so you are starting to enjoy these little bedtime stories. When you told me you masturbated yourself to sleep after reading them it really inspired me. I am in the city and have just been out walking the streets but alas got no offers for hot unadulterated sex. From either men or women! So I am back here early because I knew I had a date with you. So here is your goodnight story…

This afternoon I bought a book on Erotic Women in Photographs. It is just full of very hot women in provocative and erotic poses. Yet it IS erotic. Not just more soft porn. There is much art and beauty in these shots. I will try and explain what it is I find erotic and hopefully you will align with me.

Let me explain some of the photographs to you. Once again for maximum enjoyment you should be alone and relaxed with only loose clothing so you can reach your breasts and vagina easily. Try lighting a candle again for some mood.

Pg 320 Let’s start with a straight cunt shot. This shot is of a black lace stocking with a cutout for her whole cunt to stick through while she pulls it taught. No story here, just a nice visual but very attention grabbing. Female genitals when close up and exposed can be have a strong effect.

Pg 123 is interesting. She is walking down stairs, naked yet wearing heels and her french lace knickers in her hand. She is looking down, pensive. She looks like she has just been fucked. Probably by the lord of the manor. She is either a maid or even a visitor to the house. I just want to fuck her again.

Pg 77 is great. She is sitting in the shower eryaman arkadan veren escortlar on the floor with water running over her. She is fondling a breast with one hand while grabbing her cunt with the other. Yet it is clear she has one finger buried deep inside and she is obviously getting off on fingering herself. Nothing new here but obviously a women in deep enjoyment and this is always a turn on and a very pretty sight. I would not disturb her but just watch and enjoy.

I imagine just like you would. Have you got a finger inside now?

Pg 70 Another bath scene but one of the few to include a male. In this shot our heroin is just getting a good solid fucking from behind. He is up to his balls and she is arching to get all his cock while she gasps for breath. Great action.

Pg 335 is a bit of lesbian love. One girl is standing very shyly while another is taking her panties off. It is a power play where the girl standing is submitting to her more experienced friend. She is being seduced. The experienced one will soon spread her lips and start licking her clitoris and pussy. She’s done this before and loves seducing younger women just for this one powerful moment of removing her panties while in full control.

Sit back now and spread your legs wide and then spread your lips wide and imagine your cunt being slowly licked. Close your eyes. Does it matter if it is girl or boy?

Pg 194 is just sexy. Girl, outside on a step with a wine in her hand like any Saturday in the city. She wears a flowing summer frock and has her legs askance etimesgut escort bayan yet unfortunately she has forgotten her knickers. What a glorious cunt. Rich pussy lips with her labia minora pushing out from between her outer lips. This is the device, so beautifully designed, that takes your cock and welcomes it into her cunt. So beautifully designed that in a book full of cunts and lips and clits of all sizes and shapes you can just not get enough. I am still hankering for more of these beautiful pussies.

I would love to be licking yours right now.

Pg 363 is a great shot. A tatty hotel room and on a single bed with white sheets lays our heroin face down. Her legs are apart and she has definitely just been fucked. You can almost see the cum dribbling out of her. It just makes you want to go back for more, spreading her legs and slightly raising her arse to insert your cock. She will be so well lubricated from her juice and the cum. It might be another man’s cum. Perhaps the door was left open while she slept and when she felt a hand on her arse thought it was her lover. But it could be a passerby seizing the opportunity. She would just smile to herself and let her ‘lover’ have his way with her while she kept her head buried in the pillow. His fingers would take control of her.

This is where you insert your favourite dildo into your cunt and start sliding it back and forth while you lay back in the chair and read on. This will not put you to sleep but the big, impending orgasm will.

I am stuck on page sincan escort bayan 363. By now she may sense there is something different about the way he fucks. He smells different. But his cock feels so nice so she lies content, playing her part. He meanwhile is using slow long strokes to push right in while his free hand reaches around for her clit. She lifts up to let him rub it. It is already swollen. He now begins to fist his own cock while he fucks her. He wants it tighter and her pussy has been loosened from all the cock she has had. He begins to slowly work his wet fingers into her arse. She enjoys this as they are very lubricated. Two fingers break through and he slowly opens her arse up.

Keep pumping your pussy and wet your finger and stick it in your mouth. That is what my cock would taste like if I was there. I know you like the taste of your cunt on my cock.

Once again she is suspicious but uncaring as this new game is so nice. Quickly he is plunging three fingers into her arse now and with a deft stroke takes his cock out of her cunt and replaces the fingers in her arse. Oooh this is new but so far she likes it. He slowly advances his cock and gets that tight sensation he was seeking. He then works her G spot with his fingers. She starts bucking and he starts fucking her arse harder. They’re out of control now and she has a huge cock in her arse but can’t stop bucking to get more of it and he fills both her holes at once until he convulses and shoots spurt after spurt of cum into her arse while she just trembles and shakes from her orgasm. His weight collapses onto her and they both come down slowly together, quivering.

Soon he pulls his cock from her and she starts to look around but he gently pushes her head back into the pillow and quickly leaves the room. She can feel the hot cum oozing out of her and just relaxes back into sleep with the door wide open…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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