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Piss funI am John, 61, and I am a cuckold,….married to Gill who is 53 and still very fit and slim, and we are in the uk. We have been going to a swingers club for a few years. It’s an “on premise” swing club where I get to watch my lovely wife being fucked by various guys, many of who are regulars there. We have made several good friends there and I get to enjoy the cuckold role which I thoroughly enjoy.The other month, I had been watching her being well fucked by two hung guys while I edged and when they finished and had calmed down, she grinned over at me and said to me in a loud voice so that others could hear “ you are such a useless wanker, come and beg to lick the spunk out of my cunt” I did so pleading with her while she laughed at me and was openly fingering her messy crack. and after a few minutes she had me lie across the floor while she squatted over me and let all the slimy cum drip into my face and mouth, calling me a dirty little cunt cleaner, a filthy spunksucker, acuckold loser and gently spanking my little hard cock. After I thought it was finished, she surprised me by suddenly letting fly with her PISS ! Wow…she carried on pissing while she slowly stood up and was hosing down my body from cock to face while she pissed.It was really gorgeous and so sexy…I looked for the other men to see what they thought of it and noticed that they had both disappeared but had been replaced by an older guy..probably in his late 60s. He was slowly wanking a big hairy cock and loving the sight. When she had finished, he told us how wonderful it was and asked if we both liked piss games. He said that he and some of his friends loved that but it wasn’t very popular at the club and they sometimes met at one of their private houses for a piss session. He asked Gill if she would like to come along one time. She wasn’t sure but I could see her thinking about it. He was apparently one of the cuck husbands like me who brought his wife along here. Anyway, I went to him just before we left the club and asked for his contact number.I talked with Gill about it a lot over the next few days and I could see she was getting more and more interested.Eventually, she said we could give it a go one night and so I gave her his number and asked her to call him. She went off to the bedroom to call him and shut the door on me so I couldn’t hear what they were saying, They chatted for ages, and finally she came out and told me that they had arranged a meeting in a couple of nights.She seemed really excited..she told me that he would have 4 of his friends there and there would be LOTS of piss for me to drink. She teased me a little about being gay and sissy and stuff and looking at other men’s cocks…bigger cocks..REAL MENS cocks and several times over the next two days she would make me lie in the bath while she masturbated and pissed over me. I would lie there in the bath, wearing a pair of her knickers and wanking my little cock, spurting my cum over my hand and belly while she laughed at me and told me how she loved seeing me laying in piss and always made me lick my own spunk off my piss soaked hand. A few times she made me turn over and suck the piss from the bottom of the bath while she fingered my arse and told me what a dirty illegal bahis pervert I am.On the evening we were going she ordered me to dress in her knickers, she dressed me in a suspender belt and some stockings and a bra followed by jogging bottoms and a large sweater. We drove to the address and parked a few doors down. When we arrived there was Daniel there and two other men, but within seconds there was a ring at the doorbell and 2 more guys came in. They were ALL OLD MEN ! Easily over 70. We introduced each other and Daniel started handing out drinks…tins of beer mostly. Gill asked about his wife and was told she was off with her boyfriend and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow.There was a piss video playing on the tv and Daniel was telling everyone how he first met us. One old man asked if he could undress and Gill said that was a great idea and turned to me grinning and said ..come on cuckold, show em what you got. I was nervous but removed my shoes, socks, sweater and joggers to stand there in my bra knickers and stockings…my little cock was getting hard as a couple of the men reached out and stroked my arse and my cock…the others were all stripped off until they were naked and Gill took her shoes, skirt and blouse off , standing there barefoot in just basque, stockings and knickers and was feeling up one old boys cock which looked a decent size..bigger than me anyway.She announced to Daniel that she wanted a piss and where could we play, he walked us through to a kitchen where there was no furniture, just plastic sheeting on the floor. She looked at me grinning and said “ LIe down Piss Face” , then she stood over my face, legs wide apart so I was looking directly at her cunt, took her knickers off, grabbed a tin of beer, and began to let a trickle of piss splash over me. “Come you wanker, show everyone how much you love this“ I reached down and took my cock out of my knickers and began to wank. At this point I realised that all the other men were starting to piss all over me. Gill squatted down then, so that her gorgeous cunt was literally inches above my mouth, and all the guys turned their attention to her.She was being hosed down by all their cocks ..in her hair, her face, her tits, her cunt….she was loving it. Opening her mouth to try and drink some and they obliged by trying to piss directly into her mouth, then after about 3 mins or so they all dried up and Daniel announced it was time for more drinks.When I stood up, one old bloke stood behind me, put his arms around my waist and was playing with my cock through my knickers, making me hard…I could feel his hard cock pushing up against my arse. Gill grinned at me and said, loudly. “ look cucky, someone wants to fuck you” and they all laughed. It was weird. Here we were, standing about covered in piss, my wife looking on as I was being humped from behind by an old with a big fat hard hairy cock. I could feel it rubbing up and down my arse crack through my little knickers and I felt a little bit scared to be honest. I turned to face him…lowered myself down and started to suck this strangers cock. It was big, fat,veiny,hairy and I felt so humiliated to be watched that it was such a massive buzz.One of the men came and stood right beside illegal bahis siteleri us, I thought he wanted sucking as well, but he just began pissing over my face while I sucked..it was so horny. After a few minutes. I stood up and turned around to present my arse to him and that was when I saw my wife. Gill was on her back on the floor, laying in puddles of piss, being fucked at both ends. One of the men was taking video with his camera phone saying things like ..”come on guys, let’s fuck the arse off this piss sucking old whore bag of a cunt.” I could feel the guy behind me fingering my arse…and rubbing his cock head up against my hole. The man fucking Gills face pulled out and finished off by squatting over her head and wanking his cum right into her face, spraying his white creamy spunk all over her nose and eyes. The other two were stroking their cocks as they watched it. The man behind me got fed up with being patient and gentle with me, he just pried my arse open with his dirty fingers and just pushed his whole cock up me….it made me scream a little but Gill just looked at me and said “ don’t make a fuss you wanker, you know you love it “ and started laughing at me. The guy who had been shagging her had obviously finished because he just pulled out, stood up and grinning at everyone and reached out for another tin of beer, then said to Gill. “ looks like your wanker of a husband likes being fucked up the shit hole then “ and laughed ..Gill joined in and said “ well he’s useless at fucking girls with his tiny little sausage that he doesn’t really have any choice if he wants to have sex, it’s either sex with men, or wanking hahahahaha”She remained laying on the floor leaning up on one elbow and drinking from a tin of beer, the other 4 were all standing or leaning, drinking from tins and watching me being used…the man using me was laughing with them while he told them that he wasn’t fucking me, he was just using my arsehole to wank into ? he was actually drinking from a tin and occasionally resting it on my back while he fucked me. Soon though, he threw the tin on the floor and grabbed both my hips, starting pumping faster and harder until a few moments later, he pushed hard up me..holding me tight to him while his cock spurted his load of spunk right up my arse. The others, including Gill were encouraging him and urging him on with cheers and whistles.When he finished shuddering and his cock was starting to shrink, he just pulled out..no ceremony, just pulled it out, told me to stay still. He walked around in front of me, gave one of the guys a high five, then started rubbing his slimy cock in my hair….he was telling me “ it’s really dirty you know, you should try and give yourself an enema before you get fucked. If I was your wife, I’d make you walk home “ and they started laughing again.Daniel said “make him suck it, it’s HIS shit on your cock, he should clean it off ”…there was boots of laughter at that and he pushed his filthy cock at my lips. It was disgusting. It stank. ….I sucked it. The taste of cum and shit was so fucking dirty that I felt my own cock start to get hard again. Gill called me over and told me to start licking the piss off the floor, so I got on my hands canlı bahis siteleri and knees, put my head down and started sucking up the puddles of piss while they all laughed at me.Gill came over and pulled my knickers down a little and started fingering my arse, “ oh god, it’s full of cum, you are such a filthy slut, your little man cunt stinks, “ then she pulled her fingers out and pushed them in my face and mouth.It was only a few moments when one of the men started pissing over my head while I licked the floor, then another….Gill was clearly a little drunk now and was urging them on…..she lay down next to me on her tummy and started licking the floor as well. Then she turned to face me and SPAT all the piss that she’d sucked up, right into my face. Everyone laughed at that.I stood up and asked for some more drink so one old guy, must have been nearly 80, passed me another tin of beer. Gill now turned over so she was laying on her back, pulled her legs right up over her face and exposed her cunt and arse…” come on guys….piss in my crack” and so they did. Gathered around her and started aiming their piss streams at her holes. I reached over and spread her cunt lips wide open for them…my own little cock was so hard at this point that I leant across her and started to fuck her while they all carried on pissing over both of us.I didn’t last long, she was so sweet and cuddled me as I emptied my load inside her….then when I pulled out, I was intending to go down and clean up all the mess from her cunt, but one of the guys pushed me aside and went straight in there licking and sucking my cum out of her cunt while we stood and watched.We were mostly all done then, and I was able to step back out of my “submissive sissy “ role and we all relaxed for a bit.Gill went to have a shower upstairs with Daniel showing her the way and fetched towels for her…they were up there a good 20 minutes and we could hear them shagging ..the other guys and I talked a bit, they were all bisexual and had been friends and fuck buddies for a long time, it was nice to be welcomed into their group and they told me how hot it was to see me in my slutty undies looking like a cheap slag.While Gill was being fucked by Daniel upstairs, I got on my knees and sucked off the other 4, they took it in turns to finger me while I was sucking another one off and made me lick their filthy fingers clean when they pulled out of my arse.When Gill and Daniel came back, they laughed and told her that I was starting to enjoy eating shit off their fingers and suggested that they start giving me a face load straight from the source, Gill laughed and said….” we will see, I’ll have a think about it”.She sent me upstairs to get showered and I rinsed out mine and Gills undies …Dan put them in the tumble dryer for us, and by the time I was dried, they were ready to wear.Gill and I dressed and were going to go when Dan suddenly said, “make him go home in just his undies Gill… it’s nearly 2 am, he might not be seen “….she grinned at that and nodded at me, so i striped off my jumper and jogging bottoms…it felt really sexy and humiliating, walking the 50 yards down the street in my shoes, stockings suspender belt and knickers and bra. It was freezing cold, but I had another erection because of the humiliation. …I was hard again when we got in the car. Gill noticed and said “that turns you on doesn’t it ? Being seen..like a flasher ? Like a dirty pervert ? Maybe we should do more of that ? “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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