Mar 31

Photography Practice

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


“Mom are you home?” I shouted as I walked into my house. I walked into the kitchen while awaiting an answer. I set my shopping bag on the counter. I pulled the box out, and began to open it. I put it in the charger as I went to the fridge to grab some food.

I had been saving up for months to buy a new camera. My old camera had been a present for my twelfth birthday. It had worked great for the past six years, but the quality was poor and since I had started taking photography classes, it just was not up to job. This new camera was much better quality, nowhere near what I was using in class, but a good rugged camera, that would be great for family vacations.

I pulled out some mayonnaise, turkey, lettuce, cheese and bread. I whipped up a sandwich, and grabbed a soda. I ate my sandwich quickly, barely tasting it, before grabbing the manual. I had already read it a million times online but I had nothing to pass the time.

“Mom, are you here?” I shouted again. My mother, Sarah, and I shared our home for the past thirteen years. My father had died in a car accident, when a drunk driver hit his car head on. I was five at the time and had been in the car. We were both taken to the hospital; my father was announced dead on arrival. I spent the next two months in a coma, before miraculously awakening. Looking back now, I could tell that my mother had often coddled me throughout my life, most likely due to this event.

My mother had dated a few times when I was younger. However, it had been 6 years or so since, I had last seen her having a real date.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably closer to 30 mins, I checked the charge on the camera. 40%. Good enough for me. I unplugged it and headed out our backdoor to test out my camera.

I squinted as the bright rays hit my eyes. I let my eyes adjust and took in the sight of our large in ground pool. The serene blue water looked crisp and refreshing. My attention wavered as I heard a slight noise. I looked slightly to the left and caught sight of a brown ponytail rising up over the back of our white lounge chairs. My Mom was soaking up the rays, while listening to her music. A smile crept onto my face. I slowly snuck over to picnic table and set my camera down. I crept inside to get a cup.

Once back outside I snuck over to the pool and scooped up some water. Without making a sound, I approached my mother from behind. Her eyes were closed and her thick luscious lips were turned up in a slight smile. I took a moment to soak in the sight of her sexy body. My mother is around 5 foot 6 inches with a curvaceous frame. She has long shiny brown hair, currently up in a ponytail. A baby blue bikini top covered her 34DDD breast. Her stomach was flat, thanks to a healthy diet, and a good workout routine. Her thick firm butt topped her tanned long legs.

I slowly turned the cup sideways until the water poured out, falling to splash her flat stomach.

Mom jumped at least a foot in air, and shrieked.

I nearly doubled over in laughter, as she turned to face me, sputtering in frustration. “Mark, you scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry Mom, I couldn’t help it, you are too easy a target.”

She playfully punched my arm. “You’re a big jerk Mark.”

“I’m sorry mom. Close your eyes, I have a surprise.”

Her left eyebrow raised as a smirk spread across her face. “After that you think I am going to trust you.”

“Come on trust me. Look at this face, aren’t I trust worthy.” I put on a goofy grin and opened my eyes wide.

She tried to frown at me, but after a moment, her frown broke into a smile, her small nose crinkling up. “Fine, you win.” She closed her eyes as she giggled.

I ran over to the picnic table and grabbed my camera. I moved back over in front of my mom and held my camera out. “Ok, look.”

She opened her bright blue eyes and smiled softly. “Oh honey you got your new camera.” She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. I squeezed her back, picking her up and swinging her around.

“I am going to go take some pictures; I was thinking some nature photos.”

“Why don’t you take my picture sweetheart?”

“Oh so you want to be my model?” I asked.

She giggled again, “So you want your sexy mother to model for you.” She thrust out her breast, tilted her head up and opened her eyes wide.

“Mom,” I groaned. “You are ridiculous.”

She laughed again. “Come on Mark; please let me model for you.” She batted her eyelashes at me, melting my resistance.

“Fine you can model for me. But you have to pose how I tell you.”

“Ok Mark, I will do exactly as you say. How should I pose first?”

“Hmm, let’s see. I think you should start off ataşehir escort laying down on the chair like you were.”

Mom returned to her chair and laid down, legs crossed, arms rested on the armrests, her head turned to the left, tilted her chin up, and donned a serious look.

I moved to stand in front of her. I turned and looked at her, noticing my shadow landing on her feet. I moved further away and brought my camera up to my eye. “What is that pose, the disinterested cat lady?”

“I am a serious model. I don’t do expressions. If you are going to be capturing the human form, you are going to have to get used to it.”

“Wow, for a second there I actually believed you, Mom. But then I remembered you are full of shit.”

She looked directly at me, and smiled playfully. I snapped a picture, capturing her grin. I took a moment to observe the picture. It looked good, really good. “You look great Mom. How about sitting back, legs laid out normal, eyes closed. I want to get a shot from your feet, up your body.”

She complied with my request, and uncrossed her legs.

I sat at her feet and readied the camera. I gently turned her feet out so I could see. Her tiny toes were on the edge of the frame, as my eyes traveled up her body I chuckled. Due to my position, I could barely make out her face past her breast. I snapped another picture, before getting on my knees. I took a moment to admire the flesh that was peeking out from her bikini top. I took another picture there, better capturing her upper body and face in this one. I looked at the pictures, judging them. “Hmm, looks pretty good. I think your skin would sparkle if you rubbed some tanning lotion on.”

“You know, you almost sound like a professional. But I know you are full of shit.”

“Give me a break Mom. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of people; I am more of a nature photographer.”

She reached for the lotion, and began applying it as I took pictures. “Smile a little bit for me. No not a happy smile, more mischievous. There you go perfect.”

When she had finished applying lotion to her body, I instructed her to stand up. “Now walk towards the pool.” I took a picture of her from the back, with the pool in the foreground. “All right check these out. See how your skin looks in the first pictures, and how it looks now that you have that lotion on.” She came over and stood by my side as I accessed the pictures. I scrolled through one at a time showing her each one. “Now obviously it will look better on the computer but do you see the difference, Miss doesn’t believe her son?”

“Ok, ok you win, my skin looks better. I just figured you wanted to watch me rub lotion all over myself.”

I smiled, “Well it looked good for the camera, but it also makes your skin look better. Two bird’s one stone.”

“All right what’s my next pose?” she asked a hint of anticipation in her voice.

“Why don’t I get a picture of you with your feet in the water? Here sit over her.” I guided her over to the shallow edge. She sat down her legs sliding into the water. “Hold on one second, I am going to grab something.” I ran back inside a grabbed the waterproof case, and slipped my camera inside as I went back outside. I went across the pool from her and snapped a picture. “Lean back for me, now look off to the side. Act like your checking out a guy. Perfect. Ok, now I want you to look at me. Make a pouty face, good. All right, now splash with your left leg. Try and throw water at me.”

She threw up her left leg and sent some water flying. I snapped a picture. “One second, Mom, I want to see how the action shot came out.”

I heard her slowly kicking her legs in the water while I looked at the latest picture. There was a lot of blur in the shot, making it look crappy. I changed the camera mode to shutter priority. “Ok, same thing, ready set go.”

She kicked her leg again, throwing the water in the air. I checked the picture again. The water droplets looked better, still slightly fuzzy. I focused on my mom. Her skin was sparkling, almost as much as the smile on her face. “You look beautiful Mom, but the water effect isn’t right. I am going to have to experiment with motion later.” I turned the camera off shutter priority.

“Well let me see,” she requested, beckoning me with her finger.

I walked around the pool, and sat beside her. She looked at the picture. “Hmm, I do look really good. I might have to start modeling professionally.”

“Well, I tell you what, I will let you use these photos for your portfolio. Now do you mind waiting here while I get changed into my swimming trunks?”

“Just swim in your boxers, I want to see more pictures of me.”

“Ok,” I responded. I placed my camera on the ground, stood, and moved over to the chairs. I stripped my shirt off, and laid it on a chair. As I took off my shorts, I glanced at my Mom, who was staring at me with an odd look on her face.

I am 6 foot tall, and around 200 pounds of lean muscle thanks kadıköy escort bayan to basketball and a frequent gym routine. My hair is a dark brown like my mother and I was blessed with beautiful blue eyes that all women adore.

I picked up my camera, and slid into the pool. I was in the shallow end, so the water made it up to about my belly button. I faced my mother and began taking pictures. “All right lean forward, smile. Now lean back again. Ok. Now pucker up for a kiss.” I moved closer, taking a few snaps from her feet. Backing up I instructed, “Look straight ahead. Now cross your arms under your chest.” Her breast swelled up, the magnificent white flesh straining against the blue fabric. “Now look down. Perfect. Tilt your head. Smile. Yeah Mom that is amazing.”

Her smile widened, “You really think so sweetheart?”

“Yeah Mom, here take a look at these pictures.” I moved between her feet and turned the camera so she could see it. I flipped the camera and let her view it. She scrolled through pictures for a few moments.

After she viewed herself, I backed up a little to get her more fully in frame. “Ok, sit up, and with your right hand hold your bikini top in place and with your left hand grab the tie behind your neck.”

She hesitated for a second before grabbing it.

“Ok, now go ahead and pull it. But don’t let your top fall of yet.”

She didn’t move. “Mark, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Should you really be taking pictures of your mother topless?”

“Oh come on Mom, when we went to Spain for vacation you went topless, and besides these pictures will just be between us.”

She bit her lip as she mulled over the idea. After a few seconds, she pulled the string, undoing the knot. The strings fell down her body.

“Now lower the top. A little more, ok now drop the right cup. And the left. Ok you can just get rid of it now.” Her large breast sagged slightly due to gravity and time. To my surprise, her nipples were erect, and I felt my cock began to harden at the sight. “Now cover your nipples with your hands. Now give me a pouty face. Open your mouth slightly, good. Cross your arms again. Perfect. Now lick your upper lip. That is so good Mom. All right go ahead and get in the water, I am going to look at these real quick.”

I glanced at the pictures on my camera screen, pleased at how they were coming out.

“Do you still want to take some more Mom? I want to take some underwater pictures.”

“It can take pictures underwater?” she asked, sounding shocked.

“Yeah, I have never done it before so I want to see how they come out. Let’s go in the deeper water.”

We moved into the deeper section, so the water was up to my mother’s chin.

“Ok, I am going to go under, give me a second and then you go under as well. Just try and sit on the bottom of the pool.”

She nodded enthusiastically; I dove and sat on the pool floor. The chlorine levels were low so I couldn’t feel any stinging sensation. My mother dove, and sat on the floor as well. I snapped a picture, laughing to myself as I noticed the bubbles coming out her nose. I swam back up accessed the picture. My mom moved in close.

“Let me see too,” she demanded.

I purposely held the camera close, and she moved even closer to see. Her hard nipple grazed my arm. “That actually looks pretty good. Lets take another. I am going to go a little deeper and go to the bottom. Give me four seconds and then just dive a little bit swim forward and then starfish out, ok.”

“Yes, sir,” came the cheeky response.

I smiled at her before diving. I set up on the floor and waited. As she dove, I started snapping pictures. Her beautiful breast bounced wonderfully underwater, and her hair seemed to fly out behind her. She surfaced, and I took another picture of her from behind, capturing that luscious ass.

I surfaced and moved back towards the shallow end. “Check out these pictures Miss model.”

She moved besides me again, her breast again caressing my arm. My cock was as hard as diamonds. “This second one looks great Mom. And this last one, whoa that is one sexy ass.”

She punched my arm again but giggled. “Those pictures look so good underwater, but I made silly faces in all of them.”

“Well it’s not normal to pose underwater; we can take some more later. But first I want to get some of you coming out of the water.” I placed my camera on the edge and climbed out. I kneeled on the ground three feet from the edge of the pool.

“Come over here and what I want you to do is place your hands on the edge. Dip your head in the water, push yourself out of the water, and hold your body on the edge.”

She pushed up out of the water, shaking her head slightly. Her skin sparkled as the water dripped down her flesh. I took a few pictures before standing up. I gazed at the last picture, amazed at how beautiful my Mom looked. I ripped my eyes from the screen to look at my real Mom.

Her mouth was slightly open, escort maltepe and her eyes were wide open. I followed her gaze and with some surprise, I realized she was staring at the tent in my boxer briefs. I let her look for a few more seconds before I moved over and offered her a hand.

She shook her head and took my extended hand. I pulled her out of the water, and offered her the camera. “Wow, these are some phenomenal pictures. Just look at how spectacular you look Mom.”

“Mommy has to umm… I have to go, take care of something sweetheart.” She rushed over to her chair, grabbed her towel, and ran inside.

I cocked my right eyebrow up, and watched her go. I shrugged it off and toweled myself off. Before heading in I grabbed my clothes. As I walked through the kitchen, I grabbed the charger, the camera box, and all its contents. I headed up the stairs to my room. When I reached the top of the stairs, I started to go right but stopped as the sound of a moan echoed from the left.

I gently crept along the carpeted floor to my mother’s door. It was cracked open, ever so slightly. Another moan escaped the room followed by my Mother’s voice, “Hmm baby that feels so good. Fuck Mommy with your big hard cock.” I nudged the door ever so slightly, but was unable to see her bed. I contemplated pushing it more, but caution got the best of me and I refrained. “Come for Mommy Mark; come all over my big tits.” She moaned again, louder, and the sounds of the bed squeaking began. The squeaking lasted for around twenty seconds before being replaced by the sound of rapid breathing.

I quickly, and quietly, moved to my bedroom and shut the door. I slipped my wet boxers off, letting them fall to the floor, my erection swinging as I moved. I plugged the camera into my desktop computer and transferred the files over. I grabbed the lotion I keep by my computer and squirted some into my hand. I opened the last picture, as I began slowly jacking my circumcised veiny seven and a half inch cock.

My Mother was on the edge of the pool, with traces of water dripping down her succulent flesh. My eyes tracked down from her beautiful face to her delicious breast. The sound of my mother moaning my name reverberated through my mind. I picked up my pace. With my other hand, I pressed the left arrow a few times. My mother’s thick ass filled my screen. My breathing increased as my hand slid up and down my hard lubed cock. I pressed the arrow a few more times. “Who’s my dirty little slut?” Her crossed arms pushed up her huge boobs, her hard nipples pointing to the sky. Her perfect red lips were parted, her tongue caressing her upper lip. In my mind that tongue was bathing my cock. I felt my balls tighten as my cock began to erupt. I fell back as my jizz sprayed into the air. I kept rubbing my cock as another four shots fired out, covering my chest and stomach in my hot fluid. I sat there staring at my mother’s breast in post orgasmic bliss for a few minutes. Finally, I grabbed a tissue and began to clean myself up. As I did, I began considering everything that had happened, my mother’s reactions outside, her running inside, her moaning my name and she masturbated. Slowly but surely a plan began to assemble itself.

Everything was coming together perfectly for my plan. With a little luck, I would seduce my mother. When the idea first entered my mind, I felt strange. Not bad, just strange. The taboo nature of the desire made me hard just thinking about it. And it seemed she wanted it to some extent, at the end of the day it would be her choice. I would just provide the environment and situation to get her hot and bothered, and present myself as an option. She would still have to give the consent.

We had not discussed that day, one week ago, when I had taken multiple pictures of my mother topless in our pool. This was followed by masturbation sessions, separately unfortunately. However, I had heard my mother moaning my name while fucking herself.

I looked up at the clock on my wall. The clock read 2:20 PM. It was time.

I got off my bed, and walked out my door and down the stairs. As I walked into the living room, I heard the sound of the television. A man’s voice accusing a woman of cheating on him with his evil twin. My mom was sitting on the couch, her back against the arm rest, she was hugging her knees against her chest. She was wearing a pair of short shorts, and her pink bikini top.

I sat down next to her. “How’s it going Mom?”

“Pretty good. How about you baby?” she responded as she stretched her legs out, resting her feet in my lap.

I moved my hand onto her leg, gently rubbing her skin. “What are you watching?”

“Just one of my soap operas. Things are getting heated. Lorenzo suspects Kathy’s baby’s is actually Horatio’s.”

“Sounds… interesting,” I chuckled. “I was wondering if you wanted to model for me again. I have been playing with the camera all week, and I need my gorgeous model.”

“Sure baby, I had a lot of fun modeling for you the other day. Do you want to go outside to the pool again?”

“I was thinking we could try something different today. I borrowed some lights from school and I set them up in my room.”

“Ok, well what did you want me to wear?” Her foot was slowly rubbing my thigh.

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