Mar 31

Pink Diaries

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Prologue: There are two places you’re not allowed to explore in any girl’s bedroom; her panty drawer and the place she hides her diary in, if she happened to keep one. In the house where this story happened, there are two diaries and two panty drawers. One of the diaries belongs to Allyson, the senior high school girl and youngest in the family. The other one belongs to her older sister, Sarah.

Allyson never got along with her older sister. She was a shy girl who preferred to sit alone reading or writing on her diary. Sarah was the exact opposite; she was outside home most of the time, she had a sharp tongue and an outrageous attitude. Allyson heard the boys of her neighborhood more than once using the word “slut” referring to her older sister.

Life goes on and the diary pages keep turning with everyday. It was at February 12th, when things started to take a different direction between the two sisters…

Allyson’s diary

Feb 2/ 2004

I love my older sister. I love her more than mom or dad, more than anything in the word. Dad called her a slut today when he saw the clothes she was wearing for outside. Mom was also mad at her and called her different kinds of nasty things, but they don’t know she has a very kind heart. At least, she’s the only one who cares about me.

Dad and mom left home at 6 pm. I spent the whole day alone as usual. I felt really bored. I tried calling Hanna but she wasn’t home. I watched a movie and it turned out to be crap. I was sitting on the living room eating some crackers when Sarah came home.

She walked in and sat down on the couch, opposite to me. She was wearing a mesh black top with no bra underneath. Her brown nipples were clearly showing between the fabrics. Her skirt was shorter than her panties (no kidding). Dad almost had a stroke when he saw her going out in these clothes. She spread out her legs, not caring for her showing panties (I always admired how she could sit boldly like this in the presence of my parents. Just imagine me sitting the way she does). She reached for a cracker and asked casually:

“So, how was your day, Ally?”

“Borrrrrrrring, I almost died from boredom.”

She looked at me, kind of amused and asked:

“Why didn’t you invite your friend, Hanna?”

“I called but she wasn’t home. I watched a movie and it turned out to be one of these cheap movies. There is nothing to do when you are staying home by yourself.”

“When I was your age, I never felt bored. There is always something to do when you are alone. “

“Like what?”

“Well, you can play with your body for instance”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean masturbation, silly.”

“I’ve got no clue what are you talking about!”

Sarah looked at me, not believing how dumb I was;

“Honey, what did mom teach you about sex?”


“Nothing? What did she tell you when you started to having a period or when she bought you a bra the first time?”

“Brrrrrr. Nothing.”

“This is ridiculous. How can this bitch call herself a mom?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was always embarrassed when someone talks about my period or underwear. I guess this is why mom didn’t talk with me about this kind of stuffs.

“Do you want me to show you how to play with yourself?”

I didn’t answer. I was really embarrassed to say: yes.

“Come to my room. I’ll show you how to enjoy your body. After that, you would never feel bored again.”

I followed Sarah very excited and nervous in the same time. My heart was beating forcefully. When I was in the middle of her room, she closed the door. She sat down on her bed and ordered me:

“Take off your pajama.”

I pulled down the bottom of my Pajama and stood there on my panties.

“Do I need to remove my t-shirt?”

“Yes, silly. Not only the t-shirt. You have to remove your underwear too!”

“NO WAY. I’ll not show you myself naked!”

“How do you want to play with yourself if you’re gonna cover the most sensitive parts of your body? C’mon, it’s not a big deal. I saw you naked before. “

“No, you didn’t. No way, I feel embarrassed in front of you.”

“C’mon, I’m gonna be naked, too. Take off your clothes.”

Sarah pulled ataşehir escort up her top and removed her skirt. Her breasts were large and beautiful. Her bra size is 34DD. She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I removed my t-shirt out of my shoulders and stood half naked. I couldn’t believe I was standing there staring at my older sister freeing her legs from her pulled panties. When she stood up, I got a full view of her private area. She was completely shaved right there. She was beautiful. I should shave mine too to look like her. She smiled at me and asked:

“What do you think, sis?”

“About what?”

“About my pussy.”

She laughed when she saw me blushing.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Are you kidding? Just beautiful! Guys turn nuts when I show it to them. It’s amazing. They worship my pussy.”

“I don’t blame them.”

“Do you know what the secret is? Why is it so beautiful?”


“Because I’m not ashamed of my body. I know how beautiful I am. I show myself. I spread my legs to give people a look into my heaven. I buy sexy lingerie for myself. I shave my pussy after each shower. You’ve got to believe into yourself. You’re much prettier than me. Don’t be ashamed of your body. “

I found myself unclasping my bra with her encouragement. She reached out and pulled it away from my hands, exposing my bare bosom. I covered my nipples with both hands.

“Look how beautiful you are. Ok, keep busy covering your boobs while I’m working on your panties”

She hooked her fingers around the elastic band and pulled down. I gasped in surprise and closed my eyes.

“Oh my God, Allyson, your pussy is so cute. Look at your cute little clity”

I jumped back when she touched me there. I felt so weird being exposed and naked in my older sister’s room. A rush of excitement filled my body. It was heavenly. It was great.

Sarah walked towards her dressing closet. She crouched down and pulled out a shelf. I felt more comfortable staring at her body when she wasn’t looking at me. Oh my God, she was beautiful. I don’t know why I felt excited looking at my sister’s exposed bottom and the wrinkled hole she had between her spread cheeks. When she turned around, she caught me staring at her bottom.

“Look at you. You’re starting to be more comfortable. Do you like my big ass?”

I nearly died from embarrassment. Sarah was enjoying making me uneasy, but I didn’t mind. She was holding a blue towel in her hands. She removed the pillow from her bed and spread out her towel.

“I forgot to tell you to bring your towel”

“Why do we need towels?”

“To sit on them, silly “

“Can’t we sit on the bed?”

“Yes we can. But we need towels under our bums in order not to end up messing my bed sheets. Now stop asking questions and bring your towel. “

“It’s in the bathroom. I need to dress up again to go there.”

“No you don’t. There is no one home. Go bring your towel. “

“There is no way I’m gonna walk naked to the bathroom. What if dad and mom showed up? “

“We can hear their car engine if they arrived. Why are you making all this fuss? It wouldn’t take half a minute to bring your towel. C’mon, move your lazy butts. “

I opened her door and ran through the passage to our bathroom. I can’t believe I did that. I was very aware of my nakedness. I liked the feeling of being exposed, the chance of being caught naked. It’s a completely new world for me. I pulled my pink towel and returned back to Sarah’s room.

I spread out my towel and sat on my knees next to Sarah. My thighs were pressed tightly together. Apparently, this didn’t please Sarah.

“Sweetie, relax. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re so beautiful. Now, I need you to copy exactly what I do; Sit on your butt and spread your legs out in front of you. “

I did exactly what she did, spreading out my legs in front of me. Our ankles interlocked with each other.

“Like this?”

“Exactly, how do you feel? “

“Embarrassed. ” I giggled.

“It’s ok. Now, what is this thing between your legs? “

I looked down into my crotch and didn’t find anything out of ordinary.

“What? There is nothing!”

“No. There kadıköy escort bayan is a treasure, a very beautiful one. What do you call it? “

I looked down again. Suddenly I got what she was trying to do. I pointed out to my private area and asked:

“You mean this?”

“Yeah, what do you call it?”

“My Puss…sy” I blushed.

“Your pussy is wonderful, miss. Now, you see this small knobby thing where your lips meet? This is your clit. “

She pulled hers and rolled it between her fingers. It was hard and red headed. Mine too. It was harder than usual and throbbing between my fingers. When I rolled it and pressed it the way she did, I felt a funny strange feeling. It was intense. I didn’t want to release it from my fingers. I closed my eyes and pressed harder on it. I was in heaven.

“Are you alright?”

I bit my lower lip and answered:

“I’m OK”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

Sarah smiled in satisfaction.

“Well, this is the most sensitive part of your body. Another sensitive spot is your nipples. Pinch them and roll them the way you did with your clit. “

She squeezed her large left breast and pulled her protuberant brown nipple. Her right hand was busy down with her clit. My breast was hard and a little bit sore when I squeezed it. I released it and pinched my small nipple. I almost fainted with pleasure. The feeling almost doubled.

“How are we doing, there?” Sarah asked me.

I didn’t answer. I was busy pleasuring myself.

“Damn, I’m getting wet.”

A dark wet spot was growing on Sarah’s blue towel. I made also one under myself, not as clear as Sarah’s because of my towel’s pink color, but I could definitely feel the warm sticky wetness under my bums. Sarah dipped her finger in her wet towel then she put it inside her mouth. I didn’t feel like doing it. Sarah looked at me waiting breathlessly. Her large breasts were heaving with her labored breathing. I didn’t want to disappoint her. I soaked my fingers with the sticky secretions I made and tasted them. They tasted better than I thought. I wanted to show Sarah that I was enjoying it, so I licked my fingers one after the other.

This caused Sarah to loose her mind. She suddenly pulled my right foot and started kissing it. She freaked me out my wits by doing that. I wanted to pull my leg away but she was holding it tightly. She pulled my big toe inside her mouth and started licking it. She caressed my foot against her cheeks and pushed her tongue between my toes. I relaxed a little bit, remembering that she was trying to show me how to pleasure myself. She leaned forward towards me, kissing and licking my leg along her way. I was nervous and excited by now. Her wet kisses reached the inner sides of my thighs. I found my hands pinching each nipple unconsciously. Sarah pushed me down on my back, pushed my thighs against the bed and buried her face between my legs. I was nervous, and excited, and frightened, and exposed but I chose to trust my older sister.

I closed my eyes, waiting nervously to be touched by her. I could feel her deep steamy breathing burning my bare bottom in jets. Suddenly, a warm sweet wetness touched my exposed pussy lips. I moaned in pleasure, enjoying the sweet sensation between my thighs. I moaned with every lick, pushing my bottom upward towards my sister’s wet tongue. The slippery strokes moved higher towards my hard clit. She started kissing it in the beginning, and then her kisses turned slowly to teeth less bites. I was moaning and crying, asking my sister to give me more.

My breathing stopped suddenly, and my body started to shake violently. I was scared to death, thinking I was having a fit. When my body stopped, I opened my eyes trying to see Sarah’s reaction. She was looking at me with a wide smile.

“How was it?”

“What happened to me?”

“You just had an orgasm.”

“What is that?”

“Some girls call it a climax. It’s the ultimate thing, when your body can’t handle the amount of peasure anymore. “

“I was scared. I thought I was having a seizure. “

“You silly bitch, I love your innocence. I bit you want to have another orgasm right now. “

“Is it possible? “

“Yes, but escort maltepe you have to return the favor, first”

Sarah stood up and straddled me. She crouched down, putting her naked bottom on my face.

“Eat me Ally. Eat my delicious pussy. “

I looked at my sister’s pussy, not sure what to do. When she felt my hesitation, she pushed her pussy against my tightly pursed lips. My mouth and nose were covered with her thick sticky secretion. I could taste it on my lips. It was warm and delicious. I opened my lips, welcoming the hot juice which poured slowly inside my mouth. I found myself playing unconsciously with my clit. Sarah startled for a second when I touched her with my tongue. Then I pushed my tongue very slowly between her pussy lips. She was very tight. My tongue was covered from all sides with the thick secretions she produced. She was playing with her clit allowing more juice to pour out. I almost chocked with my sister’s copious secretions. I had to remove my tongue to swallow and breathe for air.

Sarah moved her bottom down, burying my nose this time in the deep cleft between her butts. When she found the tip of my nose, she pushed her asshole against it. I didn’t know what she was trying to do! Did she want me to find how her asshole smelled? I held my breath, not wanting to inhale my sister’s dirty smell. She wriggled against my nose, causing me to breathe in. The smell was funky, funky but not offensive.

“I love you, Sarah”

Sarah stiffened above me, and her body started shaking the way I did. She was crying and moaning like if she had gone mad. When she stopped shaking, she smiled at me and reached for my mouth. She gave me a deep, long, passionate kiss.

“I love too, Ally”

I opened my lips allowing my sister’s tongue to play inside my mouth. The loud sound of the opening garage door suddenly roared, ruining the pleasure mood I was in. I jumped form the bed, putting my clothes in and reaching for my wet towel.

“Leave your towel with me; I will wash it with mine. You don’t want mom to find this big stick patch on your towel, right? “

I giggled and ran out for my room.

(N.B.: This is the first time I write my diary naked. I had three orgasms writing it. This is fun. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Life is sweet ? )

* * * *

Sarah’s Diary

Feb 1/2004

Today was a fucking hot one. I went to Mark’s place, where I had an orgy with him and the guys. I gave Mark a blowjob, while Tom (the muscular tall guy) fucked the shit out of my asshole. I swallowed Mark’s cum after he ejaculated inside my mouth. Then I tuned to Tom, and gave him the blowjob of his life. I could find my asshole smell on his large hard penis.

Then the guys recorded Jeff fucking me with a video camera. I came twice during the recording. It was the first time for me getting fucked and recorded. It really tuned me on. When I went back home, I was still feeling horny.

Allyson was sitting in the living room. She was wearing a yellow tight Pajama. She was putting her cute little feet on the table. I had an instant strong urge to kiss her little feet and suck them. The idea of sucking my little sister’s feet made me hornier.

When she told me how boring it was, staying at home by herself, I suggested to her spending her time masturbating. It turned out she knew nothing about masturbation or sex. I offered to teach her how to masturbate, finding a golden chance of getting my shy little sister out of her clothes, and satisfying my horny desires for her.

She got into my room and removed her clothes. Her pussy was cute with a thick bush covering it. Her ass was rounded and firm. I showed her how to touch herself, and the little bitch enjoyed it very much. It really tuned me on when she started to lick her wet fingers. I pulled her left foot and kissed it. Then I sucked her pussy till she came. I never saw a girl climaxing the way she did. She had a very violent shakes and it seemed to go on and on forever. The little bitch thought she had a fit.

Then I asked her to eat my pussy. She did a great job for a beginner. She surprised me when she probed her tongue inside my pussy. I guess she really loved the taste of my juices. I wanted her very badly to do the same with my asshole, but she didn’t. I wriggled my ass against her nose trying to seduce her into licking my asshole. When I came, I nearly fainted from the pleasure I had. I have to do this with her again, trying to convince her to play with my asshole next time.

* * * *

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